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Cutting Edge Social Entertainment Platform GazeTV Breaks The Tradition With Blockchain And Tokenized Ecosystem Implementation Audiences And Creators Can Earn Rewards By The Second

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - The brand new social entertainment platform has officially launched. GazeTV jumps out of the traditional model and has adopted blockchain technology for the advancement of data transparency and management. To encourage content creation and interaction of audiences and creators, there are tokenomic incentives & rewards. Traditional social entertainment platforms lack transparency, most creators are only able to earn small advertising fees through in-stream advertisements. Not only are they unable to predict the revenue from each video, but frequent in-stream advertisements also disrupt users from viewing video content. On the contrary, GazeTV makes use of Ethereum Blockchain and the unique tokenized rewards system "GAZE" to incentivize Gazer community by measuring the uploaded video duration by the second as well as their activities on the platform such as the frequency of view, like, comment and sharing videos. Creators are able to customize the theme and price of their videos. Then audiences can pay to unlock content or to make direct donation to content creators. At the same time, the platform also provides automated content synchronization and data analysis. These assist creators in importing content from multiple platforms to GazeTV. GazeTV private access was started since 30 March 2021. The public version has announced to go-live today. Currently the platform has gained over 360,000 minutes of video content. The platform has successful gained traction, creators such as Gramatik, one of the well known electronic musician and crypto-artists, has started an official channel on GazeTV platform. It is expected thousands and thousands of creators and audience worldwide are joining. The Unique Tokenized Reward Mechanism, a Technological Breakthrough GazeTV allows community to earn rewards through the content creation and consumption. The reward mechanism is coordinated with a more

Gala Place Mall is Fully Let with the Opening of AEON STYLE and a New Dining Spot

A New Landmark Offering One-stop Shopping and Dining Experience at the Place ‘Where Trends Meet’ HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - Hang Lung Properties today announced the opening of a mega lifestyle concept store AEON STYLE at Gala Place in August 2021, signifying the mall area of Gala Place is fully let amid adversity. The new concept store of AEON STYLE, which occupies an area of nearly 25,000 square feet, will focus on providing high-quality lifestyle products imported from Japan. Meanwhile, various popular dining outlets will be introduced to the basement of the mall to create a new "Dining Spot", enhancing customers' shopping experience with high-quality lifestyle merchandise and more diverse dining options. In August this year, the mega lifestyle concept store, AEON STYLE will be officially opened at Gala Place. The new concept store will occupy an area of nearly 25,000 square feet and will provide high-quality lifestyle products imported from Japan. Meanwhile, several popular food and beverage brands will be introduced to the basement of the mall to create a new "Dining Spot" to enhance the shopping experience of customers, bringing high quality lifestyle merchandise and more diverse dining options. AEON STYLE Mongkok store will feature a premium Japanese concept for the first time, aiming to provide high-quality Japanese products with a majority directly imported from Hokkaido, Kyushu and other areas in Japan to target Mongkok clientele. It also carries numerous popular lifestyle brands, including the popular homeware brand HÓME CÓORDY, and a privately-owned brand, TOPVALU which provides green and healthy specialty. The store also features a girls' zone offering a wide range of beauty, health and stationery products from Japan, as well as delicatessen booths with tasty Japanese bites. Together with the distinctive check-in hotspots, customers can experience the quality of service in a Japanese style, whilst shopping for new merchandise f more

RGE’s Global Indian Community Rallies to Support India’s COVID-19 Fight

Indian employees raise funds to purchase ventilators to ‘send back home’ SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - The Indian community in the RGE global group of companies has rallied to answer India's urgent call to support its COVID-19 fight, pooling a total S$676,800 (US$507,000) in donations for the procurement of 40 Advanced MedTech Alpha Ventilators and 36 Yuwell Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure machines. From left: Mr Ratnesh Bedi, PO&G President; His Excellency Mr P. Kumaran, High Commissioner of India; Praveen Singhavi, APRIL Group President. Delivered to the Government of India via the High Commission of India in Singapore, the donations join wider global efforts to help alleviate India's life-saving medical equipment shortage and curb the spread of the virus in the world's second most populous country. The donations came from Indian employees from RGE companies' offices across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada, India and UAE. Founded by Sukanto Tanoto, RGE manages a group of resource-based manufacturing companies with global operations. APRIL Group President Praveen Singhavi and Pacific Oil & Gas (PO&G) President Ratnesh Bedi met High Commissioner of India to Singapore, His Excellency Mr P. Kumaran at a symbolic handover today. Both representatives from the RGE group of companies expressed their hopes for India's recovery. His Excellency Mr P. Kumaran said, "The High Commission of India in Singapore appreciates this very timely assistance from the Indian community in the RGE group of companies. This act of solidarity, demonstrated here in Singapore, shows that we are all equally and deeply affected by the crisis, and that the pandemic will end only if it ends everywhere. We remain hopeful that the situation will improve thanks to greater support from around the world. We are doing our very best to save lives. We will overcome this together." Mr Praveen Singhavi said, "The RGE group of more

Hong Kong Education City Launches ‘Go AI Scheme’ to advocate the prevalence of AI Education in HK

Free AI courses for Teachers and Students to enjoy coding at school and in summer HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - The government has been actively promoting innovative education in recent years. Researches have predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) would become an influential technology in the world. As AI education is still at the nascent stage in local primary and secondary schools, the education sector is proactively looking for solutions that can provide teachers and students with the best innovative learning environment expeditiously. As such, Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) announced today the launch of the 'Go AI Scheme', to facilitate the prevalence of AI Education in Hong Kong by introducing AI learning platforms with curriculum and resources, enhancing teachers' and students' AI knowledge and future-ready skills in 21st Century. The scheme targets local primary and secondary teachers and students. Each school is entitled to a quota of at least two teachers in-charge and 30 students for the scheme. Participation in the scheme is completely free of charge. Teacher training and a total of 32 to 40 hours of AI courses for primary and secondary students will be provided. The scheme is suitable for schools who are interested in AI or who wanted to enhance their teachers and students' AI knowledge. Starting off in June, trainings will first be organised for school teachers so that they can familiarise themselves with the learning contents in the platform to educate students' learning of programming and understanding of AI, for which, in long run, AI can be integrated into school-based curriculum. The training also helps facilitate teaching and supporting students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills in a systemic manner. The training will especially touch on ethics and privacy issues relating to AI. Teachers will have the opportunity to discuss the issues with other teaching professionals and gain insig more

Global Teacher Prize Winner Ranjitsinh Disale Urges "Heroic" Hong Kong Teachers and Students to Apply for the 2021 Global Teacher Prize and The Inaugural Chegg.Org Global Student Prize Before Deadline Closes

Inspiring teachers and students now have until 16 May to submit their application  HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - Global Teacher Prize 2020 winner Ranjitsinh Disale today urged Hong Kong teachers and students to apply for the Global Teacher Prize 2021 and the inaugural Global Student Prize, as the deadline to apply for the awards was extended from Friday 30 April to Sunday 16 May. The Indian village teacher who won the US$1 million Global Teacher Prize 2020, in partnership with UNESCO, praised Hong Kong's teachers and students for their courage and perseverance despite the challenges and restrictions imposed over the last year by the Covid-19 pandemic. He said: "The work of Hong Kong teachers, moving Heaven and Earth to keep their students learning amidst the greatest threat global education has ever faced, has been truly heroic. Students too have shown great strength of character throughout the pandemic. The two prizes recognise the inspirational work of both sides of education in Hong Kong, because it is teachers and students who will play vital roles in Hong Kong's recovery. I now urge all these heroes to apply before the deadline closes." The Varkey Foundation has launched the Global Student Prize this year, a $50,000 sister award to the Global Teacher Prize, to create a powerful new platform to highlight the efforts of extraordinary students throughout the world that are making a real impact on learning, the lives of their peers and on society beyond. The prize is open to all students who are at least 16 years old and enrolled in an academic institution or training and skills program. Part time students as well as students enrolled in online courses are also eligible for the prize. Sunny Varkey, founder of the Varkey Foundation, said: "The pandemic has placed both teachers and students under tremendous pressure as education systems around the world continue to adapt t more

We are all Stardust: The first monograph dedicated to Parisian Jeweler Extraordinaire Frédéric Zaavy

Tells the story of the brilliant life of Frédéric Zaavy, his unique craftsmanship, and enduring legacy of his aesthetics and works 20 years of preparation, visiting 11 countries to record and unveil the artistry and fluctuating fortunes of the master jewelerSpanning over 240 pages, renowned still life photographers John Bigelow Taylor and Dianne Dubler's compiled a visual narrative on Zaavy's works, weaving together hundreds of images of his creative inspirations, atelier and domestic settings Monograph debuts the last 11 works made by Zaavy, which were never revealed during his life-timeHONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - After nearly 20 years of preparation, the first monograph dedicated to Parisian artist-jeweler Frédéric Zaavy (1964-2011) has been launched, titled Stardust: The Work and Life of Jeweler Extraordinaire Frédéric Zaavy (Stardust). The monograph presents a portrait of an artist who strived to paint the beauty of the universe in precious stones. Zaavy considered himself heir to the legacy of Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, gem dealer to Louis XIV, and was chosen as the exclusive jeweler for the 21st century revival of Fabergé. Inspired by nature, quantum physics, philosophy, art, music, and literature, his poetic sensibility saw him create daringly intricate pieces with hundreds or thousands of tiny gems that came together like pointillist objets d'art. The monograph is dedicated to commemorating a talented jewellery artist, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Zaavy's passing. From left to right: Disordered Ribbon Bracelet (2011); artist-jeweler Frédéric Zaavy Courtesy of Frédéric Zaavy Zaavy's masterful approach was to paint with jewellery. He used gemstones akin to colors on a palette to present visions of nature and light in his creations. He drew inspiration from ginkgo leaves, lava-flows, icicles, and gnarled twigs, to create densely encrusted pieces that highlight the subtleties of color-g more

DirectAsia Reveals 5 Factors That Could Influence Your Car Insurance Quotes in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - Despite global economic disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, car insurance premiums remain steep in Singapore. In a bid to help car owners make informed decisions about their vehicle insurance coverage and ensure accessibility of car insurance, DirectAsia, Singapore's leading online insurer, points out that individuals must first be educated on the determinants of one's policy. The organisation thus puts its support behind car owners by revealing several factors that insurers weigh when pricing out a quote. 1. Vehicle Make and Model Continental cars, luxury cars and SUVs are typically tied to higher insurance rates. These can be attributed to the importing fees and expensive parts. On the contrary, vehicle owners can anticipate lower insurance rates when owning a car from Japanese or Korean brands. 2. Age of Car New vehicles are obligated to higher insurance rates as the potential costs of repairing or replacing the car parts are being considered. The rates dip as the car ages and stay at a minimum when the vehicle reaches ten years or more. 3. Experience & Age of Insured Given that younger drivers have a higher propensity to take risks while driving and pose a greater likelihood of being involved in car accidents, insurers tend to charge higher rates for this age group. This also applies to novice drivers with less than two years of experience behind the wheels. Following that are senior drivers above the age of 65, who may have higher risk of accidents on the roads. 4. Vehicle Modifications Car modification is one of the lesser-known factors that could raise your insurance premium. Despite that, DirectAsia emphasises the importance of declaring any modifications to the insurer or prospective insurer, as non-disclosure may result in future claims being repudiated. 5. Claim History more

Han Ji-hyun Of SBD Entertainment, Wholly-Owned by Spackman Entertainment Group’s Associated Company, Spackman Media Group, Featured in Marie Claire’s Beauty Makeup Pictorial

Fashion magazine Marie Claire unveiled beauty makeup pictorial featuring Han Ji-hyun of SBD Entertainment, who starred in popular K-drama PENTHOUSEHan Ji-hyun of SBD Entertainment won the Best Rookie Female Actor in the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards in Korea in April 2021 SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("Spackman Entertainment Group" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups, wishes to announce that Han Ji-hyun of SBD Entertainment Inc. ("SBD Entertainment"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group's associated company, Spackman Media Group Limited, was featured in fashion magazine Marie Claire's beauty makeup pictorial. Last month, Han Ji-hyun of SBD Entertainment was awarded the Best Rookie Female Actor in the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards in Korea which is held annually by the Korean Customers Council. The purpose of the event is to recognize brands that have the most influence on popular culture and society based on consumer research. U.S. consulting firm Brand Keys collaborated with the Korean Customers Council to identify and determine the winners. Previously, Han Ji-hyun of SBD Entertainment was featured alongside Lee Young-dae as twins from their roles in popular K-drama PENTHOUSE in the pictorial for Gucci in W Korea magazine. Other than Han Ji-hyun, SBD Entertainment also represents Son Suk-ku who shall be starring in OTT media service Watcha's original content, UNFRAMED PROJECT. About Spackman Entertainment Group Limited Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("SEGL" or the "Company"), and together with its subsidiaries, (the "Group"), founded in 2011 by Charles Spackman, is one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups. SEGL is primarily engaged in the independent development, production, presentation, and financing of theatrical motion pictures in Korea. more

TECNO reveals how the highly anticipated TECNO CAMON 17 Pro measure against its competitors

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - Consumers nowadays are more than spoilt for choice, in fact, many people are affected by 'information paralysis', that is, having too much information to effectively decide, often resulting in either a wrong decision or a poorly evaluated one. In this article, TECNO helps you to make good decisions amongst the three latest Android phones. They are TECNO CAMON 17 Pro, Samsung A51 and Redmi Note 9 Pro. All three brands vary in terms of design, features, and functionality. TECNO, an increasingly globally popular brand, is a new generation of smartphone brand today with tasteful artistic design and contempary cutting-edge camera technology. Samsung and Redmi have been fan favourites, and their smartphone models are often popular amongst those most price-conscious consumers. Camera function - front and rear cameras The consumers nowadays are very savvy in understanding the technology and features that goes into each smartphone model. One of these considerations is the camera capabilities and the supporting software. TECNO CAMON 17 Pro clear winner with a 48 MP front camera, while both the Samsung A51 and Redmi Note 9 Pro cameras are at 32 MP and 16MP respectively, hence allowing the user of TECNO CAMON 17 Pro to capture selfies with quality that is comparable to even rear cameras on some smartphones. Considering the rear camera, TECNO CAMON 17 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro are equipped with 64MP rear ultra quad camera, while the Samsung A51 maxes out at 48MP. What is more fascinating is that the TECNO CAMON 17 Pro comes with trademarked TAIVOS technology, which stands for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution. It provides users with extremely good visuals, even in low-light environments. TAIVOS can blur out the clutter in the background and optimize image clarity, thereby enhancing night photography effects. Therefore, making it difficult for other mobile phones to bring users a brighter experience in dark environme more

Marco Polo Marine 1HFY2021 EBITDA More Than Triples to S$3.9 Million

First Half EBITDA surges 255% YoY to S$3.9m on the back of higher revenue and margin expansionPositive signs have emerged recently, indicating the sector downturn may be bottoming-out SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 14 May 2021 - Marco Polo Marine Ltd. (SGX:5LY) ("Marco Polo Marine" or the "Company", and together with its subsidiaries, "the Group"), a reputable regional integrated marine logistics company, today announced its financial results for the half year ended 31 March 2021 ("1HFY2021"). Marco Polo Marine reported a net attributable profit of S$5.9 million for 1HFY2021, compared to a 1HFY2020 net loss of S$0.7 million. Group revenue for the period gained 13.8% to S$21.1 million, from S$18.6 million in 1HFY2020, as sales from its Ship Building & Repair division surged 34.5% year-on-year. 1HFY2021 Financial Highlights S$ million 1HFY2021 1HFY2020 Y-o-Y % change Revenue 21.1 18.6 13.8% Gross Profit 5.0 3.4 46.9% Gross Profit Margin 23.8% 18.4% EBITDA* 3.9 1.1 254.5% EBITDA Margin 18.5% 5.9% Net Profit / (Loss) 5.9 (0.7) NA *Excludes foreign exchange losses (mainly unrealised in nature) and one-off gain arising from the acquisition of debt Gross profit surged 47% to S$5.0 million in 1HFY2021 from S$3.4 million in 1HFY2020, with gross profit margin increasing to 24% in 1HFY2021 from 18% in 1HFY2020. This was mainly due to the absence of one-off reactivation costs incurred for its fleet of offshore vessels during the current period. Excluding foreign exchange losses and the one-off gain from the acquisition of debt, the Group's earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) increased to S$3.9 more

First integrated green building cloud data platform launched in Hong Kong

iBEAM to assess 450,000 building and sustainable development project data every year HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 13 May 2021 - BEAM Society Limited ("BSL") announces today the launch of iBEAM – the first-ever locally developed integrated green building cloud data platform in Hong Kong. iBEAM is capable of analysing 450,000 entries of project data related to built environment and sustainable development every year, which would turn into a data warehouse for the prediction of green building development trends and making visionary suggestions for implementing sustainable development in the industry. iBEAM also enables paperless assessment workflow through uploading all building data to a single cloud platform, which enhances transparency, security and integrity of the assessment process while reducing carbon emission, contributing to a greener built environment in Hong Kong. Data warehouse advocates green building development, provides concrete solutions and creates benefits for the publicThe rising awareness on environmental protection and sustainable development has drawn increasing public attention to the overall quality of the built environment. In 2010, "BEAM Plus", a leading, impartial assessment tool designed for the sustainability performance of buildings in Hong Kong was first launched by BSL. BEAM Plus assesses the sustainability of buildings during planning, design, construction, testing, commissioning, management, operation, and maintenance stages. Assessment results are recognised and certified by the Hong Kong Green Building Council. To date, BEAM Plus has certified green building developments encompassing over 18.6 million square metres of space, equivalent to over 2.5 square metres per capita. BEAM Plus is one of the most widely used voluntary green building labelling schemes of its kind in the world on a per capita basis. Ms Ivy LEE Siu Wing, Chairperson of BSL, shares, "iBEAM will be the first-ever 24/7 project assessment submission platform more

Hang Lung Publishes Sustainability Reports 2020

Furthering our Commitment to Sustainability with Demonstrated Resilience under the Pandemic HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 13 May 2021 - Hang Lung Group Limited (Stock Code: 00010) and Hang Lung Properties Limited (Stock Code: 00101) today published their online Sustainability Reports 2020. The reports highlight the steps and progress made to advance sustainability initiatives in the course of the year and continue the journey towards becoming one of the most sustainable real estate companies in the world. Hang Lung Group and Hang Lung Properties publish their online Sustainability Reports 2020 featuring the sustainability framework and a set of 2030 sustainability goals and targetsMajor initiatives and achievements during the year include: 1) measures implemented to protect the wellbeing of our employees, customers and communities – our topmost priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; 2) the launch of an enhanced sustainability framework that focuses on Climate Resilience, Resource Management, Wellbeing and Sustainable Transactions; 3) the establishment of a set of long-term sustainability goals and targets to be achieved by 2030, with 35 strategic environmental, social and governance (ESG) key performance indicators (KPIs) set for 2021; and 4) marked progress made on sustainable finance which accounted for 13% of total debts and available facilities at the end of 2020.Mr. Weber Lo, Chief Executive Officer of Hang Lung Group and Hang Lung Properties, said, "I would like to thank all of my colleagues for their tenacity and dedication through such a challenging year in working as one team towards our sustainability goals. In response to the pandemic, multiple measures were adopted to provide our colleagues with support and safeguards against the risk of infection including a dedicated pandemic response team, provision of protective equipment, and the formalization of flexible work arrangements. Through our concerted efforts, we ach more

Trend Micro Placed in 2021 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Recognized for Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 13 May 2021 - Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cybersecurity leader, today announced that it has been positioned by Gartner as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platform for its offering, Trend Micro Apex One. The evaluation was based on specific criteria that analyzed the company's overall completeness of vision and ability to execute. Trend Micro is continually innovating and anticipating emerging threats. Our flagship Apex One endpoint protection platform features broad coverage against today's most critical threats. Our customers are protected using a range of techniques including virtual patching, which immediately protects against exploits until the vendor patch is applied. Read the full Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platform report at: "The endpoint has become a key battleground as determined threat actors try to take advantage of the pandemic to target distributed workforces and vulnerable remote access infrastructure. But throughout this difficult period, we've been there for our customers," said Wendy Moore, vice president of product marketing for Trend Micro. "I'm delighted to see us recognized again for doing what we do best: Protecting global organizations through innovative, cloud-first and platform-based security. We will continue to focus on offering simple, robust and industry-leading protection through our cybersecurity platform." At the heart of the company's cybersecurity platform is Trend Micro Vision One, which delivers visibility and XDR using telemetry from Apex One in addition to email, servers, cloud workloads and networks for faster detections and investigations. Magic Quadrant reports are a culmination of rigorous, fact-based research in specific markets, providing more

Workday Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large, and Global Enterprises

Positioned as a Leader for Fifth Year in a Row Based on Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 13 May 2021 - Workday (NASDAQ:WDAY), a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, today announced it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Leaders quadrant of the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large, and Global Enterprises* for the fifth year in a row based on completeness of vision and ability to execute. The events of 2020 have caused many organizations to accelerate their finance digital transformation efforts. As a result, finance leaders are turning to Workday to help them plan, execute, and analyze all in one system. The company's broad portfolio of cloud finance offerings brings new levels of visibility and control that go beyond the boundaries of traditional ERP systems. Together Workday Financial Management, Workday Adaptive Planning, Workday Accounting Center, Workday Prism Analytics, and Workday Spend Management deliver a deep and comprehensive solution for enterprise planning and analysis across all finance processes including record to report, report to forecast, contract to cash, and source to pay. Relentless Focus on Customer Success and Innovation to Elevate the Office of the CFO Workday continues to deliver on its vision for the office of the CFO to optimize organizational agility and deliver trusted insights to fuel the most effective operations. Its commitment to delivering exceptional customer value and continuous innovation is helping organizations from a diverse range of industries and sectors. With more than 1,000 Workday Financial Management customers and 5,500 Workday Adaptive Planning customers in more than 120 countries, Workday continues to drive global innovation fueled by machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics to allow customers to:Become decision-ready with a more

DHL Global Forwarding opens new direct China-United Kingdom multimodal link

New rail-sea freight service will connect businesses in China with customers in the UK, and vice versa, in 18 to 20 daysGoods departing from Xi'an, China will be transported by rail to Kaliningrad, Russia and sailed to Immingham, a major port on the east coast of England SHANGHAI, CHINA - Media OutReach - 13 May 2021 - In the first half of 2020, China was the only country among UK's top five trading partners to achieve positive growth in bilateral goods trade, mainly due to a 17.2% increase in goods imported by the UK from China. To cater to the growth in UK-China trade, DHL Global Forwarding has launched a new rail-sea freight solution that will link businesses in China with customers in the UK, and vice versa, in 18 to 20 days. Compared to ocean freight that would typically take 40 days, the new service cuts transit time by more than half. Since the start of the pandemic, rail has emerged as a popular alternative for shippers who balk at hefty air freight rates as a result of capacity shortage, and eschew long ocean freight transit time due to equipment and capacity shortages. Globally, the rail freight market is expected to see a compounded annual growth rate of 9.9% in 2021. "The UK faced numerous trade challenges in the past year, having to navigate economic and trade uncertainties over Brexit and during the pandemic, whilst managing new UK-EU border regulations and processes at the dawn of the new Brexit era. As the UK economy starts picking up and China celebrates record growth in Q1 2021, trade between the two partners would be one to watch," said Kelvin Leung, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding Asia Pacific. According to the DHL Global Connectedness Index 2020, China was ranked second by its share of the UK's international flows. In the first eight months of 2020, British exports to China rose by 10.7%, or £837 million (€982 million), even as the UK saw its overall exports fall by 25% for the same period. In 20 more

Sword GRC Has Been Named a 2021 'Technology Leader' in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions' SPARK Matrix for GRC Platforms

Sword GRC's positioning is based upon technology excellence and customer impact. Maidenhead, England - Newsfile Corp. - May 13, 2021 - Enterprise risk management software specialist, Sword GRC has been positioned as a 'Technology Leader' in the SPARK Matrix: Governance, Risk and Compliance Platforms, 2021 published by analyst firm, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. A market leader in the global GRC space, Sword GRC was amongst a number of technology providers that were evaluated for technology excellence and customer impact. Sword GRC LogoTo view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit: Sword GRC's best-in-class ERM solutions put risk, governance and compliance management at the heart of strategic and operational decision-making, enabling customers within core markets of infrastructure, energy, aerospace and defense, construction and government to achieve both project and longer-term strategic business objectives. Sword GRC believes that its attainment of 'Technology Leader' ranking in the SPARK Matrix for GRC Platforms, 2021 is based on its commitment to technological innovation and ability to understand and address the diverse risk, governance and compliance challenges of its customers with proven solutions that drive time-to-value.Commenting on the positioning, Sword GRC VP of Marketing, Keith Ricketts said: "We're proud to be recognised as a 'Technology Leader' in the SPARK Matrix: GRC Platforms, 2021, sitting alongside other global brands such as IBM. Sword GRC invests heavily in driving innovation for its customer base and this latest accolade is testament to our ability to understand our customers' complex GRC needs and equip them with the technologies that underpin successful outcomes at project and enterprise levels."Active Risk Manager, Sword GRC's award-winning risk management platform is trusted by numerous global organizations, including seven of the largest companies in the aerospace more

Summit Ascent Selected for Inclusion in the MSCI Hong Kong Micro Cap Index

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 12 May 2021 - Summit Ascent Holdings Limited ("Summit Ascent", the "Group" or the "Company", HKEx: 102) is pleased to announce that the Group will be officially included as a constituent stock of MSCI Hong Kong Micro Cap Index. The inclusion of Summit Ascent enhances its reputation among institutional investors in the gaming sector. The inclusion will be effective after the close of the stock market on 27 May 2021. MSCI is a leading provider of global equity indices worldwide. MSCI Hong Kong Micro Cap Index is one of the most widely used equity benchmarks among institutional investors to measure portfolio performances. The inclusion of the Group demonstrated that the Group has fulfilled a rigid matrix of evaluation based on multiple criteria of the index inclusion, including market capitalization size, liquidity screening, foreign inclusion factor requirement and minimum length of trading requirement. Summit Ascent is a subsidiary of Suncity Group Holdings Limited ("Suncity", HKEx: 1383). Suncity is dedicated to help Summit Ascent's businesses as Suncity now owns approximately 70% of Summit Ascent. Summit Ascent owns approximately 77.5% of Tigre de Cristal, the largest integrated resort located in the Primorye Integrated Entertainment Zone of the Russian Far East. Despite challenging operating environment, Tigre de Cristal was already making a positive EBITDA in 2H 2020, while its mass and electronic gaming volumes have restored to 81% and 90% respectively of the pre-pandemic levels. Tigre de Cristal Phase II is on its way in 2023 where its gaming facilities will be doubled, and number of hotel rooms will be tripled. In addition, Summit Ascent diversifies and participates in the development of another fast-growing gaming jurisdiction in Asia, the Philippines, through the investment of convertible bonds in a 51%-owned subsidiary of Suncity, Suntrust Home Developers, Inc. ("SunTrust"), where Summit Ascent may have the option to become more

Groundwork BioAg Raises $11 Million to Advance Bioagriculture Globally

MAZOR, ISRAEL - News Direct - 12 May 2021 -Accelerating Production Capacity to Meet Demand for Regenerative Agriculture ProductsServing One Million Acres (400 KHa) in 2021Groundwork BioAg announced today it raised $11 million in venture capital financing led by Ibex Investors with the participation of ProDelta and Future Foodways. Previous investors, including MoreVC, Middleland Capital, Axess Ventures and BPD Agri, materially participated in the round. With this new funding, Groundwork BioAg will accelerate and expand production of its mycorrhizal platform to meet global demand for natural, sustainable solutions that increase agricultural productivity while preserving soil health.Groundwork BioAg, a global bioagriculture technology company, produces highly effective mycorrhizal inoculants. Mycorrhizae are a cornerstone of regenerative agriculture best practices. In addition to increasing yields, these natural products reduce dependency on phosphorus fertilizer and improve carbon sequestration in soil. Through distribution partnerships in strategic markets across five continents, the company is helping farmers improve the efficiency of major crop production, including corn, soybeans, grains, bio-energy crops, fruits and vegetables, and cannabis. "Over the past few years, we have focused on building production capacity to support millions of hectares and solidify our global presence in the main agricultural markets. With this investment and strong sales, we will be able to fulfill our mission to bring mycorrhiza – the queen of biologicals – to mainstream agriculture and help farmers succeed while protecting our planet," said Dr. Yossi Kofman, Co-Founder and CEO of Groundwork BioAg. "We look forward to working with our investors, strategic partners and distributors to continue bringing meaningful value to farmers around the world."While naturally occurring in the Earth's soil, mycorrhizae and other beneficial microbes have been destroyed by modern farming practices, i more

Johnson Electric reports results for the year ended 31 March 2021

Highlights of FY2020/21 Results For the financial year ended 31 March 2021, total sales amounted to US$3,156 million – an increase of 3% compared to the prior year. Excluding the effects of foreign currency movements, underlying sales increased by 1%Gross profit totalled US$723 million – an increase of 8%EBITA, adjusted to exclude restructuring charges and significant non-cash and unusual items, increased by 18% to US$335 million or 10.6% of sales (compared to 9.3% of sales in FY2019/20)Net profit attributable to shareholders totalled US$212 million – compared to a net loss of US$494 million in the prior financial year which included a non-cash impairment charge against intangible assets of US$796 millionUnderlying net profit totalled US$251 million – an increase of 31%As of 31 March 2021, cash reserves amounted to US$539 million and the ratio of total debt to capital at year end was 16% (a decrease from 18% a year earlier) HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 12 May 2021 - Johnson Electric Holdings Limited ("Johnson Electric"), a global leader in electric motors and motion subsystems, today announced its results for the twelve months ended 31 March 2021. Group sales for the 2020/21 financial year totaled US$3,156 million – an increase of 3% compared to the prior year. Excluding the effects of foreign currency movements, underlying sales increased by 1%. Net profit attributable to shareholders totalled US$212 million. Underlying net profit was US$251 million, an increase of 31% compared to the prior year. Sales Performance The Automotive Products Group ("APG"), Johnson Electric's largest operating division, achieved sales of US$2,443 million. Excluding currency effects, APG's sales declined by 2%. This compares to a reduction in global light vehicle production volumes of approximately 8% over the same period. APG continues to deliver results that exceed those of the automotive sector overall – even during cyclical periods of contraction – due to a product portfolio more

YouTrip Rewards Up To S$500 Cashback On e-Duit Rayas With Expected Tenfold Increase In e-Gifting This Hari Raya

YouTrip Singapore forecasts at least a tenfold increase in e-gifting this Hari Raya.From 12 to 16 May 2021, YouTrip users can get up to S$500 in guaranteed cashback when they send an e-Duit Raya using YouTrip Send.New users can also enjoy a S$10 reward when they sign up using promo code 'RAYA10'.SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 12 May 2021 - YouTrip, Singapore's leading multi-currency mobile wallet, forecasts at least a tenfold monthly increase in e-gifting transfer count this Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The insight stems from similar patterns observed during Chinese New Year earlier this year where the mobile wallet cited an increase in transfer count by 15 times during the festive season.With e-transfers expected to remain a trend given visiting restrictions in this pandemic, YouTrip is anticipating a similar surge to emerge this month, especially amongst its Muslim community.Get Rewarded When You YouTrip Send An e-Duit RayaIn line with recent measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 community cases, the mobile wallet is rolling out cashback rewards to encourage users to send their Duit Raya digitally as a safer alternative to festive gifting instead. This feature also allows users to send money instantly in any of the 10[1] wallet currencies, which includes SGD, USD, GBP and AUD."Family visitings are a big part of Hari Raya celebrations, but unfortunately the pandemic will be thinning our opportunities to do so. The overwhelming response for our peer-to-peer transfer feature during the festive periods earlier this year is testament that our users are already seeking innovative ways to keep the tradition of gifting alive despite physical restrictions. We're excited that YouTrip is here to enable that, and most importantly, keep family connected", Caecilia Chu, Co-Founder and CEO of YouTrip shares.From 12 to 16 May 2021, YouTrip users will be able to receive up to S$500 in guaranteed cashback when they send an e-Duit Raya using YouTrip Send, the mobile wallet's peer-to-peer more

NetApp transforms Unified Partner Program to differentiate and position partners for success and increased profitability

New enhancements are designed to help NetApp's partner ecosystem capitalize on market changes resulting from accelerated digital transformation to the cloud  SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 12 May 2021 - NetApp® (NASDAQ: NTAP), a global cloud-led, data-centric software company, today announced updates to its award-winning Unified Partner Program for fiscal year 2022 (FY'22). The latest enhancements will provide partners with a more flexible, consistent and simplified experience - preparing them for the planned transition to a new tiering structure next year. The program is expanding the partner ecosystem, offering new financial incentives and accelerating profitability, and adding new solutions and Services Certified specializations. Enhancements to the NetApp Unified Partner Program for FY'22, available immediately, include:Expanding Partner Ecosystem – The program will now include specialist partners who sell, consume or influence the NetApp portfolio – increasing relevance to more partner types.Simplified Incentives – Incentives are streamlined to align with key initiatives, and focus areas including customer acquisition, FlexPod, consumption, cloud and more. These incentives tied to new specializations become more predictable along the sales lifecycle.New Partner Rewards – Individual participants who opt in will be rewarded for actions that drive deal closure as part of strategic programs — such as setting meetings and registering deals.New Solution Specializations - An opportunity to recognize and reward partners' unique skillsets and go-to-market models, new solution specializations will be available for Cloud Preferred, FlexPod, SAP, AI/ML, Data Protection, Data Security, Hosting Service Provider, Infrastructure, and Spot by NetApp Preferred.New Services Certified Specializations – The transformation of Services Certified Specializations include: Integration Services Certified, Lifecycle Services Certified, and NetApp Keystone Services Cert more

Airwallex secures EMI licence in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS / LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Media OutReach - 12 May 2021 - Airwallex, a leading global payments platform, is pleased to announce it has secured its Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence from the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB). The licence was granted on 30 April 2021, and gives Airwallex access to the European single market. This latest approval adds to Airwallex's existing licences in its core markets, including the UK, United States, Australia, and Hong Kong. With its EU EMI licence, Airwallex will soon be able to offer an enhanced range of products and services to customers across Europe, bolstering its growth by offering businesses an end-to-end solution for FX, card issuing and online payments. Jed Rose, General Manager of EMEA at Airwallex said, "We are delighted to have been granted an EMI licence by the DNB. This is a significant milestone for Airwallex as we look to deepen our presence in the European market and address the pain points faced by many businesses who are looking for a simpler, more convenient and transparent process to support their payments needs. We look forward to providing businesses in Europe with a full product stack to empower their growth." Founded in 2015 in Melbourne, Airwallex has grown to become a global fintech platform that is supported by a team of over 650 employees across 12 global offices. Earlier this year, Airwallex announced an additional capital raise of US$100 million to further accelerate its global expansion, strengthening its capabilities through product innovation and new partnerships. In Europe, the company continues to invest in growth, with plans to double its 50-strong team by the end of the year and build out its presence in Amsterdam. About AirwallexAirwallex is a global payments fintech with a purpose to empower businesses of all sizes to grow without borders, and by doing so, contribute to the global economy. With te more

Razer Becomes a Constituent of the MSCI Global Small Cap Indexes

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 12 May 2021 - Razer™ ("Razer" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group", Hong Kong Stock Code: 1337), the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, is pleased to announce that it has been included as a constituent in the MSCI Global Small Cap Indexes. The inclusion will be effective as of the close of May 27, 2021. "We are delighted that Razer has become a constituent of the MSCI Global Small Cap Indexes," said Min-Liang Tan, Co-Founder and CEO of Razer. "This milestone is a recognition of Razer's investment value and a testament to our strategy to grow our gamer-centric ecosystem of hardware, software, and services. Riding on our dominant brand position and intensely loyal user base, our proven capabilities in rolling out innovative, category-defining products and services, we are committed to delivering sustained operational and financial excellence as we continue to engage with a broad base of investors." MSCI is a leading provider of critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community. For further information, please refer to: RAZERRazer™ is the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers. The triple-headed snake trademark of Razer is one of the most recognized logos in the global gaming and esports communities. With a fan base that spans every continent, the company has designed and built the world's largest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software and services. Razer's award-winning hardware includes high-performance gaming peripherals and Blade gaming laptops. Razer's software platform, with over 125 million users, includes Razer Synapse (an Internet of Things platform), Razer Chroma RGB (a proprietary RGB lighting technology system supporting thousands of devices and hundreds of games/apps), and Razer Cortex (a game optimizer and launcher). Razer also offers payment services for gamers, youth, more

Emerging Stronger with Adaptable HR: Alight Solutions’ State of HR Transformation Study 2021

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 12 May 2021 - After releasing three insightful editions, we are delighted to bring to you the fourth edition of the Alight Solutions' State of HR Transformation Study in partnership with People Matters.The study, which was launched during the People Matters TechHR SEA, is themed around Emerging Stronger and sheds light on how some organisations are ahead of the curve in emerging stronger. A key finding was the positive sentiment that organisations in Asia have for the coming 12 months. Amongst them, adaptable organisations have reported that they are 1.5 times more likely to see positive growth in revenues and profits. The HR function has certainly proved its mettle in this case and shown how well it can manage disruption and guide organisations to emerge stronger. Last year, Alight brought forward the construct of Adaptable HR as a guide to navigating the increasingly uncertain business and talent landscape in the midst of the biggest crisis faced. Exploring the anchors of adaptability in HR functions, Alight has consistently observed that HR Operating Model (interchangeably referred to as HR Service Delivery or Business Model) plays an important role in driving confidence on execution and productivity. When complemented with the right HR technology strategy, the results are amplified further. Talking about this year's study, Vikrant Khanna (Sr. Director and Advisory Lead at Alight Solutions), exclaimed, "We are delighted to see how Adaptable HR function led organisations are recovering from the impact of the pandemic. While there is still quite a bit of uncertainty in the environment, the construct of Adaptable HR acts as a lighthouse for organisations to emerge stronger." This year, as we continue to face new challenges and uncertainties posed by the pandemic, Alight found that organisations with Adaptable HR are emerging stronger to:? Lead in being digital: Adaptable HR report twenty times the NPS on technology satisfaction more

Singapore Brands Lag in Winning Hearts of Consumers as Customer Experiences Fall Short of Expectations

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 12 May 2021 - Instead of bringing businesses closer to their customers, Singapore's digital pivot last year has in fact widened the gap between what consumers expect of brands, and what businesses actually deliver. According to the new 'Heart Matters' study announced by SAP SE (NYSE: SAP), Singapore's consumers find that businesses fall short of expectations by as much as 28% when it comes to being customer-centric, behind the Asia Pacific (APAC) average of 21%. Furthermore, only half (55%) of consumers in Singapore stated that brands here are able to resolve their issues after three interactions. Heart Matters' study, which was conducted by Qualtrics for SAP Customer Experience, surveyed 5,900 consumers across APAC countries including Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, and Thailand to understand their expectations and encounters with brands when it comes to customer experience, spending, and matters they truly care about. Key gaps identified from the study centred on the areas of customer centricity, personalised experiences, openness in privacy and data control, as well as sustainability and ethical behaviour. The study also revealed that three in five consumers in Singapore are now expecting brands to be purpose-driven, going beyond profits and transactional relationships, to demonstrate trustworthiness, empathy, shared values, and care for society. Singapore consumers surveyed indicated a gap between their expectations and actual experiences on this front, in areas such as brands respecting the rights and welfare of their workers (80% vs 67%), treating suppliers ethically (76% vs 56%), actively work to reduce gender and racial inequality (73% vs 55%), and not engage in anti-competitive behaviour (70% vs 54%). Basics matter in winning customer confidence Fundamental to any business, customer centricity is vital to creating positive brand experiences, loyalty, and a key diff more

DHL Global Forwarding, Freight: myDHLi boosts online bookings by 56%

Digital customer platform myDHLi now also includes road transport via DHL FreightNew features and functionalities presented at the first myDHLi Digital Summit hosted by DHLSINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 11 May 2021 - DHL Global Forwarding, Freight ("DHL"), the leading international freight specialist division of Deutsche Post DHL Group, has today announced new features and greater functionality for myDHLi, coinciding with the digital platform's first anniversary. After a successful launch of myDHLi, DHL has expanded the global availability of the platform from eight to 62 countries. In addition, online bookings and sales rose by +56% (yoy Q1/2020 to Q1/2021). "For us, myDHLi translates digitalization into customer-centricity. That's why we put an enormous amount of work in the roll-out. Customers can easily book shipments through the platform that follows modern design principles while having full control over the quotes with 360-degree visibility. By the end of 2020 we had 1,000 customers on the platform. Now, just four months later, we have reached a new high with 3,000 customers spread across 62 countries using myDHLi as of today," says Tim Scharwath, CEO DHL Global Forwarding, Freight. "In light of this successful launch to market, we will continue to expand the platform by adding more languages over time." The expansion comes along with improvements to existing functionalities, for example, the integration of a "save and edit" option and new services such as myDHLi Reports to increase shipment transparency. In addition, for the first time, the platform is now available for road freight customers, with the roll-out starting in Turkey. To address the success of these innovations, there will be an annual myDHLi Digital Summit, with the first event launched at the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf. With a "customer-first" approach, the Quote + Book functionality offers improved usability based on user behaviour analysis and modern design principles. Cu more

Limited-time 7-Eleven x Crayon Shinchan Themed Stores now open!

Use our exclusive Instagram filter to take a selfie with Shinchan HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 11 May 2021 - 7-Eleven's collaboration with Crayon Shinchan goes deeper than just a collectible programme. Building on the success of its recently launched "Let's Take a Brick" promotion – a series of Brick Stores created in partnership with BANBAO bricks and some well-known brands – 7-Eleven has transformed three of its stores into first-of-their-kind Crayon Shinchan themed stores for a limited time only! Buy limited-edition Crayon Shinchan merchandise Located in Quarry Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Tseung Kwan O, the stores have been totally taken over by cheeky Shinchan and his friends and offer exclusive décor, activities and merchandise. The colourful, fun-filled environment makes for a uniquely enjoyable shopping experience and a perfect backdrop for pictures with friends and colleagues! The themed store in Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui features an impressive display showcasing the complete set of Brick Stores from the "Let's Take a Brick" collectible programme. Each of the three themed stores carries a unique, limited-time range of Crayon Shinchan products. Crayon Shinchan fans will love the choice of items ranging from mini figurines to character cushions, and will want to bring the whole lot home with them! Take a selfie with Crayon Shinchan and the gang Each 7-Eleven x Crayon Shinchan themed store is jampacked with fun photo opportunities and feature mischievous Shinchan and his friends as well as his parents, Hiroshi and Misae Nohara, throughout the store. You can even take a picture with Shinchan and his friends with a limited-edition Instagram filter. Head down to any of the themed stores and enjoy a totally immersive experience and make some mischief with Shinchan and the gang! Themed Store Exclusive Crayon Shinchan Products' Details: Pyjama Shinchan Cushions – Red/Blue/Green/Yellow ($108 each, more

Hong Kong Baptist University and Cornell University jointly develop a novel nano-carrier that increases the efficacy of Chinese medicine treatment for breast cancer

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 11 May 2021 - Researchers from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), in collaboration with Cornell University, have developed a novel targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) that uses a specially-designed nano-carrier to deliver the Chinese medicine compound gambogic acid (GA). The invention enhances the anti-cancer effect of GA and reduces its damage to off-target organs. The invention has the potential to become a more effective therapeutic option for TNBC.A research team led by Professor Bian Zhaoxiang (left) and Dr Kwan Hiu-yee (right) of HKBU's School of Chinese Medicine collaborates with Cornell University to develop a nano-carrier that increases treatment efficacy of gambogic acid for TNBC. The study was supported by the Vincent and Lily Woo Foundation, and the research findings have been published in the international medical journal Frontiers in Oncology. GA as a breast cancer treatment and its limitations TNBC accounts for 10-24% of all breast cancer cases and it also grows and spreads faster than other types of breast cancer. There are limited treatment options for TNBC and it has a high risk of recurrence and metastasis. In the advanced stage of the disease, the five-year relative survival rate is only about 12%. GA is a herbal compound isolated from a dry, brownish resin called gamboge, which is derived from Garcinia hanburyi, a plant with a long history of medicinal use in Southeast Asia. Previous studies have shown that GA can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. However, its clinical application is limited by the fact that it is rapidly eliminated from the circulation system and has poor water solubility, which makes it difficult for GA to reach the cancer cells. Furthermore, high dosages of GA can cause damage to off-target organs due to its toxicity. Nano-carrier increases treatment efficacy of GA In the search for a more effective more

CrowdSec raises $5M to transform the global communications landscape with a collaborative solution

The power of Open Source innovation ensures that the worldwide internetworked community can now maintain its own safety PARIS, FRANCE - Media OutReach - 11 May 2021 - CrowdSec, which puts online security into the hands of users themselves and has already helped to identify hundreds of thousands of malicious IP addresses worldwide, has announced a US$5 million round of seed investment from European VC Breega. Making the internet a safer place, and empowering everyone with a rock-solid, free, first line of defense, whether they are individuals, institutions, SMBs or larger companies is the mission of European start-up CrowdSec, who is aiming to rethink cybersecurity by creating a collaborative endpoint detection and response (EDR) system, empowering a novel open-source strategy to combat attacks on any network, anywhere. This new round of funding will allow the company to expand its global community of users and contributors, including in China and Asia, to enhance its functionality, and to recruit new talents to fuel its expansion. Collaboration and global focus are keys to CrowdSec's open-source approach, as outlined by Philippe Humeau, CEO and co-founder, CrowdSec. "Every year, states, banks, businesses and institutions spend billions of dollars to protect themselves", Humeau commented. "They are nevertheless hacked by groups with much lesser means. This cyberwar is asymmetrically favorable to hackers, who benefit from time, use stolen resources and mainly open-source software, and face increasingly fragmented and permeable perimeters, including Cloud drives, SaaS, VMs, containers, and VPNs. Our goal is to rebalance the cyber-security game by creating innovative, free and collaborative software in order to fight, together, hacking on a global scale." This is an approach that suits the Europe-based CrowdSec, where the business community is diverse and steeped in a rugged individualism developed over centuries. At th more

Fluxergy Announces Improved Clinical Performance of Its CE-IVD COVID-19 PCR Test

IRVINE, CA. - News Aktuell - 11 May 2021 - Fluxergy, Inc., a U.S. medical diagnostic point-of-care platform company with a detection technology solution capable of multiplexity and multimodality, is further announcing improved clinical performance of its CE-IVD COVID-19 RT-PCR test. The CE marking for its one-hour COVID-19 Test Kit allows healthcare professionals to use its in vitro diagnostics (IVD) assay for the detection of SARS-CoV-2. Fluxergy's innovative testing platform is approved for IVD use in the European Union market and any other markets that accept CE marking as valid regulatory approval. The Fluxergy Diagnostic System: The Fluxergy Analyzer, which conducts the testing; the Fluxergy Card, a single-use test cartridge and its reagents; and the FluxergyWorks software, to manage the test data. The Fluxergy Test Kit COVID-19 is only available for purchase in the European Union market and any other markets that accept the CE-marking as valid regulatory approval. COURTESY: FLUXERGY, INC. The simple workflow of the Fluxergy platform allows for a NP swab sample collected in a VTM or UTM vial and mixed with the Fluxergy Reaction Mixture within three minutes. This can then be immediately loaded onto the Fluxergy Card and inserted into the Fluxergy Analyzer for qualitative real-time PCR results within one hour. The platform is ideal for rapid testing applications such as emergency testing and delivery ward testing, as well as community reopening testing where expedited turnaround times are critical. In the most recent clinical performance comparison study conducted by Fluxergy using ninety-five U.S. clinical specimens collected from November 2020 to March 2021, the COVID-19 Fluxergy Test Kit was 100% concordant with Cepheid's Xpert Xpress SARS-CoV-2 (the gold standard for COVID-19 RT-PCR at the Point-of-Care, approved for CE-IVD and other regions). About FluxergyFluxergy, Inc. launched in 2013 with funding support from princi more

Trend Micro Named A Leader By Independent Research Firm

Independent analysis recognizes company as a leader in enterprise email security HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 11 May 2021 -Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cybersecurity leader, today announced it has been named a leader, in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2021 report. Trend Micro is a leader among the 15 evaluated vendors, scoring second highest in the Current Offering category and tying for the highest score in the Strategy category, two of the three main categories evaluated. Email security is a key layer of security provided by Trend Micro's cybersecurity platform. At the heart of the platform is Trend Micro Vision One, which delivers visibility and XDR for faster detection of attacks, using telemetry from email security in addition to the other components of the platform including endpoint, servers, cloud workload and networks. Click here to read the full report from Forrester: The Forrester report assessed that "Trend Micro delivers advanced, integrated email security" noting that "Enterprises seeking an email security solution with strong endpoint integration (especially for Trend Micro-protected endpoints) and [incident response] capabilities should evaluate Trend Micro." "The validation of our email security is critically important to our overall platform security offering," said Wendy Moore, vice president of product marketing for Trend Micro. "In 2020, 91% of threats blocked by Trend Micro were email borne. Email remains the number one cyber threat facing organizations today, and a key area of focus with continued innovation and investment." In its profile of Trend Micro, the Forrester report notes, "Trend Micro offers a broad portfolio of security solutions, including network, cloud, and endpoint security. Its Apex Central provides centralized monitoring for the vendor's endp more

Rising Korean Star Wi Ha-joon Of MSteam, Wholly-Owned by Spackman Entertainment Group’s Associated Company, Spackman Media Group, Stars in Korean Crime Thriller Film, MIDNIGHT, To Be Released Late June Or Early July 2021 In Korean Theatres and Online

Wi Ha-joon of MSteam headlines in Korean crime thriller film, MIDNIGHT, which is set to be screened on Korean theatres and online in late June or early July 2021  SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 11 May 2021 - Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("Spackman Entertainment Group" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups, wishes to announce that up-and-coming Korean actor Wi Ha-joon of MSteam Entertainment Co., Ltd. ("MSteam"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group's associated company, Spackman Media Group Limited, stars in upcoming Korean crime thriller film, MIDNIGHT, which is expected be released in Korean theatres and online in late June or early July 2021. MIDNIGHT shall be streamed via Korean OTT platform TVING. The film is written & directed by Kwon Oh- seung and produced by Peppermint & Company. Wi Ha-joon of MS team starred in GONJIAM: HAUNTED ASYLUM (2018), which was one of the biggest March openings ever achieved by a Korean film, accumulating 1.4 million admissions in its opening weekend and accounted for 40% of the total weekend box office. Other than Wi Ha-joon, MS Team also represents iconic Korean actress Son Ye-jin, who starred in highly popular romance drama CRASH LANDING ON YOU (2020), and top actress Lee Min-jung who won the Top Excellence Award at the 2020 APAN Star Awards. About Spackman Entertainment Group Limited Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("SEGL" or the "Company"), and together with its subsidiaries, (the "Group"), founded in 2011 by Charles Spackman, is one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups. SEGL is primarily engaged in the independent development, production, presentation, and financing of theatrical motion pictures in Korea. According to Variety, Korea was the world's fourth largest box office market in 2019, behind only North America, China and Japan. The Group also invests into a more

Love and Art in the Time of Quarantine: Dorsett Wanchai's quarantine hotel guests show off their artistic side for Mother's Day

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 11 May 2021 - Love knows no boundaries – even in quarantine. While it may be socially-distanced, offering our guests the best experience and a personal touch will always be an intrinsic part of Dorsett Wanchai's culture. We want our guests to be able to enjoy and celebrate all the simple joys and moments as they undergo their 14 to 21 day quarantine with us. For Mother's Day, Dorsett Wanchai prepared a drawing pen and memo stickers for all their quarantine guests to DIY their own "love message" for their mothers and loved ones on the windows of their room. Passers-by were able to see the creative artwork and love hearts displayed on guest room windows while guests also shared their artistic creations on social media. Guests also shared their love through donations to families affected by domestic violence in Hong Kong via Harmony House, Dorsett Hospitality International's charity partner of choice in Hong Kong throughout the pandemic. "It has been very inspiring and moving to see our quarantine guests motivate each other and come together as a community," shares Anita Chan, General Manager of Dorsett Wanchai. "We've held several virtual gatherings for wine tastings and even a private workout class with F45 Causeway Bay and it's heart-warming to see the guests smile, laugh and share about their experience so far. We are very humbled to be able to be a part of their experience and look forward to celebrating more special days and moments with our guests." About Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong The award-winning 4.5-star Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong (Award-winner of Traveler's Choice 2020) is conveniently located between Wanchai and Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island giving its guests easy access to all business, shopping, and sightseeing destinations in the city. The hotel is a mere 8-minute walk to MTR stations, Times Square, and a 10-minute drive from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Cen more

Kaplan Singapore and Murdoch University support youth development in esports

First private education institution (PEI) to support the student esports development platform SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 11 May 2021 - Kaplan in Singapore and its university partner, Murdoch University, announce their joint support for Campus Legends, an esports platform that sees the development of young gaming talents in Singapore. Organised by the Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) for the third year, this is the first time a PEI is supporting the event. Students from Kaplan and Murdoch University will compete in Campus Legends, an opportunity to help aspiring youth in the gaming industry level up in terms of skill sets. To be held from 12 June to 8 August 2021, Campus Legends is an inter-school tournament featuring two of the most popular esports titles in Singapore -- Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legends. Through the partnership, Kaplan and Murdoch University aim to actively support aspiring gaming and esports talent in Singapore by raising awareness on avenues to acquire the skills needed to work in both the international gaming industry and information technology industry. The partnership also offers a valuable experience for the students to showcase their talent in competitive gaming. Four teams (two for each esports title), comprising five players each, will represent Kaplan and Murdoch University to compete in the tournament. Kaplan and Murdoch University recognise the fast-growing gaming industry in Singapore. They provide relevant Diploma and Degree programmes for students to gain a competitive edge in areas, such as games development, software design and production, mobile application design, as well as marketing and events management, developing ready talent to contribute to the sector. Mr Joe Keen Poon, President at Kaplan in Singapore said: "As Singapore ramps up plans to anchor its position as the region's esports hub, building the capabilities of our human more

DHL Delivers First Batch of Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines and Diluents to the Philippines

Rigorous planning and testing were undertaken by DHL to ensure supply chains support the vaccine's stringent temperature requirements MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - DHL Express, the world's leading express service provider, today announced the successful delivery of Covid-19 vaccines to the Philippines. DHL Express arranged the arrival of the vaccines on a cargo flight from Belgium to the Philippines. At the same time, the diluents for the vaccines were delivered from the manufacturing site in the United States to an accredited warehouse in the Philippines a day before the vaccines arrived.DHL delivers first batch of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines and diluents to the Philippines"We are as much grateful to DHL for facilitating the safe transport of the donated vaccines and diluents as we are to the COVAX Facility for the additional supply. The additional supply will be critical as we seek to inoculate more of our high-risk individuals in the country. With more vaccines to come in the next few months, let us continue to put our trust in vaccines and in science. Together, we will be able to overcome this obstacle and rise again as a nation." said Francisco Duque III, Secretary, Department of Health.The vaccines were delivered in specially designed thermal shipper packaging and each shipment was packed with dry ice to regulate the temperature, enabling its use in locations that lack the physical infrastructure to otherwise maintain the required temperature. Temperature trackers equipped with sophisticated GPS technology are also packed within each thermal shipper box to provide full visibility throughout the shipment's entire journey. Ken Lee, CEO DHL Express Asia Pacific said, "Having crossed the one-million mark in Covid-19 cases recently, the Philippines is ramping up its vaccination efforts, with healthcare workers even making house visits to administer vaccinations for those who are unable to leave their homes. As the world's leading express service more

SP Jain Global Rated No. 1 among all Higher Education Providers in Australia for Improvement in Student Satisfaction

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey, Australia SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - SP Jain School of Global Management, one of the world's top-ranked business schools, has been rated #1 from among 133 institutes in Australia in the QILT survey, making it the school that has demonstrated the greatest improvement of all university and non-university higher education institutions in the country to ensure quality of education amid a global pandemic. The survey results, released recently, place SP Jain as the #1 higher education institution nationally, for overall improvement in student satisfaction. The QILT (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching) surveys are the biggest government-endorsed surveys of their kind in Australia. Information gathered from these surveys help students make informed choices about their higher education options by bringing together data from all Australian universities about students' experiences and graduate job outcomes. Students can compare institutions based on the results of thousands of QILT surveys completed by current students and graduates. The surveys are based on a range of information, such as the satisfaction of face-to-face discussions, access to computers, graduate salaries, and employment outcomes. The Graduate Outcomes Survey—in which SP Jain ranked #1—is a study of recent graduates three to six months after the completion of their studies. Students were surveyed on their short-term employment outcomes and further study activities. Mr. Nitish Jain, President, SP Jain School of Global Management, shared, "The survey results are just further proof that our strategy to put students front and centre in all our activities has paid off. In a year of turbulence and significant external factors in the form of COVID-19 and the restrictions the pandemic caused, our students are not just satisfied with their education, but also with the ski more

Cushman & Wakefield Hong Kong Strengthens its Retail Services Team With Appointment of Baldwin Ko as Director, Retail Services – Deputy Head of Retail Management

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - Cushman & Wakefield Hong Kong has announced the expansion of its Retail Services team with the appointment of Baldwin Ko as Director, Retail Services – Deputy Head of Retail Management, with immediate effect. Reporting directly to Kevin Lam, Cushman & Wakefield Hong Kong's Executive Director & Head of Retail Services, Ko will be responsible for expanding the asset enhancement services and business partnerships of the Retail Services team in Hong Kong. Ko is a seasoned real estate professional with a strong entrepreneurial background, as well as all-round experience in retail operations and management. He co-founded the first agnes b. DELICES – the French lifestyle company's chocolate brand, and also launched the first Vivienne Westwood café in Hong Kong. Previously, Ko has held senior positions in corporate real estate and retail businesses in leasing, management and operational roles, driving growth and improving mall revenues and operating performance. During his tenure at Swire Properties he was focused on building a sustainable, differentiated and high-growth tenant mix for the Festival Walk property. He is also the Chairman of the executive board of the Institute of Shopping Centre Management, with extensive connections and a proven track record in developing strong mall retail mixes. With management skills gained from a fast-track career at Swire Properties, together with experience in leading key negotiations to develop L'Oreal Hong Kong's retail strategies, and his own entrepreneurial ventures, Ko is well-placed to add value to Cushman & Wakefield's retail team. "We are very pleased to welcome Baldwin to our team, bringing in his wealth of knowledge and extensive networks in real estate and retail services in support of the growth plans of the Retail Services team here in Hong Kong. We are confident that he will help drive our retail more

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors is preparing for the future and upgrading its assembly and test cleanroom

Grenoble, France - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - On Tuesday May 4th 2021, the first stone was laid to launch the upgrade work of the semiconductors assembly and test clean room at the factory near Grenoble, France. This project is named "GECkO" which stands for "Growth Efficiency by Cleanroom Optimization". Teledyne e2v Semiconductors is a manufacturer of high performance & high reliability electronic components. All products such as microprocessors, data converters, and imagery solutions are marketed worldwide, for industrial, medical, civil and military avionics applications, and space. The actual assembly and test clean room measures 2000 m² and has been created in 1989. This upgrade will allow to optimize production flows while enhancing the principle of Lean manufacturing to increase competitiveness. Manufacturers use Lean manufacturing principles to eliminate waste, optimize processes, cut costs, and boost innovation based on the understanding of customer needs. This project will also reduce our environmental impact with an energy-efficient room and will be adaptive in order to prepare for new technologies and offer an improved quality of work life to employees. The GECkO project was launched in March 2019 and is a real business project, which includes a multidisciplinary team working in collaborative mode on a 3D model of the future clean room. After elaborating the pre-study, choosing the ideal location and selecting optimal service providers, the works are now starting. They will take place in three phases in order to maintain production and ensure continuous product delivery for all customers. Phase 1, lasting about a year, covers the first half of the new room. This investment illustrates the confidence placed by the Teledyne group and its desire to develop manufacturing activities on the Grenoble France site.About Teledyne e2v Semiconductors:Teledyne e2v offers high-performance, ultra-reliabl more maximizes the efficiency and revenue from Digital Marketing in 2021

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - is a young Digital Marketing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, achieving many awards such as: Best In Search evaluated by Topseos in 2020, #1 Vietnamese SEO Agency voted by the website in 2021, providing online marketing services for small and medium enterprises. Thien Ho, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DigitalAfter researching for a long time, has offered a unique, innovative data-based marking strategy in the Covid-19 pandemic for small and medium enterprises. The digital specialist team has advised and successfully implemented a number of campaigns in 2021. From then, this helps customers to grow the revenues at the average of 300% within less than 1 year with respective profit. Some brands such as Gobear (Insurance advisory platform), Topdev (IT personnel recruitment), (Shoe review platform), (Product assessment platform), etc. have strongly thriven in the pandemic, creating a breakthrough in business. From 2020 to present, the pandemic has gone on motivating rapidly the transform from traditional to digital marketing and it will certainly affect the digital marketing in the long term. A recent survey showed that nearly 80% of marketing budget in enterprises in 2020 was for digital channels. Moreover, 74% of CMOs have spent more in digital advertising and 66% have allocated more on PPC advertising in 2021. Thien Ho, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of said: "The digital marketing companies are the companions and take many responsibilities together with the enterprises. They not only simply create the high-quality potential customers but also play an important role in business strategy and are responsible in many aspects, from sales growth to strategic brand positioning across all channels." 5 factors that the company's research team expects to announce to help the enterprises more

Mead Johnson Nutrition HK Launches "We CAN Protect the Future" – Formula Cans Recycling Program with HKTVmall and World Green Organisation

Enabling parents and children to build a greener world by taking their first steps in recycling formula cans HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - To encourage Hong Kong citizens to lead greener lives, Mead Johnson Nutrition Hong Kong ("Mead Johnson"), one of the brands under Reckitt Benckiser ("Reckitt"), officially launched its city-wide "We CAN Protect the Future" Formula Cans Recycling Program in early April. Created in partnership with 24-hour online shopping platform, HKTVmall under Hong Kong Television Network Limited ("HKTVmall") and the World Green Organisation ("WGO"), the program aims to raise awareness among the public on the importance of recycling and urge parents to safeguard the future of their children by taking immediate actions to protect the environment and be the role models of green living. According to a recent survey, only around 30% of interviewed parents would recycle the used formula cans in Hong Kong[1]. With collection points at 6 HKTVmall O2O Shops across the city, the Program offers consumers easy access to a reliable channel to recycle and transform their used formula cans into useful raw materials to reduce waste and protect our environment. The Program accepts cleaned formula cans from all brands and rewards participating parents with HKTVmall e-vouchers that can be used for online purchase[2]. To ensure proper storage and transportation of all collected cans, all brand logos and brand names will be erased before a specialized delivery team transports the cans from HKTVmall O2O Shops to a local recycling plant. The cans will then be destructed and shipped to another facility for further processing. Molten metal will be recycled into raw metal materials for different purposes, such as for construction use. "Reckitt is driven by its purpose, do the right things, always. Mead Johnson as one for the core brands of Reckitt also upholds this mission, it not only provides hig more

Emerging markets to drive global social networking market revenue to 264 billion USD by 2024 - Frost & Sullivan

New study finds emerging markets are driving rapid social networking growth and a shift to live video and voice interaction BEIJING, CHINA - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - Demand from young populations in emerging markets is driving rapid global social networking market growth and a concurrent shift to live video and voice applications. These findings come from new research released by Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company. Frost & Sullivan's report, entitled Social Networking in Emerging Markets, finds that the global live social market—which refers to social networking applications that focus on live video and voice interaction—is expected to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.6% to more than triple in size from 19.7 billion USD in 2019 to 64.1 billion USD in 2024. In the same period, live social revenue from emerging markets is forecast show a significantly higher CAGR of 41.7% to rise from 1.5 billion USD in 2019 to 8.6 billion USD in 2024. Emerging markets drive substantial live social market growth Emerging markets in Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, and Africa are driving an increasingly large proportion of this live social market growth. Young populations, rapid economic growth, and advanced mobile internet technology rollout mean growth in these markets is on track to significantly outpace the global average. "We expected to find strong social networking market growth in emerging markets, but were surprised to see how quickly the contribution of these markets is increasing, particularly in the live social space," said Gabriel Lu, Partner at Frost & Sullivan. "The proportion of global live social revenue arising from emerging markets is forecast to grow from 7.6% in 2019 to 13.4% in 2024 as these markets account for a higher portion of live social market growth. Apps such as Uplive and Bigo are increasingly delivering products tailored to meet the needs of young us more

Spicing it up with Cloud Comrade: Baba Products powers digital transformation efforts with successful migration to a cloud-based IT infrastructure

By building a secure, scalable and high-performance cloud-based IT infrastructure, Cloud Comrade equips BABA'S with a strong foundation to support future growth while delivering greater efficiencies, significant cost and time savings.SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - Malaysia's leading manufacturer of spice powder, curry mixes and flour mixes, Baba Products ("BABA'S") has taken another giant leap forward in its digital transformation with the successful deployment of a secure, scalable and robust cloud-based IT infrastructure. Ilaventhan Vijaya - Head of Finance, Baba's Group of Companies Singapore-based cloud computing consultancy Cloud Comrade led the selection, planning and execution of the migration from an on-premise infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the preferred cloud provider. Faster order processing, reduced cash cycle In the first phase of the migration, BABA'S implemented SAP's future ready enterprise resource planning system, SAP S/4HANA, on AWS and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. By selecting AWS's on-demand infrastructure, BABA'S joins over 5,000 customers using SAP on AWS today, to achieve faster time to value, the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements, and future proofing their SAP workloads with the ability to scale up to 48 TB of memory for their S/4HANA database. BABA's is using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which offers the broadest selection of SAP-certified, cloud native instance types, offering the flexibility for BABA'S to support their current and future unique growth requirements. Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS) is used to provide high-performance block-level storage volumes, to keep up with the performance demands of modern SAP workloads. To protect BABA'S data, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) with its designed for 99.999999999% (11 9's) of data durability was selected, to resiliently store backups. Amazon Vi more

Infinity Ventures and Are Rebranding Under New Name Headline

TOKYO, JAPAN - Media OutReach - 10 May 2021 - Early-stage venture capital firms Infinity Ventures in Asia and in the US and Europe will be rebranding together as Headline. For the last 10 years, the two funds have helped one another on a deal-by-deal basis, including building digital coupon company, Groupon Japan from the ground up, establishing fashion e-commerce site Farfetch in Japan, and investing in Yeahka, China's largest QR code aggregator which went IPO in Hong Kong in 2019. The relationship between Infinity Ventures and has been mutually beneficial. Each generation of fund has had some winners from this association. The greatest lesson we have learned from our decade-long relationship is that with the aid of global, cross-regional knowledge, we have been able to catch the wave on new internet trends rising in one part of the world, and riding it out to another. "What we'll gain from further collaboration is we will have access to more global data and trends. With our shared network of information, we'll have more rapid and more efficient insight into internet tech trends happening around the globe and that is what's going to make us better VCs," Headline co-founder Akio Tanaka says, "The world is becoming more connected, ideas from one part of the world to another travel much, much faster today. There is no such thing as purely regional deals anymore. Every regional deal in the future will have an international angle. For VCs to find winners early, and opportunities that scale, you need international intelligence. That's what we have had so far working with, and that's what we're betting on further with Headline." "I am so excited about this new chapter in our relationship. Our technology, our team, and our global vision combine to fuel our founders with resources at every stage of their companies' lifecycles," says co-founder of Headline Mathias Schilling. Moving forward, Infinity Ve more

Woodfibre LNG signs second sales agreement with BP Gas Marketing Limited

SQUAMISH, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA - Media OutReach - 7 May 2021 - Woodfibre LNG has taken another step toward shipping some of the world's cleanest LNG to Asian markets, where it can offset coal and displace millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas every year. Pacific Oil & Gas Limited's (PO&G) wholly-owned subsidiary, Woodfibre LNG, has signed a second LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) with BP Gas Marketing Limited (BPGM), a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of BP Plc, for the delivery of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from PO&G's Woodfibre LNG export facility near Squamish, British Columbia. Under the terms of the SPA, BPGM will receive 0.75 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) of LNG over 15 years on a free on board (FOB) basis. This latest SPA will increase BPGM's total LNG off-take to 1.5 MTPA, over 70 per cent of Woodfibre LNG's future annual production. "Forward-looking companies like BP are turning to projects like ours for sustainable, stable gas that will supply a clean energy mix," said Ratnesh Bedi, PO&G President. "We look forward to working with BPGM to deliver Canadian natural gas from one of the lowest carbon footprint LNG facilities in the world, and help advance the climate goals of growing economies as they phase away from coal, lower their emissions, and meet net-zero targets." Pacific Oil & Gas is a member of the Singapore-based RGE group of companies. Founded by Sukanto Tanoto, RGE manages a group of resource-based manufacturing companies with global operations. "The use of renewable energy for e-drive power places Woodfibre – and Squamish – at the forefront of the world's clean energy transition," said Ron Bailey, president of Woodfibre LNG. About Woodfibre LNG LimitedThe Woodfibre LNG project is located approximately 7 km west-southwest of Squamish, British Columbia. It involves the construction and operation of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility on the previous Woodfibre pulp mill s more

Sino Jet Named the Largest Fleet in Asia Pacific for the Second Time

Passenger Safety Remains Top Priority HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 7 May 2021 - Sino Jet has once again been recognized as Asia's largest business jet operator by Asian Sky Group's recently released 2020 Fleet Report. Sino Jet is the operator with the biggest fleet in Asia for the second time in a row, with a fleet of 47 business jets. Despite a dramatic drop in aviation activities caused by the pandemic, Sino Jet grew its fleet size steadily and continues to lead the business aviation market. Sino Jet has further strengthened its uniformity in terms of fleet composition to specialize in medium and large cabin aircraft, which accounts for over 90% of its fleet. Sino Jet is committed to expanding its service scope by lifting the industry benchmark with enhanced ground handling services and capabilities, as well as formation of several fixed base operator (FBO) partnerships. Asian Sky Media presents the 2020 Asia-Pacific Business Jet Fleet Report Sino Jet is headquartered in both Beijing and Hong Kong and is supplemented by satellite offices in many other cities including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau and Singapore. This strategic network of offices inside and outside mainland China is the successful key to providing top-tier customized business jet services, whilst accommodating for aircraft on different registries. Other specialized services include, but are not limited to, aircraft purchase consultation, aircraft financing, maintenance, air charter, aircraft ground handling and FBO (fixed base operator) services. Sino Jet is the first operator to be awarded with IS-BAO Stage 3 certification, which denotes the highest safety standard recognized internationally. To combat the harsh operating environment in 2020, with no compromises to safety, Sino Jet successfully completed a number of large-cabin jet deliveries from overseas through effective flight planning and utilization of int more

Influencing Future of Cloud Security with MITRE ATT&CK® for Containers

Trend Micro contributes to new framework, helping businesses build and deploy secure container environments HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 7 May 2021 - Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), the global leader in cloud security, is proud to have contributed research and resources to support MITRE's development of the new Container Framework. Trend Micro threat intelligence heavily contributed to the development of ATT&CK for Containers. Trend Micro collaborated with MITRE, providing several years of dedicated research as evidence-based input that was used for the framework. To learn more about Trend Micro's container security expertise, please visit: "Trend Micro was one of the companies that answered our call to the community when we began developing ATT&CK for Containers through the Center for Threat-Informed Defense," said Jen Burns, a lead cybersecurity engineer at MITRE. "We are all working to help companies stay protected against attacks using knowledge bases like ATT&CK as a common language. Contributors like Trend Micro, with expertise and experience with real-world attacks, help us support the security community in reaching that goal." Trend Micro provided evidence from real-world attacks to support seven MITRE Techniques. Two of these techniques are new and unique to ATT&CK for Containers. Businesses can use these techniques to better understand how attackers are targeting container environments and how to protect from these threats. "It has been a privilege to support MITRE through the development of their new container framework," said Wendy Moore, vice president of product marketing for Trend Micro. "The extensive research community within Trend Micro is always focused on helping protect our customers and the broader digital world from the threats of toda more

CIFI’s contracted sales grew by 104% year on year to RMB26.46 billion in April 2021

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - In April 2021, the Group achieved contracted sales of approx. RMB26.46 billion, representing a YoY increase of approx. 104% (compared to April 2020). Contracted GFA amounted to approx. 1,501,900 sq.m. and contracted ASP was approx. RMB17,600 / sq.m. in April 2021.From January to April, the Group achieved contracted sales of approx. RMB83.16 billion, representing a YoY increase of approx. 135%. Contracted GFA amounted to approx. 4,903,000 sq.m.. Contracted ASP was approx. RMB17,000 / sq.m. in from January to April 2021. Land Acquisition In April 2021, the Group completed the following land acquisitions: City Project Group'sEquityInterest IntendedPrimaryUse SiteArea (sq.m.) TotalPlannedGFA (Excl. Carpark) (sq.m.) Group's Attributable Consideration(RMB) Average Land Cost (Excl. Carpark) (RMB/ sq.m.) Chongqing Yubei District, Two Road Group E Zone Project 100% Residential 102,700 154,000 1,900,000,000 12,338 Shenyang Huanggu District, Xiyao Phase II, Phase 1B Plot Project 100% Residential, Commercial 155,800 311,700 1,980,160,000 6,353 Dezhou Development Zone, No. 2020-014 Linzhuang Plot Project 100% Residential, Commercial 70,100 154,200 946,650,000 6,140 Zibo Zibo City, Huantai County, Plot 033 100% Residential 70,000 140,000 550,360,000 3,931 Wenzhou Longwan District, Puzhou E10a Project 70% Residential, Commercial 30,500 76,200 669,460,000 more

SunMirror AG strengthens its management with Lester Kemp as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO)

ZUG, Switzerland - EQS Newswire - 6 May 2021 - SunMirror AG ("SunMirror"; XETRA Vienna: ROR1; ISIN CH0396131929), the mining and exploration firm specializing in raw materials such as gold, lithium and other metals and minerals, is strengthening its management team to include Lester Kemp. The 55-year-old graduate from the Royal School of Mines (Imperial College, University of London) is joining SunMirror as its new Chief Geologist and Chief Operating Officer (COO). His activities will focus on SunMirror's projects in Australia, where the company holds attractive prospecting and mining rights. In addition, he will oversee further expansion into new markets and support the company with his many years of expertise in exploration. Lester Kemp has more than 25 years of experience in senior positions worldwide in mining and exploration. Most recently, he worked as COO for Century Cobalt Corporation, where he was responsible for cobalt projects in the U.S., and as a consultant to various companies, he advised on resource projects in Africa. Lester Kemp is also a Non-Executive Director of a UK-based advisory firm specializing in promoting responsible business conduct and good governance in mineral production and sourcing."We are very pleased to welcome an experienced and renowned professional like Lester Kemp to SunMirror and look forward to working with him successfully in the future. With his expertise and experience, Lester Kemp will provide important impetus to our further growth. Together with him, we will continue to drive SunMirror's successful development and increase the company's value in the long term," said Dr. Heinz Rudolf Kubli, Member of the Board of Directors of SunMirror AG.Analysts at Sphene Capital, a research firm that focuses on small and mid caps, are also positive about SunMirror's further development. In their latest study, they confirm their buy recommendation for the SunMirror share and have significantly increased the price target from EUR 68.90 t more

artnet AG: Artnet News Launches Artnet News Pro, Bringing Data-Driven Reporting to Industry Insiders

New Members-Only Product From Artnet News Will Bring Exclusive Art Market Insights to ReadersSubscribers Have Access to Market-Focused, In-Depth Coverage to Help Drive Decisions About Collecting, Art Business, and MoreMarket Analysis Powered By Artnet's Industry-Leading Price Database And AnalyticsPaywall Will Support the Work of the Artnet News Team BERLIN, GERMANY/NEW YORK, US - EQS Newswire - 6 May 2021 - Artnet News Pro has arrived, and with it comes a new era for the team at Artnet News. In switching to a partially paywalled model, Artnet News will continue its best-in-class coverage of the global art market while providing more targeted, industry-specific content for subscribers. A membership to Artnet News Pro provides members with decision-driving intelligence about the latest developments in the global art market, from exclusive news and data reports to opinion from our acclaimed columnists. Non-members will still be able to read all of Artnet News's indispensable reporting on exhibitions, museums, antiquities, viral crazes, and the places where the art world intersects with politics, pop culture, and style. But they will not gain access to Artnet News Pro's premium market coverage, analysis, and opinion. In a mission statement, Artnet News Editor-in-Chief Andrew Goldstein lays out the ways the paywall will bring more value to readers. "As the boutique art business transitions into a supercharged global industry, the art market faces both unprecedented challenges and unprecedented opportunities," Goldstein wrote. "We are launching Artnet News Pro to provide collectors, art professionals, and other ambitious art lovers with the tools to navigate this high-stakes terrain through exclusive market news, analysis, opinion, insights from industry insiders, and clear-eyed investigations driven by Artnet's industry-leading price database." A subscription includes unlimited access to premium Artnet News Pro market coverage and analys more

DEUTZ AG: High hopes for 2021 following a successful start to the year for DEUTZ

Significant new order growth; orders on hand up by around 48 percent year on yearStrong improvement in profitability and free cash flowFurther progress with implementing Transform for Growth; voluntary redundancy program taken up in fullRigorous implementation of strategic growth initiativesFull-year guidance for 2021 raised despite difficult supply situationCOLOGNE, GERMANY - EQS Newswire - 6 May 2021 - Having finished a year dominated by coronavirus with a much improved fourth quarter in 2020, the uptrend for DEUTZ continued into the first quarter of 2021. This could be seen from the recently published preliminary results, which the Company has confirmed today."The successful start to the year shows that DEUTZ is back on course for growth. Our new orders were up by around a third year on year in the first quarter of 2021, while orders on hand rose by almost a half. And although we will be dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for quite some time to come, we anticipate a sustained increase in customers' propensity to proceed with capital expenditure in all of the main application segments," said DEUTZ CEO Dr. Frank Hiller.As well as a healthy operating performance, further strategic milestones were reached. In China, the world's largest engine market, the joint venture with SANY continues to operate profitably. Its unit sales amounted to around 8,000 engines in the first quarter of this year and the aim is to increase this to between 35,000 and 40,000 engines in 2021. At the Tianjin site, DEUTZ and BEINEI have begun to manufacture the 2.9 engine series as planned. Establishment of the purchasing organization in China is also proceeding according to schedule. The intention behind this is to achieve the highest possible localization rate and thus significantly lower costs for materials and logistics.DEUTZ also forged ahead with the ongoing expansion of its high-margin service portfolio in the reporting period. At the start of 2021, the Company added to its analog ser more

Over 150 new Rewards are now available on the yuu App. Redeem amazing Rewards for as little as 400 yuu Points and link your Hang Seng enJoy Card for 20% Points rebate!

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - A new selection of exclusive member Rewards from yuu, Hong Kong's biggest Rewards Club, are coming your way! Over 150 brand-new Rewards are now up for grabs for as little as 400 Points on the yuu App covering a variety of categories including dining, grocery, beauty, household and lifestyle. Choose from a wide range of unmissable Rewards including a limited-edition 7-Eleven Container Truck for 18,000 Points plus $168 at 7-Eleven, a Chicken Bucket (9 pcs) for just 5,850 Points at KFC or a set of SKUBB storage boxes for only 2,000 Points plus $15 at IKEA. #yuu #7ElevenHK #yuuRewards #enJoyCard #Rebate #Points These attractive new Rewards provide such a diverse choice of items for you to redeem - there's something for everyone! Plus, from now until 20 May, if you have linked your Hang Seng enJoy card to your yuu Account, you can get a 20% Points rebate* when you redeem any Rewards. If you haven't already linked your enJoy Card, it just takes two simple steps. Remember, these awesome Rewards are totally exclusive for yuu Members so spread the word and redeem together with your friends and loved ones! The latest all-new Rewards with something for everyone: Redeem a limited-edition 7-Eleven Container Truck with 18,000 Points plus $168 at 7-Eleven! This truck is made up of 405 bricks and comes with eight brick delivery boxes and a driver character figure. This item is exclusively available to yuu Members so make sure to add it to your collection and have hours of fun! Redeem an OLAY Camellia B3 Brightening Hydrating Mask (1 pc) with 2,580 Points at Mannings. Redeem a Meadows Coconut Water (330ml) with 1,000 Points at Wellcome. Redeem a bottle of Château d'Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé (750ml) with 3,000 Points plus $150 at Market Place by Jasons, Market Place, 3hreesixty, Oliver's The Delicatessen and Jasons ichiba more

CUHK Business School Research Finds FinTech Innovations Can Enhance the Stability and Profitability of Financial Institutions in Emerging Markets

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - The rapid development of financial technology, also known as FinTech, in recent years has transformed how people use financial services. On the one hand, the increasing use of automation in banking services has brought with it greater convenience for consumers. On the flip side, the advent of new technological developments such as cryptocurrency, high frequency and algorithmic trading, the rise of the digital wallet or peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, are all examples of FinTech that have brought new challenges to traditional financial service providers to some extent. Given the disruptive influence of FinTech, it was only natural that a group of researchers sought to closely examine its effects on the stability of traditional financial institutions. What they found was that the result very much depended on the market. The stability of financial institutions usually refers to the ability of these institutions, such as banks, brokerage firms or credit unions, in performing their roles in financial transactions or other intermediation functions without assistance from external forces such as the government. The promise behind FinTech is that it would help financial institutions to enhance transparency, efficiency and make its services more convenient for users. For example, mobile banking has allowed consumers to conduct their daily financial activities, such as transferring funds or paying bills, without the need to talk to a teller or visit a bank branch. On the downside, Fintech could amplify volatility in financial markets and make the financial system more vulnerable. For instance, the speed and ease of moving cash between banks in response to financial market performance enabled by FinTech can increase volatility. The heavy reliance on third-party service providers for the FinTech activities could also pose a systemic risk to financial institutions. Finally, online lending platforms often fail to conduct effective more

Alibaba Printing Continues To Dominate The Printing Industry With Sticker Printing Service

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - Alibaba Printing is an established marketing company in Singapore that offers the most reliable flyer printing and distribution services among other marketing services. The company is the leading flyer printing service provider that caters to every marketing needs and specific concern of the customers. Alibaba Printing offers reliable and trustworthy services with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Even with the pandemic, the company is still able to continuously serve the customers with their online website. Alibaba Printing provide the best when it comes to sticker printing in Singapore. They offer various types of sticker printing services such as custom stickers printing and waterproof sticker printing. Their stickers come in various types of high-quality materials such as vinyl, polyester, and polypropylene with strong adhesive that can stick to any surfaces with excellent durability. Beside cheap sticker printing, Alibaba Printing offers instant sticker printing services to fulfil business needs and allow them to get their order as fast as they require. Stickers have multiple uses and their versatility makes it beneficial since they can be utilized on almost anything including focused promotional campaign all over multiple platforms. Stickers can become an awesome and good means of providing information to the clients and businesses can utilize it to highlight vital details which can boost the possibility of closing a sale. The company is committed to work hand-in-hand with the clients in understanding requirement and proceed with lay-outing and designing the stickers with the most suitable colour and fonts. If you are regularly involved in exhibitions and trade shows, your trade stickers can be an awesome add-on too. It's as powerful as handing business cards and flyers since it allows you to send a specific message to your customer. Another list of advantages that stickers have are its more

Covid, Cyber, Compliance and ESG top risk concerns for financial services sector: Allianz

New AGCS report identifies key risks and loss trends for the financial services sector.Covid-19 may drive market corrections and insolvencies – which could impact financial institutions' balance sheets, increase exposures for directors and result in litigation.AGCS analysis of $1bn of insurance industry claims show cyber incidents, including crime, is the top cause of loss. Insurers see a rising number of losses from outages or privacy breaches with third-party service providers a potential weak link.Compliance issues are already one of the biggest drivers of claims and the burden is growing – particularly around ESG factors and climate change.JOHANNESBURG/LONDON/MUNICH/NEW YORK/PARIS/SAO PAULO/SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - Financial institutions and their directors have to navigate a rapidly changing world, marked by new and emerging risks driven by cyber exposures based on the sector's reliance on technology, a growing burden of compliance, and the turbulence of Covid-19, according to a new report Financial Services Risk Trends: An Insurer's Perspective from Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). At the same time, the behavior and culture of financial institutions is under growing scrutiny from a wide range of stakeholders in areas such as sustainability, employment practices, diversity and inclusion and executive pay. "The financial services sector faces a period of heightened risks. Covid-19 has caused one of the largest ever shocks to the global economy, triggering unprecedented economic and fiscal stimulus and record levels of government debt," says Paul Schiavone, Global Industry Solutions Director Financial Services at AGCS. "Despite an improved economic outlook, considerable uncertainty remains. The threat of economic and market volatility still lies ahead while the sector is also increasingly needing to focus on so-called 'non-financial' risks such as cyber resilience, management of third parties and supply chains, as well as th more

Driving Competitiveness by Closing Skills Gaps – Over Half of Employers Need External Help

75% of employers see the importance of carrying out regular training needs analysis for their workforce to drive the competitiveness of their business.55% of employers agree that they need external help to assess the skills gaps of their employees. 52% of employers believe that external assessments provide reliable and more accurate results.SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - To remain competitive in Singapore's recovering economy, three- quarters (75%) of employers in Singapore see the importance of carrying out regular training needs analysis for their workforce to drive the competitiveness of their business. However, more than half of them (55%) say they need external help to assess the skills gaps of their employees, alluding that more help is needed by companies to carry out effective skills mapping and learning, and development strategies. These are some of the key findings in the recent NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB)'s Employer Skills Survey report. The survey, which was conducted in February 2021 with business leaders across Singapore, aimed to uncover the most in-demand skillsets a year post-pandemic. The findings include the top skills by industry clusters: Built Environment, Essential Domestic Services, Lifestyle, Manufacturing and Professional Services, and Trade and Connectivity. In addition, when asked if getting their employees' capabilities assessed by an external consultant would yield a more accurate and actionable result compared to it being done internally, 52% of the respondents agreed or strongly agreed, while 30% were neutral, 14% disagreed and only 6% strongly disagreed. Commenting on the findings, NTUC LHUB's Director of Institute of Business Excellence and Healthcare Academy, Jenaline Low, says, "With the evolving market demands and diversity across different sectors, learning can no longer be delivered through a 'cookie cutter' approach. We have observed that as much as companies are investing time more

Etiqa Launches AMBER – A Holistic Retirement Ecosystem That Supports Customers with Their Physical, Mental and Financial Health for Better Quality of Life

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - Today marks the launch of AMBER by Etiqa ("AMBER"), a retirement ecosystem by Etiqa Insurance Singapore. The new platform complements the insurer's growing range of financial solutions tailored to savings and retirement planning, by offering customers a more holistic approach to life in retirement.A recent retirement study1 conducted by Etiqa in collaboration with YouGov in October 2020 revealed inadequacies in the retirement planning landscape, namely with regards to retirement planning guidance, with 3 in 10 Singaporeans unsure how to begin, and solutions, with only 3 in 10 confident that CPF pay-outs can sustain their retirement lifestyle. Similarly, only 3 in 10 believed CPF pay-outs is sufficient to cover the potential medical costs of ageing. As lives lengthen among the local ageing population and demand for retirement-oriented services continues to rise, AMBER seeks to educate customers about the importance and process of planning for retirement, as well as to provide viable methods to finance of a longer, more active and more fulfilling one. Among Etiqa's present retirement offerings is ePREMIER retirement, a retirement insurance savings plan that provides a guaranteed monthly retirement income as well as the freedom to choose one's preferred retirement age and premium term. The policyholder enjoys protection throughout the policy term. Another soon-to-launch retirement product by Etiqa will provide coverage for age-related illnesses, and flexible retirement income options for policyholders. Addressing in turn the physical and mental health aspects of ageing, the AMBER ecosystem also presents an array of retirement-related information and services to add value to the lives of pre-retirees and retirees. Etiqa's retirement survey1 brought to light three pressing retirement needs among people in Singapore: to remain emotionally healthy and mentally able (98% in agreement), to be physically healthy (98%) and to be less d more

Coface Quarterly Barometer: US leads the global recovery, emerging economies lag behind

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - More than a year after the start of the pandemic, global economic trends are uneven due to lingering uncertainties around the spread of COVID-19. The acceleration of the vaccination process, as well as its effectiveness, are key to an economic recovery. In this context, the prospects for a return to normalcy are both uneven and uncertain across sectors of activity and geography, according to the latest barometer from Coface, a leading player in the credit insurance industry. As outlined in the barometer, Coface assumes that the economic recovery will gain momentum from the summer of 2021, when a large enough share of the population in the United States and Europe will be vaccinated. However, there is a risk of delay in the vaccine roll-out, notably due to supply constraints for manufacturers, resulting from shortages of certain components and export restrictions. Nevertheless, Coface's global growth forecast has been revised upwards by half a point (+5.1% for 2021), thanks to stronger than expected growth in the United States. In this more favourable macroeconomic outlook, Coface is upgrading 35 sectors of activity against only 3 downgrades. In addition to the United States, several other sectors of the world economy – industry and global trade – are likely to return to their pre-crisis level of activity by the summer. Nevertheless, other sectors are lagging behind, notably in services and especially those that involve physical contact with customers, and across the European economies. Finally, in some major emerging economies, the recovery is also being held back by rising inflation, which is forcing central banks to tighten monetary policy. US economy goes into "high pressure" mode Since the beginning of 2021, the balance of surprises is tilting to the positive side, despite the many health uncertainties. The expected growth gap between the euro more

Largest global survey analyzing healthcare leaders, Philips’ Future Health Index 2021 report reveals Singapore’s ambitions for digital transformation, but staff shortages and inexperience could hinder progress

Findings indicate that Singapore's healthcare leaders are prioritizing investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and are highly ambitious about shifting care delivery to the home over the next three years, but staff's lack of experience with new technologies is impeding planning for more than half49% of Singapore's leaders expect implementing sustainable practices in healthcare will be among the primary priorities of their role in three years' timeLargest global survey of its kind features critical insights from almost 3,000 healthcare leaders across 14 countries on meeting the demands of today and their vision for healthcare three years from nowSINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced the publication of its Future Health Index (FHI) 2021 Singapore report: 'A Resilient Future: Healthcare leaders look beyond the crisis'. Now in its sixth year, the Future Health Index 2021 report is based on proprietary research across 14 countries, including Singapore, representing the largest global survey of its kind to analyze the current and future priorities of healthcare leaders worldwide.Feedback from healthcare leaders – including executive officers, financial officers, technology and information officers, operating officers and more – explores the challenges they have faced since the onset of the pandemic, and where their current and future priorities lie, revealing a new vision for the future of healthcare. With a focus on patient-centred healthcare enabled by smart technology, their vision is shaped by a fresh emphasis on partnerships, sustainability and new models of care delivery, both inside and outside the hospital. An optimistic outlook Although still grappling with the pandemic, 84% of Singapore's healthcare leaders are confident in their hospital or healthcare facility's ability to deliver quality care in the next three years – which is highe more

Largest global survey analyzing healthcare leaders, Philips’ Future Health Index 2021 report reveals APAC’s ambitions for digital transformation, but staff shortages and inexperience could hinder progress

Findings indicate that APAC's healthcare leaders are championing predictive analytics, but staff's lack of experience with new technologies is impeding planning for more than halfAnticipation of care delivery outside the hospital in the future, but some in the region are not prioritizing virtual care nowLargest global survey of its kind features critical insights from almost 3,000 healthcare leaders across 14 countries on meeting the demands of today and their vision for healthcare three years from nowSINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced the publication of its Future Health Index (FHI) 2021 report: 'A Resilient Future: Healthcare leaders look beyond the crisis'. Now in its sixth year, the Future Health Index 2021 report is based on proprietary research across 14 countries, including the APAC region (Australia, China, India, and Singapore), representing the largest global survey of its kind to analyze the current and future priorities of healthcare leaders worldwide. Feedback from healthcare leaders – including executive officers, financial officers, technology and information officers, operating officers and more – explores the challenges they have faced since the onset of the pandemic, and where their current and future priorities lie, revealing a new vision for the future of healthcare. With a focus on patient-centred healthcare enabled by smart technology, their vision is shaped by a fresh emphasis on partnerships, sustainability and new models of care delivery, both inside and outside the hospital. A mixed outlook According to Philips' report, nearly three quarters (72%) of APAC healthcare leaders are confident in their hospital or healthcare facility's ability to deliver quality healthcare in the next three years. Although this is overwhelmingly positive after the challenges of the pandemic, APAC'S confidence levels are sli more

Chubb report reveals the risk and uncertainty faced by small and mid-sized businesses as they increasingly conduct business digitally

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - Media OutReach - 6 May 2021 - Chubb has released a new report, "Digital Business Accelerated," which explores how small and mid-sized businesses are managing their digital transformation – a transition that has accelerated in the wake of COVID-19. Chubb partnered with Accenture to survey small and mid-sized businesses in nine markets around the world, including Australia. Through a survey of 1,350 respondents across diverse industries, the results revealed four mega-trends that impact businesses pursuing digital transformation. These are: navigating digital customer demands, harnessing the power of data, supporting a transformed workforce and playing in the global marketplace. "To navigate the new normal, many small and mid-sized companies have pivoted their businesses digitally," said Mike Hooton, Head of Small Commercial and Middle Market Division for Chubb Insurance Australia Limited. "Embracing digital transformation can help companies survive and thrive, but it also comes with significant risk. From product liability to increased cyber security threats, Australian business owners need to review their risk mitigation plans to ensure they have the necessary protection in place as they seize digital opportunities." Specific digital business priorities and associated risks among the four trends include:Navigating digital customer demands: approximately half of the respondents are focusing on seamless on-demand delivery of products;Harnessing the power of data: adopting AI technology in processes is the top priority for Australian small to mid-sized businesses;Supporting a transformed workforce: 77% of businesses are focused on providing flexible, remote work solutions; andThriving in the global market: 41% are prioritising offering products or services internationally.Marianne Hutchinson, Insurance Lead for Australia at Accenture, said, "Following COVID-19, small and mid-sized businesses wil more

Trend Micro Announces Next Generation ICS Endpoint Security Solution

Specially designed to provide cybersecurity without interruption to ICS environments HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 5 May 2021 - Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cybersecurity leader, today announced a first-of-its-kind OT-native endpoint security solution, provided as part of its total security solution for smart factories. Developed by TXOne Networks, TXOne StellarProtectTM is designed to secure all OT endpoints, regardless of environmental conditions, for any mission-critical ICS environment. The massive number of ICS endpoints in these working environments provides a large variety of attack surfaces, as they often include many unpatched or otherwise vulnerable devices. Disruption of these endpoints causes significant problems for manufacturers and can jeopardize the entire operation. According to the Trend Micro 2020 annual cybersecurity report, the manufacturing industry became a primary target for highly infectious ransomware attacks, making it more important than ever to secure these assets with technologies tailored to their purpose ( "The ugly truth of ICS endpoint security is that there has not been any security solution specifically designed for the high-availability needs of modernized equipment in the OT environment," said Akihiko Omikawa, executive vice president of IoT security for Trend Micro and chairman of TXOne Networks. "Cybersecurity solutions for ICS endpoints must consider three elements to meet industry expectations: low impact to performance, zero interruption, and all-terrain protection." The unique needs of the shop floor environment create challenges to finding protections that secure the work site while still giving the necessary priority to performance. Traditional solutions, such as signature-based antiviru more

4ARTechnologies - Market Leader in Art Security and Digitization Develops the World's First Secure NFT for Physical and Digital Artworks

ZUG, SWITZERLAND - Newsaktuell - 5 May 2021 - 4ARTechnologies, the market leader in art security and digitization announces the next sensation: "We give art creators and collectors the exclusive opportunity to create the world's only secure NFT with our technology." - CEO Niko Kipouros. CryptoPunk 4ARTechnologies?. 4ARTechnologies - Market Leader in Art Security and Digitization Develops the World's First Secure NFT for Physical and Digital Artworks ? We are witnessing the next chapter in art history with NFTs- Beeple sold a digital work for nearly USD 70 million. Cryptopunks, initially generated for free, are now worth millions. Experienced art & technology specialist 4ARTechnologies is now expanding its patented all-in-one solution for the highly complex NFT landscape. The technology has already brought a revolution for security, efficiency and transparency to the global art industry since 2019 and already accompanies challenging projects with leading institutions such as Munich RE, Ergo Insurance, AON and hasenkamp. With the new expansion, the company offers the safest and easiest entry into the world of NFTs for any of the more than 25 million creating art players worldwide to swiftly position themselves in the new market and thereby profit in the long term. Among the new unique features for the art market are: the innovative creation and securing of an NFT at the touch of a button, managing and presenting one's own art collection in a dedicated virtual showroom for unparalleled and secure marketing and connecting popular blockchain protocols such as Ethereum and Tezos.About 4ARTechnologiesWith the goal of protecting the cultural heritage of art for future generations and bringing the global art market into the digital age, 4ARTechnologies is setting a new digital standard for the art world. The company combines the blockchain with its patented technology and offers all art world participants more transparency, security and efficiency.https://www.4art-techn more

Experience a Special Loving Mother’s Day with JMC Wild Forest and Watoto

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 5 May 2021 - Local health food brand JMC Wild Forest collaborates with African childcare ministry organization Watoto, hoping to awaken the public's attention to vulnerable women and orphans in Africa. Jannie, the founder of JMC, hopes to awaken more people to care about the needs of disadvantaged women and children in Africa through the collaboration with Watoto.JMC Wild Forest is a local shop in Hong Kong that offers delicious healthy and natural foods from Europe. The initial idea for Jannie to start JMC is originated from her experiences in sharing natural food from Europe with her family and friends. JMC Wild Forest travels to Europe and searches for products, bringing before Hong Kong and Macau people quality and reasonably priced natural products from Europe. In addition to carefully operating a small store, JMC also pays great attention to social responsibility. Following the Christmas "Share the Joy · Love Donation" event in December 2020, part of the revenue during the event period has been donated to children from local grass-roots families to make their wishes come true. This year, JMC contributes their Hédène honey to join with Watoto to launch a Mother's Day Gift Set, hoping to take this meaningful event to awaken more people to care about the needs of disadvantaged women and orphans in Africa and learn about Watoto's ministry! Caring for those in need JMC Wild Forest has always dedicate their efforts to take care of customers, and they also understand that it should give back to the society. Jannie, the founder of JMC, learned about the situation in Uganda from a friend and sighed with sadness. She hopes to make a contribution within her ability for the needy women and children in Uganda. "Uganda is not a country that has attracted the attention of Hong Kong people. We may know that Uganda is a poor country, but we seldom know much about their real more

Microsoft unveils immersive education solutions to inspire educators in reimagining learning experiences

New technological solutions including Reading Progress, Minecraft Education and Supervised Chat in Teams will support educators in keeping students engaged and safe in digital classrooms.71% of K-12 educators say technology has helped them improve their instruction and expanded their teaching capacity. SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 5 May 2021 - Microsoft today introduced new technological tools and updates designed to support the 5 key areas educators require to create a holistic learning environment and move education forward: student centricity, skills focus, social learning, safety, security and scalability. In partnership with YouGov, Microsoft found that 71% of K-12 educators felt technology has helped them improve their instruction and expanded their teaching capacity.[1] With the rise of digital classrooms and hybrid learning environments, Microsoft recognizes how crucial it is to help teachers find new ways to engage students remotely. New tools and solutions launched include Reading Progress, to enhance students reading skills remotely, and features like Group Assignments and third-party app integrations in Microsoft Teams that will empower educators and support students in their classroom experience. Other updates include the availability of Minecraft: Education Edition outside the classroom and the launch of Reflect, a Microsoft Teams app that provides teachers with capabilities that support their students' well-being virtually. "We are grateful for the resilience and commitment educators have displayed in evolving their teaching styles over the past year, and we aim to keep supporting them to deliver quality education for their students during these challenging times. At the beginning of the pandemic technology often served as a much-needed lifeline between students, teachers, and parents enabling remote and hybrid learning. As time moved forward more

Bullfinch AG and Aquila Capital launch Joint Investment Vehicle for energy-efficient assets

FRANKFURT, GERMANY - Newsaktuell - 4 May 2021 - Aquila Capital and bullfinch are pleased to announce the launch of a strategic joint investment vehicle intended to invest in energy efficiency assets across Europe. By combining Aquila Capital's leading investment experience in real assets and renewable energy, with bullfinch's unique expertise in decentralized renewable projects and next-gen technology platform, the partnership intends to make an immediate impact in the renewable investment landscape. With more than EUR 25 trillion to be invested in upgrading real estate assets across Europe to achieve climate goals, decentralized green infrastructure projects play an increasingly critical role in fighting climate change. The joint investment vehicle aims to become a relevant pure player in energy efficiency, targeting an investment of more than EUR 200 million in the next two years. Aquila and bullfinch's initiative will support the fast expansion of digital smart metering through financing, asset acquisition, and operations. Ultimately, Aquila and bullfinch are working together to realize the common vision of a world entirely powered by clean energy.Bullfinch AGBullfinch AG, based in Frankfurt am Main, was founded in 2019 by CEO Robin Haack. The company is committed to a world powered by renewable energy: The Clean-Energy-as-a-Service technology platform enables the bundling, financing, standardization and management of sustainable building and facility infrastructure to make this vision a reality. Bullfinch's solutions span four verticals: Power Generation, Clean Mobility, Energy Storage and Smart Buildings. Through partnerships with institutional investors and innovative energy hardware providers, they bridge the gap between capital and opportunity, enabling the accelerated global transition to clean more

Coffee, anyone? Buying the one-and-only coffee at the CPA Australia pop-up café & museum!

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 4 May 2021 - In celebration of CPA Australia's 135th anniversary and 65 years in Hong Kong – CPA Australia assembled a pop-up café & museum at the celebrated heritage site – Jao Tsung-I Academy. At the opening ceremony, business magnate and iconic leaders like Dr Allan Zeman, Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong Group, Dr George Lam, Chairman of Cyberport Management and Chairman of the United Nations ESCAP Sustainable Business Network and Mr Tim Lui, Chairman of the Securities and Futures Commission, came together to try out their barista skills by making their first cup of latte! The lattes were then auctioned to the guests at the ceremony with the goal of raising funds to the Jao Tsung-I Academy for their heritage conservation effort. Under a sea of cheers and roars, a total of HKD26,500 was raised for the Jao Tsung-I Academy in this unique coffee auction. The CPA Australia pop-up café & museum will be opened to the public from 1 – 31 May at the Tsung-I Academy. more

Hong Kong Tech Startup yyResearch Launches Privacy-focused Instant Messaging App Called OpusChat

Multi-layer privacy options, multiple personas, secure multimedia messaging and voice calls make OpusChat a fun and safe app for everyday communication HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 4 May 2021 - yyResearch, a Hong Kong tech startup that specialise in software and app development, today launches OpusChat, a privacy-focused and safe communication system that models how we manage relationships and interact with each other in real-life. With its multi-layer privacy options, multiple personas, secure multi-media messaging features and high-quality voice calls, OpusChat is an instant messaging app like no other and is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Modeling Real-life Relationships and Interactions "Privacy is not a luxury, it is a necessity. People should have the ability to protect themselves from scammers, spammers, stalkers, cyberbullies and doxing," said Edmund Hor, co-founder and CEO of yyResearch. "Personal information is not only being misused for monetisation but also provides material for fraudsters and identity thieves, making data privacy a growing concern for everyone. This is the very reason we decided to develop OpusChat, an ethical communication system that gives users control over how their relationships are established and managed, and eliminates any unsolicited contact. More importantly, OpusChat does not require users to share their personal information and minimises data storage to protect their privacy." He continued, "With OpusChat, we've developed a fun and safer way for everyone to connect and communicate, and we are extremely excited to introduce this product to the world." OpusChat is a privacy-focused and safe mobile communication tool with all the features users look for in an instant messaging app and more. Giving Users Full Control Over Their Data and Privacy OpusChat does not require a phone number or email when new users register to more

Bybit to Launch Cloud Mining to Democratize Ethereum Mining

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 4 May 2021 - Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit will launch in May Bybit Cloud Mining, a mining-as-a-service (MaaS) product that gives users instant access to ether (ETH) mining from as little as $100. Democratizing and de-risking crypto mining The relentless growth of cryptocurrencies in recent months has caught mainstream attention and fueled a surge in interest in crypto mining — or receiving crypto tokens for verifying blocks of transactions. The profitability of this endeavor, however, is hampered by a number of factors: the supply and price of the computer system, operation and maintenance cost, and electricity fees that render crypto mining costly and painstaking. As the first entry to Bybit's ByFi product suite, Bybit Cloud Mining aims to help users navigate the booming yet ever-changing industry by lowering the barrier to entry and ensuring a hassle-free approach to mining, thus opening the door to greater profitability and fewer risks. Bybit Cloud Mining offers hashing power, or hash rate, to a remote data center with shared computing power to mine ether. Users can start from as low as $100 and without ever having to run their own hardware. Hop on, hop off: high visibility and profitability Bybit Cloud Mining offers flexible 7-, 21-, and 42-day plans. Users can customize a short-term investment plan for greater profitability, while minimizing the risks of price fluctuations and unforeseeable market activities in the long term. The service will be instantly available upon purchase, come with 100% usability, and have any downtime covered by Bybit, allowing users to mine with greater confidence. "We are really excited to introduce Bybit Cloud Mining, and think it is an ideal solution for users who are interested in crypto mining, but don't want to be bogged down by the hassle of operations and hardware maintenance, " said Bill Xing, head of financial products at more

London Property Buying Agent UK Holmes: Advice on How to Minimize Risks for Prime Working-Class Migrants Moving to UK with BNO Visa

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 4 May 2021 - UK government projections for its British National (Overseas) (BNO) visa scheme to attract 150,000 applicants in the first 12 months and 300,000 within five years are firmly on track. In mid-April, just ten weeks post launch, 35,000 Hongkongers had applied for the visa. The scheme is open to 5.4 million Hong Kong residents in total. The scheme's popularity is consistent with the 2020 research findings of UK Holmes, a London property search agent, on the subject of UK property investment. Of the 1,000 survey respondents, 80% indicated that they intended to apply for the BNO visa. Critically, these are people in the prime of their working lives:70% are aged between 30-49 35% earn HKD1m plus and 9% have an annual income in excess of HKD2m40% are employed in the finance and technology sectors. London's strong financial and tech job markets One of the major motivations to move to London was more diversified and professional job opportunities, with 58% of respondents affirmative on this point. Whilst both Brexit and the global pandemic have cast a pall on much of the UK economy, the outlook is considerably brighter for both finance and technology markets. The City of London is second only to New York City in global financial rankings and is home to 402,000 finance sector employees. In defiance of gloomy predictions of job losses post Brexit, a 2020 Financial Times survey of 24 large international banks and asset managers found that the majority had increased their London headcount over the past five years. According to the UK's Tech Nation Report 2021, London achieved stellar growth of 87% in tech investment from USD5.6bn in 2018 to USD10.6bn in 2020. But finding local talent is problematic. In March the BBC reported that a leading think tank, The Learning and Work Institute, identified that over the past six years there has been a 40% drop in students taking IT subj more

Cellini Unveils Antibacterial Mattress As Singapore Celebrates World Sleep Day

Cellini launches antibacterial mattresses as part of its Nightingale product line-up exclusively for customers in Singapore. In conjunction with World Sleep Day hosted by the World Sleep Society, this latest edition mattress acts as a catalyst for conversations revolving around quality sleep. Tapping on both the global study that ranked Singapore as the fourth most sleep-starved population and the raised awareness of hygiene, Cellini aims to redefine sleep care.SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 4 May 2021 - Released to coincide with World Sleep Day 2021, the global sleep survey conducted by Philips, a prominent health technology firm, reported that only 21% of Singaporeans feel well-rested in the morning. Having introduced a brand new, expanded mattress portfolio prior, Cellini Singapore's ever-growing collection now includes the luxury mattress, Seville Lux. The brainchild of the furniture brand's partnership with Belgian company LAVA Textiles, the latest mattress of integrated ViroClean antimicrobial technologies aligns with consumer demands for a safer and more comfortable sleep environment. Leveraging Innovation to Make Sanitary Sleep Environments Accessible As a result of the pioneering ventures of Cellini with LAVA Belgium, the all-new Seville Lux mattress builds on the local brand's legacy of delivering expertly engineered furnishings. By leveraging top-notch antibacterial technology, the latest addition to its luxury mattress collection features plush and super-soft TENCEL® fabric that has been treated with an unprecedented finishing supplement. Promising to reduce various forms of viral activity on its surface by approximately 98% within 4 hours, the permanent non-migrating Viroclean finish also eliminates a range of microorganisms and allergens known to cause bacterial infections. A product of rigorous testing, this revolutionary development is a progressive step for the whole industry linked to health and wellness. B more

iZeno Receives Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020: Emerging Markets

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 4 May 2021 - Atlassian announced today that iZeno Pte Ltd has received Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020: Emerging Markets for their outstanding contribution and achievements during the calendar year 2020. This includes exceptional efforts in developing new business, thought leadership, and products and services that complement Atlassian. iZeno was one of 16 solution partner recipients honored as Partner of the Year for our continuous effort throughout the year. "Atlassian would like to congratulate and thank this year's Partner of the Year award recipients", said Martin Musierowicz, Atlassian's Head of Global Channels. "Solution Partners play an instrumental role in our customers' success and we are excited to be able to highlight some of our top partners who go above and beyond to provide innovative solutions and Atlassian services to our customers." "This recognition from Atlassian speaks volume of iZeno investment in Asia and the trust from our customers to deliver the right tools and processes. iZeno will continue to grow and extend iZeno Atlassian Practice (ITSM and DevOps) beyond our current coverage in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. " said iZeno's Managing Director, Mr. Jason Lin. About iZenoiZeno was founded in 2003 to provide enterprises with best-in-class technology solutions they need to keep their business running seamlessly. With a team of 85+ in-house innovators, we have delivered over 500 Enterprise Solutions, implemented and optimized to enable smarter insights. Our team draws on industry experiences in accomplishing a portfolio of mission-critical applications, integrating AI & Machine Learning, DevOps, ITSM, Cloud, CRM & CX, Data Analytics, and other leading technologies with our clients' existing IT frameworks. To learn more visit or follow us on LinkedIn.Learn more about iZeno Atlassian Practice: more about DevOps soluti more

Cliff Walkers Set IMAX China Labor Day Holiday Local Title Opening Record With 25 Million RMB(4 Days), Strong WOM Drives Box Office Surge

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Media OutReach - 4 May 2021 - Following the stellar New Year and Chinese New Year holidays, IMAX China(HKSE:1970) announced today another strong box office over the Labor Day Holiday. As of May 3rd , the domestic spy thriller Cliff Walkers, from renowned director Zhang Yimou, has grossed 25 million RMB across more than 710 IMAX theaters throughout the country, setting a record as the company's best opening for a Chinese film during the Labor Day holiday. Driven by the film's outstanding performance, IMAX China reported second-highest opening ever for the Labor Day holiday with a total of 34 million RMB grossing to date, following 2019's record with superhero blockbuster Avengers 4:Endgame. Cliff Walkers, as the fourth film directed by Zhang Yimou presented in IMAX, won strong acclaim from both film critics and audiences upon its release, scoring Maoyan and Taopiaopao ratings as high as 9.1. Meanwhile, the IMAX box office of Cliff Walkers on May 2 and May 3 both surpassed the previous day. And the film topped the total box office for a single day on May 3rd, driven by strong WOM. IMAX accounted for 7% of Cliff Walkers' box office, an impressive feat as the film was only one of several shown on IMAX screens during this period, and IMAX screens account for only 1% of the total screens in China. "We want to congratulate director Zhang Yimou and our partners China Film, Emperor Motion Pictures, Shanghai Film and Huaxia Film for achieving such strong box office results and high word-of-mouth from audiences," said Edwin Tan, CEO of IMAX China. "After Coming Home, The Great Wall and Shadow, the artistic appeal of Zhang Yimou's work once again struck a powerful chord with IMAX audiences. The record-setting IMAX box office performance of Cliff Walkers proves that the IMAX experience has become the top preference for Chinese moviegoers to enjoy a range of genres of both Chinese and Hollywood blockbusters. We look forward more

Collab Asia inks agreement regarding content licensing with Nintendo, as a first-ever with an MCN outside of Japan

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 4 May 2021 - Collab Asia, a leading digital content studio and talent network in APAC, today announced a new licensing agreement with Nintendo for its content creators, Collab Asia Game Streamers under the Collab Asia network, to monetize gameplay footage derived from Nintendo Game Content, accelerating support for the production, distribution, and monetization of live game videos. Eugene Choi, CEO and Co-founder of Collab Asia, Inc Collab Asia's creators are approved to monetize Nintendo Game Content through the following methods: Facebook Game Streamer, Facebook Level Up Program, Niconico Creators Program, Niconico Channel, OPENREC Creators Program, Twitch Affiliate Program and Twitch Partner Program, Amplify Publisher Program, YouTube Partner Program, "Item Revenue" and "Video Ad Revenue" in TwitCasting Monetization Program, and Mirrativ "gifts". This milestone for Collab Asia follows the recent opening of its first office in Mainland China. The company's new facility in Shenzhen will support Collab Asia's strategic growth in Greater China, where it has maintained a strong presence for the past 3 years. The Shenzhen office is Collab Asia's 8th office, supplementing the company's existing footprint in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore. "As the premier digital media partner for creators, brands, and media platforms in Asia, we understand that people are consuming more content and creating more content than ever before across Asia. As part of this, we look forward to enabling our creators to responsibly create content using Nintendo's unparalleled intellectual property, storied titles, and legendary characters," said Eugene Choi, the CEO and co-founder of Collab Asia, Inc. As of 2020, Collab Asia manages 4,000 video channels and social media accounts with 270 m more

Okta completes acquisition of Auth0

Identity leaders combine developer and enterprise expertise, offering customers more flexibility SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 4 May 2021 - Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA), the leading independent identity provider, today announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Auth0, a leading identity platform for application teams. Together, Okta and Auth0 address a broad set of digital identity use cases, providing secure access and enabling everyone to safely use any technology. The stock transaction, valued at approximately $6.5 billion, will accelerate Okta's growth in the $80 billion identity market. Auth0 will operate as an independent business unit within Okta, led by Auth0 Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Eugenio Pace, reporting directly to Todd McKinnon, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Okta. Both Okta's and Auth0's platforms will be supported, invested in, and integrated over time — accelerating innovation and making the Okta Identity Cloud even more compelling for the full spectrum of customers and users. "Identity is one of the most strategic investments an organization will make today. A single, unified identity platform has the power to transform an organization by providing seamless and secure access for both customers and employees," said McKinnon. "Okta and Auth0 have always shared a vision for the identity market. We're also both cloud-first, customer-first companies. By joining forces, we'll give our customers more choice and flexibility, driving tremendous value and enabling them to accelerate innovation. Together, we will shape the future of identity on the internet, empowering developers to build with identity at the foundation." "As Okta and Auth0 join forces today, bringing together two exceptional companies, I'm more confident than ever that we will deliver on our shared vision to secure access for everyone," said Pace. "Auth0's focus has always been on enabling product buil more

Nova MSC launches FORNAX™ Cloud to perform BIM automated check in the Cloud

Service offered will simplify the laborious nature of building plan checks and shorten the time taken to completion from weeks or months to mere hoursThe Cloud-based automated BIM Checking as a service will help BIM managers and QPs to get on board at much lower upfront costs and ensure a sustainable and recurring income for Nova MSCImprove data quality in emerging technologies such as Digital Twins and 5D BIM Model KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 3 May 2021 - Nova MSC Berhad's ("Nova MSC" or "the Company") subsidiary novaCITYNETS launches FORNAX™ Cloud ( ) today to enable customer cloud adoption to accelerate the digitalisation process of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. FORNAX™ Cloud is the Software as a Service (SaaS) arm of its FORNAX ™ ePlanCheck system. The service will provide the Qualified Persons (QPs) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) managers an avenue to perform automated checks on BIM models to audit for data completeness, modelling quality according to best practices, compare models between iterations and detect critical clashes of vital elements as part of the process required in a typical BIM Executive Plan (BEP), thereby improving data quality in the existing methodologies as well as in emerging technologies such as Digital Twins and 5D BIM Model. Nova MSC's Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lai Teik Kin , said: "With the launch, we are making it easier for the QPs and BIM managers to discover new powerful applications that will provide them with data-driven insights and eventually drive substantial productivity gain." According to Lai, the Group's state-of-the-art FORNAX ™ ePlanCheck system has been in development since 2002 and has undergone many cycles of improvements with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the checking process. "BIM is envisaged to be the de-facto in th more

Outrankco Advocates The Adaptation of Digital Transformation For Singapore Businesses

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 3 May 2021 - Chris Tan, the founder of Outrankco Pte Ltd made a clear statement on why it's highly an urgent matter to adapt digital marketing especially on these time of crisis with the pandemic, and how the agency is founded as they continue to develop and improve their services. Outrankco is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore that offers online and digital marketing solutions such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web Design and Development among other services. Outrankco started off from a humble beginning, from printing of marketing collaterals to providing flyer distribution solutions for businesses, helping them to connect with their customers in a low cost and effective means. As technology advances as well as the ever-changing marketing landscape, they understand the need of company transformation, not only to enhance the overall company's value proposition, and also to create values for all of their customers. In 2017, Outrankco was formed with the intentions to help businesses enhance and achieve a competitive edge in the digital world. The agency continues to evolve in ways to consolidate their resources and streamline their SEO Singapore services for a much better customer experience. Outrankco is the main competition when it comes to digital marketing services and strategic planning, with multiple successful SEO implementations under their belt. They are also probably the only SEO agency in Singapore that offer 100% money-back guaranteed on SEO. "The guarantee will defray customer's risk associated with unsatisfactory SEO performance and the fears of engaging an under-performing SEO agency will dissipate", said Chris. The pandemic has caused a huge impact to the industry, not to mention the loss of sales for most of the business category. As the world continues to be on the menace of the pandemic, many business brands who have lost their m more

CSG and Axiata Digital Labs Announce Co-Collaboration to Deliver Enterprise Digital Marketplace

Single platform marketplace introduces new monetisation opportunities and optimises new service delivery for CSPs BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - News Direct - 3 May 2021 - CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) today announced it is working with Axiata Digital Labs (ADL), to create a joint innovation initiative for an open API digital marketplace that will enable rapid time to market for enterprise offerings. The co-collaboration integrates CSG's industry-leading charging and digital monetisation capabilities with ADL's Digital Telco Enabler (DTE) open API digital layer technology to deliver a single open API, multi-tenant, cloud platform. "Enterprise opportunities have evolved for service providers and are creating new opportunities for our customers to capitalise on revenue streams that require open, modular, cloud-based architectures for rapid bundling and touchless partner settlement," said Ian Watterson, head of CSG's Asia-Pacific business. "This co-innovation between Axiata Digital Labs and CSG combines our collective expertise in cloud, open API, modular architecture and microservices technologies to accelerate the launch of digital monetisation use cases." Working with Axiata, CSG is extending DTE to its billing and charging communications service provider (CSP) customers, positioning them for accelerated growth and increased abilities to offer new products and services. Concurrently, ADL is extending digital monetisation capabilities to its customers through CSG's award-winning Ascendon platform, enhancing ADL's digital capabilities across its consumer and enterprise operations. "Axiata Digital Labs is transforming the way our customers drive revenue and create superior customer experiences through the investment and development of new and emerging 5G technologies, products and services," said Namal Jayathilake, VP of Emerging Technologies of Axiata Digital Labs. "By partnering with CSG, we are aligning our efforts with one of the global leaders in the more

Counterpoint: TECNO Mobile Leads in AI-enhanced Photography exemplifying by its Newest CAMON17 Pro

-By industry leading research insistution Counterpoint’s most recent report, TECNO is recognized as one of the few brands that have make break-throughs in AI-enhanced mobile photography and videography. HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 30 April 2021 - Counterpoint Technology Market Research, a global research firm specializing in products in the TMT (technology, media, and telecom) industry, recently released a whitepaper named: "Technology Convergence Clicks in Smartphone Cameras". The report charts the intertwined evolution of both the smartphone and camera technology and predicts that both these ecosystems will be increasingly dependent on each other for progress, given current trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing power in smartphones. In its report, Counterpoint has cited TECNO, a rising global smartphone brand, and its upcoming CAMON 17 Pro as a stellar example of a modern phone that embodies this trend, incorporating camera technology, AI, scene recognition and more into a technologically advanced everyday product.Bringing together camera technology with smartphones has been a core tenet of user demands since its introduction 20 years ago, with the release of Japan's Kyocera VP-210 in 1999. Today, more than one-third of all smartphones have 32-108 Megapixels (MP). This is the most common band, of which 48MP and 64MP seem to be considered the mainstream currently. The CAMON 17 Pro is representative of this category and bring the selfie experience to the new high with its 48MP front camera. As 108MP or even higher is a trend of competition, TECNO shared that consumers have two options – either through high Magic Pixel function or computational photography system at software level. According to Counterpoint, it "expects this high-resolution trend to continue into the 5G decade, aiming to realize the human-eye capable perception". Expect not only the phones, but also the cameras to get smarter, as AI plays an increasing role in smartphone develop more

Cyberport Brings Together Hong Kong and Pacific Rim Youth for Esports Exchange

Workshop Organised with APRU Teaches How to Win Heavyweight Brand Sponsorships for Esports Development HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 30 April 2021 - Hong Kong Cyberport and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), a consortium of 58 leading universities in the Pacific Rim region, today held the APRU Esports Fellowship Workshop on the Cyberport campus and online. Talon Esports, a Cyberport incubatee and well-known organiser of esports leagues, shared its perspective on the esports business ecosystem and how marketing and business sponsorship can benefit the industry's development. 30 students from universities in Hong Kong and the Pacific Rim, including the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the University of Hong Kong (HKU SPACE) and the Open University of Hong Kong, joined the workshop and exchanged views with fellow students who share their passion for esports.Participating students conducted a mock sponsor pitch to enhance their knowledge of the esports ecosystem. Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport, said, "Cyberport is committed to cultivating local young talent and providing them with diversified entrepreneurship and career opportunities. As a high-growth emerging industry, esports and digital entertainment present younger generations with a rich array of opportunities, from content development to team management and training, and from event planning to brand marketing. Through this workshop, participants learned about the esports industry's business models and the unique advantages of Hong Kong's esports companies. Those aspiring to a career in esports could also broaden their horizons and enjoy fruitful exchanges via the APRU network with their counterparts from other universities in the Pacific Rim." Industry Leader Shares Tips on Winning Sponsorships According to the latest forecast from industry research institute New more

Gojek Pledges to Achieve Zero Emissions, Zero Waste & Zero Barriers by 2030 in First Annual Sustainability Report

Report is the first to be compiled by a Southeast Asian Internet company in alignment with international standards (GRI and SASB) JAKARTA, INDONESIA - Media OutReach - 30 April 2021 - As part of its sustainability mission to create positive impact and long-term value for people and the planet, Gojek, Southeast Asia's leading mobile on demand services and payments platform, today announced commitments to Three Zeros: Zero Emissions, Zero Waste and Zero Barriers, to be achieved by 2030. Gojek unveiled these pledges in its first annual Sustainability Report, which detailed its progress to date and way forward in implementing thorough environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. Focusing on where the company can make the biggest impact for all of its stakeholders in line with pressing environmental and social issues, Gojek's approach will be structured around three specific areas: environmental sustainability (GoGreener) to achieve Zero Emissions and Zero Waste, as well as socio-economic progress (GoForward) and equality and inclusion (GoTogether) to achieve Zero Barriers. Gojek's ESG report is the first to be compiled by a Southeast Asian Internet company in alignment with international standards.[1] Select disclosures relating to the relevant material issues have been assured by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Indonesia[2]. Gojek is leading the region's tech industry in integrating ESG best practices across its business and voluntarily disclosing its performance on material ESG issues. Kevin Aluwi, Co-CEO, Gojek, said, "We have always been a company that is focused on finding the intersection of what is good for society and company growth. It is part of our DNA and the reason people come to work at Gojek. As we've grown, it has become more important to develop a way to make sure we hold ourselves to account and are constantly pushing forward and leading the industry on issues that are so important to us and society as a more

yeedi Announces Their 2021 High Five Sales on Lazada with Blow-Out Discounts

Save up to 34% OFF on yeedi Robot Vacuums from May 1 to May 9  SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 30 April 2021 - yeedi, a robot vacuum brand committed to delivering intelligent floor-cleaning technology for people in pursuit of high efficiency, today announced their High Five Sales starting from May 1till May 9 on Lazada. yeedi's two models, k650 and yeedi 2 hybrid, have made quite a splash among the audience since their debut. Now customers can save up to 34% off on these two fabulous models during this sales session. yeedi k650 is a robot vacuum meticulously engineered for pet owners who have to deal with pet hairs all the time especially during shedding seasons and a great helper for people who live in an apartment with one to three rooms. It mops and vacuums at the same time to clean up crumbles, dirt and pet hairs from carpet and hard floor with its intelligent mopping system and 2000pa robust suction power. No more hair clogs and scratches from naughty pets thanks to the tangle-free silicone brush and tempered glass cover. yeedi k650 has been globally recognized since its launching for its stylish design and effective performance. yeedi 2 hybrid features Advanced Visual Mapping technology which enables it to learn your home layout accurately for precise locating and a whole-floor coverage. Unlike some robots who clean your house randomly, yeedi 2 hybrid creates exclusive Home Map and plans neat & efficient cleaning path to cover every corner of your rooms. Combined with an extended runtime of up to 200mins on a single charge, yeedi 2 hybrid is a perfect choice for people who live in big houses with multiple rooms. Additionally, It'll automatically return to the charging dock for recharging when battery runs low and resume cleaning right where it left off to ensure a complete cleaning cycle. Originally priced $349 (k650) and $489 (yeedi 2 hybrid), yeedi is now offering yeedi k650 for just $259 and more

Microsoft APAC Enabler Program helps 110 PwDs in six countries match to roles within the first seven months of launch

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 30 April 2021 - Since the launch of the Microsoft APAC Enabler program seven months ago, sixteen PwDs have secured full time roles, internships, mentorships[i], and training[ii] opportunities through the program, with more than 110 PwDs are currently being matched to 65 potential roles with Microsoft Partners. Caption: Jidapa Nitiwirakun (left) and Pairin Chakaja (right) from the Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College for People with Disabilities in Thailand at Microsoft Thailand. Sri Lanka joins Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea and New Zealand, where non-profits like Enable Lanka Foundation and the Korea Employment Agency for Persons with Disabilities educate and train Partners on creating inclusive workplaces and being inclusive employers. These nonprofits join 19 other Microsoft Partners including ZILLIONe Systems Solutions, Redstone System, and DDLS Philippines to remove barriers for a more diverse workforce. "In 2020, we saw an incredible number of businesses which have pivoted to cloud. With this, being equipped with a digital skillset is fast becoming the currency of our post-pandemic world. To unlock more for PwDs, it's imperative that skilling and employment opportunities in technical roles are front and center of our economic reset in the region. Which is why we are so proud of the next step Microsoft is taking in our accessibility journey, a 5-year commitment to help bridge the global "Disability Divide", doubling down to expand what is possible with accessible technology, opening doors for disabled talent to enter the workforce and continuing our journey of disability inclusion in the workplace," said Pratima Amonkar, Chair for D&I and Accessibility for Microsoft APAC who leads the Microsoft Enabler Program. In a roundtable discussion on digital skills during a virtual visit to Asia Pacific yesterday, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella shared that to transform more

TRILUX strengthens partnership with Sonepar in Singapore

Supplier of high-quality and individual lighting solutions and global market leader in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services create a partnership designed to grow customers benefits. SINGAPORE / ARNSBERG, GERMANY - Media OutReach - 30 April 2021 - TRILUX announced a partnership with Sonepar in Singapore. This partnership is an extension of the historically strong ties between the TRILUX Group and Sonepar in Europe, and will enable both parties to create sustainable promising business opportunities in the ASEAN region.Sonepar is an international top customer and partner of the TRILUX Group. The extension to Singapore is a first step to further strengthen TRILUX' business cooperation in selected key markets in Asia-Pacific. "Our brand promise is to provide individual and future-proof lighting solutions" says Joachim Geiger, CSO & CMO TRILUX Group. He continues: "Especially in Asia-Pacific we put end-user customer needs first in all we do through open innovation. Next to that, we are a knowledge partner for all stake holders across the entire value chain. A partnership with Sonepar will enable us to execute and further develop these key points." Sonepar in Singapore is a multi-specialist, focused on four key market segments: Project Lighting, Industrial Automation, Commercial Electrical, and Energy Infrastructure. "Intelligent lighting solutions is key to illuminating the pathway to a sustainable future and TRILUX is an ideal partner", says Andrew Bennett, Country Managing Director Singapore of Sonepar. "TRILUX's quality and innovative roadmap is the perfect complement to Sonepar's strategic direction in supporting Singapore's Smart Nation initiative". The services and knowledge, which Sonepar can provide their business partners with, are in line with TRILUX' strategy. Geiger says: "For TRILUX, Singapore is the strategic hub in the ASEAN region for digital lighting innovation and sustainability. A strong partner with local more

Users in China Gain Greater Access and Functionality with The Updated ONLYOFFICE "Documents" App Available on Xiaomi Marketplace

ONLYOFFICE offers new Documents versions for Android- and iOS-based mobile devices  RIGA, LATVIA - Media OutReach - 30 April 2021 - ONLYOFFICE "Documents" is a free mobile office app for editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and managing them both locally and online. Users can collaborate on docs together with teammates and view, manage and edit local files. This tremendously versatile set of office tools lends itself to mobile use - as an office suite on the go - that is proving very appealing for users in China, where mobility is seen as a premium advantage in a working environment that often requires more than simply sitting at a desk with a standard PC.A major advantage is that ONLYOFFICE Documents allows easy access to and management of files stored in the cloud. Team members are able to grant different types of access rights: read only, review or full access, providing external access to files via links. With ONLYOFFICE Documents, multiple users can edit the same doc simultaneously, and changes appear as co-authors are typing.For users in China, language is no barrier. Recent enhancements and updates to the mobile versions of ONLYOFFICE include Chinese and Lao (Laotian) interfaces for Documents under Android 11.0. Availability in Chinese app marketplacesAn important recent development is that these latest versions of the mobile ONLYOFFICE Documents app are now available for download in China. The new Android app version, 6.4, is now available in the Xiaomi marketplace. (No link provided; the stores is accessed through the device.) and in the Huawei App Gallery:, is now officially trademarked in China, and ONLYOFFICE can be hosted on Alibaba Cloud for users in China.Tariff adjustmentsAdditional important news is tariff adjustments for ONLYOFFICE. The developers have added both a free plan for small teams and a VIP cloud for extra-large enterprises and those who work with sensitive data. more

Insolvency Administrator Dr Michael Jaffé: Wirecard subsidiary in Vietnam sold - Further Successful Sale in Asia

MUNICH/ASCHHEIM/SEOUL - EQS Newswire - 29 April 2021 - In the insolvency proceeding concerning the assets of Wirecard Sales International Holding GmbH a further successful sale could be achieved after the recent sale of several subsidiaries in the Asia-Pacific region.Following an international bidding process, Wirecard Singapore Pte. Ltd., the subsidiary of Wirecard Sales International Holding GmbH divests its shareholding in Wirecard (Vietnam) Company Limited to South Korean credit card company BC Card Co., Ltd. The transaction is still subject to certain conditions, in particular, approval by the local merger control authority.Wirecard (Vietnam) Company Limited has a market-leading position in the field of payment services solutions in Vietnam and is offering its customers one-stop-shop solutions starting from back-end software to front-end hardware. Among the customers are major state banks as well as numerous financial institutions."Despite the challenging circumstances of the international sales processes amidst a pandemic, we succeeded in preserving another Wirecard subsidiary in Asia as going concern and secured the sale of the shareholding in the best interest of the creditors," summarized the insolvency administrator Dr Michael Jaffé after the most recent successful sale. Additional information:Dr Michael Jaffé is one of the most experienced and renowned insolvency administrators in Germany. He has been regularly appointed by the courts for over two decades in large and complex insolvency cases where the aim is to secure assets for creditors and to realise them in the best possible way. One special focus of his expertise lies in multi-stage group insolvency proceedings and proceedings with cross-border issues or assets that are difficult to realise. Among the most nationally and internationally renowned insolvency proceedings of Dr Michael Jaffé are the media group KirchMedia of the late Dr Leo Kirch, the former global memory chip manufacturer Qimonda and t more

More than 90 Local Enterprises Recognised by GS1 Hong Kong’s Consumer Caring Scheme 2020

70% Consumers Feel More Confident in Consumer Caring Companies HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - GS1 Hong Kong (GS1 HK) today announced the result of the 10th Consumer Caring Scheme, honouring 91 local companies for their consumer-centric practices. 37% of the recognised companies are from cosmetics, personal care and healthcare sectors, whereas household products and F&B companies made up 23% and 20% of the total awardees respectively. This highlights that despite the raging pandemic, many companies are still committed to maintaining quality products and services in hope to thrive through the crisis. Award presentation ceremony will be held on 10th June 2021 at the S200 meeting room series in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre after the GS1 HK Summit, where Dr. Bernard Chan, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, will deliver a speech at the officiating session. Since its inception 10 years ago, the "Consumer Caring Scheme" has commended more than 150 companies that demonstrated excellence in customer service. In 2021, more than half of the companies (49 companies) received the endorsement for 5 consecutive years or more - 12 companies were recognised for "10 Years", 29 companies for "5+ Years" and 8 companies for "5 Years". This showed Hong Kong business community always pursues consumer care as top priority by making continuous improvement to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. Commissioned by GS1 HK, a consumer survey conducted by KANTAR Hong Kong ('Consumer Survey') revealed that 73% of the respondents feel more confident in the companies with "Consumer Caring" logo. The result indicated the Scheme's high level of integrity and credibility, supported by strong trust from the industry and public stakeholders. Being assessed based on the "4C" principles and core values, including "Consumer Centric", "Conforming to Commitment", "Championing Quality" and "Caring for Sta more

Sun Entertainment Culture Actively Expands Its Business Foothold Preparing for the Recovery of the Entertainment Industry

MACAO SAR - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - Suncity Group has always been committed to promoting the development of the entertainment and cultural industries, and has been expanding its entertainment-related businesses through Sun Entertainment Culture, as the Group actively supports local film, television, entertainment and arts-related projects in Macao and the Mainland. Sun Entertainment Culture mainly engages in the production and distribution of films, as well as the organisation and planning of large-scale concerts. The production it had invested in, produced and distributed had won numerous significant awards and reached a new height of box office record, achieving remarkable results. Currently, Sun Entertainment Culture is working on a number of film productions and organising concerts, co-producing foreign language films and expanding its entertainment business, as the company prepares for a full recovery of the industry. "Limbo", a Sun Entertainment Culture production, is the only Chinese film selection in "Berlinale Special" of the 71st Berlin International Film Festival "Palm Springs", co-financed by Sun Entertainment Culture, won the "Best Comedy" at the 26th Critics' Choice Awards Sun Entertainment Culture is actively engaged in organising large-scale concerts including "Prudential We Do Listening: Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Concert 2021 Hong Kong" The impact brought by the pandemic has made 2020 a difficult year for the entertainment industry. Despite all the challenges, Sun Entertainment Culture carried on with its work and is actively preparing for a full recovery this year. The company has completed a number of films in the past year and scheduled for release in 2021 and 2022. These include "Dust to Dust" starring Da Peng and Lam Ka Tung, "In Love with a Monster" starring Sha Yi, Hu Ke, Heidi Lee and Li Cong, and the only Chinese film selected for the "Berlinale Special" of the 71st Berlin Internat more

Former Pelalawan Regent HM Harris Recognizes APRIL Group Business Unit For Significant Business and Community Contributions in His Final Speech

PELALAWAN, RIAU, INDONESIA - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - In his final speech in office, former Pelalawan Regent HM Harris stated that the development of Pelalawan District was inseparable from the hard work of all parties in realizing the vision of its founders. The district was officially formed on October 12, 1999, in what had been one of the most underdeveloped districts in Indonesia. "Our solidarity and tireless efforts in building and improving all aspects of our community played a major role in the rapid development of the region," said Mr Harris in the last speech of his tenure at the plenary meeting of the Local House of Representatives of Pelalawan (DPRD) on Monday, 24th April 2021 in Pangkalan Kerinci. Mr Harris also recognized the important role and significant contributions from the private sector in the development of the Pelalawan District, most notably PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP), the operating arm of the APRIL Group in Riau. Through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, RAPP has been aligned with a diverse range of government programs including education, infrastructure, health and other important programs needed by the community. APRIL Group is a member of the RGE Group of Companies. Founded by Sukanto Tanoto, RGE manages a group of resource-based companies with global operations. "Thank you PT RAPP for contributions that supported the founders and community leaders in realizing the establishment and growth of Pelalawan District. After more than 20 years, RAPP continues to contribute to the development of this area," said Mr Harris. more

CAF Selects Infor to Power Parramatta Light Rail Project

Infor signs long-term contract with CAF Australia to provide enterprise asset management solutions for light rail construction project in Western Sydney SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - Infor today announced that CAF Australia, a market leader in the design, manufacturing and implementation of comprehensive transport systems, has selected Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for the Parramatta Light Rail project. Infor EAM will help CAF manage and maintain a diverse portfolio of assets including 13, 7-module URBOS Light Rail Vehicles as well as the systems and their integration which includes substations, communications, control centre and systems for signalling and traction. Learn more about Infor EAM: The Parramatta Light Rail is one of the NSW Government's latest major infrastructure projects being delivered by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) to serve a growing Sydney. Light rail will create new communities, connect great places and help both locals and visitors move around and explore what the region has to offer. It will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia, with a two-way track spanning 12 kilometres and is expected to open in 2023. By 2026, around 28,000 people will use Parramatta Light Rail every day and an estimated 130,000 people will be living within walking distance of light rail stops. The deal is a long-term contract spanning 11 years for which Infor will provide a range of cloud-based asset management solutions. With Infor EAM at its core, CAF will establish a centralised asset strategy encompassing asset acquisition, control and maintenance to comply with the contractual requirements of TfNSW. The deployment will ensure FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System) processes are followed appropriately, using system capability for ensuring overall asset pe more

More Asian Employees Now Want Flexibility; Only 7% Want a Completely Onsite Work Arrangement

Most Asian respondents prefer a hybrid work arrangement, with two or three days of working from home every weekGood relationships with colleagues, superiors as well as financial compensation are now top factors for job preferencesIssues pertaining to environmental responsibility as well as diversity and inclusion are now more important to Asian workersSINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - A new report based on the study Decoding Global Ways of Working states that only 7 per cent of Asia's workforce now want to commit to a completely onsite work arrangement. A majority of them have expressed a desire for flexibility in where their work gets done. A total of 66,624 respondents in Asia — out of 209,000 participants across 190 countries — took part in the study. Most of the Asian respondents prefer to work two to three days remotely every week, with two exceptions. Forty-nine per cent of the respondents in the Philippines prefer to work all five days completely remote. Reasons could be related to the increasing rate of COVID-19 infection, worsening traffic situation pre-COVID lockdown and the inadequate public transportation system. On the other hand, only 9 per cent of the respondents in Hong Kong are keen on a completely remote arrangement — this is likely due to their housing situation, where their houses are not ideal for a home office. The study is conducted in partnership with SEEK Asia (The parent company of JobStreet), Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network. It is the second release in a series of publications focusing on the pandemic's impact on worker preferences and expectations. The data gathered for Decoding Global Ways of Working provides insights into worker preferences by gender, age, education level, level of digital skill, and position in the job hierarchy. Financial compensation now a key near-term benefit when it comes to job preferences Apart from work location and work practices, more

Food Insecurity Experienced in Asia Pacific During Pandemic

68% of those who have faced food insecurity dealt with it for the first time  HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - Almost 7 in 10 Asia Pacific consumers who have faced "food insecurity" at some point in their lives experienced it for the first time in recent months, according to new research. Food insecurity is defined as the lack of available financial resources for food at the household level, and has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The research delved into family nutrition trends during the pandemic and was conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Herbalife Nutrition and Feed the Children, among 2,500 consumers in five Asia Pacific markets, including Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. "We see that food insecurity has impacted parents more during the pandemic because they lacked safe options to get fresh and healthy foods, and had not enough money to buy the food needed. Many parents were also worried about the pandemic's lasting health impact on their children," said Stephen Conchie, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific. "Since food insecurity and poor nutrition are associated with several chronic illnesses, there is an urgent need to provide families and children with safe and affordable meal alternatives to allay concerns about food insecurity in the longer term. With this goal in mind, Herbalife Nutrition's Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative is just one of the ways we collaborate with non-profit organizations and share resources to bring about that vital change," he added. Shifts in Food Purchasing Behaviors With 68 percent of Asia Pacific consumers who faced food security concerns experiencing it for the first time in during the pandemic, close to half (52%) of Asia Pacific consumers also started purchasing less expensive foods. Respondents shared that they also started shopping at different, less expensive stores (40%), skipped meals (34%), and receive more

Achiko's joint venture partner obtains a distribution certificate for AptameX, a novel diagnostic test for Covid-19 in Indonesia, and commences product registration

Achiko AG's joint venture partner PT Indonesia Farma Medis (IFM) obtains medical device distribution certificateAchiko subsequently commenced product registration with its partners with a view to mid-year commercial product availabilityAchiko to generate revenues on a 50% holding of the joint venture and a 10% licensing fee from gross salesZURICH, SWITZERLAND - EQS Newswire - 29 April 2021 - Achiko AG's (SWX:ACHI, ISIN CH0522213468) joint venture partner PT Indonesia Farma Medis ("IFM") has been granted a medical device distribution certificate for Indonesia and commences product registration for AptameX.This certificate will allow for the procurement, storage and distribution of the novel diagnostic test, AptameX (formerly Project Gumnuts) in Indonesia. It establishes the foundation for a subsequent product registration facilitating the production and sales of the product in Indonesia. Achiko has subsequently commenced product registration with its partners with a view to a mid-year commercial product availability.To this end, Achiko and IFM are progressing forward with the establishment of the joint venture company PT Achiko Medika Indonesia for the production, distribution and marketing of AptameX (formerly Project Gumnuts) in Indonesia. Achiko will realise revenues on a 50% holding and earn a 10% licensing fee from gross sales.Indonesia is a significant and important market, with over 270 million people spread over 16,000 islands. The joint venture meets local ownership and approval requirements, enabling Achiko's solution to provide security for millions of Indonesians' lives through facilitating access to several tests a month, each at an affordable price.For shareholders, this translates to licensing and profit share incomes from the joint venture established with IFM.The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.About Achiko AGAchiko creates and develops new innovations in healthcare technology through its biotechnology division, Apta more

La Belle Moi selects SYSPRO to improve accuracy of inventory, sales and distribution data

The ERP system will remove manual processes and enable efficiencies to digitalise La Belle Moi’s business MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - La Belle Moi Inc, a leading Filipino provider of quality cosmetics, personal and home care products, has selected SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to help digitalise its expanding business. Asia Pacific CEO of SYSPRO, Rob Stummer The Bulacan based company selected SYSPRO ERP for financials, inventory management and purchasing via SYSPRO's business partner in The Philippines, Seven Rivers Inc. La Belle Moi required out of the box and easy to use functionality in its choice of ERP system, which will help the cosmetics manufacturer to remove manual processes, and enable greater efficiencies and to improve accuracy of inventory, sales and distribution data. The SYSPRO system will provide visibility of unit costs, to ensure accuracy and to achieve better inventory management and performance in their operation. It will also help them to more easily manage their complex pricing, rebates and discount agreements. "We really value the relationship we have with the Seven Rivers team, which is built on trust and professionalism. The level of service they have provided us is what sets them apart and therefore why we trusted their recommendation to select SYSPRO ERP," said Jovy Ting, General Manager and Owner at La Belle Moi Inc. La Belle Moi formulates, manufactures and delivers quality cosmetics, personal and home care products in The Philippines and competes with many of the Japanese and Korean brands that are imported here. The company does the full customisation and manufacturing process from planning a new product line, development of the formulation, packaging production as well as distribution and fulfilment. "We were looking to solve a number of key challenges around data transparency, because there was a lot of human error and we were re more

Han Ji-hyun of SBD Entertainment, Wholly-Owned By Spackman Entertainment Group's Associated Company, Spackman Media Group, Awarded Best Rookie Female Actor In The 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards In Korea

Han Ji-hyun of SBD Entertainment, who starred in popular K-drama PENTHOUSE, won the Best Rookie Female Actor in the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards in Korea SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("Spackman Entertainment Group" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups, wishes to announce that Han Ji-hyun of SBD Entertainment Inc. ("SBD Entertainment"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group's associated company, Spackman Media Group Limited, was awarded the Best Rookie Female Actor in the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards in Korea. The Brand Customer Loyalty Awards in Korea is held annually by the Korean Customers Council. The purpose of the event is to recognize brands that have the most influence on popular culture and society based on consumer research. U.S. consulting firm Brand Keys collaborated with the Korean Customers Council to identify and determine the winners. Brand Keys was involved in finalizing the winners for the past six years. During this month, Han Ji-hyun of SBD Entertainment was featured alongside Lee Young-dae as twins from their roles in popular K-drama PENTHOUSE in the pictorial for Gucci in W Korea magazine. Other than Han Ji-hyun, SBD Entertainment also represents Son Suk-ku who shall be starring in OTT media service Watcha's original content, UNFRAMED PROJECT. About Spackman Entertainment Group Limited Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("SEGL" or the "Company"), and together with its subsidiaries, (the "Group"), founded in 2011 by Charles Spackman, is one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups. SEGL is primarily engaged in the independent development, production, presentation, and financing of theatrical motion pictures in Korea. According to Variety, Korea was the world's fourth largest box office market in 2019, behind only North America, China and Japan. more

Callsign survey reveals over half of consumers do not act on standard fraud warnings

Despite consumers' complacency, 94% still expect proactivity from the online companies or services they use when there is a risk of fraud HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - New research by digital identity pioneer, Callsign, has found that the majority of efforts organizations make to educate customers about potential fraud risks are not working. While most respondents said they read fraud warning messages (86%); of those who did claim they had seen warnings, 58% said they had not done anything different as a result. 13% stated that they do not look at them at all and just closed the window. Of those who read them, 28% said they are unable to recall what they say. Further, 17% of consumers remember what the messages say but haven't subsequently changed their online behaviour. While many people simply ignore fraud warnings, the study also found that 94% of consumers still expect proactivity from online companies or services they use when there is a risk of fraud. In addition, consumers want to be warned about fraud when they are online: this includes when shopping (66%), online banking (64%) or using an online service (60%). However, only 18% of those surveyed strongly agree when asked if the companies and services they use online do a good job protecting them against fraud. So, whilst consumers expressed a desire for organizations to keep them safe, trust to do so is low. It is therefore unsurprising that 76% of respondents said they would like the choice to opt in or out of being sent fraud warning messages if they had the choice. "At first glance, our research suggests consumers want to make their own decisions around the risks they take, choosing to opt in or out of receiving fraud alerts, even ignoring them when they are delivered. However, there is a disconnect between the safety these warnings are supposed to bring and the poor user experience they cause - hence they are perceived as a nuisance," explai more

Stephen Chew acquires NextLifeBook – A Company Offering Free Digital Memories, Will Generator, to Further Strengthen His Group of Business

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - Stephen Chew, founder of Summit Planners has acquired a startup, NextLifeBook to further strengthen his group of businesses. Inspired by an extraordinary vision, Stephen and his team provides a one-stop integrated financial service that works in conjunction with professionals and institutions to provide clients with business and financial solutions.Mr Stephen Chew, founder of Summit Planners, says: "The deal will support the vision to assist our clients to achieve their financial goals during their lifetime and after death – having worked closely with the NextLifeBook team at their inception, we are delighted to have brought them into the Summit Planners family, which will further enhance the digital services offered to our existing clients and new clients regionally, in estate planning and beyond."The cash deal will see Lee Yong Ceih assuming the role of Director for NextLifeBook, and as a strategic part of the acquisition, users of NextLifeBook will get access to the resources in the Summit Planners network."We are grateful to our users and partners on board for their support as we grew the business during the Covid-19 pandemic," said Lee Yong Ceih, Director of NextLifeBook. "We are looking to bring our unique and sustainable business models and deliver cashflow via positive unit economics into Summit Planners existing lines of businesses, and deliver phenomenal client growth and value for the Summit Planners team," he added.About NextLifeBookConceptualized over the years, and after a chance meeting with a prominent Wills & Trusts company & insurance broker in Singapore later, Next Life Book Pte Ltd was founded in 2019.NextLifeBook is a patent-pending Freemium service that provides a Will Generator and platform for users to deliver lasting memories — text, pictures, voice, videos, flowers, gifts — to their loved ones in the event that after passing on.#NextLifeBookAbout Stephen ChewIn 1987, Stephen Chew complete more

This Ramadan, UNHCR calls for solidarity with those hit hardest by the global pandemic

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - As the Islamic world enters the holy month of Ramadan, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, urges greater support for millions of refugees and internally displaced people hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. People forced to flee their homes must be included on an equal footing in global vaccination programmes and economic recovery plans. Greater efforts are also needed to address their educational needs, mental health and psychosocial welfare, child protection risks, and in preventing and responding to gender-based violence. "At this time of deep reflection and generosity, our solidarity with the world's forcibly displaced is needed more than ever," said Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. "In the spirit of solidarity during the Holy Month, I'm appealing for greater support for vulnerable people." Around 85 per cent of the world's refugees are hosted in low- and middle- income countries that are facing financial challenges and often have fragile health systems. As a result of the pandemic, refugees and the displaced have lost livelihoods and been thrust into extreme poverty, with disastrous and far-reaching consequences. UNHCR estimates that three in four refugees worldwide can only meet half or less of their basic needs. Families have cut spending on food, are no longer able to pay rent, have fallen deeper into debt, or have been forced to stop children from attending lessons, even where schools have remained open. Coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan, UNHCR has launched the "Every Second Counts" global fundraising campaign. Donations received as Zakat, Sadaqah, or general giving can ease the burden for forcibly displaced families that are away from home and their loved ones. "Together we can help refugees and the internally displaced have a roof over their heads, a warm meal for iftar, clean water, and hope for a better and safer future," said Grandi. F more