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Dubai Natural History Group
  The DNHG Agenda
  Member's privileges
  Group activities
The DNHG Agenda
The Dubai Natural History Group is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation, aimed at furthering the interests of its members in the wildlife and environment of the UAE. The group also reaches out to the general public, in the form of monthly lectures on natural history, archaeology, and other related topics.

Contact Chairman Gary Feulner, Tel : (971 4) 313 320 Ext: 500Fax (971 4 ) 313 371
Vice Chairman Valerie Chalmers,
Tel : (971 4) 442 853Fax : (971 4) 452 727
Contributions and newsletter enquiries can be e-mailed to the editor via

You need not be a member to attend the DNHG lectures.

Members' privileges

DNGH membership is open to all, and costs Dhs. 50/- for an individual or a family. As a member you can:
  • receive the monthly newsletter Gazelle, which includes natural history news and observations, as well as information about the regular field trips the group organises through the cooler months of the year
  • participate in the regular programme of field trips
  • and have access to the lending library.

Group activities
The main activities of DNHG are :
Monthly lectures : Held at the Jumeira English Speaking School, the lectures are free and open to members of the public. Recent lectures have ranged from fossil hunting in the Emirates, to Dubai's weather, and are usually accompanied by slide presentations. Guests should arrive at around 7:30, for an 8:00 pm start.
Zayed Prize for Heritage set up
Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Emirates Heritage Club Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced Zayed's Prize for Heritage and History, to be awarded to outstanding research conducted by individuals or establishments inside and outside the UAE on the heritage and history of the country.

Excavation provides insights into past
Archaeological research on evidences of the existence of a pre-Islamic church and monastery excavated on the Sir Bani Yaas island will continue as they could provide valuable insights into the region's past, said Dr Geoffrey King, director of the Abu Dhabi Island Archaeological Survey (ADIAS).

"The pre-Islamic Christian monastic site on the island dating back to sixth century AD is extremely important as there are very few sites of this nature in the whole of Gulf region.

A series of buildings have been evacuated at the eastern end of the island from 1993 the most important of which a church and a monastery. Also at the northern end of the island were found evidence of the Stone Age such as stone scrappers, flintstones etc.

Examples of a composite and site where people used to engage in pearl diving were discovered. An interesting thing about these two sites, according to King, is that they had Chinese pottery. This points to the fact that important trade links existed here and pottery was imported all the way firm the east cost of China.

Newsletter :
DNHG ' s newsletter, Gazelle, is distributed by post to all members. It includes reports about members' trips around the local region and other relevant news, in addition to details of forthcoming lectures and field trips.
 Field trips :
DNHG field trips are cooperative, educational and exploratory ventures by group members. They are also good fun. Field trips are open to DNHG members and members of other UAE natural history groups. We can also accommodate the occasional out-of-town guest with a bonafide interest in natural history. Members arrange for participation in the trips via the organiser for each trip.

Library :
DNHG has built up a considerable collection of natural history-related publications, which are available on loan to members. Publications include copies of Tribulus, the scientific journal published by our sister organisation, the Emirates Natural Group of Abu Dhabi, as well as a wide range of field guides and other natural history texts and articles.

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