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Experts in the field of legal
Trench & Associates
Corporate Lawyers
Business Start-Ups, Offshore Companies, Commercial Agreements, Cyber Law, Intellectual Property
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What people are asking Trench & Associates...
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1. Q: Accident Claim
 My husband met with an accident recently, On the the way to Dubai from Abudhabi.In the accident there were 5 vehicles in..
2. Q: Start a small shop in Dubai
 I am a female, a Pakistani resident working as assistant professor, I want to start a small scale business like a booksh..
3. Q: Registration LLC in the UAE
 We have an active company LLC in the UAE which agrees that we will use it for our needs. In this connection we would lik..
4. Q: labor ban
 I join company on 6/09/06 an d my visa expiry period is 05/09/09, now my company has terminated me on 1 june 2009 and do..
5. Q: new business
 Hello, I am considering expanding my business in dubai, and wondered if you could give me some information relating to s..
6. Q: Starting a business
 I'm a dentisit in the U.S.A. I have been doing research on Dubai and would love the oppertunity to visit, and speak with..
7. Q: The name "dubai"
 I want to register a company in the US with "Dubai" as part of the name. I am planning conducting business in..
8. Q: how to startup the busness
 I would like to asked u about starting up the business of coustom clearing farwarding in dubai?..
9. Q: Start-Up
 I am wanting to start a business in Dubai by transporting cars from the US and selling them within Dubai. How shall I be..
10. Q: Gas Station
 I want to know either i can open a gas station in Dubai or any other part of UAE, or it is only for UAE nationals Only? ..
11. Q: Licenses question
 I would like to start a real estate company in Dubai, do I need a UAE partner. What is the process as far as licensing a..
12. Q: harrassed by damac
 dear sir Damac offered me studio at their lake side project at 7.5% discount, sent me contract form, i signed it they al..
 I am a Sydney (Australia) based Insurance Broker who has a client going to Dubai to project manage the fit-out of an acc..
14. Q: Mr
 Please send contact info for best service provider to establish a retail buisness in Dubai..
15. Q: start internet business
 Hi, I need to know the requirements to start up an internet site, where i will provide users in uae all important inform..
16. Q: opening up a small business
 To whom it may concern, I am a resident of the U.S. and wish to open a small business in Dubai, i just wanted t..
17. Q: Broker
 I would like to start a real estate company in Dubai, do I need a UAE partner. What is the process as far as licensing a..
18. Q: Agency Law Restrictions
 Our Company is currently doing business in UAE for over 25 years in original genuine parts for cars. We have an authoriz..
19. Q: Start a business
 Can a US citizen own land in UAE? ..
20. Q: old dud cheque case
 If someone loss his job and the consequence was old dud cheques cases (4 years), because bank security cheque for loan a..
21. Q: Regarding Employment Ban for professionals
 I would like to thank all for clearing many doubts about UAE Labor law. I am an Engineer(own an Engineer resid..
22. Q: Legal Difference between Chairman and CEO
 Is there a difference in the roles of CEO and Chairman under Abu Dabi Corporate Law? What are the legal differences in ..
23. Q: Olive Oil
 Good day, I would like to know if there are any regulations or a quota to import Olive Oil to Dubai from Turkey..
24. Q: Can Saudis Start a business here without sponsor?
 My mother is a saudi national. She was wondering what are the laws in the uae regarding saudis opening businesses and sp..
25. Q: Should I proceed with the case?
 I had written to you yesterday about my case. I just wanted to know if there was any point in fighting the case in the g..
26. Q: advice needed
 My labour card has expired on 15/4/ 2004. When there was amnesty in the month of Feb. 2006 the company made me sign on t..
27. Q: labour law on leave credits
 Our company is based in Dubai, working week is from Sunday to Thursday. scenario: our employee goes to Libya or Ira..
28. Q: Ms
 Good day to you!!! I am currently sponsored by my company in dubai. As you know Dubai is very expensive and I would ..
29. Q: Car dealer
 We have purchased a second hand car which was checked and signed off by the Main Range Rover dealer prior to purchase. ..
30. Q: Mrs
 Could you let me know what legal recourse, if any, i have regarding a verbal agreement that the apartment I am renting w..
31. Q: Visa Cancellation
 I was employed by a firm in Dubai. Due to non-payment of salaries for a long time, the firm owed me approximately Dhs. 2..
32. Q: mr
 would like to set up a general trading business as an LLC? What is the cost involved?..
33. Q: Real State
 Dear Sir, I am a business man from Pakistan. I want to buy some properties in Dubai and want to give it on rent. Sho..
34. Q: Practicing Law in Dubai/UAE
 Hello, I am graduating from an Australian law school in December (of 2006), and wish to commence my career in Dubai...
35. Q: Investment Company
 what is required to start an investment company in dubai. we intend to be registered as an FII ie foreign investment ins..
36. Q: Mr.
 I m a small investor and would like to invest in dubai, what are prospects and potential areas apart from property as i ..
37. Q: Dear Mr.Sunil Thacker.
  Thank you for your letter. Your answers are very helpful. But I still have questions. Could you be so pl..
38. Q: Labor Ban
 I am a U.S. citizen that works in Sharjah as a teacher. I am in the first year of my contract and I want to resign by gi..
39. Q: visa issue
 i have an employemtn visa from media city , i left before a year to palestine for a holliday but after one month from th..
40. Q: homoeopathy
  i am a homoeopathic physician ,wanting job in dubai. i have completed digree course in homoeopathy in india...
41. Q: start business
 Sir,i am from pakistan and i want to start business in UAE and i have not so much investment, i have only US 5000$, can..
42. Q: Importing
 What laws, regulations does a company have to abide by when importing food products (ice cream) into Dubai? Thank you..
43. Q: Sponsors
 How can you find a sponsor to set up a trading compamy and what protection do we have ..
44. Q: Buisness
 Dear Sirs! I'm a businesman from Russia, I wish to start business in UAE. My question is: may I doing business ..
45. Q: 'Will'
 I am an Indian Citizen with savings kept in banks within the UAE. Incase, of my death, how will my spouse or child acces..
46. Q: Business in JAFZA
 What is the minimum investement required to start a business (branch)in JAFZA. I am an INDIAN national & our business is..
47. Q: Breaking contract
 DEAR SIR, I am working in an establishment locating at Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia, my contract is for two years. I want..
48. Q: Local Sponsor
 Hi!! I'm interested in setting up a small civil contracting business in Dubai. I'm fully aware of the procedure..
49. Q: Business Opening in UAE
 I am furniture based businessman in Pakistan willing to start business in UAE, your assistance in requested in relation ..
50. Q: Interior Design Business
 I wish to start an interior design consultation company in dubai. what type of business & how much capital will I requir..
Page 1 of 9
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