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August 26, 2021:  In the world of technology, recent years have seen a series of groundbreaking projects brought to life, with newfound value provided to customers through the winning combination of insights and innovation. As possibility barriers continue to be broken and expectations for next-generation appliances increase, Samsung has proactively harnessed the potential of advanced technologies, ensuring far-reaching capabilities benefit all thanks to comprehensive design processes. This approach has yielded outstanding outcomes, re-imagining convenience and providing empowerment in a host of specific markets. Yet for people, businesses, and institutions in the GCC, the warm climate and unfolding technological evolution have seen demands for products in a particular segment reach an all-time high - air conditioning (AC).
For households across the region, AC has been a mainstay for quite some time now. But for commercial and business customers, the need for enriching AC products that boost operations and maintain cool, comfortable, and safe environments has never been greater. As such, Samsung has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, converging experience, expertise, and resources to rejuvenate our AC range with next-generation offerings.
Several products have since been introduced, yet this article concentrates on two in particular – the WindFree™ 4Way Cassette and 360 Cassette. Since their inception, both have delivered flawless results to date, and both have received glowing reviews from company directors, mechanical and HVAC engineers, designers, consultants, architects, and project managers alike. Here, we highlight the standout features behind their efficiency and effectiveness, explaining why they are among the most sought-after AC appliances today.
WindFree™ 4Way Cassette 
Simple yet intuitive, the WindFree™ 4Way Cassette is an air conditioner like no other. Because it has lived up to its promise to provide powerful cooling with no direct wind, it has established itself as the perfect innovation to keep offices, classrooms, retail stores, and conference rooms cool while ensuring everybody is comfortable. WindFree™ Cooling technology with 15,700 Micro holes strikes a perfect balance between humidity and the ideal temperate, creating a still-air environment with low air speed, less energy consumption up to 45 percent, and greater coverage. 
With normal cooling mode, the air is prevented from dispersing thanks to its 84mm big blade that is 31% larger than normal, which helps prevent air from dispersing, so it sends much more air directly to the chosen spots. This creates an almost horizontal air flow that can be sent further along the ceiling. As a result, it can deliver cool air over a long distance, reaching up to 5m, which means it will quickly cover a 10m wide space without leaving dead zones.

And even after long periods, everybody remains comfortable without feeling cold, boosting performance in professional and learning environments. What's more, the smart operation function also detects when rooms are empty to lower electricity bills. Should there be no movement after 30 minutes, the Motion Detect Sensor (MDS) switches to WindFree™ mode to save energy before entering standby after 60 minutes. Upon detection of any activity, it returns to normal operations, and this 2-step operation can reduce energy consumption by up to 52 percent, boosting sustainability for businesses and education institutions.

Cleanliness and hygiene are also preserved to perfection. When an air conditioner is turned off after working in cooling mode, the difference in internal and external temperatures can lead to moisture condensing on the heat exchanger, enabling mold to grow that causes odors. To prevent this, the WindFree™ 4Way Cassette is equipped with a humidity sensor and Auto Clean function. The heat exchanger is automatically dried through a 3-step process, which senses the temperature and humidity inside the air conditioner before blowing air for as long as 30 minutes to eliminate bacteria that could be detrimental to one's in health offices, classrooms, retail stores, and conference rooms.

The Samsung WindFree™ 4Way Cassette not only has a general panel, but can also include an optional Purifying Panel that keeps the indoor air fresh and clean. It consists of two types of filter – a Pre-Filter and a PM1.0 Filter - and this two-step filtration system ensures that everyone in commercial and business buildings of all kinds breathe in pure, fresh air all day long.

360 Cassette
As places that value style, hygiene, and long-term comfort in equal measure, the 360 Cassette is ideal for retail stores and other public outlets, such as restaurants and cafes. Original, unique, and unparalleled, this award-winning appliance is the world's first circular design AC that matches many interior designs and fits perfectly in any surrounding. However, its capabilities are also what make the unit stand out above all others. Firstly, the 360 Cassette boasts a bladeless design featuring Booster Fan technology. Encompassing three booster fans, this innovative feature creates a low-pressure area around the circular outlet by sucking in the surrounding air, enabling cool air to be distributed at much lower angles and spread further along ceilings for a natural wind effect much like Samsung's WindFree™ technology. The 360 Cassette also eliminates traditional uneven airflow from the equation thanks to its omnidirectional output, with cool air reaching every corner of any room. 
What's more, enjoying more outdoor fresh air while maintaining a healthy indoor environment is a guarantee by a Fresh Air Intake hose, which will continually introduce fresh outside air into any given room. Crucially, this helps to prevent CO2 build-up, which can occur as oxygen is depleted when people breathing when the same air is constantly recirculated. Moreover, the circular LED display intuitively shows the AC's operational status at all times, empowering consumers to communicate with the appliance and control performance. With Wheel Dial Remote Control, users are given a quick route to adjusting airflow strength in line with feedback via the LED display, while it's important to note that the 360 Cassette comes equipped with MDS previously mentioned to deliver air directly where people are situated and automatically adjust temperatures to accommodate activity levels.

Just like the WindFree™ 4Way Cassette, the 360 Cassette unit also has optional PM1.0 filter, which is not only effective at capturing ultrafine dust of up to 0.3μm in size, but it also sterilizes up to 99% of the bacteria trapped by the filter using an electrostatic precipitator. What's more, the scale of effectiveness in sterilizing bacteria has also been verified by Intertek. The Samsung 360 Cassette is also available with both square and circle-type panels, which can be either white or black. This means you can choose a style of panel that fits perfectly with your interior design and its surrounding, while Samsung can create uniquely customized panel skins, such as a brand logo or unique color or flag, to add a real touch of style.

Using the Smart Wi-Fi function on a smartphone, you are also empowered to control your 360 Cassette on the go – anytime and anywhere. With a simple touch, you can turn it on and off, as well as select the operating mode and temperature. Moreover, you can schedule when it starts and stops and control other functions. Even when you're not there with the 360 Cassette, it gives you peace of mind that your Workplace or home are cooled efficiently and your air conditioning is not left wasting energy unnecessarily. 

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