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Learn about the procedure of obtaining Slovenian citizenship. Benefits of a Slovenian passport and reviews about Migration Centr

How to get Slovenian ID-card with Migration Centr?

Slovenia, like other EU states, beckons immigrants with the promise of a fulfilling life for those seeking legal and long-term relocation. Acquiring European Union citizenship offers an array of benefits, surpassing those of RP or PRP, and it remains valid for an extended duration.

For a seamless relocation to Slovenia or any other EU country, entrust your journey to migration experts like MigrationCentr. Learn more about their support and discover insights from real client reviews below. Slovenian citizenship registration procedure

The process of obtaining a Slovenian passport with can be implemented in five essential steps:

 1. Proof of Origin. Clients are required to present crucial certificates like baptismal or birth certificates, ensuring their lineage.

 2. Document Preparation. meticulously handles the preparation, translation, and notarizing of essential papers.

 3. Dossier Submission. adeptly handles the submission of the dossier to Upravna Enota, streamlining the application process.

 4. Oath of Allegiance. Clients take this important step personally, and when the procedure is flawlessly executed, they receive their citizenship certificate.

 5. Internal Documents. assists in obtaining Slovenian documents, including ID-cards, TINs, international passports, and driver's licenses if needed.

Slovenian passport: the benefits you will get with it

Holding a Slovenian ID-card offers a myriad of advantages to its bearers, such as:

1. Visa-Free Travel. Access to over 180 countries without visa restrictions.

2. Dual Citizenship. The opportunity to have dual citizenship, expanding horizons and opportunities.

3. High-Quality Healthcare. Access to a robust and efficient healthcare system.

4. Stable Economy. Becoming part of a flourishing and stable economy.

5. Prosperous Nation. Embracing a nation with abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth.

6. Career Advancement. Increased chances of securing leadership positions in prestigious companies.

In fact, reviews reveal that those who already have Slovenian citizenship are likely to receive job offers faster than immigrants with residence permits.

Requirements for the applicants

To qualify for Slovenian citizenship through repatriation, applicants must adhere to strict requirements, including:

1. Be at least 18 years old.

2. Provide evidence of territorial affiliation.

3. Present all necessary valid documents for the application.

4. Have no criminal records. reviews: insights from the clients

Over the years, has garnered numerous customer reviews, and upon analysis, a significant portion of them reflect positive experiences. Clients appreciate the convenience of online consultations and praise the company's commitment to stringent processes such as contract signing, legal advice adherence, and notarizing of documents. This dedication has solidified MigrationCentr's reputation, attracting more immigrants to choose them as their trusted partner.


Whether you are considering relocating to Slovenia or planning to establish your business there, acquiring Slovenian citizenship is a compelling option. offers unwavering support throughout the citizenship acquisition process. As evident from positive reviews and the information on company's website, MigrationCentr's lawyers efficiently handle many stages without the direct involvement of clients. Their strict adherence to EU legislation reinforces their status as one of the most reputable and attractive immigration companies in the field.

Choose and embark on a seamless journey towards Slovenian citizenship, knowing you have the backing of trusted experts in international migration field.

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Posted on : Thursday, November 9, 2023  
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