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GoDubai Milestones 1999
1,270,870 hits
 Monthly Sweepstakes
Lennie Monteiro wins a round trip for two to Amsterdam courtesy KLM airlines on GoDubai's Register and Win Contest.
2,000,000 hits
  Register and Win!
It is a one-time registration with a lifetime of benefits :-   Cute Kids Contest
Launched in February,this is more than a contest. Parents can send pictures of their little ones as Ecards.
3,338,933 hits
Dolphins captured the popular imagination of Dubaiities with daily tickets to be won on GoDubai. Coupled with DSF Hotel Bookings, and online reservation for the ever popular Gingerbread Man & Snow Lion the Dubai Shopping Festival fever hit the online headlines.
For music lovers of the subcontinent, a chat session with Ali Haider was the highlight of the very eventful month.
2,082,243 hits
"If music be the food of love, play on". Theatre lovers booked tickets online for the The Twelfth Night and The Midsummer Nights Dream.
From classic comedies, GoDubai made a smooth and hugely successful transition to its modern version, Laughter Factory.
2,586,862 hits
The rising summer heat of May was offset by an interesting Disney survey and the launch of Eazytravel.com, a bilingual travel website with over 100 destinations worldwide. With travel came haute cuisine on GoDubai courtesy the Hyatt Regency, Dubai.
2,784,222 hits
177,081 page-views
Web-based Email was the next logical step. SalaamMail.com goes one step further. It is fast, efficient, universally accessible and bilingual (English/Arabic). Get your SalaamMail account today!
2,424,888 hits
179,039 Page-views
GoDubai, the region's fastest growing community web site, has created a whole site with a message board for surfers to post their queries and comments. Post your queries on our Message Board Khaleej Times, August 6 1999
  GoDubai Cricket
An indoor cricket tournament with 12 teams (shortlisted) and over 150 players at Insportz.
3,332,951 hits
221,482 Page-views
The smiling face of Farhan Ahmed, the winner of the Hewlett Packard, courtesy the Tiberian Sun Contest

On August 1 1999, HalaEmarat.com, the Emirates Arabic online community was launched. A warm salaam to our Arabic-speaking surfers!

The all-new Showtime was launched, complete with a movie/theatre search!
3,390,239 hits
194,819 page-views
Rivoli, the house of premium watches and Swatch gave surfers the golden opportunity of winning an iMac online.
Our Mission Statement is "Building audiences,not just websites". Launched in September, AlManazil.com, invites surfers, both English and Arabic, to establish their unique identity on the World Wide Web.
4,086,985 hits
263,190 page-views
As the heat subsided, Dubai began to swing into action. It was party time with the Vengaboys and the classic Defleppard.

Surfers had a glimpse of their future with renowned astro-numero palmist Dr. Viswaputraa and women had a one-on-one chat with the popular gynaecologist, Dr. Shirin.

Disney, Gulf Films and GoDubai gave surfers a chance to win tickets to the premiere of Tarzan.

It was time to indulge in fine dining with Rydges Plaza and its exquisite restaurants.

4,334,540 hits
267,961 Page-views
  The Personal Touch
The song 'Jalwa' was dedicated to a young girl - a request by her bereaved mother.
"We would like to thank GoDubai for the online promotions for Experience II, the event was a huge success."Gail Cherrell, Factory Productions
  Great Prizes
Ericsson mobile phones, tickets to the premiere of Inspector Gadget and the hilarious Reduced Shakespeare Company to name a few! There was also a weekend for two at Hatta thanks to the PTCruiser online survey.
Surfers chatted with Shankar 'Breathless' Mahadevan and won tickets to his show. A chat with the popular child specialist Dr. Venkatramani further enhanced our community building efforts.
  Longest Painting
GoDubai was proud to be part of the Nobel Prize winning MSF's attempts to create the world's longest painting.

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