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A liberal society with the trappings of 20th century comforts, Dubai nevertheless retains the charm of yesteryears and treasures its culture and traditions. A brief overview of the dos and don'ts during Ramadan
Prayer Timings

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is joining hands with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) during the Dubai The City That Cares 2001 campaign in Ramadan through an event called "Open Doors" which will focus on providing visits to the picturesque Jumeirah Mosque to visitors and people living in the UAE. This event will encourage expatriates and non-Muslims to know more about Ramadan, Islam and Arabic culture.

A "Majlis" tent has been set up beside the Jumeirah Mosque for visitors where they would be provided information from 9am-1pm and 8pm-11pm. The tent would be useful for tourists to come and experience for themselves the "breaking of fast" during Ramadan. Mosque tours for visitors will be held on Saturday and Monday nights.
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Islam is the official religion of the UAE and sustains the society with its timeless values that touch all aspects of everyday life.

Ramadan is the Holy Month in which Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Holy Quran. The month is not fixed in terms of the Western calendar, but occurs a few days earlier each year. In 2000, Ramadan will commence in the last week of November and come to a close a month later. It is a month of fasting when Muslims abstain from all food, drinks and cigarettes from dawn to dusk.

  • Non-Muslims are also required to refrain from consuming these items in public places during Ramadan as a mark of respect.
  • Food will be served in restaurants located within hotels.
  • Special Ramadan festivals are being organised in the Emirate of Sharjah
  • Visitors to the Emirates can participate in the Iftar (the breaking of fast around 6.30pm in the evening) that are open to the general public.
  • Shops are usually closed during the day and open after Iftar till early hours in the morning.
  • Similarly, parks and other public places will open after the breaking of fast and remain so till late in the night.
  • Modest attire is recommended and patience should be exercised at all times in the spirit of Ramadan.
If you have any Ramadan-related queries, feel free to ask!

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