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Abu Dhabi-UAE. 22 April 2024: A true testament to human perseverance and holistic and tailored medical care, Suhail, an eight-year-old Emirati child with severe speech limitations found his voice for the first time after undergoing a six-month speech therapy programme. The treatment was delivered by Al Mushrif Children's Specialty Centre in Abu Dhabi, part of the Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS) network, a subsidiary of PureHealth, the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East.

Suhail was diagnosed with epilepsy, dysarthria and oral dysphagia at just three years old. Despite five years of therapy, he achieved success with sounds and syllables, leaving him unable to express himself fully and battling with basic, essential tasks such as eating. Suhail's condition is one that impacts millions worldwide, as epilepsy affects approximately 1 in 200 school-age children, while dysarthria is estimated to affect approximately 1 in 1,000 children. Dysarthria is a deficiency in the muscular functions of speech and swallowing system due to weakness of these muscles and the inability to coordinate between them, resulting in speech disorder.

After an initial examination and assessment, Emadaddin Ali Al Rababah, Speech Therapist at Al Mushrif Children's Specialty Center in Abu Dhabi and Al Towayya Children's Specialty Center in Al Ain, crafted a tailored treatment plan for Suhail comprising three sessions per week over six months. Doctors adopted a systematic and comprehensive approach to the treatment, following a set of clear goals and reported a significant improvement in Suhail after just one week of treatment.

Through the programme, Suhail's oral muscle strength, range of motion, and speech production skills saw remarkable improvement. He began to articulate mono and multi-syllabic words, chew solid foods with more ease, and managed his saliva control more effectively. Today, Suhail continues to refine his language skills and oral muscle strength as part of an ongoing speech therapy programme.

Dr Fawaghi Al Naqbi, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at AHS, said: “We are delighted by the progress Suhail has made in such a short space of time under the care of our team at the at Al Mushrif Children's Specialty Center. The treatment's success reflects Suhail's determination as well as the range and quality of expertise in AHS's network of speciality clinics, which are part of the broader PureHealth ecosystem.

“Suhail's story encapsulates PureHealth's mission to spearhead innovative healthcare practices as part of its mandate to reshape healthcare and redefine standards. With a portfolio comprising more than 25 hospitals and over 100 clinics, the Group can deploy expertise, resources and innovative solutions on an unparalleled scale.” 


Al Rababah commented: “Thanks to Suhail's determination and his parents' commitment to the sessions, Suhail's ability to speak has improved. He is now assimilated back into everyday life and using his speech to express himself at home. This case is a testament to AHS's ability to leverage leading expertise, cutting-edge techniques and some of the latest innovations available.”

Suhail's newfound ability to communicate has profoundly impacted his life and that of his family. They said: “Before treatment, Suhail's condition was difficult in terms of speech and swallowing, as he would not speak unless he needed something and used crying as a way to express what he wanted to say. This condition was difficult for us because we wanted to understand exactly what he wanted. But in the first week of treatment with Dr Emad, we noticed a big difference in Suhail's condition. He began to say some letters, and today, we see a very significant development in his condition. He can now pronounce words and talk to us. We are very happy with this improvement, and we thank all the employees and doctors who spared no effort to support Suhail and help us understand his condition and how to deal with it.”

Suhail's story underscores the importance of accessible and prompt specialist care for children facing developmental challenges. AHS's children's centres provide easy access to specialty paediatric services under one roof, helping to ensure easier referrals and timely interventions. This is in line with PureHealth's ethos to enable communities to live fuller lives for longer.

Al Mushrif Children's Specialty Center in Abu Dhabi and Al Towayya Children's Specialty Center in Al Ain provide a wide range of children's specialty services from experienced specialists and consultants. The spectrum of speech therapies offered include services tailored to treat hearing loss; developmental speech and language delay; fluency disorders such as stuttering, special needs such as Down's Syndrome, Autism and cerebral palsy; communication disorders; language learning difficulties; phonological and articulation disorders; and oral muscles weakness among others.

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