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Dubai Diving Centre
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Khasab Diving Center

The dive centre is situated in Khasab, the capital of the Musandam amidst the Hajar mountain range, the backbone of the Arabian Peninsula. They rumble across Arabia's landscape reaching their zenith at the very tip of Arabia where they stand guard over the Straits of Hormuz.

Dive trips leave from Khasab port via dhow/speedboat and a spectacular range of sites can be reached in as little as 30 mins. The Musandam is famous for it's deep blue waters with an amazing diversity of marine life, from exotic Reef fish to schooling Barracuda, Turtles, Reef Sharks and even the mighty Whale Shark. The dive sites are teeming with an array of hard and soft corals and splashed with colourful sponges.

The waters around the Musandam Run as deep as 200m in some areas, however the maximum depth at any of our dive sites is 40 m. The water temperature varies from 15 degrees C in the winter to 35 degrees C in the summer. The Musandam is world class diving and is a must for diving fanatics. With such an extensive range of dive sites, there is something here for all levels of diver from Advanced Open Water and above. Even if you are a non-diver, there is something here for you too; the scenery from the dhow/speedboat trip alone is spectacular or if you have an adventurous streak in you, there is plenty to explore. The area has been inhabited for over 2000 years, with hidden secrets including caves containing ancient wall paintings.

Accommodation is priced at 100 Dhs per night, inclusive of evening meal and breakfast. Diving is organized as two dives per day and priced at 300 Dhs which includes tank and weights. A visa is required to visit the Omani region and can be obtained through Scuba International for international visitors. If customers have residence visas for the UAE they can either obtain visas at the border or apply for a Multiple Re-Entry Visit Visa. Prices vary dependant upon nationality. For further details, please contact the Dubai office.

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Dibba Dive Centre This centre is situated in the port of Dibba which is located in the northern territory of Oman, on the east coast. The dive centre is manned by well qualified and experienced PADI Diving Instructors. The dive trips consist of two dives on a tank and weights basis including light refreshments and costs Dhs 250 per person. Wetsuits are required in the winter months only ( October to May ) as the water tempertaure drops as low as 18 Celcius.

Daily trips are run from our 30' catamaran which is able to reach the impressive Khor of Habalayn. Along the way you will be impressed by the beauty of the Hajar mountains as they grow in size to reach their zenith in the Straits of Hormuz. This rugged coastline offers excellent diving for the experienced diver. Sites such as Lima Rock offer deep water with often stronger currents enabling divers to see larger species of marine life.

Due to the increased depths found on most of the sites available from the Dibba Dive Centre we ask that divers be well experienced

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Ocean Divers
The diving centre at Khorfakkan Beach in the grounds of the Oceanic Hotel, is nestled in the dramatic Hajar mountains and boasts excellent weather year round which, combined with beautiful sandy beaches makes this an excellent dive/holiday location.

The centre is recognised by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) as a Golden Palm Resort and is manned year round by well qualified and experienced Diving Instructors. State of the art equipment hire is available, including wetsuits which are only required during the winter months (October - May). Water temperatures range from about 18 - 32 degrees Celsius.

The majority of the dive sites are within 20 minutes boat ride and the centre tends to run both single dives and two tank trips to enable visitors to dive more northerly sites. Ocean Divers offer a number of dive sites ranging from beginner sites through to advanced sites for the more adventurous diver. The average depth range of diving is between 5 - 25 metres allowing plenty of time to take in the wonderful marine life available. The high levels of plankton in the water make for a rich abundance of marine life in amounts not often experienced in other parts of the world. Visibility ranges from 5 - 20 metres, but even on low visibility days there is always plenty to see.

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Dubai Diving Centre
The Scuba International Headquarters is a PADI(Professional Association of Driving Instructors)5 star Instructor Development centre in Dubai located on the Al Wasl Road. It is from here that the company runs most if it's training, utilizing two classrooms and it's purpose built, onsite pool. This is also the administrative and service centre with a fully equipped workshop and Service Technician. The centre has equipment for rental to certified divers and a 230 bar compressor for tank fills. Nitrox fills can also be arranged.

The centre has a large retail outlet stocking a full range of MARES diving equipment complemented by ranges of wetsuits from Bodyglove, accessories by Cetacea, Pelican and IST and technical equipment from Diverite and specialist Rebreather equipment from Drager.

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Dos And Don'ts Of Diving
As in most regions of the world now, good environmental attitudes and conservationism are the watch words of this area. Divers visiting and using any Scuba International centres are asked to adhere to some general rules in keeping with local regulations and also to follow the more accepted diving practices:

  • Never touch lobster pots or interfere with fishing nets
  • Report to the dive centre staff any lobster pots found with no lines to the surface
  • Do not remove anything from the sea
  • Do not touch or break coral
  • No spear guns
  • Remain neutrally buoyant at all times
  • Adhere to the maximum depth limit of 30m for all dives
  • Follow the minimum 12 hour surface interval rule for flying after diving
  • All dives to be No Decompression Dives
  • Make a Safety Stop after all dives
As you can see these rules not only conserve the marine environment and adhere to local law but also encourage all divers to be safe divers.

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Text and pictures courtesy Scuba International, PO.Box 30591 Dubai, Tel: 04 3937557, Fax: 04 3937883,

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