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Dubai Summer Surprises
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Kuwait Airways
P O Box 1984, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-2292000/2292111     Fax: 04-2248893
Website: www.kuwait-airways.co

Lufthansa German Airlines
P O Box 5545, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3432121     Fax: 04-3432102
Email: dxbqp.reservation@dlh.de
Website: www.lufthansa.com

Malaysia Airlines
P O Box 8399, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3970250/3970221     Fax: 04-3527286
Website: www.malaysiaairline.com

Malev (Hungarian Airlines)
P O Box 1200, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-2224159    Fax: 04-2279488
Website: www.malev.hu

Middle East Airlines
P O Box 1515, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-2237080    Fax: 04-2237280
Website: www.mea.com/lb

Olympic Airways
P O Box 1520, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-2228689     Fax: 04-2222821
Email: oaldubai@emirates.net.ae
Website: www.olympicairlines.com

Oman Air
P O Box 24713, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3518080/3521234/2245639
Fax: 04-3521965/3554600/2245019
Email: resdxb@omanair.aero
Website: www.omanair.com

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
P O Box 12858, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-2222154/2220231/3166692     Fax: 04-2226447
Email: dxbbuupk@piac.com.pk
Website: www.piac.com.pk

Philippine Airlines
P O Box 1515, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3166632     Fax: 04-3211064
Website: www.philippinesairlines.com

Polish Airlines
P O Box 1520, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-2214455       Fax: 04-2211016
Email: lotdxb@nasa.ae
Website: www.lot.com

Qatar Airways
P O Box 32433, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-2214210/2292229/2245555     Fax: 04-2215161/2215661
Website: www.qatarairways.com

Royal Brunei Airlines SDN BHD
P O Box 1515/604/605, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3514111/3166562     Fax: 04-3519334/3211064
Email: dxbrba@rba.com.bn
Website: www.bruneiair.com

Royal Jordanian Airlines
P O Box 4534, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-2944288/2166810/2166811     Fax: 04-2944199/2944408
Email: dxbtbrj@@rj.com
Website: www.rj.com

Royal Nepal Airlines
P O Box 13174, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-2955444/2955666     Fax: 04-2959319
Website: www.royalnepal-airlines.com

Singapore Airlines
P O Box 3358, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3166888/3166882/2738240/8225     Fax: 04-2738235/3166687
Email: sia_dubai@singaporeair.com.sg
Website: www.singaporeair.com


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