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Experts in the field of Medicine
Janaki Gopalan
Specialist Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, colposcopy, HRT
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What people are asking Janaki Gopalan...
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1. Q: painkillers during pregnancy
 I am new to dubai but am still taking painkillers such as dihydrocodeine for back pain sustained after a car accident ne..
2. Q: Two Questions
 Dear Doc, I am 26 yrs old and getting married soon. My fiancé is not happy with my appearance! And always compl..
3. Q: post hysterectomy
 i am 31 years old and had hysterectomy when I gave birth in 2003. i was not given any HRT by my Ob back home but I am t..
4. Q: ultrasound for australian
 we will be on holiday in dubai and egypt in jan 2005 when i am due for my 12 week scan. Is this adle to be carried out ..
5. Q: birth control pills
 Dear dr, I just wanted to ask if i would be able to get a prescription for birth control pills (to use to prevent p..
6. Q: i want to consult you
 dear dr, i am 28 years old merried lived in sharjah dr i have been merried since 6 years and trying to concieve once i c..
7. Q: Plz help me out
  Dear dr, Ma'm I am 26yr old woman living in dubai merried from 5years .I have been trying to conceive from t..
8. Q: Fertility clinic
 Dear doc I am 31.Before geting pregnant i need to do some fertility tests.could you pls give me the list of tests?on..
 Dear doc I live in greens.I am pregnant with 1 months.Do you come to knowledge village -welcare hospital.do you hav..
10. Q: Travel
 doctor I am 3 weeks pregnant.yesterday only i checked.3 yrs back i had a misscaraige in 6th month.my parents are in..
11. Q: Please Help me
 Dear Ma'm, It was so kind of you that you responded to my previous letter quite sometime back and now I hope the sam..
12. Q: pls explain
 hi doc!! my wife due date was 05-10-2005 and still she is not delivered. we went to the local hospital and they are sayi..
13. Q: Family Planning
 Is the morning after pill available in Dubai and if so how do you obtain it...
 Dear dcotor I am not pregnant.i am 35.i am over weight.my doctor asked me to take glucophage i told her i cannot tak..
15. Q: Till what age can a femal conceive
 Hello Doctor, I'm writing to you since i have heard lots about you from my friend. I'm 25 now and my husban..
16. Q: Lack of Periods
 HI I am 23 and have only got my period a few times naturally when i was 16 and 17 i am really worried and have seen nume..
17. Q: plz help
 hi, Dr..i am 25 merried indian lived in sharajah, dr i have small problem plz help me to take out .Dr from some days i a..
18. Q: Fistuloctumy
 Dear Dr. I had undergone Fistuluctomy on Jan. 8th in India. The opening was done until Anas. From then, I often use..
19. Q: plz help me
 Hello dr, i am 25 indian lived in dubai dr i write u many times and wish to get ur answer dr i am merried since 4 years ..
20. Q: conceived finally!!
 hi dr.. yes i am overweight.. i was asked to loose 10 kgs..but lost only 3 kgs so far.. but today mornin i got a + pregn..
21. Q: diagnosed pcos
 hi dr... ive been diagnosed pcos 3 yrs back...tryin to conceive since 2 yrs.. coceived last june but m/c with 5 weeks ge..
22. Q: C-Section (2)
 Dear Doc, Further to my previous question (C-Section) pls. also enlighten me if I have a 2nd c-section, will the incisi..
23. Q: PCOD
 Dear Doc, I have been suffering from PCOD and Hypothyroid since last 4 years, I have been taking Glyciphage 850 after bo..
24. Q: how long to stay in the hospital
 hi doc, im geraldine again, im happy to heard that your doing a tubal reversal, as soon i'll come in dubai i will call ..
25. Q: one year period
 Hi doctor As i wrote you i am having continues periods for 1 yr.and over weight.I am not able to do excercise.whenev..
26. Q: to get pregnant again
 hi doc, i want to know, if your doing a tubal ligation reversal? becouse i want to get pregnant agin... looking forw..
27. Q: Please read this
 Dear doctor I am 30 yrs old.5.2 ft 80 kg.Since 13 months (more than 1 yr)i am having continues period.in between i h..
28. Q: atkin diet
 hi doctor I am 29,no children,over weight.I am planning to take Atkin diet (protine diet) after reducing atlest 25 p..
29. Q: delayed period.
 Its been 2 months since i had my D&C (13th nov 04) after a molar pregnancy, & i still havent got my periods. is this lon..
30. Q: 1 year continues period
 hi doctor i am 30 year,over weight.I dont hahe any children,I got misscariage in 6th month,this happened 2 yr back.s..
31. Q: Hair Loss
 Dear Doctor,I have just become mom 4 months back.And after delivery I am losing hairs like anything, they are so much in..
32. Q: Avandia
 Dr.last month I did Laproscopy and they told me to come on 2nd Day of period, I went today they told me to take Avandia ..
33. Q: Laproscopy
 Dr.Iam taking treatment last Two Years for the Pregnency, I have irregular period, I did HSG,IUI,hormonal test, everythi..
34. Q: Dear Doctor
 I am sorry to disturb again and again but I would be very happy if I can get ur opinion about my condition. I am 25..
35. Q: Hello
 Dear Doctor I am 29yrs, trying to conceive for the past 2yrs out of which 1yr is under medical supervision. I h..
36. Q: Milky Breast with irregular mensus
  Name: - M.H.K. Inaya. Age: - 21 Years old. Sex: - Female. Nationality:-Srilankan Now live in Saudi ..
37. Q: weight problem
 hello doctor, i am 18 years old girl.my problem is overweight.my weight is 90 kg which is not relevant as comparing ..
38. Q: Molar Pregnancy Query
 Dr.i just had a partial molar pregnancy and got DNC done. Can u answer my following questions 1.what causes molar pr..
39. Q: level 2 ultrasound
 Dear Doctor, I am 21 years old and suffering from PCOS and hypothyroidism for the past 2 years.I am married and i wa..
40. Q: irregular peiods
 dear doc,how r u well i hav a small problem and thought may be u could help me out i am 27 years and have 2 kids born wi..
41. Q: please help
 dear doctor.. i heard alot about u from my friends .doctor i am merried from 4 years i have an missed abortion after tha..
42. Q: thank you
 Dear dr. thank you very much to reply me back..doctor i wants to know that which firtility treatment i need now..shall i..
43. Q: I need ur help!
 Dear Dr, I am 24 indian female lived in Dubai. Dr i am merried since 4 years,my problem is that in the first month of m..
44. Q: hernia
 My mother is 48yrs old and is suffering from umbilical hernia since 4 years, now it is projecting out in the size of a b..
45. Q: i NEED UR HELP !!
 Dear Dr, I am 25 years indian in dubai.Dr i write u before and expecting ur reply. dr my problem is that i am merried fr..
46. Q: gastric
47. Q: 6 months continues period
 Dear Mam I am 29.2 yrs back I had a misscarriage in 6th month.After that my periods was very very correct.Now since 6 m..
48. Q: what next step should we take
 hi doc!! i am married for one and half year and still could not get pregnant. me and my husband have no relative her how..
49. Q: Inquiry on Breast surgery
 Four years back Operah winfrey show had telecasted a surgery method where fat from one part of the body can be extracted..
50. Q: plz help
 Hello Dr, I am talat 25 years old merried lived in sharjah .dr many times i use to write u and wished to receive he..
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