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Natuzzi Italia @ Milano Design Week 2024:  The Circle Of Harmony – 65th Anniversary Collection

Dubai, UAE (19 April 2024) During Milan Design Week 2024, Natuzzi Italia, the globally recognized Italian lifestyle brand celebrated for its latest collection named 'The Circle of Harmony – 65th Anniversary Collection

'Natuzzi Italia launched a rich program at Milan Design Week 2024 to celebrate its 65th anniversary. For sixty-five years, Natuzzi has embarked on a journey in search of harmony, inspired by the fertile land of Apulia, which has nurtured the birth of Pasquale Natuzzi's creativity and entrepreneurial ethics. These values have marked the company's history, leading it along a path of identity and stylistic growth that will be celebrated during Milan Design Week.

The flagship store in via Durini, revisited in its architectural elements and layout, evolves into a concept inspired by the refined elegance of 'quiet luxury', where the space dedicated to architects and interior decorators becomes even more central thanks to the new Natuzzi design studio.

The showroom in via Durini serves as the backdrop for the new collection The Circle of Harmony – 65th Anniversary, which tells the brand's journey of evolution between past, present, and future through the projects of Karim Rashid, Andrea Steidl, and Simone Bonanni.

The new collection is completed with the new sofas Mindful and Snail, a perfect combination of design and function, designed by the Natuzzi Design Center, which expands the Comfortness collection, launched during Milan Design Week 2023. Comfortness is the union of 'comfort' and 'wellness' and encapsulates Natuzzi's new design philosophy, an innovative way of understanding comfort – a foundational element of the brand's DNA – which merges with wellness.

To complete the celebrations of the 65th anniversary, Natuzzi Open Art returns, the patronage project desired by President Pasquale Natuzzi with the aim of making art accessible – open – to everyone. Open Art returns to Milan thanks to the collaboration with the Apulian artist Gino Donvito, who has created Puer Apuliae, a large-scale work over 8 meters high. Donvito celebrates the Apulia beloved by Frederick II of Swabia, who left indelible marks in this territory, which today, as then, represent an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Natuzzi Italia brand.

Mirai sofa, design: Andrea Steidl

Andrea Steidl worked with Natuzzi Italia for the first time. He got ideas from old buildings in Apulia, Italy, from the 13th century. The Mirai sofa looks like those old castles: strong but not heavy. It feels both modern and cozy. When you look at it, it seems like the lines go in different directions but come together again, like a cool pattern.

Steidl says Mirai is about looking to the future, like Frederick II did long ago. Frederick II was a big deal in Mediterranean culture and made amazing buildings in Apulia. The sofa has a comfy seat made of soft stuff on a wooden frame. The cushion, backrest, and armrest are all different heights, which makes it look nice and comfy.

Memoria sofa, design: Karim Rashid

Rashid reimagines Natuzzi's iconic design in a contemporary context with Memoria sofa, aiming to evoke Mediterranean hospitality and warmth. Inspired by Apulian culture, Memoria features organic shapes and sinuous lines, reminiscent of the region's soft hills. Rashid emphasizes the importance of creating a welcoming space for people, where the sofa becomes a symbol of friendship and intimacy. The modular design allows for versatile configurations, while the asymmetrical armrests add a unique perspective. Memoria combines comfort with sleek aesthetics, inviting everyone to experience the essence of Mediterranean hospitality.

Momento sofa, design: Simone Bonanni

Natuzzi Italia and Simone Bonanni team up again for Momento, a new sofa blending relaxed surfaces and soft lines to evoke a sense of connection between shapes and feelings. Inspired by the dry stone walls of Apulia, Momento embodies balance and technical prowess, offering an aesthetic of relaxation and visual comfort. Bonanni describes Momento as a modern puzzle, encouraging people to enjoy the present moment. The sofa's versatility allows for various configurations to suit different spaces.

Mindful sofa, design: Natuzzi Design Center

Designed by the Natuzzi Design Center, Mindful is part of the Comfortness collection, aiming to redefine relaxation. Inspired by the body's movement harmony, it maximizes comfort and promotes health benefits. Mindful features a triple movement tilt mechanism for personalized comfort, Zero Gravity function for improved blood flow, Micro-Mobility function for muscle activation, and '365' active seating system for stabilizing muscles and syncing breathing with heartbeat. Some versions include an integrated Bluetooth speaker for enhanced comfort. Mindful's modularity allows for various compositions, accompanied by coordinated tables in five variants.

Snail sofa, design: Natuzzi Design Center

The Natuzzi Design Center introduces the modular sofa Snail, inspired by the shape and movement of a snail's shell. Embracing comfort, a core value of Natuzzi Italia, Snail features welcoming volumes and soft shapes. Its backrest gently moves forward and backward, mimicking the snail's motion, providing personalized comfort with a sliding mechanism. Snail invites relaxation and leisure with its comfortable design, allowing for lingering comfort.


Natuzzi Open Art, Pasquale Natuzzi's visionary endeavor, seeks to make art inclusive, opening its doors to all. Collaborating with Gino Donvito, the project unveils Puer Apuliae, a monumental artwork standing over 8 meters tall. Comprising eighty-eight hand-painted birch wood panels, the piece pays homage to Frederick II of Swabia, fondly known as Puer Apuliae, or the Son of Apulia, for his profound influence on the region. Donvito's masterpiece depicts Apulia's rich history and cultural heritage, a captivating blend of Eastern and Western influences, characterized by olive groves, fortified farms, and historic landmarks. In celebrating Natuzzi's 65th anniversary, Puer Apuliae immortalizes the brand's values and origins, intertwining its identity with the timeless landscapes of its homeland.


The Design Studio is the innovative space dedicated to architects and interior designers, which assumes an even more central role in the evolution of the new Natuzzi store concept presented in Milan. This space aims to be an ideal place for design and creativity. Here, the Harmony Codes take shape: six combinations of colors and as many combinations of materials and styles that reflect Natuzzi's unique personality. These codes represent the beating heart of the passionate work of the Style Center, emphasizing Natuzzi's relentless commitment to harmony and timeless beauty.

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