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Many airports have been empty over the past couple of years, but things are slowly returning to normal. This means that millions of people are now hopping on flights and heading around the world again, whether it's for work purposes or leisurely holidays.

When it comes to flying, most people don't mind the process. However, it's common for people to lose their minds when it's a long-haul flight. After all, being stuck on an 18-hour flight isn't fun – even when you're going on holiday.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can make long-haul flights more enjoyable and less stressful. Want to learn how? Try these 5 smart tips.

1.Stream Movies and Sports on Your Smartphone

One of the best parts about modern-day flying is that you can take your smartphone with you. This is great, as it means you have a source of non-stop entertainment in your hand that no one can take away from you.

Due to the nature of long-haul flights, it's best to choose a form of entertainment that's several hours long – which is why movies and sports are great options.

For example, you could watch a classic movie like Superbad. Or, alternatively, you could tune into a live sports event if you have an internet connection on your plane, like an Indian Premier League cricket game. At the same time, you could also do some IPL Satta.

2.Capture Nice Photos

Flights are the perfect opportunity to capture nice photos, from the moment you board the plane to the moment you land. You can also take lots of selfies and post them on Instagram. This way, you'll be able to keep your followers up-to-date with where you are around the world!

3.Speak to Other Passengers

In the modern world, it's often frowned upon to speak to a stranger – particularly when you're in the middle of a long journey.

However, this is actually an excellent way to pass the time during a long-haul flight, especially when you want to take a break from your smartphone.

Whoever is sitting next to you should try and make a conversation with them. You'll be able to discuss where you're flying to and what you're planning to do when you get there. Plus, the person you speak to might be a native and can therefore provide you with some suggestions for what to do when you land.

4.Carry a Comfortable Pillow

When you're in the middle of a long-haul flight, there will naturally come the point when you want to get some sleep. Plane seats have a reputation for being uncomfortable (unless you're flying in first-class, of course), which is why it's always a good idea to carry a comfortable pillow with you. This way, you'll give yourself a better chance at falling asleep without experiencing neck or back pain!

5.Choose a Window Seat

Lastly, make sure to choose a window seat if it's possible.

Window seats make long-haul flights so much more enjoyable, as you get to stare out the window and really get a feel for the traveling experience.

Plus, window seats also offer more privacy since you don't have tons of people trying to squeeze past you all of the time.

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Posted on : Monday, March 14, 2022  
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