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2. Q: visit
 how do i obtain a visit visa, reasonable accomodation?..
3. Q: dr
 I am a medical doctor currently working in Dubai health care city. Myself, my wife & one child have Indian pas..
4. Q: package
 I want to take my parents and wife to singapore & Malayasia for 10 days can u suggest best package..
5. Q: Me and My wife
 My wife is joining me for a first time in dubai and I would like to do or go somewhere special after beeing apart for so..
6. Q: packages
 kindly suggest packages to oman..
7. Q: susan
 how much is the visa fee if the hotel is my sponsor?..
8. Q: miss
 am currently a residence of the uk and am looking to travel to dubai. do i need a visa..
9. Q: fare
 how much is the cheapest fare to dubai..
10. Q: Visit visa on arrival
 I am currently present in Saudi Arabia ? I am a computer professional. I wanto to visit dubai via road. My question is, ..
 I would like to know where the mirdiff area is in Dubai. Thank you..
13. Q: journalist
 price of tickets for dubai-cochin-singapore-dubai for mid january 2006. i need three tickets...
14. Q: Cheabit hotel with free internet-access in dubai
 Hi, I'm looking for a cheap but clean hotel from 11/22 until 11/26 in dubai. What I also need is a (fast) internet-acces..
15. Q: cheap fare for UK
 Pls tell me the cheapest flight for Uk (Heathrow + Gatwick)London their fare and tell me to whom i should contact the ag..
16. Q: cheap airfare
 Can you give me contact no of Travel Agent who can offer me seat availability & cheap price for this flight DXB-MNL-DXB ..
17. Q: MD
 Visiting from Dallas to uae, looking for good resorts away from big cities, w/some countryside/dessert trip for bbq, and..
18. Q: Mr
 Sir ,if a computer engineer from pak is lucky enough to get an IT related job what is the average pay in dubai??..
19. Q: Visit Visa
 Sir, I'm having an uncle in Dubai who's working in Dubai, and drawing a salary of Rs. 15,000/- (Indian Rupees). Can he s..
20. Q: Visit Visa
 Sir, self wanted to know, how much time does it take to receive a visit visa, once applied for through a travel agency o..
21. Q: visa
 I am Thai and planning to go to Dubai in the end of this month. I have a friend who live in Dubai. Is it possible for he..
22. Q: Travel Agency
 I contacted a travel agency in Goa, India & it came to my notice, that it cost Rs. 25000/- (Indian Rupees) to get me a ..
23. Q: Job Placement.
 Hi! Self has applied for jobs through various ads on the classified ads on the net. Is it possible for me to get a job i..
24. Q: Visit Visa
 Self a married Indian female, having a friend in Dubai & requested her to send me a Visit Visa. She reverted saying the ..
25. Q: Dubai Hotel
 I'm looking for a travel agency in dubai to make a reservation with a best rates hotel acomodation in November and a vi..
26. Q: Dubai
 How long will it takes to obtain a visitor's visa to dubai from philippines?..
27. Q: Kabul flights
 Please can you tell me who is flying from Dubai to Kabul at present and give me contact details..
28. Q: Dubai to Houston (return)
 I would like to know the cost of a flight to Houston, Texas (return) from Dubai, leaving on June 12th (morning) and retu..
29. Q: Air Ticket
 May I know the best fare from Dubai to Ottawa..
30. Q: visit dubai
 Im searching for a cheap airline for travelling to Dubai from Karachi-Pakistan (return ticket)..
31. Q: tips on mobile phones from dubai
 hi i'm a young enterprenur interested in buying mobile phones and accesories from dubai in relatively large quantity and..
32. Q: Mr
 Im searching for a cheap airline for travelling to Dubai from Edinburgh(UK). ..
33. Q: Dubai - Mashad (Iran)
 What is the best fare I can get for Dubai-Mashad-Dubai (Economy), (Adult and child <12) for travel in July 2005...
34. Q: Dubai London
 Which is the cheapest airline from Dubai to Heathrow..
35. Q: Surprise me
 We would like go on holiday with our young children (boy aged 4 years and girl aged 9 months) for 2 weeks starting 10 Ju..
36. Q: ms
 Hi, I would like to know a) how much the cheapest return ticket is from Dubai to Tehran or Shiraz b) If it..
37. Q: Dubai-tvm airfare
 What is the best airfare from Dubai to Kochi or trivandrum for the 20th of April, 2005..
38. Q: Mr
 Please How can I get a visa to have a week's break in Dubai in May this year. I am a Ghanaian National. I've lived and w..
39. Q: flight to Dubai from NYC
 I would like to buy the cheapest flight to Dubai from NYC that can be found. Thank you..
40. Q: Mrs
 What is the cheapest fare to Goa India..
41. Q: Mrs
 Hello, I would like to know the cheapest travel on a good airline from Brisbane to Dubai return..
42. Q: travelling to dubai
 i wanted to know the cheapest ticket i can get to dubai from south africa i dont need accomodation because my boyfriend ..
43. Q: Mrs
 Dubai to mumbai..
44. Q: Air fare to New york
 Would you please tell me the cheapest fare to Dubai/New york/Dubai..
45. Q: Airfaire to AUH/Arizona/AUH
 Would you be able to tell me the cheapest fare available to the above destination around mid April and Mid May..
46. Q: Cochin
 Thanks for your immediate reply. Please let me know your contact no. so that I can do my booking thru you. Can you let m..
47. Q: Cochin
 Can I get the cheapest rate to Cochin Int'l Airport. I am planning to fly on 11th March and come and return 17th March. ..
48. Q: Mauritius
 I'm planning to visit Mauritius for a two-month vacation this summer. I would like to know the cheapest fare from Dubai ..
49. Q: MCSE classroom course in Dubai?
 Would please suggest classroom based MCSE (Microsoft System Engineer course in Dubai? I want to study for the MCSE e..
50. Q: mr
 is there flight to iraq and as akuwaiti do i need a visa..
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