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  • Teams from NYUAD competed to develop applications and plugins using the ON DEMAND tool in a two-day event in Abu Dhabi
  • ON DEMAND has been developed by UAE entity AIREV to reduce the time needed to develop AI-driven applications
  • Muhammed Khalid, CEO and Founder of AIREV: “The Hackathon not only underscores our commitment to advancing AI within the UAE but also highlights our ambition to position the nation as a leader in AI innovation globally.”

ABU DHABI – May 7, 2024: Students at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) gained hands-on experience of a groundbreaking new platform used to develop AI applications during the NYUAD AI Plugin and Product Development Hackathon this week – and learned just how quickly they can transform their ideas into real-world tools. ON DEMAND is a large language model (LLM) operating system that has been developed by AIREV, a UAE-based company backed by Core 42 that seeks to enhance global industry through the use of artificial intelligence. It significantly reduces the time required to develop complex applications from months to days.

The two-day hackathon, a groundbreaking collaboration between AIREV and NYU Abu Dhabi, was held to showcase the potential of leveraging advanced AI tools in higher education and industry. Teams comprising five students each were given the opportunity to either create AI plugins or develop complete products using APIs, plugins, and ON DEMAND's robust computing resources. The focus was not just on creating plugins but also on developing intelligent agents that can integrate seamlessly into broader applications.

ON DEMAND allows engineers and developers to build sophisticated solutions with unprecedented speed and efficiency. This platform has proven its merit not only by facilitating rapid product development but also by offering extensive customization and integration capabilities – all of which were critical to the participants during the hackathon.

As part of the event, participants had access to NYUAD's computing facilities, ensuring they could test and refine their projects effectively. The final presentations and project submissions demonstrated the creativity and technical skills of the students, highlighting the practical impacts of integrating AI into real-world applications.

The collaboration with NYUAD aligns with AIREV's broader goal of fostering technological advancement and innovation. By integrating educational initiatives with state-of-the-art technology, such as the ON DEMAND platform, AIREV continues to contribute to the global leadership in the field of artificial intelligence.

Muhammed Khalid, CEO and Founder of AIREV, said of the event: “We are immensely grateful to NYU Abu Dhabi and the leadership of the UAE for their support in making the Hackathon a resounding success. The two days not only underscored our commitment to advancing AI within the UAE but also highlights our ambition to position the nation as a leader in AI innovation globally. By nurturing local talent and developing groundbreaking AI solutions, we aim to contribute significantly to the UAE's economy. AIREV remains dedicated to innovating from within and exporting high-quality AI products globally, reinforcing the UAE's status as a hub of technological excellence.”

Dr. Andrew Jackson, Chief AI Officer of Core42, said: “This hackathon demonstrated both the readiness of ON DEMAND to democratize AI application development but it also illustrated the further potential of its roadmap. The NYU participants came up with strong AI use cases that have commercial potential, they showed the speed with which new ideas can be brought to MVP stage in just 24 hours. Hosting this hackathon, NYU showed their commitment to transforming the UAE youth towards an AI future that we can only imagine today. We as Core42 are proud to support this initiative and continue driving AI adoption in UAE and internationally.”

Malak Mansour, Computer Science Student, at New York University Abu Dhabi: “I believe that ON DEMAND is the next life-changing tool that provides its users – which include young developers, businesses, and government entities – with a wide set of ‘expert agents' in the form of plugins. It also gives them the freedom to create their own custom plugins that can either be published as open source and free or through subscriptions that they set. ON DEMAND plugins promise a revolutionized AI-powered future focused on providing credible and up-to-date sources to its user's requests, which no other source has done so accessibly and easily before.”

AIREV is a UAE-based company that emerged from the development of School Hack, an AI-powered EdTech platform that helps students develop the skills for the jobs of tomorrow. School Hack, a leading AI application for students, has transformed into an AI-powered educational social network, amassing more than 2 million users and responding to more than 62 million queries. As a certified partner with industry giants like Microsoft, Nvidia and AWS, AIREV leverages its success in education to expand its technological prowess into diverse sectors such as healthcare, law, and finance, aiming to revolutionize these industries with their advanced AI solutions.


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