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Click and Win Hitachi Contest Winners
Win and Slim Contest Winners
Shop for free Contest Winners
Fly for free Contest Winners
Manicure from N·Bar
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Meet some winners
(In Pic : Winners of Models on GoDubai)

Swiss Contest Winner
Winner: Saisudeer(skaypee) from Abu Dhabi
Shabbir(shabbirs) from Dubai
Ferdinand De Guzman(ferdiguzman) from Umm Al Quwain.
Winners will be contacted via email. Please send email to
GoDubai Support for any of your quieries.

Cricket 2004 Contest Winner
(10 copies of Cricket 2004 PC/Playstation Game. )
Winner: Ritu Sainani(ritu_sainani),Rahul R(Yeda),Humayun(humayun_19),Khurram(abbaskr),Atif Hussain(atif23),Sheebha(sheebha),Shashank(shankv3),Naveen(naveent). Two more winner to be announced after the end of 3rd Test Between India - Pakistan. Winners will be contacted via email. Please send email to
GoDubai Support for any of your quieries.

Luthansa Contest Winner
(A trip for two to any Lufthansa destination in Europe. )
Winner: Shamyla from Dubai(user id: shamy22)

Click and Win Hitachi Contest Winner
(Win a DVD Camcorder from Hitachi)
Winner: Yasser from Dubai(user id: yaskun)

Win and Slim Contest Winners
(Win a 200 Dhs gift hamper from Gerlinea)
Oct 15th winner: Irfan from Dubai(user id: nushir13)
Oct 14th winner: Reema from Dubai(user id: Rosery)
Oct 13th winner: Sulu from Abu Dhabi(user id: Sulmu)
Oct 12th winner: Sayed from Dubai(user id: Huraiz)
Oct 11th winner: Hanadi from Sharjah(user id: hanoodah)
Oct 10th winner: Rosalia from Dubai(user id: rosalia m.)
Oct 9th winner: Shirley from Dubai(user id: Chrisash)
Oct 8th winner: Raghavendra from Dubai(user id: raghavhr)
Oct 7th winner: Nadia from Dubai(user id: nadiazafr)
Oct 6th winner: Petula from Dubai(user id: petulavivek)
Shop for free Contest Winners
(Win a 100 Dhs Spinneys gift voucher and a Diamond fun games CDs everyday for 30 days)
August 30th winner: Amit Agarwal from Dubai (user id: amitagarwal)
August 29th winner: Sameer from Dubai (user id: samir070)
August 28th winner: Nabil from Dubai (user id: Nabil_gr8)
August 27th winner: Nazia from Dubai (user id: naazshad)
August 26th winner: Rajiv from Dubai (user id: rajiv30)
August 25th winner: Nacima from Dubai (user id: nacima)
August 24th winner: Zeba Siddiqui from Dubai (user id: Zeba2002)
August 23rd winner: Raj from Dubai (user id: Gulfy)
August 22nd winner: Kazi U A from Dubai (user id: kaziua)
August 21st winner: Jawad from Dubai (user id: jawdra)
August 20th winner: Marjorie from Dubai (user id: marj)
August 19th winner: Neetu from Dubai (user id: nkalwani)
August 18th winner: Prec from Dubai (user id: precious_)
August 17th winner: Pradeep from Dubai (user id: prads99)
August 16th winner: Im from Dubai (user id: Im)
August 15th winner: Rohini from Dubai (user id: rohinishiroor)
August 14th winner: Adel from Dubai (user id: adelae)
August 13th winner: Rakesh from Dubai (user id: mohinirakesh)
August 12th winner: El from Dubai (user id: ElDiablo)
August 11th winner: Umer from Dubai (user id: umerd2000)
August 10th winner: Reema from Dubai (user id: Rosery)
August 9th winner: Tony from Dubai (user id: Tonykkuttan)
August 8th winner: Nazira from Sharjah (user id: nazhash)
August 7th winner: Abdul Razaqe from Dubai (user id: razian)
August 6th winner: Ruby from Dubai (user id: rubydesai40)
August 5th winner: Kumar from Dubai (user id: Kumar100)
August 4th winner: Hiran from Dubai (user id: hirank)
August 3rd winner: Arshad from Dubai (user id: Arshuk)
August 2nd winner: Rekha from Sharjah (user id: rakhi23)
August 1st winner: Afifah from Abu Dhabi (user id: Afifah)
Fly for free Contest Winners
(Win one of four air tickets to anywhere in the world from bartergains.com every week for four weeks)
4th week winner: Ashraf Shaikh(user id: ashrafsk)
3rd week winner: Prasitha(user id: prasitha)
2nd week winner: Feraz(user id: feraz007)
1st week winner: Zaheer Abbas(user id: Z. Abbas)
Manicure from N·Bar
(By giving the right answers lucky surfers have won an essential Manicure from N·Bar)
22nd July: Mrs Murad(user id: murad)
21th July: Rabab(user id: rabab7)
20th July: Ritu(user id: ritu_sainani)
19th July: Michelle(user id: peachy16)
18th July: Zoya(user id: bluebells_28)
17th July: Mitch(user id: mitch)
16th July: Ekta Bhagnari (user id: kukee)
15th July: Nilofer (user id: nilofer)
14th July: Shyanne (user id: theferns)
13th July: Kehkashan (user id: milkyway)
12th July: Sudha (user id: suda)
11th July: Maryam (user id: mary_mask)
10th July: Azza (user id: umhadeel)
9th July: Ingrid (user id: ingridpo)
Glenn Perry Contest Winners
(By giving the right answers 50 lucky surfers have won a pair of tickets to the concert)
Mohamed (user id: shan518)
Shilpa (user id: shipi12)
Tanmoy (user id: tupacrip)
Reshma (user id: ReshmaRodrigues)
Paul (user id: cpm2002)
Shabu (user id: zztop)
maryam (user id: kaku)
lakshmi (user id: lakshya8)
Christina (user id: teensyweensy)
Fraz (user id: Cool_Dude56)
shanila (user id: shans4)
jaisin (user id: jaisin)
Sarita (user id: Doogar Sarita06)
joumana (user id: deema)
Meenal (user id: Doogar Mdoogar)
Atiqa (user id: roohirose)
Joseph (user id: jsg18)
sanjay (user id: esskay)
sam (user id: salies)
Lynette (user id: Emma)
erum (user id: erumx)
Freya (user id: fg045)
Yousuf (user id: Shabeela)
Reema (user id: choprar)
aparna (user id: apna)
Kamlesh (user id: kamal)
mazen (user id: mazen_17)
Ruby (user id: ruby)
Nirmala (user id: nnprabhu)
Alia (user id: i6aliana)
Nouras (user id: Nouras)
Lolita (user id: lolita)
savio (user id: savio)
Aninha (user id: Annie)
salman (user id: salman)
Ritu (user id: ritu_sainani)
Svetlana (user id: Svetlana)
Suhail (user id: sohail)
wieckowska (user id: barbara)
Karen (user id: karen_lisa)
Razia (user id: razia)
Milosz (user id: miloszkraska )
K.M.Khalid (user id: Kmk dude)
Venetia (user id: NICKYH)
rajiv (user id: rajivramnath)
abdulsalam (user id: abdulsalam)
Lorraine (user id: Lorraine)
suresh (user id: sureshjram)
Chethan (user id: chethanroberts)
benita (user id: blossom)
Battle of the Bands Contest Winners
Reynald (user id: reynald)
Loreen Gaye (user id: gaye)
Gloria E. Tolentino (user id: glojhun)
Sunil (user id: Miketer)
Michelle (user id: peachy16)
Canon Contest winners
Win 1 (one) of 4 (four) Canon A30/ A40 digital cameras every week, for 4 (four) weeks
4th week winner: Farhana (user id: Farri)
3rd week winner: Abdullah (user id: aal_taher)
2nd week winner: Dean (user id: dean2kill)
1st week winner: Noufal (user id: Nouf80)
4th Mashreqbank Netcard Winner
4th (and final) week winner: Kaazi U A (user id - kaziua)
3rd week winner: Mohd Nahas (user id - nahasali)
2nd week winner: A. Fernandez (user id - audfed)
1st week winner: Dinesh (user id - dinuae)
By getting the right answers, these lucky surfers have won a Nokia 5510 each!
Win a Language Course Contest from British Council
annie (User ID - annet67), Sharjah
Nahla (User ID - Nahla123), Dubai
Win a trip to Berlin Contest
Alaa (user id - alaa85) is a Palestinian national, residing in Ajman and is a Class 12 student. She has won a free trip to Berlin courtesy Lufthansa. She will be put up at the Sheraton Westin Grand for two whole nights.
DSF Contest on GoDubai
Bandana is this fortnight's winner for DSF Forum.
Harish Bhandary is this week's winner for DSF Caption Contest.
Greg is the GoDubai quizzard of the fortnight, having scored a perfect 6 in Quest!
DSF Caption Contest
Josie Reyes is the winner of the week for the best caption
DSF Forum
Jyoti Tulsani is the winner of the fortnight
Palm Contest on GoDubai
Khalifa (abutariq) wins a Palm m130 and MichieAbraham (micks4u) wins a m515
Ali (alipoly)
Valentine's Quiz
Shabu (zztop), Jeevan (jeevanbramha) win blockbuster movie videos.
Sheraton's Valentine Contest
(Gift vouchers for 2 at selected restaurants of the Sheraton Group of Hotels)
Mahroof (misbah), Dubai
Elian (ddjabbor), Dubai
Ibrahim (skibrahim), Dubai
Mohideen (safanet), Abu Dhabi
Dubai Racing Club Sweepstakes
(2 Night stay at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel plus a dinner for 2 in the Chairman's Suite)
Marky William
The Shrek Contest
30 Video Cassettes in 10 days
:: Day 10 ::
salma (crazysally), Robin (R_Sherwood), Ahmad Al Sharafi (alsdxb)
:: Day 9 ::
Prashanth (prashanth57), mukund (porecha), dev (dev kumar)
:: Day 8 ::
Amrit (Amrit Raey), Ritu (ritu_sainani), Audrey (Audrey) from Dubai
:: Day 7 ::
Domingo (Domingo), Ranen (Ranen), bobins (bobins)
:: Day 6 ::
raki (raki), Arlette (Arlette), rashida (shidainuae)
:: Day 5 ::
asad (shaista), Christina (teensyweensy), Hamsa (Diamd)
:: Day 4 ::
samira (housepen), Nadeem (nadeemhass), shivon (shivon)
:: Day 3 ::
Deepak (deegee), mitch (mitch), hazel (hrvb)
:: Day 2 ::
nagajan (NO FEAR), zahra (sherazee), name (NICKYH)
:: Day 1 ::
joumana (jandark), mackneil (mackneil), Nishad (munnees)
New Year Gala :
Winners of a pair of entry passes for the New Year Gala Event at Al Nasr Leisure Land
Adnan (adnan), Kevin (messenger)
Winner of the Black and Decker Majestic Kettle
M. Rafeeq (Raf72)
Winner of Wrist Watch from Al Habtoor
Dipa (mrsdipa)
The Hannibal Contest
30 Video Cassettes in 10 days
Day 1 ::
Zarina (Nafisa A.), Sam (groove473), Aldrine(aldrineb)
Day 2 ::
Rosemary (rm), Evangeline, A. M. Radhakrishnan (narik)
Day 3 ::
Ayub (milksheikh), Rajiv Raghavan (RajivRK), BOBY (BOBY)
Day 4 ::
ARCHANA (arch79), Farhana (Farri), Natanya (cleo_nat_ra)
Day 5 ::
yaqub (Amigo), Carol (chazel25), vinay (revinay)
Day 6 ::
gerosa (gerosa), kavita (kavita devkumar), amber (killer99)
Day 7 ::
Deepak Bhatia (simandeep), Dr leena (leenasaxena), A.P. Arun (APArun)
Day 8 ::
Svetlana (Felia), yousuf (yousufh14), sharol (sharry)
Day 9 ::
Silvestre (Sil2000), Keith (keith_fernz), rose (roseedmonds)
Day 10 ::
Alia (pishi), Anil (borkar), Gulshan (gardenrose_10)
Amex 'Win Padis' Contest
14 surfers win Padi Open Water Diver courses
Abdul-faajs, Thambi-padath, Shirin-shirinab, ryan-ryanoneal, Mohammad- mindshakers, Shredder-shredder, Rohan-rohan1, aquaman-aquaman, Qais- qais21, Mahroof-Dr.Mahroof, Raheel-raheelm, mazen-mazen_17, Hatem El Omari-hatemo, Mahesh-mahjr
The Mummy Returns II
30 Video Cassettes in 10 days
Day 10 ::
Farzana (lovesense) from Dubai, Manohar (manoharraju) from Dubai, Meya (meyaoneal_wby) from Dubai
Day 9 ::
Chethan (chethanroberts) from Dubai, Kristine (kristeena156) Dubai, lama (hashooms) from Dubai
Day 8 ::
Nauman (nauman) from Dubai, Asha (ashasherin) from Dubai, shanila (shans04) from Dubai
Day 7 ::
florina john (flory23) from Dubai, SyedJamil (jammu786) from Dubai, Ashiq (Ashiq_42) from Sharjah
Day 6 ::
Kiran Joy Varughese (KiranJoy) from Dubai, yashasvi (acyashasvi) from Abu Dhabi, Christdas (Aberlan) from Dubai
Day 5 ::
Marlon (Marmol) from Dubai, natasha (natasha60) from Ajman, tejasvi (tejasvi) from Abu Dhabi
Day 4 ::
kevin (kevin) from Sharjah, Stivan (Psycho Steve) from Dubai, sumathy (ssvks) from Dubai,
Day 3 ::
Reema (choprar) from Dubai, Sowri (Rajan saipriya) from Dubai, dwayne (dwayne) from Sharjah
Day 2 ::
Dalton (Dampal) from Dubai, rajiv (rajivramnath) from Sharjah, Mitz (Mitali87) from Dubai
Day 1 ::
Raghav Bhalla (bhallaraghav) from Sharjah, Sucorrina (Sucorrina) from Dubai, Stella (Stella) from Dubai
Tomb Raider Winners:
mario123 - Sony Playstation with game
hefty - T shirt
Mrlover - Bag
Safa, Tasha, Taztoozah - Soundtrack CDs
The Mexican Home Video Winners :
Alia (pishi), Carey (careypereira), Meera (meerasowri), Richard (fargo), Geetha (Geetha99), Martha (martha), Laves Dsouza (laves_007), Antoinette (ann_sam), Natasha (Natz), Omar (rapster911), Adnan (Dj_Dubai), Amanda (cyko_path), Charles (mydubai), Sherry (Cher), Rummana (rum21), Sarah (Sanderson19), Julian (juliancolaco), Sonia (son_33), Mohamed (basith), huzefa (hstalib), Vivien (Tweetyz), Vineet (vineetamar), Nimit (nimit), Andrew (andymck), Audrey (coolblue_af), srinivas (srinivas13), Orville (oslick), Mark (wanderer28), Charmaine (Charmaine), Rebecca (Becks)
Sukhbir CD Winners:
ammaralnakib, anupearamber, ashhaz, atif23, bestmom, bina, changie, guru5, heena45, lovely59, michelejd, nadu, Nafisa A., nailasuba, nitinprg, rajasanj, sameersalim, Sharine, teensyweensy
Born to Excel :
Dubai: Nezhat Panthaki (16 years), Vishnu Nath (11 years)
Sharjah: Filie (16 years), Dipti Devdas (16 years)
Abu Dhabi: Muhammad Ridwan Jaafar (16 years), Cathy D'Souza (13 years)
Exit Wounds :
brens_999, kanchansingh, kapildevsharma, marizeph, meryllino
Jurassic Park III :
Tazz, kmohit, neesha, perfect_babe, RashDeen, tedbundy
The Mummy Returns :
aiyal, alimirza, ashigri, baberbaig, cassandra, deserter, Ezzethul, gamer, Gillian, glenphillips, Karen Augustus, lubs-83, madhu_kp, madhumita, messenger, ms.purfect, nazaha, neesha, nobel, omarmalkawi, prettyme, Psychoholic, rajeev24, RedMarlyn, sabreena, safianawab, sandra martis, shredder, surekha 13, sweath, sylvia6, vanita83, whitezombie, Yasmin79
Shrek Contest :
Soundtrack CDs, T-shirts and other movie memorabilia
Ash500, Cindrela, Kusum, Merny, Noelyn, Pumpkinsgirl, Shazz, Yusufh14
Air Supply :
(On purchase of a ticket through GoDubai, these lucky surfers were given one ticket free!) Lynn Kordus, Judy Chapman, Brenda, Heidi, Sunanda, Jocelyn Viernes, Ali Jamal Jan, S R Bosma, Geraldine, Atiq Rahman
Gateway Learning Library :
neetu (chocoholic),Maaz (Khalid Maaz_Dude007), dimple (bhattdina), Anwer (anwer_farooqi), Tonia (tonia), Viswanathan(Sweath), Lise (Jaded),Jeff (jeffstew), Thomas (thomas46), yasmin (yasm_in), naeem (abba2008), Medini (medrags), aslam (junais), Anas (anasmib), Mufaddal(pc2pc), Javeria (Juhi), vikas (vikas10), Natasha (Natz),nuha (nashqar, Paul (paulg), dorathy (jonathan simon), Seema (seemcutecat), ashref (ashrefpc) Rasha (wakering), kavita (manshanik), Lynette (Emma), Asha (ashagehani), el khadir, Muna (aura_enigma)
With Blue from American Express :
( Prizes : fourteen WAP-enabled Motorola Timeport 250 mobile phones!)
Hashim Shah (HSahmed), Hojoh (hojoh), Christian (manson), Vinnie (vinnie), Sunil (sunilkthomas), Anas (anas74), Saeyd (Kaliph), Rajeev Kapoor (rajeevkapoor), Hessa (littlehessa), Rashid (monkeymonkey), Zaheer (abbashind), Basanth (basanth), Stuart (stuart01), Mariam (R2275)
The Rush Hour II
Bahirawi (Bubble)- Cap
Hans (hans) - T-shirt
Saima (natkhat) - Cap
Joseph (hexiris) - T-shirt
Creed CD Winners :
Rocky, Charles, Benedicta, Venkata Lakshmi, Acvlakshmi, Melissa, Katlinn, Vinnie, Omar, Shireen, Santhosh, Vivan, Lisa,Hans Ziad, Saikat, Huma, Justina, Alfred, Ignatius, Natasha, Saifus.
Instant Prizes (User Ids of winners) :
Surfers log onto the home page and surf. A window could pop up at random. Prizes up for grabs are videos of the latest movies courtesy Stallions Home Video
rmonterio, jandark, rajiv69, arvahp, jkahwaty, Charmaine, bhuvan, dsds, fabin, anwarlubna, Usha Dharam, jamilashabbir, girlwonder, gokulavan, whoami, riiz, donwibb, Sailesh_2000, jat, rochelle.g, Marilyn, elegantguy, Love328, jasmine, royrob, sameersalim, Goochie, marlond, suntech, ddjabbor, suppandi, fiona1810
GoDubai Build A Story
Prizes : Book vouchers of Dhs. 50/- each from Right Selection, Dubai
My Fave Spot in UAE - Taznim Shirazi
Diary of a New Expat - Jazeela and Raghav
Driving Licence - Rejna and Manish Bharadwaj
Wedding Album - Nafisa and Vidhu Khanna
Interview Bloopers - Neelam and Audrey
Back from Vacation for School Kids - Vishal Ahuja
Build Story for School Kids: Para of the Week Winners:
Shayan Shakeel, Tarun Sequeira, Komal Keni, Nezhat Panthaki, Evette Pereira, Ravi Balasubramaniam, Upasna Varma
Bina Khiani and Miriam - Travelogue
Nida, Tarannum, Jammy, Kamni, Arnold, Lavita, Priya - Friend's Day Contest - Mafraq Hotel Weekend Stays
Hansa and Manoj - Mother's Day
Khaled Alturki
Rabab Hamza
Aman Sangar
Saveena, Naeem Nizar
Vivien, Saima
GoDubai Cute Kids
Prizes : Winners get a professional portfolio, courtesy Quick Photo Studio
Jun '02 - Bilal Ahmed
May '02 - Connor Wilkinson, Brendan Alexander Ott
Apr '02 - Sarah Namour, Sejal Katyal
Mar '02 - Alara Tunc, Luna Hamod
Feb '02 - Shanelle Marie Tolentino, Khalid Hyder
Jan '02 - Muskan Chandok, Harry Somers
GoDubai Models
Prize : Model Portfolio worth Dhs. 1000/- courtesy Quick Photo Studio
One Winner to be declared on the 10th of every month
Contest Closing : 10th of every month

Avan Madan: May 10 - June 10, 2002
Ajay Ramchandani: April 10 - May 10, 2002
Alefia Premnawaz: March 10 - April 10, 2002
Yunis : Feb 10 - March 10, 2002
Bhawishay Balani : Jan 10 - Feb 10, 2002
Reshma Nair : Dec 10, 2001 - Jan 10, 2002
Navin Khanchandani : Nov 10 - Dec 10
Aayaz : Oct 10 - Nov 10
Nitin Mirani : Sep 10 - Oct 10
Renita D'Souza : Aug 10 - Sep 10
Vinod Kumar Bhatia : July 10 - August 10
Samira Asad: June 10 - July 10
Pooja : May 10 - Jun 10
Anita Khatri : Apr 10 - May 10
Sandeep Adnani : Mar 10 - Apr 10
Arlette Fonseca - Feb 10 - Mar 10 2001
GoDubai Travel Desk
Prizes : A GoDubai Tshirt for the best comments on the weekly travel forum.
Philip Mathew : Travel Agents (May 25 - 31)
K.S.Bhisham: Travel Insurance (May 31 - June 7)
Laxmi: Travel Insurance-II (June 7 - 14)

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