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Beauty Queens - Good Role-models?

Surfers Respond
Let us know what you think!

As India's Priyanka Chopra walked away with the crown, curtains came down on one of the biggest television events ever. Admittedly, a bevy of beauties in swimsuits and designer gowns attract tremendous media attention. What is more, organisers have cloaked the beauty contest with politically correct noises about charity, silencing a great deal of dissension. "Beauty with a purpose" goes the peculiar motto. Perfectly normal and fun-loving girls are carefully tutored to mouth words like children, deprivation, charity and compassion.

The crowning of another beautiful girl unleashes a silent campaign in the hearts of numerous young girls. As the parameters of beauty are strictly laid down in a high-profile battle of nations, more girls are made to feel less beautiful. Beauty queens with beautiful words make for irresistable role-models. Leave the cynical `oh, it is a marketing blitz anyways", to the arm-chair pundits and lets have some serious introspection.

Is it ok if your young daughter idolises a beauty queen? Is it a short-lived preference or the beginning of a grand obsession with being slim and looking good? Let us know what you think!

Surfers Respond
Well beauty is understood in many ways, but I believe that the real beauty is within you. All women regardless of age and size, want to be desirable and find ways and means to do so. Beauty Paegeants portray low self esteem. If you dress like a 'Low-down' girl then you attract 'Low-down' people with 'Low-down values.
Shariq Sayani
It's all an excuse for women to walk on a catwalk and men to appreciate their beauty and get all sorts of thoughts in their heads. It's not a cynical view but a known fact. You say that a woman enjoys catwalking. Of course she does. Which girl doesn't like being called a beauty queen and getting all the attention and being every other man's object of desire? The men obviously like that because they can get free shows of women showing off their bodies. It's obvious that women are being used here to please men. And then people talk about women's rights. Enough said.
Dr. Syed Asif Raza Abidi
Like a " Puppet " or a Toy . Yes, these days many men are using women like that. A man in the west is more covered than a woman ? Doesn't she have any respect or value? Why is she so cheap that whenever a "Man" wants , he uses her body to sell a one-dollar soap and a five-dollar magazine? Founders of many news papers and magazines have became billionaires just because nude images of women.

I think the western media contributes a big share in the creation of such a problem. The Western media has always presented a "Woman" as an object of lust and as a " Sex Symbol ". That is why, there are wide differences between the thinking of a western woman and an Eastern Woman ranging from career approaches, family behaviour and marital affairs as well. A typical western woman shouldn't accept the gaze of a man on her body as a compliment.

Time has come for a western woman to realize that she is not a sex symbol. She is a Woman, who is more creative than man, more valuable than man. So we should all together condemn these so-called beauty contests which are degrading woman. To know more about and eastern woman, please visit my very personal website at

M. George, USA
We live in a society that lays great stress on being beautiful and slim, and being beautiful is deemed to be synonymous with happiness. Quite often, those who are not considered beautiful are frowned upon by society. Pageants like Miss World and Miss Universe present a glamourized version of what beauty is. In reality, these pageants present a distorted image of what young women should strive for in our society. If I were to present an image of beauty to my daughter, I would explain to her that true beauty is appreciating oneself and the unique attributes that she, as well as all young women are capable of having. It is important that young girls form a nexus between mind, body and spirit, but this should be done in a healthy manner that promotes personal growth and happiness that stems from within. Once we examine ourselves and the wonderful virtues we have, then only can we be truly happy with ourselves and thereby promote the message to other women - "you do not have to be in a beauty pageant to be beautiful."
Anamika Asher, Dubai
Young girls will definitely idolise a beauty queen and adopt her as a role model. I feel it is perfectly alright for people to do that as long as it does not become an obsession with being slim, dieting and over exercising. Keeping oneself slim and caring about one''s own beauty is good in itself and every lady should do that as long as it does not affect her health or driving everyone around her crazy.
Maliha Ali Dad, Dubai
A good question here. The simple answer is that it is harmful not only for an individual, but for the entire society. If I ever had a daughter I will never let her degrade herself.. I will make her like herself for what SHE IS. Individuality is a beautiful thing in this world. If our daughters or teenagers mould their life style according to these fake models it will surely affect their lives. The pressure to ape cannot be underestimated.
I think that beauty queens and pageants are a matter of preference. They should not be taken too seriously and they should not be thrust into young girls'' minds as the one and only perfect ideal of how all women should look. I think for the girls that compete in such competitions - the target should be about fun and not about the obsession with being "beautiful" However many people would not agree that the portrayal of beauty is realistic. Different people find different things beautiful. The media and fashion industry promote beauty as thin, tall girls whose cheekbones and ribs seem very apparent. I am not saying that this is not beautiful, but what I am trying to say is that other ways of looking at beauty. This is what the beauty pageants should focus on if they must continue to exist. How about giving girls decent role models. Women that actually believe the words that they speak. Women that have strong opinions and views. I am not saying that the girls in the beauty pageants are insincere but I don''t think that they necessarily would be preaching the plight of starving children had they been at home on a Friday afternoon with their family! All I am saying is it''s okay to idolise beauty queens if thats what you like and it''s okay to be in a beauty pageant if thats what you want - after all freedom of choice should not be compromised with. A bit of realism and awareness that beauty comes from within should be instilled in our young girls.
Rose Babu, Abu Dhabi
No I would not like my daughter to be exposed in public. The beauty God has given us, according to me, is for oneself and for our beloved to be proud of.
Hetal.N.Vakiani, Abu Dhabi
I don''t have a daughter, but it is wrong if someone idolises a beauty queen. What do we know about all the treatments she might have undergone to be thin. And being slim, I believe is only shortlived. Beauty comes from within. If you are fat, people look down upon you. You are considered stupid and not worthy of anyone''s friendship. People then don''t look at the character of the person. I believe beauty pageants are nothing but nonsense and one must realise this.
Muhammed, Dubai
Well_I strongly believe it is wasting your life for a very short and lowly goal. It is degrading yourself
Larry Eiker, Huntsville, Alabama
In America with all the social problems of split family homes, school shootings, a right wing religious belief that splits Americans from establishing a core belief to establish a strong social and reglious family center, any person that can raise self esteem, challenge a higher level of education and moral goals in a person can''t be all bad. I support the Miss Universe aims to get more people in the world to try a little harder to continue in school, establish better health ways of living and eating, and to help other people that are not so lucky in life.
M.Mathew, Al Ain
If I ever have a daughter, I would let her know about the con games and psychological pressure that marketing experts subject the average person to. In the same vein, if she were to idolise the kind of young woman who is paraded with far fewer layers of clothing in glossy magazines, then once again, I can only warn her about what the realities of modelling and of becoming obsessed with one''s physical appearance can result in. Considering the fact that most mothers are human beings with insecurities about their own looks, they are sometimes powerless against the intangible effects of advertising and entertainment on the psyches of their little girls. After all, they too would have had role models of their own during their adolescence - be it movie stars or models.
Rajni, Dubai
I cannot comment on girls and their obsessions, what I can definitely tell you is about parents and their obsessions. A princess contest in a local shopping mall was actually rigged. Two mothers (of the contestants) posed as judges and ensured that their daughter gain maximum points! It could not have been for the prize (a cheap-looking doll). Now if parents can do this - they would definitely force their children to doll up for bigger beauty contests. I really don''t know where we are headed.

Let us know what you think!

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