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If you are a frequent user of video converter to mp4, you must have come across some video problems and errors. Most of these errors are directly related to the video file you are working on, but in some cases, they may be system errors that can be corrected by adjusting the settings. At the moment, many users use video converters and are wondering how to fix common mistakes while using them. Read on for a detailed guide on how to recognize and fix the most common errors while working with programs.

The Most Common Video Converter Errors and Their Solutions

While using programs like iTubeGo, users may encounter errors related to file transfer, playback, and others. In order not to slow down the work and quickly correct the situation, you need to have some knowledge. Below, we'll cover the most common video mistakes you may encounter and share some simple solutions.

Blurred Image

Often, you may encounter a blurry or shaky image, which will be significantly different from the original. This error may be related to file corruption or it may mean that your system has some kind of problem. In this case, you can try using several solutions to the problem:

  • Make sure all your display drivers are up to date.

  • Try using a special video recovery tool.

  • Re-upload the file and make sure the metadata and headers are complete.

File Upload Problems

File upload error is one of the most popular problems. Often these cases happen when the files are not uploaded correctly or are corrupted. To fix this kind of error you can:

  • Restore the video and make sure it is not damaged.

  • Check meta content and title.

  • Reload the file.

  • Make sure that the video is played through the appropriate media player.

No Video

Missing an image is one of the most common mistakes in video production. Users may see a blank screen or a black box, which means the component is missing. Try to fix this error in the following ways:

  • Restart your computer to rule out the option of a driver problem.

  • Update the system drivers using the Device Manager program.

  • Make sure that anti-virus systems do not block components of your video.

  • Check to see if you accidentally deleted an image while editing the video.

No Sound in the Video

Users often face the problem of no sound on videos. This may be due to file corruption, editing in a questionable program, or an incomplete download. We recommend that you only edit your videos in trusted apps like Leawo to avoid these kinds of issues. To fix the error, you must:

  • Make sure that additional equipment is connected and working properly.

  • Re-upload the file.

  • Restart the computer system.

  • Use a recovery tool.

  • Update sound drivers.

Header Corruption

Because the title is one of the most important parts of the video, it is important to make sure that it is not damaged, as you can donate the entire video. If you encounter an error in the video title, try:

  • Make sure the file was not damaged during editing.

  • Use an editing program and manually correct the title.

  • Use a video recovery tool and get back the metadata and titles.

Slow Playback

Many content creators are facing an error when video and audio are out of sync. In addition, such a problem entails unpleasant consequences in the form of playback delays and much more. Try to fix this error using several ways:

  • Try using a video recovery tool.

  • Close and open the media player to re-download the file.

  • Go to the settings of your media player and click 'Track Sync', where you can adjust the sound yourself.


As you may have noticed, working with video converters is not so easy, but it is important to remember that any mistake can be corrected with good knowledge. After reading the guide of our experts about the most common mistakes with video, you will surely forget about the difficulties and will be able to instantly get out of this situation. Be sure to choose a reliable video converter and create successful videos that will be of high quality and interesting.



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Posted on : Monday, August 21, 2023  
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