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Dubai is an incredible city and your marketing plan should take note of that

A great marketing plan is how truly successful businesses are made. Someone could have the best product or service in the world, but if they've got no way of spreading the word effectively then it'll never make them their fortune. There are many different elements to a genuinely great marketing plan, but for now we're going to talk about just one small element. Location based marketing involves reaching the people around your area and doing it right can have effects that reach far further than you'd expect. With Dubai being such a rich country, location based marketing can bring huge benefits to the businesses that do it right. So, here's how.

Create Location Based Content
If you want to connect with local customers, then you've got to post things that will interest them. Having an active social media account is obviously essential, but having a couple of thousand followers who regularly use your products or services is far more valuable than having a million followers that can't actually access your business. Tapping into what's going on locally is key to gaining a stronger local following. For example, Huda Beauty is now one of the world's biggest makeup brands but it was launched right here in Dubai. This brand spent a great deal of time contacting local beauty influencers and asking if they would try out Huda's products. Eventually, influencers realised that Huda Beauty had created beautiful products that looked flawless on the skin. These influencers began using Huda Beauty products in their own posts and videos on social media. This meant that Huda's products reached a local audience who were able to access their products immediately and they did. Huda Beauty's products often sell out within minutes of a new product launch, which shows the power of a great product combined with a great social media presence. Think about how you could market your product locally, perhaps you're in the same field as Huda and can get influencers involved. Whatever your strategy, your goal should be becoming so locally saturated that you reach a global market. 

Get Reviewed By The Right People
Getting reviewed is an essential part of any marketing plan, whether that be by customers, or professional review sites. The big bonus with professional reviews is not only are they more often trusted by potential customers, but that they pave the way for more clicks to your site. Taking Asiabet as an example, this site posts reviews of online casinos that are available to play in the Asian continent. Each review this site posts has a comprehensive breakdown of the positive aspects of the site, including the games that are available, the deposit and withdrawal methods that customers can use, as well as any bonuses that customers might want to take advantage of. Alongside all of this information is a link to the site for those who like the sound of the reviewed website. This link is key, not least because it will direct customers to your site, but also because it will appear positively to search engine crawlers. These crawlers notice links from reputable websites and this boosts you further up the search rankings. As Asiabet focuses solely on casinos that are available within Asia, a Dubai-based business would want to appear on this site. See if you can seek out professional review sites that focus entirely on your city, country, or even continent. Appearing on a site that is area specific will certainly help to boost your SEO.

Visit Local Networking Events

Networking events are key to seeing your business become a local success
There's no replacement for proper networking and with so many successful businesses in Dubai, there are a whole lot of great business people to meet. Make sure that you're attending at the very least one large networking event per month and if possible, aim for one each week. Official networking events are ideal as you'll be meeting entirely business people, especially if you can find an event that is tailored to your sector. However, treat every interaction as though you could be meeting your next investor or partner. In person meetings with your valued customers could lead to interactions that you wouldn't have previously considered. Always have your business brain in gear as you never know when you might need it. Collaborations with other local businesses are an excellent way of pooling your resources to create something better than you could have done on your own and to show your product to a whole new customer base.




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Posted on : Wednesday, July 27, 2022  
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