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'Saving our planet' is one of the vital causes we need to follow immediately in this climatic crisis and unpredictable environmental challenges faced nowadays. How important is it to take care of our well-being for our better living likewise, caring for the environment's well-being is also essential for saving the ecosystem of our planet and transferring it to the next generation.

Allowing the environment to be as it is and without harming it is the vital goal of environmental sustainability. As a result, the environment will provide us with fresh air, water, and non-toxic surroundings. I think we won't refuse to get these most important things for healthy living. To know why environmental sustainability is vital for the environment and every living being's well-being. Considering all these points and passing them as recommendations the Gov of Dominica has approved construction of a Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa. This project is being developed by Vital Developers Limited and, they hired Alexander V Berenstain, the manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ, to assist with the project.

What is Environmental Sustainability and its importance?

Environmental sustainability is the term that defines the way not to put stress on the environment and be responsible for transferring a better ecosystem and resources to the future. Most of the unwanted and damaging activities we humans have done to the environment are unbearable and they are turning out to be the reason for the drastic environmental change and climatic changes if this continues then the ecosystem will get fully spoiled and words like 'healthy and sustainability' will only be in books and articles no body can feel them in the future. Nature should not be taken for granted, as we are living with the resources they have provided, as an action of gratitude we need to save those resources for the future.

The Three Vital Pillars of Sustainability

For the environment and every living being's well-being, these three major pillars: social, economic, and environmental are the must following things:


The purpose of this social pillar is to ensure that everybody in that society fairly uses the resources and opportunities. In the most essential case, everyone must participate to work together for a healthy environment.

The health of humans and the environment, saving resources, sustainable community, education, and environmental justice are the topics covered in social sustainability. To gain more knowledge on sustainability, the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa project will be more helpful. It has been approved by Dominica's government to encourage ecotourism and the project is being developed by Vital Developers Limited and assisted by Creative Project Management.


This economic sustainability focuses on supporting the economic growth and financial stability of every individual without disturbing the social, environmental, and cultural values. Topics these economic sustainability covers are supply and demand, jobs, and incentives accounting for the environmental resources and costs.


As from the name itself, you can guess the purpose of this environmental sustainability, the aim is to protect natural resources, make them healthy, and restore them. The topics they focus on are saving the ecosystem, quality of air and water, going green and reducing environmental stress.

On the whole, everyone around the world needs to focus on environmental sustainability.

Benefits of attaining environmental sustainability

Once, we are in the process of saving the environment and its resources we will enjoy the vast benefits. The major benefits will be listed below:

Ecological and Human Health and Resilience

The change can brought about by restoring and maintaining the ecosystem. It can be achieved by minimizing every kind of pollution and carbon footprint. Human health will be improved from this action, as an unpolluted environment and availing fresh and natural resources will be the key value for maintaining human health. Adopting these habits will provide time for the environment to recover and restore.

Long living Resources:

Staying productive and not harming the environment will make the environment and ecosystem stay longer and recover from the damages. It will allow the future generation to lead a healthy life.

Economic growth and sustainability:

Going green will get more popular through this process of achieving a sustainable environment. The eco-friendly and green product sales will increase, which in turn contributes to the economy.

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