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Ilias Giannakopoulos, Peristeri, Athens
I am a Greek citizen and I plan to visit U.A.E. for 10 days on July. We are two and we are looking for a beach resort. Where and which resort do you recommend? We would also like to know if we need to apply for a visa. We would also like to Visit Oman. Do we need to apply for a VISA, too? I have been visiting your site every day and I think it is the best site I have ever seen.
First of all - July is a hot month - check out an overview of July's weather. Dubai has a number of beach resorts - please check http://www.godubai.com/miceonline for hotels (contact details. You can drive to Oman - however you will need to go to the Omani consulate for a visa - rules keep changing and it is amazing how difficult it is to get a definitive reply on the issue. You could check with the Omani consulate in your country.
Kathy Ferrante
Your web-site is great, but I have one question, are credit cards widely accepted in the shopping malls? Also, what is the shopping like at the airport? What currency would someone take to Dubai from Canada, where do you exchange it?
Dubai is like any other city or town in Canada - no difference in payment systems (all major credit cards are accepted throughout the malls and other retail outlets). ATMs are conveniently located. The Dubai Duty Free is guaranteed to blow you away with its look, variety and service - a dont-miss shopping experience. Canadian dollars can be exchanged here - so no problem. Money exchange outlets are available at the airport and at major malls - you are never too far away from one. Have fun - Dubai is a safe, fun place to be.
Audrey Blincow
I am trying to locate a company who offers desert air tours or charter flights around the deserts of Dubai, could you help me please?
The companies that provide these services are Aerogulf Services Company - aerogulf@emirates.net.ae, Desert Air Tours - desair@emirates.net.ae, and Fujairah Aviation Centre - fujavctr@emirates.net.ae
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Russell Blakely
I am a regular visitor to Dubai and I am interested in visiting Fujairah. How far is it from Dubai to Fujairah in km? How much (approx) by Taxi? What other forms of transport available to get to Fujairah?
Here's the info on Fujairah - 132 kms from Dubai. 25 Dhs. in a shared cab. You can get there in a bus (mini van actually) as well. The rate is approx. 20 Dhs. Can stay either in the Hilton hotel (5 star), Siji Hotel (5 star) or Ritz Plaza (3 star), or a couple of other furnished apts. which charge 130 dhs per day
Mark Ivanski
Are there any museums in Dubai?
Yes - we have the Dubai Museum housed in a 200-year-old fort, the Heritage Village and the Sheikh Saeed House. Neighbouring Sharjah is a veritable treasure house of musuems. For some information - you can check out our heritage section..
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Max E. Gildemeister
I will be in Dubai beginning of March. On 8th of March I would like to visit the Jumeira Mosque. Is it necessary to reserve a place ? Or can I simply go there an participate the tour ?
The email address is smccu@emirates.net.ae Yes - you will have to contact the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and book your place - the person to speak to is Michelle at 00 9714 3447755. Take an online mosque tour.
Ted Jensen
I'm planning a trip to Dubai in late August 2001. I'm from Northern Ireland (a cool climate) and am concerned about the temperatures. What will the temperatures be like during the day in late August. Are the mornings/evenings cool enough to be out and about doing activities. About what time does one really have to be inside (in air conditioning) and then when can one get outside again?
You will get some information here! Late August is hot - sizzling hot and for someone like you - it borders on the unbearable. Evenings are just about ok for light walks - it is too humid for anything vigorous - the places to visit are the malls - with the Dubai Summer Surpises making it extra special.
Nick Haslett
We have booked a weeks stay at a hotel in Ajman. Can you provide any info regarding the area of Ajman. I am a little disappointed to learn, through your website, that Dubai city is 15 minutes drive away. Is there much going on in Ajman? Or are we going to be spending and waiting for taxi's? I am looking forward to taking a desert safari.
Make that 15 minutes with little traffic. Your choice of hotel is good. However, if the hotel does not have complementary transport to Dubai (where the action is!) you will be spending a lot of money on transport. For tours and safaris you can check out our offers. The beaches in Ajman are excellent and Ajman is very close to Sharjah which houses world class museums. And when we talk of shopping action - the Ajman Carrefour provides enough of that. Have fun.
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Our company is opening a branch office in Jebel Ali FTZ and my boss will soon be relocated to Dubai with his family. They are taking along their Collie with them. Could you let me know if there are any procedures in bringing in animals into the country. If so please advise.
Your boss will have to get a Government Health Certificate done in advance. No quarantine in the UAE. For the certificate, he will have to fax his passport photocopy and the copy of the dog's vaccination card - the rabies vaccination has to be atleast a month old. Certain companies will do this in one morning, for a payment of Dhs 150/- (approx.).
Brian Matthews
My thoughts on GoDubai. It's very cool. Some sound would be good.
Brian, we do have sound on Godubai!!

Jeanette, Australia
As we are thinking of a holiday to Dubai in December we would like to know the exchange rate in AUS $ - also, we are middle- aged Australians (husband & wife) - can we expect to travel around Dubai by ourselves in safety? Things to see and do would also be appreciated.
Pleased to know that you are visiting our city. The exchange rate is approx 1AU$ = 2.4054 Dhs. Dubai is a very safe city - and you can roam without fear. While here, do visit the Dubai museum, the Al Shindagah Palace and the Heritage Village. Take a dhow (arabic boat) cruise - some of the hotels offer a dinner cruise. The gold souq is also a must visit. If you want to buy electronics - try the Deira City Centre or the Al Fahidi Street. There are a number of other places within and outside Dubai - and any tourist brochure will guide you. While at the heritage village - do dine at the traditional Arabic restaurant. [More].

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DC, South Africa
I love and enjoy going into your site. It has everything. My problem is how can I, as a South African apply for jobs in your country? Where can I place my C.V. for future job applications?
All nationalities are welcome in Dubai. The best way to get a job (other than scanning the International classifieds of your local newspaper), is to visit Dubai and personally approach the employment agencies and companies. Faxed and Emailed CVs are not entertained. For starters, you can look up our list of employment agencies. .
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Mithi, Dubai
Please send me eggless sponge cake recipes. I am vegetarian so I would also like to receive more vegetarian recipes.
Thank you for your feedback. We are getting more sources for our recipes - hope to get a recipe for the dish you requested, soon. In the meantime, enjoy our daily recipes. .
I have been told that sleeveless dresses or t-shirts would be unsuitable for walking around Dubai but OK in the hotel. Is this correct?
Dubai is just like any other city you would visit - say in the USA or in Australia - sleeveless will do - t-shirts will thrive, shorts are OK and beachwear is absolutely fine on all beaches. So get your normal summer wear (a certain modesty is recommended as a mark of respect for local traditions and also if you want to deter the oglers!).

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VM, Muscat
If I arrange a visit visa for my wife from my company in OMAN, will she be allowed to enter in Dubai? Or If I come by Air to Dubai Airport, Will I be issued the Visa for me and my wife (with visit Visa) on arrival as I am an Engineering professional and my wife is also an architect?
All expatriate professionals who are residents of any GCC country, having stayed there for atleast one year, are eligible for a visa on arrival in Dubai. However it is not possible for her to get a visa on arrival - since she holds a visit visa to Oman. This also applies for road permits from Muscat. More on visas.

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My wife and I recently watched a television program here in the USA about the excellent deals on purchasing jewelry especially gold jewelry in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai.We are applying to your embassy in Washington for the proper visas for our visit. They advised it would take approximately five days. It will be my wife's 50th birthday and we wanted to buy her a few nice pieces of gold jewelry as well as tour your fine country. I would greatly appreciate any help that you may afford us with information on shopping in your country.
The UAE is a great place to shop. Dubai is about a two hour drive from Abu Dhabi - you could rent a car or come by taxi. For the current gold prices please check the bullion link, approximately 3.67 Dhs. = 1 US$. Remember to bargain on the making charges on any item of jewellery. Electronic items are also reasonably priced here. Taxis in Dubai have metres (the yellow ones atleast) so you know how much to pay. Click here for information on what to do and what and where to shop in Dubai..

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SV, Saudi Arabia
I got a visit visa to Dubai now ! I have a valid Saudi driving licence. Can I drive my car in Dubai / UAE? Can you also provide me with the telephone number and name of any agency which lends mobile phone on rent for a period of one month?
Yes, you can drive here on a Saudi licence.
If you have a mobile phone, you can purchase Etisalat's Prepaid GSM Sim card "Speak Easy" which is available in a Dhs. 300 denomination and is valid for both local and international calls up to this amount. This card is valid for one month from the date of issue and can be obtained from Etisalat counters or through authorized Rent A-Car companies at the Dubai International Airport.

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VKM, Muscat
I am currently working in Muscat. I want to visit the UAE along with my wife. I can enter with the road permit. I would need a visit/transit visa for my wife who will be coming from India. Is it possible to get one?
Transit visas for a single female is almost impossible to get. The best you can do is to get her to come to Muscat and the two of you could then drive into Dubai..
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Shajan Varghese
Thank you for all the very valuable information you have presented in your site. I have a question.
  • Can a person holding a Transit Visa enter UAE through the Salwa Border between Saudi Arabia and the UAE?
  • I hold a Saudi Driving licence. Is it legal to drive my car in UAE, while on a Visit Visa / Transit Visa.

A transit visa is a valid entry through any of the UAE airports, not via road. You can drive in the UAE after obtaining a temporary licence (issued within a day). Editor .

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Laura Turzo
Your website is one of the very best I have seen. Very enjoyable. One thing I had hoped to find but could not was a geographical map of Dubai in relation to it's surrounding countries. If you could let me know where to find one on the web I would greatly appreciate it
Glad to know you enjoyed our site. We do have a street map of Dubai. A regional map is on the way.
Najib Makhdoom, UK
Hi there. I am about to start a new job in Dubai soon and have found your page to be quite useful. Other than the great content, your site design is very good. Nice job. I have a suggestion though.How about a section where people can enquire about the trivialities of moving to or living in Dubai, such as - whether an English driving license is valid in the UAE etc. Keep up the good work.

The UK driving license is valid in the U.A.E. We are putting together some useful information about Dubai, for the potential resident. You can, in the meantime, explore some basic information we already have.

Paras Dharmecha, Purdue, USA
It is 3 years since I left Dubai (my home of 20 years) to study in the USA and often get out of touch with the homeland.I just wanted to let you know that you are doing an amazing job with the technology there. It is great to have a web-site that you can refer to when people ask you where the hell you are from...Great job again. I think that you should include the site in more tourist searches. There are so many people here that would love to visit Dubai but are stopped due to the lack of information. My personal congratulations
Paras - thank you. You will be pleased to know that we are rated amongst the top 10 consistently by all the major search engines in any tourist related search. If there is one that still does not recognise us, let us know. .
Katherine Barley, USA
I am a PADI certified diver (have been for about 9 or 10 years) and have not been diving for about seven years. I will be studying in Dubai in the Fall and want to take advantage of the diving facilities in Dubai and Oman.Do you offer refresher courses? If so, what is the time frame and cost of these courses? Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Katherine, we have put together FAQs on scubadiving in Dubai. You will probably find your answers here.
Bogdan Banjac, Auckland New Zealand
Very bright pages with excellent vivacious graphics. Please give me the postal addresses of local hospitals.

Thank you, Bogdan. We do have a comprehensive list of hospitals on GoDubai.

Muhammad Iqbal - Dai, Indonesia
I had visited Dubai several months ago for a business trip and I think it is an interesting city. I just wanted to know more about job opportunities for Indonesian people. Please let me know soon.

You are welcome to Dubai. The city is melting pot of various nationalities and you will enjoy working here.

I am a Canadian high school teacher and would be most interested in teaching in the U.A.E. Would you be so kind as to help me find the necessary organization(s) to whom I should address my request of employment. I have heard so many positive comments on this country and therefore believe that it would be a most pleasurable experience to teach there for a period of time.
You are right about Dubai - it is a safe haven compared to most other large cities. Check out the web pages of schools in Dubai and their contact addresses. All the best.
Can you please tell me where can I go for Jet Skiing in Dubai and how much does it cost?
It will cost you Dhs.60/- for half an hour and Dhs.90/- for one hour off Al Garhoud Bridge. More about outdoor fun to be had in Dubai.
K. Moon
Please advise if an Italian travelling to UAE will need a visa - is it issued on arrival in UAE as it is for British passport holders?
Italians will need a visa before entering the UAE - ie either a transit or visit visa. >More about UAE visa regulations
Hi there. I really enjoyed your web site. I may be in Dubai in July. What is the cost of living like? Is it expensive to eat out? Is buying groceries costly? What about transportation?
The cost of living really depends on which country you come from. Income is not taxed and groceries including eating out is not expensive (again depends on the outlet you go to). Rents can start from Dhs. 100,000 (and above) for swank villas and Dhs. 70,000 to Dhs. 100,000, for modest villas and deluxed serviced apartments. The better range of apartments along with gym facilities and swimming pools come in the range of Dhs. 50,000 and above. Decent one to two bedroom apartments have rents between Dhs. 25,000 to Dhs. 50,000. Studio apartments are available between Dhs. 18,000 to Dhs. 25,000. As in all cities, the outskirts (Al Qusais and thereabouts) is cheaper. (Please check city map)Apartments in Sharjah and Ajman - about a half-an-hour drive from Dubai tend to be more reasonably priced than their counterparts in Dubai. As you can see - you will definitely find something to suit your budget. (Dhs. 3.67 = 1 US$ approx.) Public transportation is inadequate and it is cheaper to own a car.
Andre Heuvel
Can you please tell me if we can get cash money, with our Dutch bankcard, from the wall of the banks in Dubai?
What can you tell me about the infrastructure. Is there enough asphalt to skate on?
ATM is well-established in Dubai. As long as your bank card is part of the International network of credit cards including visa, mastercard etc. you should have no problems. You can bring your roller-blades along - the sidewalks, parks etc. are ideal for the sport.
Karem Tas
Could you tell us as to how we can employ a professional nanny and housekeeper in Dubai?
Some companies offer professional maid services. Other companies recruit a maid on your behalf. This would involve agency fees, paying the mandatory Dhs. 4800 annual tax to the government other than providing for the maid's salary and accommodation. You could employ a part-time maid locally. You have to either place an advertisement in the newspaper or sound off your local grocer or watchman. There are baby-sitting facilities available as well. More information on nurseries in Dubai

Elisabeth Hebbenaar
I was hoping to see all events for the celebration of the Millenium listed on the GoDubai site. I will be visiting at the end of the year and am very interested to know what will be happening there and if I will have to purchase tickets for certain events.
Very pertinent question, indeed! Well - the new year will coincide with the Holy month of Ramadan. During the day no eating is permitted in public and in the evenings, alchoholic drinks will be served only after break of fast. No partying and entertainment on a large scale is permitted. For more information regarding this holy month please check here.
Ahmed Salim
How can I create my own web-site?
Glad you asked. We are very pleased and proud to present Personal Pages on GoDubai.com. You have a whole range of choices from individual personal pages to creating your corporate profile.
J. Vinyard
I was wondering if bars and pubs will be open during ramadan.
The bars and pubs are open after break of fast - ie after 7.00pm. Alcoholic drinks will be served to non-muslims.For more information regarding this holy month please check here.

Ms Ranchhod
Hi. We are from South Africa and are planning a trip to Dubai on 10 September 1999. We would like to know all the shopping spots - for jewellery, electronics, clothing and sunglasses.
Dubai is the right place for all that you are planning to purchase. For jewellery - visit the Gold Souq and remember to bargain on the making charges. Take your time and enquire around before purchasing anything. For more on shopping.
Absar Malik
I have heard that there are Helicopter sight seeing tours available for Dubai. Can you please give me any information.
Aerogulf (Tel 00 9714 823157) offers short sightseeing tours of Dubai and other parts of the UAE, as well as passenger transport to and from selected hotel locations. A 10 min flight for 4 persons would cost Dhs.700/-
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