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Peter Downie - Director of Golf (DCGYC)

His likes and dislikes in a nutshell
More about Peter Downie
Peter Downie gets up in the morning and sets off for his office to do what he likes best in life- playing golf. His first 'hole in one' was at the age of 14 and he has done it six times since. A professional at 18, he knows his game as well as the back of his palm.

Peter Downie, the Director of Golf at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club enjoys every minute of his job. "Golf is not just my career, it is my life and my dream come true," says Peter with the sanguine smile of an achiever. It was his father who discovered the brilliant golfer in Peter. A professional himself, Peter's father introduced him to the game at the age of 12 and since then there was no looking back to this young boy. He became professional after undergoing a four-year training in Scotland. Rated as a Zero handicap, Peter Downie has played hundreds of Golf courses all around the world like Lochlomond in Scotland and Pinehurst in United States.

Having played at the Dubai desert Classic last year, Peter is gearing his best for the next show. "It is really great to play with the best golfers in the world. The pressure and the challenge inspire me." Under his supervision the Creek Golf and Yacht Club is also getting ready to welcome the international crowd. Nothing can go wrong while catering to the star players like Colin Montgomerie, Jose Maria Olazabal and Lee Westwood among others."Even if one among the 400 volunteers do not turn up we are in trouble," says Peter.
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I love my work coz'It is my life and I get to meet a whole lot of people
My hobbyFishing
My favourite spots in DubaiJW Marriot and La Mode restaurant
My favourite cuisineAmerican
I dislikeLazy and negative people.
My role modelSteve Ballesteros and Bill Gates
My guiding principleEvery day is a tournament. It is not a practice session.
Happiest memories of my childhoodMy first 'hole in one' at 14.
How do I keep fit?Daily one hour gym and a strict diet
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More about Peter Downie
When contacted by the Professional Golf Association in 1992, Peter took up the challenge of setting up a Golf resort in the middle of this dreary desert. Since its inception in 1993, the Creek Golf and Yacht club with its rolling green fairways has become a golf Shangri-La for its mass followers.The effort that goes into maintaining its amazingly long stretch of lawns is incredible. One million gallonns of desalinated water is required daily to keep the grass green.

Peter is proud to see the Golf club emerge as one of the worlds best. "The game is mostly played by tourists and expatriates. I would like to see more of nationals taking interest in the game and pursuing it seriously," says Peter. He does agree that golf is more or less a rich man's game but spares no effort to take it to all who have the talent and the interest.

Career for children
For childen who are keen to pursue golf as a career, Peter Downy's advice is to start learning at a very young age of four or five. "The Golf Accademy at the Creek Golf club is the ideal place to learn to play or improve your game." With the Accademy's winning combination of six qualified teaching professionals, pleasant sorroundings and the most up-to-date high-tech facilities, learning has never been more easier or more enjoyable.

Practice makes perfect
Peter is eloquent when asked about students whom he has trained and imparted the best of his skills. Ismail Sheriff, who has been the UAE National Champion for the past six years is one who has made the teacher proud. Peter is of the opinion that more than the inborn talent, "practice and devotion makes a golf champion." It is the eye-hand-ball cordination that matters in hitting the ball to the hole. Golf is not an aggressive game and requires a lot of patience and thinking, explains Peter. "There are millions of golf players in this world but only ten percent of them have a handicap of less than 15. Only one percent have a handicap of less than three."

The fitness value
Peter laughs off the public notion that golf is meant for retired people. One has to walk three and a half miles to play one round of golf. So if you play three times a week, you walk ten miles a week. "So nobody can question the fitness value of golf. Once you get involved, the game is as interesting as cricket or soccer," says Peter. It is rather addictive, he adds.

Passion for angling
Peter Downie's interest interest is not limited to golf. The beautifully framed pictures adorning his office speaks volumes of his passion for angling. "I love fishing," says Peter. A photograph on the wall has him posing alongside a huge Blue Marlin weighing 378 pounds. "I got him in the Carreabean when I was 22." He goes fishing in Dubai on weekeneds and spends the rest of his time with his wife Nancy and his Labrador Molly.
Watch Peter Downie and other top golfers in action at the
Dubai Desert Classic to be held from March 2nd to March 5th at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club.
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