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A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP - how to select a mattress

Its not an exciting purchase, but it's the one that would make the difference between a good night's sleep and a night of tossing and turning. For happier, more stress-free days, follow some tips from folks in the business: -

Take your better-half.
A joint decision is in order. One of you may want to sprawl all over; the other half maintains the poise, regardless. Mattress purchase may then call for a compromise.
Take your time.
Mission : To buy a perfect mattress.
Eqpt. : A comfortable attire.
Agenda : Toss around, take all the time in the world.
Downside : Make a fool of yourself. Reward : Sound sleep.
A 10 year guarantee.
That's how long a good mattress should last. Check the warranty and get the guarantee against defects in writing. Don't pull the tag, if any. It's your only line of defence should you have to return the mattress for any reason.
Don't scrimp
Every night, for the next 10 years atleast, you should be saying (as you climb into bed), "I love this bed". So if you want to save money, save elsewhere. Splurge on the mattress.
Mattress Care
Rotate it regularly, Vacuum it occasionally, use quilted bed pads and save tags. The mattress will wear out more gradually and evenly.

If you find you are not getting enough support, you probably need a new mattress. And remember it should last you 10 whole years!

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