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Consult the Reiki expert Dr. Malpani has done his FRCS in the UK. He has to his credit, 20 years of rich experience in the specialized field of urology. He has also served as senior registrar in Urology, at Musgrove Park Hospital and Ipswich Hospital, UK. Consult Dr.Kishore R. Malpani

 Dietician & Nutrition Expert
Lovely Ranganath is well versed with lifestyle related health problems peculiar to the Gulf.
  Body Wisdom
Health Practioner and gifted healer, Jennifer Harper outlines the framework for a healthy lifestyle.
  Hippocrates Online
GoDubai's extensive panel of physicians and fitness experts
 More to me than meets the eye
 Osteoporosis Explained
 A Heart Attack
 Understanding Infertility
 Body Matters
Taking good care of your System.
 Your Child's Dental Care
 The Computer Curse!
Challenging Lives
 The deaf-blind child
  Health Alerts
Top Tips for Continued Healthy Eating During Ramadan
Fasting tips by ICLDC Experts
IMID Alert :Killer Cells
Pro-ana, pro-anorexia
Pregnancy & Health
Problem of Dry Eyes
The Silent Killer
Up In Smoke
Heart Talk

Style Guru : Looking good isn’t just about wearing nice clothes..
Vitamin D “Inadequacy” Endangers Lives of Middle East Women
Did you say diet?
About Fats?
Get up & go, go

  Alternative Therapy
Heal Your Body and Soul with Fragrances

  Be Fit
Breathe for Life
 Treadmill walk.
 Yoga for beginners.
How to give yourself a quick energy boost.
Fitness Expert
Dr.Ranganathan, Dietician and Nutritionist is the latest expert on GoDubai.

Join our health forum

  On the lighter side
The Passionate Walkers
Ageing-a different kind of stress

  Cannot resist?
 Shisha banned
 "Of winking bubbles"

  Know your Intake
Be conscious of what goes in!
Are you bread literate?
Too much flouride?

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