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• 47 stations, 9 underground
• 2 transfer stations (Union Square and Khalid Bin Waled)
• 87 trains in the metro system
• 75 kilometres total
• Train signaling: Fully-automated operation by Thales Rail Signaling Solution, minimum
headway of 90 seconds
• Train run:
o Saturday to Thursday: from 6am to 11pm
o Friday: from 2pm to midnight
o During Ramadan – Saturday to Thursday: from 6am to midnight
o During Ramadan – Friday: 2pm to midnight


• 5-car trains
• Each train can accommodate 643 passengers, seated and standing
• The 5 cars on each train are split into 3 classes: Gold (VIP) class (1car), Women and
children (1car), Silver class (3 cars)
• Gold class has 18 seats and is furnished with luxorious interior and leader rating
• Women and children class has space for strollers and bags
• Silver class is finished in a combination of blues and greens
• Driverless operation
• Trained wardens to accompany passengers to help with emergencies
• Seating arranged in a variety of ways, giving passengers the choice between Windows views and chatting with friends
• All train cars have reserved wheelchair spaces for those with special needs
• Policy of priority rating for elderly, injured, special needs and pregnant passengers
• Variety of safety device on trains, including closed circuit television


• Every station will have bus connections, taxi pickup and places to lock bicykles
• All stations have escalators and lifts where neccessary
• There is a station every 1.5 km on average
• Station types: Type 1 at grade, Type 2 regular elevated, Type 3 special elevated, Underground
• Station Themes: Earth (12 stations), Water (13 stations), Air (11 stations), Fire (11 stations)
• Roof shape is inspired by pearl diving heritage of the UAE


• 29 stations: 24 elevated, 4 underground, 1 at ground level
• Frequency every 3:45 minutes during peak times, 7:00 minutes during off-peak hours
• Initially 38 trains in service, 51 trains in service by 2010
• Initial capacity arend 11,675 passengers per direction per hour
• 52.1 km total, 4.7 km underground (under Dubai Creek)
• Expected travel time one-way: 1 hour 12 min
• Expected travel time round-trip: 2 hours 23 min


• 20 stations: 12 eleveted, 8 underground
• Initially 16 trains in service, 60 trains in service by end of 2010
• Initial capacity around 6.394 passengers per direction per hour
• 22.5 km total
• Expected travel time round-trip: 1 hour 23 minutes


• Total of 518 buses in operation by April 2010
• 41 feeder routes will meet the metros Red Line
• Feeder bus routes will run every 5-10 minutes
• Bus features
o Special „tropical“ air conditioning
o Announcements on route progress
o Automated collection system using card fares
o Buses feature low floors, wide entrances and special rating areas that are easier for people with special needs
o Engines that limit amount of pollutants in the exhaust


• All metro stations are also bus stations
• 68 more bus stations across the system


• Air conditioned
• Capacity of 36 passengers per ferry
• 5 stops along Dubai Creek
• Commuter ferry runs every 10-20 minutes, depending on route


• Tourist ferry runs every hour


• 149 available abras
• Capacity of 20 persons per boat