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Description: What does it take to be an exceptional information technology support specialist? What do you need to know?

A good product, by definition, cannot be finished, and neither can a good service. While aiming for the unattainable ideal, your team will continually add new features and test hypotheses. Naturally, things won't always go perfectly. It is very important to listen to users in time and solve the problem together with them. Support is their friend who knows everything about the product and is always ready to help.

IT Support Skills: Definition and Examples

Want to be on the same wavelength with users? Develop IT support skills. It's not so difficult if you know what to work on.

Skills that matter
When you read about tech support, you often come across advice like “be more human.” This is so vague and incomprehensible that it is unlikely to help those who work in the support service. And if you hire an operator, then such definitions will be completely useless.

So let's take a look at the specific skills anyone who wants to be a WOW support can develop.

1. Persistence and patience
If the user contacted the support and did not leave the website, it is important for him to solve this problem. Be patient, and deal with the issue politely and friendly. Be a useful friend to the user.

Send a trigger message to chat if you see that the client is stuck on some step. Time spent with a client is an opportunity to better understand the problem and expectations of your product.

2. Attention to detail
Delve into the user's question. Nothing is more annoying than a useless support response. Listening to the user is important in skills for IT support for three reasons:

You are solving an actual and real user problem.
You see common patterns of user behavior.
You can make inputs and provide quality statistics.

IT support AMC in Dubai sees the client's profile (based in Abu Dhabi or other cities): his actions, referral sources, social contacts, and features. It emphasizes the most important information. This will allow you to understand exactly who is sitting on the other side of the screen and how to help him.

3. The ability to communicate clearly
Give the user exactly as much information as needed. If you can explain complex information easily, it's perfect. The average user is not familiar with your product. You work on the project for a long time, and the client may not understand something or find it quickly. Please be patient and try to solve the customer's problem.

Try the ELI5 (Explain It Like I'm Five) technique. The essence of the technique is that you explain any concept/event/phenomenon as if your interlocutor is 5 years old. If a non-professional reads such explanations, he will be grateful to you.

4. Ability to quickly grasp a problem
Try to quickly understand the problem. The better you know your product, the faster you can figure out where the problem is, what caused it, and how to fix it.

If you are already using IT Support AMC Dubai, then you know that we collect all user information. You can find out what pages he visited, what city he is from, what browser he uses, how many times he has already visited your site, and what dialogues he had. Based on this information — we propose the best solutions.

5. Know the product
You must deeply understand the product and how it works. It is very important to look at the service through the eyes of the client and know his route on the website. Without a full understanding of the product, you cannot help the user when a problem occurs.

6. Ability to use positive language
Your ability to choose words and focus on the positives helps keep customers happy. Language is an important part of persuasion; customers form an impression of you and your product through the language of communication.

7. Time Management Skills
Depending on the size of your service, dozens and hundreds of calls from users can come to the support service daily. Operators often need to have several conversations at once. Time management will be helpful in this situation.

8. Dialogue notes
Watch and listen for clues about the user's mood, patience level, personality, and how to react appropriately. You don't want to lose a client because of a misunderstanding. Emotions play an important role in communication, which can be difficult to convey in words. Emojis (or emoticons) could be the perfect tool. 

9. Keep calm
Some of us have a cold mind and have a calming effect on others when the going gets tough. These are the most essential skills for IT Support. Your job is to support and reassure the irritated user.


Customer support is a very difficult task. On the other hand, it's up to you how happy your customers will be. This is a noble mission. May the force be with you and IT AMC Dubai.

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Posted on : Thursday, October 27, 2022  
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