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    Featured in Healthcare and Medicine
    Dubai Health Authority Employees Receive Expo 2020 Dubai Medal

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 21, 2023: Dubai Health Authority( DHA) employees were recognised and honoured with the Expo 2020 Dubai Medal, in implementation of the directive by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to award Expo 2020 Dubai Medals to individuals who played a key role in the success of the global event hosted by the UAE. A total of 40 employees received certificates of appreciation and medals for their volunteering work, which greatly contributed to the success of Expo 2020 Dubai.  The ceremony took place at the Authority's headquarters. On this occasion, as per His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s directive, His Excellency Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi, the Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, more

    Tele-ICU in Launched in Saudi Hospital

    Pilot project soon in 3 more hospitals  Riyadh:  Ras Tanura General Hospital (eastern Saudi Arabia) has launched a Tele-ICU service; making it the first facility to operate such a service in the region. aiming to improve the healthcare quality and optimize the best out of the available sources without having to refer patients to central hospitals.  Tele-ICU works live 24\7 by consultants to raise the quality of treatments in the nearby hospitals. It does not require booking an appointment; it is a virtual service that aims to support teams in other hospitals to provide high-quality medical service. The project contributes to enhancing the affiliated facilities of the Eastern Health Cluster. Further, Tele-ICU will be launched in three different hospitals in collaboration with the Central Team for ICU more

    Axile Placenta Almost Killed Saudi Mother & Baby

    Crucial 3-hour operation to remove placenta and uterus  Riyadh:  A medical team at Al Darb General Hospital (southern Saudi Arabia) rescued a pregnant woman from severe bleeding that was almost fatal for her fetus.  Saudi Health stated that the woman arrived at the emergency department on Tuesday, 18th September, suffering from acute bleeding. On the spot, she was taken under the diagnosis process, ultrasound imaging, and MRI; all showed an axile placenta growing deeply into the uterus wall, causing the bleeding. The medical team decided to perform an immediate surgery to remove parts of the uterus, including the placenta, and parts of the bladder as the placenta grew into it. After three hours, the surgery ended successfully.  The woman is admitted into the recovery unit with her baby until they’re more

    Al Ketbi Inaugurates Mediclinic Creek Harbour Clinic

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 20 September 2023:  His Excellency Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi inaugurated Mediclinic’s new multispecialty clinic located in the heart of the vibrant and iconic Dubai Creek Harbour. The clinic known as ‘Mediclinic Creek Harbour’, is an advanced, modern clinic that provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services for both adults and children in a patient-centric environment. It is staffed by a team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals, all committed to delivering exceptional service to its patients.  Al Ketbi stated that the private healthcare sector in Dubai plays a vital role in developing the healthcare system, improving the level of medical services, and achieving strategic goals aimed at sustaining health and enhancing Dubai's healthcare more

    Saudi Triplets' Incredible Survival Story After Preterm Birth

    Three months of operations, incubators, and ICU stay ends happily.  Riyadh:  Specialized Saudi Pediatric teams rescued newborn triplets after an early birth in Madinah (western Saudi Arabia) in early June.  Saudi Health stated that the mother came to King Salman Medical City in labor and naturally delivered three babies, a girl, and two boys, in the 28th week of pregnancy. Each weighing 800 gm.  The medical teams immediately moved the infants to the newborn ICU and were put under life support. Two of the children left the incubators in good health after 45 days. While the last baby boy required heart surgery due to an inguinal hernia. He was discharged in mid-September, 100 days after being born. more

    Saudi Researchers Develop New Tech for Brain Tissue Imaging

    Produced images of sodium concentration in the human brain  Riyadh:  In collaboration with the National Neuroscience Institute, King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh developed a new technology to image brain tissue using Magnetic Resonance (MR). Saudi Health stated on September 14, 2023, that this new technology targets hydrogen atoms, as MR waves simulate hydrogen atoms’ frequency. This technology is state-of-the-art; it goes beyond medical applications to research applications due to its technical specifications. Further, it can be used to diagnose illnesses.  MR researchers produced the first image of diffused sodium inside brain tissue through this new technology. more

    RAK Hospital's DiaBeat Webinar Emphasizes the Power of Diet in Diabetes Management

    The Diabetes Diet is the Best Eating Plan for everyone; offers an array of health benefits including lowered risk of cardiovascular diseases and specific types of cancer Carbohydrate counting and the Plate Method are recommended for effective meal planning and maintaining a balanced diet. Shedding just 7-10% of your current weight can yield notable improvements in blood glucose control 19 September 2023; Ras Al Khaimah, UAE - In a recent DiaBeat webinar conducted by RAK Hospital, Ms. Ruba Elhourani, Senior Dietician, and Head of the Nutritional Department, took centre stage to educate participants about the pivotal role of diet in diabetes management. These enlightening sessions conducted every week by the hospital are a key component of the healthcare institution's comprehensive three-month Diabetes Challenge more

    KFSH&RC Achieves 98% in KLAS Global EHR Satisfaction Survey

    Riyadh, 18 September 2023 — King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC) proudly announces its exceptional achievement in the KLAS Global EHR Satisfaction Survey 2022. The renowned healthcare institution has secured a position in the 98th percentile of the survey, reaffirming its commitment to providing outstanding patient care through cutting-edge technology and exceptional electronic health record (EHR) system.  This survey ranking is particularly noteworthy as it encompasses 291 comparable hospitals across North America, Asia/Oceania, Europe, and the Middle East. The KLAS Global EHR Satisfaction Survey is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates the satisfaction levels of healthcare professionals worldwide through their respective EHR solutions. Osama Alswailem, MD, MA, Chief Information more

    WCM-Q Offers a Certificate Program in Lifestyle Medicine to Healthcare Professionals

    Doha – September 16, 2023: In an initiative designed to promote the application of lifestyle medicine in healthcare delivery amongst healthcare practitioners, Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) offered a certificate program developed by the college’s Institute for Population Health (IPH). The 60-hour Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine (CLM) provides healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge to use evidence-based therapeutic lifestyle medicine approaches to prevent and manage lifestyle-related chronic health conditions to reduce morbidity, and complications and suffering associated with the disease. The evidence-based practice adopts behavioral interventions through positive lifestyle habits such as regular physical activity, eating a balanced whole-food diet, adequate sleep, tobacco cessation, stress more

    New Regulation: 35% of all Private Practice Dentists have to be Saudi

    Six months to localize the sector powered by strong incentives  Riyadh:  Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, announced the decision to localize the dental profession in the private sector by 35% as of March 10, 2024. Saudi Health explained that it will work to implement this decision, which raises the level of local participation in the labor market, as it will supervise its implementation in accordance with labor market requirements and the dental profession. MOH also confirmed that private sector establishments will benefit from the incentives and support programs provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to help them employ Saudis, which include: supporting the recruitment process and searching for suitable workers, more

    Virtual Medicine Saves Fallen Worker in Saudi Arabia

    Online consultation treated 11 broken ribs and a bleeding spleen  Riyadh:  Doctors at the ER dept in Qilwah General Hospital (southern Saudi Arabia) saved a construction worker after falling from the 4th floor. Saudi Health reported that the rapid response team at Qilwah General Hospital examined the case on Tuesday 12th September which showed circulatory shock, abdominal internal bleeding, and 11 broken ribs.  Immediately, the team asked for virtual consultations from specialists through telehealth. A treatment plan was suggested and 8 blood units and IV fluids were provided.  Further inspections showed a ruptured spleen and severe abdominal bleeding which forced doctors to remove the spleen to stop the bleeding.  Afterward, the patient was moved to the ICU to receive further treatments until more

    Saudi Surgeon Stepped in to Stop Deadly Brain Bleeding

    Constant headache and severe vomiting sent patient to ER  Riyadh:  Neurologists at Taif (western Saudi Arabia) saved a patient from sudden bleeding in the cerebellum in a 3-hour surgery.  Saudi Health stated that Neurologists at King Faisal Medical Complex (KFMC) on Sunday, 10th September, saved a patient’s life after experiencing sudden bleeding in the cerebellum causing severe hydrocephalus that almost took his life.  The male patient came to the ER suffering chronic headaches, constant vomiting, and high blood pressure. Clinical examinations and x-rays showed severe bleeding in the right lobe of the cerebellum and hydrocephalus. Accordingly, surgery was decided to place a shunt in the ventricles and stop the bleeding completely.   The patient was moved to the ICU for follow-ups until more

    ADIA Lab Symposium on Climate Change and Health Sciences to be held 7-8 November

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 12 September 2023 – ADIA Lab, the independent Abu Dhabi-based institute dedicated to basic and applied research in data and computational sciences, will host the inaugural ADIA Lab Symposium at ADGM in Abu Dhabi on 7 and 8 November 2023. Members of ADIA Lab’s Advisory Board along with ADIA Lab Fellows and principal researchers will participate in the event, examining how data science, blockchain, high performance computing and AI can be utilised to address key challenges in climate change and health sciences, two of the lab’s focus research areas.   Professor Steven Chu, former US Secretary of Energy and winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics, and Professor Sandy Pentland, Toshiba Professor of Media, Arts and Sciences at MIT and director of MIT’s Media Lab, will more

    UAE Health Authorities Launch New Version of Al Hosn App

    • Comprehensive Child Vaccination Records, Now at Your Fingertips • Bridging Technological Innovation and Trust: Al Hosn App, Your Reliable Health Companion   Dubai 12 September 2023:  The UAE health authorities have launched an updated version of "Al Hosn" app, the national digital healthcare platform for vaccinations and more in the UAE. Now empowered with vital features to safeguard the health of younger generations, the upgrade aims to further the goals of the National Immunization Program, highlighting the UAE's ongoing efforts to enhance the healthcare system and shield the community from infectious diseases. The upgraded app includes comprehensive vaccination records for children from birth to 18 years. It will play a pivotal role in achieving a higher percentage of child vaccination more

    New Skull Base for a Saudi Male

    complicated microscopic operation lasted 5 hours  Riyadh:  ENT doctors in Jazan (southern Saudi Arabia) performed a 5-hour complicated operation to repair the skull base of a male patient.  Saudi Health said that on Monday 12th September, ENT specialists at King Fahad Central Hospital managed to repair the skull base, brain meninges, and ear tissues of a patient who suffered from severe corrosion from the vestibular and semicircular canals down to the cochlear. The medical team utilized a microscope and neuronavigational tool to repair the skull base through the ear opening, as well as repair inner ear bones.  Post-surgery, the patient was moved to the ICU for follow-up by the doctors and nursing team until fully recovered. more

    King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre Achieves Historic Breakthrough with Advanced Technology for Lung Cancer Treatment

    KSA, September 12, 2023 – The radiation oncology team at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) has achieved a significant milestone in the realm of healthcare. The team has successfully harnessed the cutting-edge 4D Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (4D PET/CT) simulation technology for the treatment planning of a lung cancer patient. This advanced procedure marks a historic first for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, representing a remarkable stride toward enhancing healthcare quality and tailoring precise treatments for patients. Dr. Amin bin Saleh Al-Omair, Head of the General Radiation Oncology Unit at KFSH&RC, further elaborated on the transformative impact of this technology. He emphasized how it significantly enhances precision in identifying the tumor's exact location, more

    RAK Hospital Webinar Unlocks the Power of Exercise in Diabetes Management

    Exercise is akin to medicine in the treatment of diabetes. 30 minutes of exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes by 40% Safety precautions and Exercise protocols for Diabetics were explained during the session Session advised on being vigilant about the warning signs such as extreme fatigue, pain, dizziness, palpitations, fever, chest pain, or irregular heartbeat when performing exercises. Wearing a diabetes identification bracelet is encouraged to ensure prompt medical attention in case of emergencies. 12 September 2023; Ras Al Khaimah, UAE— Exercise is now recognized as a cornerstone in the prevention, treatment, and reduction of diabetes complications. In a recent DiaBeat webinar hosted by RAK Hospital as part of its three-month Diabetes Challenge, participants gained valuable insights into the pivotal role of more

    Medivac to Save a Saudi Girl from Gastric Sleeve Complications

    Urgent endoscopy brought her back to life Riyadh: Obesity and Bariatric Surgeons at King Saud Medical City (KSMC) rescued a girl in her 20s from gastric sleeve complications on Thursday, 7th September. Saudi Health said that upon arrival, the patient underwent clinical examinations that showed ascites and leakage within the abdomen. Surgeons decided to make a quick intervention with endoscopy. Three holes (1 cm each) were opened in the abdomen to cut adhesions, drain the abscess, put tubes to drain extra fluid and place a stent orally. The patient was moved to the ICU for follow-up until full recovery and discharge. more

    Saudi Infant Returns to Life after Three Months in Intensive Care

    85-days in a nursery saved him from respiratory failure and quadrupled his weight  Riyadh:  Specialized health care extended for 85 days contributed to the safe discharge of a premature baby healthy and without any complications. Saudi Health said on Sunday, September 10, that physicians at Yanbu General Hospital (western Saudi Arabia) successfully dealt with a high-risk case of premature childbirth. The mother arrived at the hospital emergency suffering from a lack of fetal fluid with several infections and a medical history of repeated miscarriages. As a result of her health condition, induced labor was performed, delivering a baby boy weighing only 550 grams at the age of 23 weeks. The infant was immediately transferred to the newborn intensive care unit, where he was found to have respiratory failure due to incomplete more

    The Frontline Heroes Office Praises the Efforts of First Aid Specialists on World First Aid Day

    Emirati nurse Wadha Musabbeh Al Shamsi says her job consists of many sensitive responsibilities that require quick decision-making when treating patients. Abu Dhabi, 9th September 2023:  To mark the occasion of World First Aid Day, the Frontline Heroes Office praised the efforts of paramedics, doctors, and nurses, and their contribution to helping treat and save the lives of people. First aid is considered one of the most important medical fields, especially within the frontline heroes sector, where the response time is crucial with the professionals responsible for providing immediate, lifesaving care to an ill or injured person. The prominent role of paramedics became evident through their swift efforts in the "Gallant Knight 2" operation, as they were ready to provide aid to the injured and wounded. Emirati more

    Saudi Mother Brought Back to Life While Delivering her Baby

    experienced death for 3 min and brought back by electric shocks  Riyadh:  A medical team in Najran (southern Saudi Arabia) was able, on Wednesday, 6th Septembe, to perform an urgent surgical procedure to save the life of a nine-month-old pregnant patient whose heart stopped for a period of 3 minutes during a c-section. Saudi Health confirmed that the cardiac anesthesia team at Prince Sultan Cardia Center in the Maternity Hospital admitted a patient suffering from cardiomyopathy.  Clinical Examination showed a high heartbeat rate which caused her heart to stop for 3 minutes. The team immediately starts an ECT to save her life at the very last minute. When her condition stabilized, she was taken to the operation room for a c-section, thereof she delivered her baby in a healthy condition. more

    Saudi Health Moves Patients Amid Arabian Dunes

    New medical transportation hub on the edge of the Empty Quarter  Riyadh:  Saudi Health launched 3rd September, the new Medical Transportation Center at Yabreen, located on the edge of the Empty Quarter desert.  The center operated under Al Ahsa Medical Cluster (eastern Saudi Arabia), aims to provide emergency transport for patients at the Yabreen Oasis and surrounding areas. Moreover, the center will run ambulances responding to accidents on the highway crossing the desert. The center is one of 6 similar centers operating in the region, supported by special vehicles equipped with the latest portable medical equipment, Saudi Health added. more

    Staggering Insights Emerge as RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023 Attracts Thousands

    85% of participants exhibited HbA1c levels above 5.7 45% fell into the obese category and 55% overweight  Ras Al Khaimah, UAE – September 6, 2023 - The RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023 (RAKDC23) has completed its registration phase with an astounding participation of almost 5,000 individuals, firmly cementing its position as the nation's foremost diabetes awareness initiative. RAKDC23, a transformative community health initiative, has unearthed staggering insights as participants enrolled for the competition. Comprehensive health assessments, including BMI, HbA1C levels, and health & lifestyle scores, have revealed compelling statistics underscoring the critical importance of diabetes awareness and management. The event recorded an extraordinary HbA1c level of 14.27, emphatically emphasizing the urgent need for more

    Quick Intervention Saves Saudi Lady from Fatal Heart Leak

    Two-hour surgery stops leak in prosthetic heart valve  Riyadh:  Cardiac surgeons at Al Ahsa (eastern Saudi Arabia) managed to stop leakage in the mitral valve of a Saudi lady.  Saudi Health reported that a medical team at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center on 31st August successfully treated the case using catheterization to close the valve.  After completing clinical, laboratory, and X-ray examinations, symptoms of valve leakage were found and catheterization was considered to close the leakage in a prosthetic heart valve, which had been installed in the patient since childhood.  After surgery, the patient was moved to the inpatient department pending recovery. more

    Saudi German Health Launches ‘Moneyback Guarantee Policy' at All Facilities in KSA to Elevate Customer Satisfaction

    06 September 2023- Saudi German Health (SGH), a leading healthcare group in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, launched a new ‘Moneyback Guarantee Policy’This new initiative underscores SGH’s unwavering commitment to prioritize customer satisfaction and exemplifies its ethos of “Caring Like Family” The “Moneyback Guarantee Policy” is designed to empower SGH customers by offering cashback for any unsatisfactory services received. By implementing this program, SGH aims to elevate the quality of its services, foster a productive environment characterized by peak performance, and cultivate trust among patients through transparent operations. Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, President and Vice Chairman of Saudi German Health, said: “ ‘The Moneyback Guarantee’ initiative more

    Ear Surgery to Save Saudi Boy from Bullies

    ENT doctors performed 1-day cosmetic surgery for a 6-year-old boy  Riyadh:  ENT Surgeons at the Maternity and Children Hospital in Mecca (western Saudi Arabia) successfully managed to reconstruct a child’s ear after suffering from acute prominence and brittle cartilage. Saudi Health reported that the medical team decided on 28th August to perform cosmetic ear surgery on a 6-year-old boy to reshape his ear cartilage. Prominent ears are considered genetic birth defects due to tissue overgrowth, which can cause abnormal temporal bone prominence.   This condition might bring bullying along the way, which could lead to mental health problems and a shattering of self-confidence among children.  Ears reshaping operation is considered a short-stay surgery with success rates up to 80-85%. more

    ACWA Power Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreements with Six Italian Partners in Green Hydrogen, Water Desalination and R&D

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 4 September 2023: Saudi-listed ACWA Power, the world’s largest private water desalination company, leader in energy transition and first mover into green hydrogen, has signed strategic agreements with six Italian partners at the Saudi-Italian Investment Forum in Milan on the 4th of September to bolster cooperation in the fields of green hydrogen, water desalination, and research and development. The six Italian entities include the small, medium and large enterprises federation Confindustria, major energy firm Eni, utility and waste management firm A2A, industrial solutions provider Industrie De Nora, specialty additives manufacturer Italmatch Chemicals and classification and engineering solutions provider RINA.  Commenting on the developments, Marco Arcelli, CEO of ACWA Power, said: “We more

    Dubai Hosts the “HYROX DXB International Fitness Championship”, for the First Time in the Middle East

    The Emirate of Dubai hosted the HYROX DXB International Fitness Championship, for the first time in the Middle East & Africa, with participation of more than 3000 athletes; 15% of them arrived in the Emirate from other countries to join this event.   The Hyrox Championship, the biggest indoor fitness race, took place at Dubai World Trade Center, and it was organized in collaboration with Dubai Sports Council (DSC).    Participants in the Championship competed in several categories; as follows: men’s professionals & women’s professionals / men’s doubles / women’s doubles / mixed doubles / men’s singles / women’s singles / athletes of determination category. The event was held with participation of several community teams & governmental departments; top of which were Dubai more

    Catheter Saved Saudi man from Abdominal Artery Rupture

    A 7cm ballooning aorta could have been fatal  Riyadh:  Surgeons in Al-Qasim (Central Saudi Arabia) saved the life of a man who suffered from an abnormal bulge in the aorta during a 3-hour surgery.  Saudi Health stated that a team of vascular surgeons at King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Buraydah admitted on Thursday 31st August a man suffering from a severe pain in the abdominal and back areas. The results of medical tests showed a 7cm long ballooning in the aorta causing acute pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis.  Such a case has a high percentage of risk as the aorta is a main artery; it could be fatal in case of rupture.  The team decided to perform urgent surgery in which they used a catheter without any side effects. Post-surgery, the patient remains under observation at the ICU. more

    Clinical Trials and Development of New Drugs Hold Promise for Leukemia Patients of All Ages, Says Cleveland Clinic Expert Ahead of World Leukemia Day

    Clinicians and researchers hope to improve care for more patients by building on success in treating children and extending new beneficial therapies to different leukemia subtypes     31 August 2023, CLEVELAND:  Leukemia treatment outcomes have improved significantly over the past decade, particularly in the case of acute lymphocyte leukemia, and especially in the pediatric population. Now, researchers and doctors are hoping to expand the treatment success rate across all age groups and all leukemia subtypes, says an expert from global health system Cleveland Clinic ahead of World Leukemia Day on September 4.   Leukemia is a group of cancers characterized by rapid, uncontrolled growth of abnormal blood cells called leukemia cells. It can occur in both children and adults and according to the World Cancer Research more

    Falling on Artificial Hip Joint Fractures Saudi Lady Pelvis

    8-Hrs surgery to repair broken hip and damaged arteries  Riyadh:  Orthopedic surgeons in Hail (northern Saudi Arabia) succeeded -early August- in repairing a fractured pelvic bone of a female patient.  Saudi Health stated that Specialists in King Salman Hospital were able to perform a complicated 8-hour operation on the patient who suffered from multiple fractures, after falling on an artificial hip joint.  Checkups and tests showed a dislocation in the artificial joint which caused fractures in the pelvic bone due to falling. This procedure is considered complex due to the proximity between the artificial joint and major arteries of the lower limbs, the team added.  Post surgery, the patient was taken to the ICU for observation. She received physical rehab training, which helped her walk and fully more

    Saudi Teenager Receives state-of the-art Pacemaker

    New tech took 1.5 hrs. to implant in 14-year-old girl  Riyadh:  Prince Sultan Cardiac Center (PSCC) in Al-Qassim province (central Saudi Arabia) successfully implanted a state-of-the-art pacemaker that stimulates heart connectors.  The Electrocardiogram dept. in the center succeeded on Wednesday, 23rd  August, in surgically implanting a pacemaker for a 14-year-old girl. who was suffering from slow heartbeats that affected her daily life.     Saudi Health revealed that a specialized team of surgeons planted the pacemaker during an hour-and-a-half surgery, which ended successfully.  Post-surgery, the girl was under observation to follow up on the symptoms which gradually disappeared. She left the hospital with a new life.  This new technology improves old techniques which were more

    54% of Middle East Respondents Express Concerns About Meeting Medical Needs, Reveals Cigna Healthcare Survey

    • Survey reveals pressing need for employee support amid economic challenges  • 5% Pledge aims to tackle employee concerns and achieve overall individual and business well-being.    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 30 August 2023: Global economic shifts driven by pandemics, food shortages, and inflation have led to unprecedented uncertainty for businesses and their employees. To gain a better understanding of the challenges confronting employers within this new landscape, Cigna Healthcare, the leading global health services company, conducted a comprehensive survey involving nearly 9,000 individuals worldwide, including 1,100 participants each from the UAE and KSA. The survey aimed to uncover their concerns, assess their current health status, and gain insights into the support needed to promote healthier more

    Endoscopic Surgery to Remove Defect from a Saudi Newborn Girl

    Rare birth defects required a 5-hour Surgery  Riyadh:  A team of local pediatricians in Najran (southern Saudi Arabia) performed surgery to save a newborn from a congenital head defect.  Saudi Health stated that a medical team at the Maternity and Children Hospital dealt on Monday, 28th August with a lump on the back-side skull of a newborn girl.   Clinical tests and x-rays diagnosed the case as Encephalocele; a protrusion that appears on the back of the head when the neural tube fails to close during the 4th week of pregnancy.  The team decided to perform urgent surgery which lasted 5 hours. Surgeons start by making an incision in the protruding part to reposition the sensitive tissues back inside the brain, remove the lump, and repair the meninges. more

    Saudi ENT Doctor Helps a Child to See Again

    Nasal Endoscopy Clears a 10-year-old Eye Infection  Riyadh :  ENT doctors at King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Buraydah (central Saudi Arabia) put an end to a ten-year-old girl’s pain in her eyes which lasted for months.  Saudi Health indicated that the patient came to the hospital on Sunday 27th August suffering from swelling and in her left eye. Also, she had uncontrollable tears and blocked airflow in her left nostril.  Medical checkups exposed a grade 4 adenoid on the left side of the nose. CT scans also showed fungal infections in the paranasal sinus, laceration of the bone between the nose and the left eye, infections around the left eye, and changes in the base of her skull bones.  Quickly, the medical team performed an endoscopy to clean the paranasal sinus. The patient then underwent a vision more

    Ministry of Health and Prevention launches Back-to-School Health Awareness Campaign

    • Community Events: Six health-focused events in shopping malls across the UAE • Virtual Engagements: Lectures tailored for parents at workplaces and educational institutions • Interactive Learning: Introducing the '5210' Interactive Activity Corner for Children • Campaign Duration: Scheduled from August 17 to 31. • Healthy Eating: Guidelines on Preparing Nutritious School Lunch Bags   Dubai August 27th, 2023:  The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched a back-to-school health awareness campaign from August 17 to 31 to equip parents and students with insights into the significance of adopting healthy lifestyles as they return to school, emphasizing the benefits of physical activity, a balanced diet, regulated sleep patterns, and controlled electronic screen more

    Saudi Health Prepares Medical Staff for Age-friendly Hospitals

    150 Trainees Enrolled in a Program to Help Achieve Coveted Geriatric Accreditation  Riyadh: Saudi Health, in cooperation with Health Holding Company, organized -in early August- a joint program, to train non-geriatric health personnel in dealing with elderly patients. The program, which was jointly run between the Training and the Home Healthcare Departments within the ministry of Health, included lectures and workshops by geriatrics consultants.  Saudi Health indicated that the main goal behind this training was enabling medical staff to achieve age-friendly hospital certification. Which entails training healthcare providers and providing geriatric-related equipment to facilitate services and achieve the highest patient and companion satisfaction. more

    Saudi Surgeon Rebuilds Worker's Face After a Falling Accident

    4-hour operation to cosmetically restructure facial bones  Riyadh:  Saudi maxillofacial surgeons in Jeddah (western Saudi Arabia) successfully restructured a construction worker's face after accidently falling from a 4m high wall. The young builder suffered from several fractures, the most severe was in the cheekbone. Saudi health revealed that the worker arrived at the ER with serious injuries. He received first aid and x-ray's that showed several fractures in the facial bone structure.  Due to the serious state of the case, a fully staffed medical team was formed to follow up the case and perform extra checkups before operating.  During the 4-hour procedure, surgeons restructured the worker's face, restored broken facial bones, and patched wounds cosmetically. Later, the patient was taken to more

    Saudi Surgeons Save Down Syndrome Child

    3-hour surgery to correct a congenital heart defect  Riyadh:  Surgeons in Al Ahsa (eastern Saudi Arabia) performed an urgent surgery on a 1-year-old child suffering from congenital heart defects.  Saudi Health stated that specialists at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center succeeded in correcting a birth defect during a 3-hour surgery on Monday 14th August for a child with Down syndrome.  The medical team discovered that the child had a minor cavity in the wall between the heart’s chambers, causing high blood pressure in the arteries, and complications in the aorta branches.  The team decided to perform an urgent diagnostic cardiac catheterization. After the surgery, the child was transformed into the ICU and is recovering. more

    PureHealth Celebrates SEHA's Achievement of Over 500 Successful Kidney Transplants

    The achievement marked a major milestone in the number of kidney transplants carried out by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA)’s Kidney Transplant Program    Abu Dhabi: 23 August 2023 – PureHealth, the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East, has celebrated a remarkable achievement with the completion of more than 500 successful kidney transplants. This significant milestone was reached under the Kidney Transplant Program, a partnership between Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) and SEHA Kidney Care (SKC), both assets of PureHealth. The accomplishment exemplifies PureHealth’s unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes and elevating both quality of life and health spans. To commemorate this huge success, a special event was organised, attended by Shaista Asif, Co-Founder and more

    Other Top Stories from Healthcare and Medicine
    Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi: the World Health Organization Has Answered the Ms Community's Call to Make Ms Treatment Accessible for All

    • The World Health Organization recently added three disease-modifying therapies for Multiple Sclerosis to its Essential Medicines List.  • UAE-based National Multiple Sclerosis Society supported the London-based Multiple Sclerosis International Federation’s application with a statement of support from HE Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi. • WHO approval for MS medicine to be added to its Essential Medicines List will result in increased availability and disbursement of therapies across the globe.   Abu Dhabi, UAE, 22 August 2023: Her Excellency Dr. Fatima Al more

    RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023 Receives an Overwhelming Response, Enrolling Over 4000 Participants in Just 2 Days

    Walk in Registrations from 18th-20th August at RAK Hospital 17 August 2023; Ras Al Khaimah, UAE: The eagerly anticipated RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023, now in its second edition, has swiftly garnered momentum as a nationwide endeavor designed to empower the community in managing diabetes biomarkers, particularly HbA1c levels and BMI. Remarkably, the challenge has already welcomed over 4000 participants in a mere span of 48 hours. Commencing on 14th August, the online and virtual registration portals have been set in motion, while physical registrations will take place at the RAK Hospital more

    Cigna Healthcare Launches ‘Let's Talk About…?' to Promote Open Discussion and Encourage Preventative Treatments

    • New online series authored by Cigna Healthcare clinical team and experts to openly address health issues to help people get diagnoses earlier and redefine healthcare conversations.    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 16 August 2023: Cigna Healthcare, the leading global healthcare services company, has launched an initiative to get people talking more openly about diseases and treatment, with the aim of boosting early diagnosis and promoting healthier lifestyle choices.   A new monthly online thought-leadership series, ‘Let’s Talk more

    Government Experience Exchange Office Meets Patients at the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation in Washington

    Dubai, UAE: 15 August 2023 - A delegation from the Government Experience Exchange Office visited the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation in Washington to understand how the UAE-funded institute is making paediatric surgery more precise, less invasive and pain-free.  The UAE delegation visited children between 5-17 years old who were receiving medical treatment at the center.  They also toured the Children's National Hospital, speaking to administrative, research and medical staff about the institute’s achievements.  Michelle Riley-Brown, more

    RAK Hospital Launches RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023: A 3-Month Health Transformation Journey with AED 20,000 in Cash Prizes

    The 12-week challenge invites participants from across the UAE to register and make a positive change in diabetes management   Ras Al Khaimah, UAE; 10th August 2023: Following the resounding success of last year's RAK Diabetes Challenge, which demonstrated the potential of lifestyle modifications in remitting diabetes; RAK Hospital is delighted to introduce the highly anticipated RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023. Through this transformative 3-month-long community initiative launched in collaboration with MOHAP- RAK (Ministry of Health and Prevention- Ras Al Khaimah), RAK Hospital aims more

    Burjeel Holdings' H1 2023 Net Profit up 47%; Confirms Debut Interim Dividend of AED 95 Million

    • Revenue of AED 2.2 billion, up 13.9% y-o-y, driven by higher inpatient footfall coupled with expansion in patient yield; Q2 revenue growth accelerated to 16.3% y-o-y delivering AED 1.1 billion. • EBITDA of AED 467 million, up 12.7% y-o-y;  Q2 EBITDA up 12.0% y-o-y to AED 225 million. • Net Profit of AED 225 million up 47.0% y-o-y, attributable to robust topline growth and significantly lower finance costs; Q2 net profit up 51.4% y-o-y to AED 103 million.  • Outpatient footfall and inpatient footfall increased by 11.1% and 20.2%, respectively, primarily more

    Hikma Delivers Strong H1 Preformance and Raises Generics Guidance

    Growth in all three businesses and across all geographies   Middle East, 3 August 2023 – Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC and its subsidiaries (‘Hikma’ or ‘Group’), the multinational pharmaceutical company, report its interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2023.    During the first half of 2023, core group revenue grew 18% to $1.427 billion (compared to H1 2022: $1.213 billion), driven by a strong performance in all three businesses. Core operating profit was up 35% to $401 million, reflecting the H1 weighting of Branded and Generics more

    Community Members Can Now Participate in the DHA's "Health and Happiness" Competition

    The competition reflects the authority's commitment and efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle for community members. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 2, 2023: Today, the Dubai Health Authority announced that community members can now register in the "Health and Happiness" competition, which the DHA launched recently. The aim of this competition is to promote and develop community awareness about the importance of adopting healthy patterns to prevent various lifestyle diseases and to encourage exercise, with an ultimate goal of creating a healthier and happier more

    Early Diagnosis and Significant Advances in Treatment Could Reduce High Lung Cancer Death Rate, Says Cleveland Clinic Expert

    Ahead of World Lung Cancer Day on August 1, medical oncologist from global health system discusses how breakthroughs are changing the face of lung cancer treatment     Monday, July 31, 2023, Cleveland: With early screening and ongoing advances in treatment options, there is no reason for lung cancer to maintain its reputation as one of the deadliest cancers, according to an expert from global health system Cleveland Clinic, speaking ahead of World Lung Cancer Day [August 1].  “This is a very exciting time in the field of lung cancer treatment, says Khaled Hassan, MD more

    Combatting Heat Stroke and Dehydration, RAK Hospital Doctor Provides Vital Health Tips for a Safe Summer

    First Aid protocols specified for immediate management of Heat Stroke Consuming less than 3 liters of water per day can cause dehydration during heat exposure Rapidly transitioning from colder to warmer climates can disrupt the body's heat regulation and potentially lead to Heat Stroke Internal factors like obesity, renal disease, and hypertension increase the risk.   24 July 2023; Ras Al Khaimah, UAE: As the sweltering heat of summer takes its toll, it is essential to be vigilant and proactive about preventing heat-related illnesses. In particular, the two most concerning more

    How Well Do You Know Your Allergies?

    How Well Do You Know Your Allergies? by Dr. Khalid Shukri, Physician in Functional Medicine & Anti-Aging Medicine at Wellth 20th July 2023: A 4-month-old baby boy with a history of eczema was rushed to the emergency room of the hospital after ingesting a seemingly harmless food: a banana. What was expected to be a delightful introduction to solid foods turned into a terrifying ordeal as the baby experienced an immediate and severe allergic reaction.  Vomiting, hives, and cyanosis quickly set in, causing panic among his caregivers. Fortunately, the medical team swiftly more

    Wellbeing: Self-Care and Its Global Impact

    Wellbeing is key to a healthy, fulfilling, and balanced life. Unfortunately, the stresses and demands of our busy, fast-paced, modern lifestyles can often distract from self-care. But research shows that a lack of well-being can indicate declining health for an entire community. That is why leading lifestyle and wellness companies, such as QNET, support wellbeing by bringing attention to the importance of self-care and its global impact.    What Is Wellbeing? Good health is much more than just the absence of illness. It encompasses all aspects of an individual's life, more

    Life Pharmacy's “1 Million Worth Gifts” Campaign Awards Winners Daily and Ignites Excitement

    Dubai: July 11, 2023 – Life Pharmacy, the largest pharmacy network in the UAE, is sparking immense excitement with its highly anticipated "1 Million Worth of Gifts" campaign. This extraordinary initiative highlights Life Pharmacy's unwavering dedication to excellence while rewarding its loyal customers with the chance to win luxury prizes, including the latest iPhone 14 Pro and Apple Watch 8.  Since the launch of the campaign, the pharmacy chain has seen a remarkable surge in customer participation. Forty winners have been crowned so far, and many more are more

    Dubai Sports Council Approved the System of Fitness Centers Classification based on the Number of Stars

    - The classification system includes 17 criterion measures and 82 sub-indicators   Dubai Sports Council approved the criteria and indicators of the fitness center classification system, the first of its kind, which was completed by the Dubai Sports Council in cooperation with international experts in fitness, according to the best international practices in the field of fitness centers and sports medicine, which aim to enhancing professionalism in the fitness industry and raising the quality of services in fitness centers in Dubai.   The classification criteria and special more

    Obesity in Children and Pregnant Women are Key Healthcare Challenges to Address among Residents, say Experts

    Dubai – July 04, 2023: Lifestyle patterns, social preferences and dietary factors have led to a significant rise in the prevalence of obesity among residents, especially in children, say experts. Speaking at a Continuing Medical Education (CME) conference conducted by Life Healthcare Group in Dubai recently, they expressed concerns regarding childhood obesity and its far-reaching effects. Presenting a paper at the conference, Dr. Nasreen Chidhara Pari, Specialist Paediatrics at Life Medical Centre, said, "Childhood obesity has a profound impact on both physical and more

    Yoga for Humanity: Anis Sajan Hosts Spectacular Mass Yoga Event at Danube Sports World

    Dubai, June 23, 2023:  In a remarkable evening dedicated to wellness, Danube Sports World, led by Mr. Anis Sajan, Vice Chairman of Danube Group, hosted an unforgettable event to celebrate International Yoga Day. With a strong commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Mr. Sajan organized this transformative gathering, highlighting the significance of embracing wellness and attaining balance in daily lives. The prestigious Danube Sports World, located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, provided an ideal setting for over 400 attendees to immerse themselves in the power of yoga. Mr. more

    The Breakfast Yoga Club

    Ultra Brasserie has teamed up with Karma Yoga to bring you a unique and refreshing experience! For just AED 89 per person, enjoy an invigorating one-hour yoga class followed by an unlimited breakfast and beverages every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12pm.  With a certified instructor leading the class, you'll be guided through a series of poses that will leave you energized and relaxed. Indulge in a hearty breakfast spread after the class.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to nourish your body and soul. We can't wait to see you there! For booking please more

    Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority Inaugurates a New Hospital for NMC Healthcare Group

    The 51-bed capacity hospital extends over an area of 125,000 square feet  Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 23rd June 2023: His Excellency Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, inaugurated today a new hospital for the NMC Healthcare Group at Dubai Investments Park (DIP), Dubai.  The new 51-bed NMC Specialty Hospital, which spans an area of 125,000 square feet, is an extension of the NMC Royal Hospital, which was commissioned in 2014 with a capacity of 67 beds. The opening ceremony was attended by Omar Al Mesmar, the General Manager of the Dubai more

    Free Screening for Kidney and Gallbladder Stones at RAK Medical Center Al Hamra

    Individuals with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are more prone to developing stones Symptoms can be confusing thus crucial to seek a doctor’s opinion to prevent complications   21 June 2023; Ras Al Khaimah, UAE: Kidney and gallbladder stones are common; around 1 in 10 people during their lifetime can be affected by it. To raise awareness about the issue, RAK Medical Center Al Hamra in Ras Al Khaimah is taking a proactive step towards raising awareness by offering complimentary screenings for these common conditions. This community initiative aims to empower individuals with more

    Successful Beating Heart Surgery at RAK Hospital: A Breakthrough Approach for High-Risk Patients

    Complex procedure performed on a 65-year-old male with long-term diabetes and severe kidney and heart damage The patient suffered a heart attack without presenting typical symptoms 20 June 2023; Ras Al Khaimah, UAE: RAK Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah achieved a significant medical breakthrough by successfully performing a coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) on a high-risk patient without the use of a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. The innovative approach, conducted while the patient's heart was still beating, proved to be a game-changer for individuals with complex medical more

    Neuropathy Awareness Week 2023: Tips for Living a Full, Active Life with Neuropathy

    Neuropathy is a complex condition with various causes, including genetics and diabetes. With over a hundred distinct inherited neuropathies, it can be challenging to identify the underlying cause, making education and awareness crucial. Thankfully, medical advances and treatment options continue to improve the quality of life for patients worldwide.   Neurotropic B vitamins, such as B1, B6, and B12, are crucial for nerve health and regeneration. B1 (thiamine) helps create energy for nerves, B6 aids in transmitting signals in the nervous system, and B12 supports nerve regeneration more

    Dubai Health Authority Launches "Early Detection of Hepatitis C" Campaign

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 17, 2023: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced the launch of a three-year Hepatitis C awareness campaign to raise awareness of the importance of early detection and prevention of hepatitis C. This campaign is part of the “EKSHEF” screening initiative  for early detection of some communicable and non-communicable diseases The "Early Detection of Hepatitis C" campaign is a major campaign that contributes to achieving the strategic goal of the Emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to eliminate hepatitis C by more

    Dubai Health Authority issues standards for physiotherapy services in the Emirate

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 9, 2023:  The Dubai Health Authority(DHA) announced that it has issued the standards for physiotherapy services in the Emirate. The announcement took place during the World Physiotherapy Conference, which recently took place in Dubai.  Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector at the DHA said that the issuance of standards for physiotherapy services is in line with DHA’s strategic vision of  ensuring continuous improvement in the delivery of health services provided by the sector. He thanked Emirates Medical more

    RAK Hospital Launches Post-COVID Clinic to Support Long COVID Patients in the Community

    100 Free CT scans and complimentary consultation with Specialist Pulmonologist offered as part of the program  June 8, 2023; Ras Al Khaimah, UAE: Since the very beginning of the pandemic, RAK Hospital has remained at the forefront of ensuring community well-being; taking numerous initiatives to ensure the health and safety of the population.  Continuing its commitment towards the people of Ras Al Khaimah, in yet another innovative initiative country’s leading healthcare institution launches a Post-Covid Clinic, specifically designed to address the needs of individuals more

    Dubai Health Authority launches an initiative to Enhance Legal Awareness of Healthcare Professionals in the Emirate

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 8, 2023: The Dubai Health Authority( DHA) recently launched a unique initiative aimed at raising and enhancing legal awareness among health professionals working across private health facilities in the emirate. The initiative - which includes a series of awareness roadshows-started at Fakeeh University Hospital and will continue until the end of this year. The aim of the initiative is to help healthcare professionals comply with the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern healthcare practice in Dubai and the UAE.  This is the first phase of the more

    Dubai Health Authority Launches Organ Donation Awareness Campaign

    • Campaign aims to support the National Programme for Organ Donation and Transplantation in the UAE and encourage public registration.    • In line with World Transplant Day, campaign also aims to encourage community members to adopt a healthy lifestyle and regularly undergo health screenings.      Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 7, 2023: On the occasion of World Transplant Day, which is observed every year on June 6, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) launched an Organ Donation awareness campaign at its headquarters in Al more

    P&G Health Collaborates with 37 Saudi Hospitals and Pharmacies to Raise Awareness of Peripheral Neuropathy

    Efforts emphasize the crucial role of early diagnosis during Neuropathy Awareness Week 2023 June 7, 2023: P&G Health, the healthcare division of Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) makers of Neurobion, has collaborated with 37 hospitals and pharmacies across Saudi Arabia to raise awareness of Peripheral Neuropathy as part of its 'Put Life Back in Your Hands' campaign commemorating Neuropathy Awareness Week 2023.  Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a chronic clinical condition, wherein the peripheral nervous system is damaged. 1 in 10 people1 and 1 in 2 diabetics2 suffer from more

    As Early Treatment of Brain Tumors Can Improve Outcomes, Individuals Should Flag Any Unusual Neurological Symptoms to Their Doctor, Says Cleveland Clinic Expert

    Ahead of World Brain Tumor Day [June 8], neuro-oncologist from global health system says benign and cancerous tumors can have the same symptoms, although cancerous tumors are rare      June 6, 2023, CLEVELAND: Ahead of World Brain Tumor Day, an expert from global health system Cleveland Clinic is urging individuals not to ignore prolonged or unexplained neurological symptoms as these could be caused by a benign or, much more rarely, cancerous brain tumor, in which case early diagnosis and treatment could significantly improve outcomes. “The vast majority of brain more

    Dubai Health Authority discusses Dubai Digital Health Strategy with Healthcare Stakeholders

    • More than 100 stakeholders including private and public hospitals, diagnostic and health technology firms participate in the workshop to discuss the strategy.   • Strategy aims to deliver patient-centric and data-driven healthcare services, regulation  and integration through digital innovation.   • Workshop held for stakeholders to provide feedback and contribute to the finalization of this pioneering strategy for the Emirate of Dubai.   • Aim is to create a comprehensive Dubai Digital Health Strategy with inputs and contribution of more

    3 Kilogram Fibroid Masses, removed from 50-year-old Expat Woman

    • Medcare Women & Children Hospital’s doctors remove 3ks fibroid masses with the largest being 20 x 20 cm   • This medical case required highly unusual combination of minimally invasive surgical methods, laparoscopy and mini-laparotomy due to the variation of fibroids.   Dubai – May 30, 2023: A group of experts in Medcare Women & Children Hospital extracted three kilograms of large fibroids from the uterus and liver of an Indian woman through an unusual combination of surgical procedures, giving back her quality of life. Ms. Jayanthy, aged more

    Minimally-invasive Surgery at Dubai Hospital Relieves Severe back Pain in Emirati Patient

    • A 67-year-old Emirati man, suffering from intense backpain, was cured in a day following one minimally-invasive surgery at Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital • The recently introduced OLIF technique is revolutionizing spinal surgery by allowing surgeons to operate on the lower spine without cutting into bones or breaking the spine   Dubai – May 23, 2023: A groundbreaking surgical procedure at Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital in Dubai has successfully alleviated intense back pain in a 67-year-old Emirati man named Abdalla Mohamed Mahmoud Sulaiman more

    RAK Hospital Raises Awareness on Colorectal Cancer: Free Consultations with Expert Gastroenterologist Offered

    Colon Cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in the UAE. Everyone over 45 should undergo routine screening. Ras Al Khaimah, UAE - May 23, 2023: RAK Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah is taking proactive steps to raise awareness about the dangers of developing colon cancer and the importance of screening. As part of their initiative, the hospital is offering free consultations with renowned Gastroenterologist Dr. Sayed Naveed Azam every Thursday from 3-5 pm until the end of this month. Colon cancer ranks as the 3rd most common cancer in the UAE and is the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related more

    1 in 101 People and 1 in 2 Diabetics2 Suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy while 80% of Patients remain Undiagnosed3

    Leading Global Health Experts converge at P&G’s ‘Demystifying Neuropathy Forum’ to address the growing Public Health Concern of Peripheral Neuropathy   UAE, 19th MAY 2023 – As part of Neuropathy Awareness Week 2023, P&G Health, brought together globally renowned health experts with 6000 Healthcare Professionals from across Asia, India, Middle East, and Africa at the ‘Demystifying Neuropathy Forum’. Hosted out of Mumbai and simulcast to 8 countries, the signature event saw deliberations on the latest clinical guidance and research findings more

    Al Samha Healthcare Center Welcomes Patients on Sundays

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, May 17, 2023: Ambulatory Healthcare Services, a SEHA Healthcare Facility, a subsidiary of PureHealth – the UAE’s largest integrated healthcare platform, has announced that Al Samha Healthcare Center in Abu Dhabi has started welcoming patients on Sundays starting May 7, 2023.   Commenting on the announcement, Dr. Khulood Al Dhaleei, Chief Operating Officer at AHS, said “We are pleased to welcome Al Samha community to Al Samha Healthcare Center on Sundays. This expansion is in line with the community’s growth and in accordance more

    MoHAP Launches National Campaign for Early Detection of Hypertension

    • Running from May to June, campaign to test 50,000 individuals. • MoHAP aiming to reduce hypertension rate by 30% by 2030.   Dubai May 16th, 2023:  The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched the National Campaign for Early Detection of Hypertension in collaboration with the International Society of Hypertension and campaign sponsors. This year, the campaign is set to test 50,000 adults at various locations across the country during May and June, working alongside government and private health institutions, universities, Life Pharmacies, the more

    UAE's Bayanat and M42 Lead First of a kind Water Testing and Sailor Health Scientific Study from Golden Globe Race 2022

    Abu Dhabi, UAE. 12th May, 2023 – M42, a first-of-its-kind, tech-enabled, integrated healthcare powerhouse created through the coming together of G42 Healthcare and Mubadala Health is currently undergoing a pioneering study on human and ocean health. The study is being conducted on blood and ocean water samples retrieved post the expedition of the recently concluded 2022 Golden Globe Race, where Commander Abhilash Tomy (Retired), former Indian Navy Officer scripted maritime history with a podium finish after a gruelling 236 days at sea in which he circumnavigated the more

    Dubai Health Authority Completes Vision-screening Programme throughout Dubai Schools

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 10, 2023: Dubai Health Authority’s ( DHA’s) Public Health Protection Department, completed a vision-screening campaign across Dubai schools. The campaign took place from October 2022 until the end of March 2023 and vision-screening was conducted for more than  26, 700 students from various schools in Dubai. The campaign took place in collaboration with Al Jaber Optical, the Pan-Emirati Eye Care provider. The vision-screening was conducted by qualified optometrists from Al Jaber Optical’s expertise team and included basic vision tests more

    Taqdeer Award and Dubai Health Authority Campaign for Early Detection of Preventive Diseases

    The program covers over 900 workers from 100 companies Major-General Obaid bin Suroor: We seek to enhance the health of our workers and make preventive healthcare knowledge a way of life Dr. Ramadan Al Balushi: The campaign contributes towards realizing the vision of a healthier and happier society Dubai - United Arab Emirates - May 3, 2023 -  Taqdeer Award,  which is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council, with the support of the Dubai Health Authority, has more

    Ministry of Health and Prevention Commemorates 16 Years of Malaria-free UAE

    • UAE among the first countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region to declare itself completely free of malaria.  • UAE President’s humanitarian initiatives to combat the disease highly praised by international health organizations. • MoHAP has an effective strategy and federal legislation in place to safeguard community members from communicable diseases. • MoHAP works tirelessly in conjunction with health authorities throughout the country to prevent the importation of malaria.   Dubai April 24th, 2023:  The Ministry of Health more

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