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Pick of the Week

I am currently in Dubai on visit visa and looking for a suitable job in middle east. Your "pc 2 fax" is very useful for me to send fax to companies. There is one disadvantage though. After I sent the fax I couldn't know whether the fax was sent properly or not. If you add some features to know about the fax sent confirmation, it will be very useful for us.

We are happy to know that our PC2fax service is turning out to be very helpful to our surfers. And thank you for the suggestion. We will keep that in mind when we redesign the format.

Send in your comments, suggestions, stories, jokes, paintings. This is open to postings on our MessageBoard as well.
 Previous Contributors

Jesse Charles

There is one thing i would like to say about Godubai.com. You are very prompt in your reply unlike other sites. This attracts customers to sent their queries to your site, especially people like us who are outsiders. Keep up the good work & all my best wishes to Godubai.com

We endeavour to be of use to our surfers. And thank you very much for the compliment! Such compliments keep the morale high at the GoDubai desk.

Sylvie Rodrigues

Dear Godubai members,
I want to share with you my experience re. Jobs Online. I as a job seeker registered myself on Jobs online and was surprised to have been called for an interview and lucky to be shortlisted and selected. Thank you Godubai.

You are welcome, Sylvie. And thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Your mail would certainly soar the spirit of our job seekers.

Raj Kim

I went through the job vacancies on your site and applied for two companies in Dubai. But was disappointed to get no replies from the concerned companies. I had asked just to reply atleast if there is a possibility to get that post.

Could you kindly tell me if you can do anything about that? Or how can I know what is the progress with the resumes? And how much chances do we hold to get it? And how can we rely on it? Thank you

GoDubai.com does not have any say in the recruitment policies or decisions of the job agencies that post their vacancies here. Your chances of landing a job is as good as your resume, Mr Kim. And you can rely on the job postings here as much as you rely on the job vacancies advertised in a conventional medium such as newspapers. All the best!


I would like to learn more about sponsoring parents. Has there been a new law that allows sponsoring parents in Dubai, or has there been a law that I have not been aware of? In any case, could you please give some advice on how difficult it is to do this, and how should I go about this process.

I have a mother about 60 years, widow, and I would like her to live with me in Dubai.

Our job visa queries section also covers sponsorship queries. So if you have any queries regarding sponsorship, you can submit them to our legal expert here.

Karun Kumar Das

I thank you for fulfilling my order at GoDubai Gifts Corner and executing my special instructions. You made somebody's day, and that person was thrilled and surprised by the excellent service provided by your organisation in Dubai. Once again I appreciate your help and support. Thank you.

It wasn't that simple! Mr Das. But it was a pleasure. We are honoured to be at your service, always.


I had applied to accounts assistant post through your online jobs and got shortlisted recently. Now, the agent in USA has asked me to pay 50% commission in advance by TT to his account to forward my application to the employers for final interview.

I am confused whether I should go for it or not since money is involved. Though the agent has promised to refund fully, in case of failure, I wanted to take your valuable opinion on this matter.

GoDubai does not hold itself responsible for the terms specified by an employer. Surfers are advised to use their discretion if a monetary transaction is involved.

Aliyaa Khan

I have registered with Godubai.com for many weeks now, but I have not received any emails regarding my job query. Is there another way in which I can be informed about the kind of jobs I am looking for. Your help would be highly appreciated.

Since we are not a placement agency we do not respond individually to every job query. Our surfers are requested to visit the GoDubai Jobs Section on a daily basis to keep themselves updated with the latest job openings.

Tuhina Bhattacharya

GoDubai is a great site! It covers almost every aspect of life! I especially like your "need a help?" and Contest columns. I think it would be useful if you could include an immigration expert in your experts column, who could advise surfers on immigration to Canada, Australia etc.

Thanks for your feedback! GoDubai seeks to build interest in Dubai and the Middle East. While we do address varied issues that might be of use to our surfers, we do not digress from our primary focus, which is the Gulf region.

Ali Zaheer

Hi there! I would like to comment on the poll topic "Post Sept. 11th, students from the UAE are not keen about pursuing higher studies in the U.S." Students living in the US too don’t feel comfortable studying there anymore. I was in Dallas for 4 yrs. I had no plans of coming back. I had a great job in Dallas. Things went the other way after the Sept 11 incident. I graduated in December of 2001. Students have started delaying their graduation. I myself graduated after 2 semesters, intentionally delayed my studies because of the the job market.
And talking to students here, they feel they’ll be hated when they go there, which in a way is true. The employers don’t prefer middle eastern or south Indian people for work. Fresh graduates are facing a problem everywhere. Well, in short, the point is I frankly don’t consider the US safe (I never did !). I would recommend students here to join Universities in the Middle East.

Thanks for your feedback! Your advice will be quite valuable to our surfers who are planning to pursue further studies in the U.S.

Sandeep Adnani
Hi! This is Sandeep, winner of the model of the month competition a year ago. I was wondering if you could do me a favour. This month's models include a school friend of mine, Bilal K Mian. I would like to get in touch with him. If you could send me his email, or forward this message to him, I would be very grateful.

GoDubai: As a community website, we are happy to be of help to our surfers.

Thanks a bunch for helping out with this issue! I have written to my friend and thanks to you we can be in touch again after almost a decade!
Hi, I am a regular viewer of GoDubai and I have a request to make. There are a number of contests which keep coming up on your site. I take part in most of them but would really appreciate it if you could give the correct answers to the contest questions after the winners are announced. This will help viewers in knowing more about the product being promoted. I hope you will consider my suggestion since I am sure there are several others like me, who would like to know the right answers to the contest.
Thank you for your suggestion. It's a good one! We have decided to start highlighting the answers for all our future contests, starting with the Mashreqbank Netcard Contest. The answers will of course be displayed only after the winners have been declared.
Just wanted to let you know that your site is really very interesting! I have fallen in love with this site and I make it a point to visit the site 4-5 times a day, either to browse through some useful information or to take part in some contest. I enjoy the Caption Corner the most! I hope you will have it as a constant feature. My only suggestion is that in the weight loss topic you could put one more topic related to support groups where one could find some support buddies to motivate one other to stay fit and share ideas/tips on weight loss. It will indeed be of great help to alll people who are fighting hard to loose weight and have given up hope of doing so! It would also be nice if you could have a message board where one could put up their queries related to weight issues. I look forward to seeing this change in the Godubai.com site. Hats off to the great job done by the staff of godubai.com and the SIMA international. Keep up your great work !
Your mail was a real morale booster for us here at GoDubai! We are glad you enjoy the
Caption Corner. We try to select pictures that will arouse cheeky or witty comments.
Your idea about having a weight loss support group is a good one. We already have a forum for weight loss. Why don't you try posting a message there asking for like minded people to form a support group? All the best!

I like your website but would like to see a calendar of events for concerts and special events.
We already have an
Events Section on GoDubai listing all upcoming seminars, concerts, sports and dining events.
Enjoyed doing the Quest during DSF. How about making it a regular feature on Godubai?
We received a lot of appreciative comments for Quest. Thank you. You will be happy to know that we plan to resume the contest shortly.

Louella Alvares
I love surfing through your site and happened to chance upon your Talent Corner. Since it says you have a special place for budding aritsts, though I don't see myself anyway near one, but when my captions are shortlisted I do feel good!
Well, I have written this poem especially for my darling husband and would like to share it with all fellow GoDubai surfers since I feel it has a message to convey. It would be nice if people could truly love their near and dear ones and if they could stand by them especially here, in Dubai, where jobs are so unpredictable... We should try to keep a check on our tempers. Inflated egos only make situations tougher, so perhaps, it would be better to amicably go in for a compromise, rather than cling on to our egos. Ego clashes often break up the best of relationships. I would love to now any of your comments on the same.
If any of our surfers would like to comment on Louella's mail, please post your messages at the GoDubai Relationships Forum
Comments on the Global Village:
Venue: Excellent
Parking: Good
Stalls: Good
Abra Service: Marvellous but very long.
Bus Service: With all the traffic, how could a bus reach Global Village any faster than a car?!
Traffic: Too much! To get to Global Village at 7 pm, I would have to leave my house at 5. And if one has to go anywhere at all, being on time was impossible. This traffic problem occurs every year. Something really needs to be done about it for DSF isn't the only thing happening during March, there are other functions and festivals, and we would like to be on time for these things as well.
Jennifer (Germany)
Jennifer requested for "U got it" from Usher on DJ Marky Mark's show with the dedication - "I would like to say hello to all the people from Dubai and especially to my parents and my small brother Tim who are right now in Dubai! I can't be there this time, but I am thinking of them all the time! See you all soon, in Dubai. Lots of love!"
Song requests can be made at the GoDubai Beat.
Deepti S. Nair
I have written this little piece...I don't know if it suits your category of stories... but it's an honest attempt and I would appreciate a positive response. I also wonder whether we can send in poems.
Thanks for your contribution! We welcome short stories, poems or any creative piece on GoDubai. We have a special place for budding (or veteran!) artists - the Talent Corner. Looking forward to more contributions from you!
When driving at night I often get behind a car that has tinted windows and find these cars travel very slowly, which I presume means that they cannot see very well at night with their tinted windows.

Yes, there is still quite a bit of controversy regarding the safety of tinted glasses. Keep checking the latest govt. regulations at
Dubai News
Ingrid Mortensen, Denmark
I am a Danish woman. 30 years ago I lost my parents (who were 55 and 56) in a big flight accident on the inflight to Dubai. It was a Sterling flight coming from Sri Lanka full of Scandinavian travellers. The accident took place on 14 March 1972 in the mountains between Fujairah and Dubai. At that time I was a very young woman. I had always wanted to go to Dubai and see the place where my parents died. Now I am going to visit the place together with my sister. Fujairah Civil Aviation will take us to the place of the accident. I would like to get in touch with possible persons who have seen the accident. I will be in Dubai from 20 to 30 April this year and go to Fujairah for a couple of days during my stay.
Sangeetha, India
My friend who is an Indian has been waiting for his visa for more than 5 months even after getting the job. Is there a ban on employment visas for Indians?
There is no blanket ban on employment visas for Indians. But there is a policy shift by the concerned authorities to make the society more cosmopolitan by restricting visas to only certain nationalities. As a result, those who employ only Indian nationals might find it difficult to get visas for more Indians. For more such job visa queries answered by our legal expert, click here
Janet, New Zealand
We are visiting Dubai shortly. What is the acceptable attire to wear in Dubai?
Though nothing is specifically forbidden, it would be in your interest to be modestly attired in public places in Dubai.
Sandhya Basantani, Dubai (Jan 26-Feb 1)
'Cute Kids' on GoDubai gives us an opportunity to feature our babies online. Thanks a lot!
Compliments like these really keep our spirits high! Thank you, Cute Kid Mothers!
Keith Fernandez, Dubai (Jan 19 - 25)
Thank you very much for the Hannibal Tape. You guys are doing a great job! I absolutely love the contests you have!
There's more where they came from. We have an exciting lineup of contests, event promos and product launches for 2002.
Laura C, Saudi Arabia (Jan 12 - 18)
I am interested in booking a hotel through yourselves but wondered whether taxes were included in the price or not.
The hotel rates are inclusive of taxes.
Azmath (Jan 5 - 11)
I started visting this site a few days ago and I liked it very much. I have a small suggestion to make. Please have some nice games in the games section.
The 'Time-Out' section on GoDubai has just introduced the Pegs Game. We should soon be introducing a daily quiz. In the meantime, keep coming back for the weekly Caption Corner and Crossword
Dimple,Dubai (Dec 29 - Jan 4)
I have been receving nasty and bad language messages from the Discussion Board posting. Could you please do something to keep your esteemed site clean.
Since this is a forum open to all, we do get such comments made by surfers that go against the spirit of a friendly and decent exchange of ideas. We regret the distress caused to you. While we can block such surfers by withdrawing their registration, we give them an initial warning. Please let me know if you receive any more Emails of this nature. Thank you for your feedback and please continue to use GoDubai Messageboard.
Dilshad,Dubai (Dec 22 - 28)
I would like to know if you have any tours to Muscat in the month of Feb/Mar during Eid.
Our winter specials are valid till the end of March - so you could plan and book in advance with Insites - GoDubai's Travel Network.
Mahir, Dubai (Dec 15 - 21)
The article on the personality of Holy Prophet (PBUH) by Mohamed Iqbal was just superb, Please keep posting such articles.
You will find some more articles here.
Stephan Mahieu, Director Beam ME (Monaco)(Dec 6 - 14)
I have received 5 replies already to the jobs that I have just advertised on your website. Great service!
Thank you for your valuable feedback. We invite other companies to advertise free of charge on the most visited section in GoDubai - Jobs Online.
RK, Dubai (Nov 24 - 30)
Let me take this opportunity to extend my sincere compliments to Sima International for establishing one of the most interesting and active web-sites in Dubai. In light of this, I would like to inquire who would be the contact person to address in the near future should we have interesting events or news to send Sima International to include in the press release section.
Press Releases can be submitted online. With over 70,000 registered members, your press releases reach out to the surfing audiences in this region.
Ziad Kobrosli, Saudi Arabia (Nov 17 - 23)
Regarding your Eid package offer, I'm really interested but without the car rental. Can I have the special price without the car?
Our Eid Packages have been combined with car rentals for your convenience. If however, you want just the hotel accomodation, you can do so.
Diana Voskoyan, Detroit (Nov 10 - 16)
When can I get information concerning the Dubai Shopping Festival 2002? And thanks a bundle for the current Ramadan e-mail.
We'll keep you updated in our fortnightly newsletter. By the end of this year, we should start getting some information about DSF 2002. For a feel of last year's DSF - check our shopping section
Sharma (Nov 3 - 9)
Can you please tell me how to get into the GoDubai birthday site. I would like to wish my friends and relatives on the net. Please guide me as I am already a member of your community.
GoDubai Birthday allows you to submit the birthdays of your friends and relations online. We feature the birthdays as well as send Ecards to the celebrant. What is more, you can take a look at the celebrities you share your birthday with, your star forecast and notable events in history.
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Mostafa Bozorgvari (Oct 27 - Nov 2)
I am hoping that that you would help me find a suitable job. I am writing at the suggestion of many friends who have found jobs with you.
We are greatly pleased to know that Jobs@GoDubai has helped people find jobs in the UAE. However, you will have to browse through our job openings and apply wherever relevent. We wish you the best of luck.
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Priya Rajan (Oct 20 - 26)
Well, I was wondering if GoDubai has forgotten all those wonderful competitions you conducted during GITEX. I'm missing the Treasure Hunt particularly! Come on GoDubai, how can you disappoint your surfers?
We have a couple of exciting product launches coming along - so hang on.
Natalie Frost (Oct 13 - 19)
Do you have a tour in mid-November? How much do they cost? Also is Ramadam on during this time and will tourist activities be affected?
You are visiting Dubai at the right time! Book your tour/safari now! Ramadan is between 16th Nov and 16th Dec (approximately) and tourist activities will carry on as usual.
Jenice (Oct 6 - Oct 12)
By March 2002, as per your acknowledgement to my child's entry to cute kids, my baby will be much older than on the picture!
We have been overwhelmed by the response and we understand your disappointment. The good news is from October 1, we are introducing a new system, which will speed up the process of featuring children. So hopefully your child will feature much sooner than notified. In any case, we will send you an Email the moment your child is featured.
Nandkumar, Bangalore (Sept 29 - Oct 5)
I wish to know the visa rules(transit/tourist) for senior citizens (Indian national ),i.e around 74 yrs visiting their daughter in Bahrain and on return wanting to visit Dubai.
For a response to this query and other visa-related queries, click here.
Gulam (Sept 22 - 28)
I tried to visit your site today and found a problem with it. My computer showed me a virus alert as I visited pages on your website. I hope that you will take immediate action.
We were out of action for a couple of days because of a virus attack. Our servers have been cleaned up since, but the virus has left behind some harmless html code in each of our pages, which we are now clearing. We would like to assure you that your computer is in no way affected.
Claire McCabe (Sept 15 - 21)
I am traveling to Dubai on the 26th of September to get married. Do you know of any problems due to what has happened in America, that I would face traveling to the UAE?
Going by the media blitz, it does seem as if the whole region is overrun by terrorists, but nothing would be farther from the truth. The UAE continues to be one of the safest places on earth. Other than looking both sides before crossing the roads, you would be safer here than in any other city in the world. Do come and have a great time in Dubai. Also wishing you a happy married life in anticipation.
Satisfied User (Sept 8 - 14)
Since your site is proving to be so popular, I suggest you have an icon that we can download onto our desktops so that we only have to click it to get to your site.
Its called "GoDubai on Desktop" and it features as part of the right side navigation on the home page, just below 'Event Search'.
Jesse (Sept 1 - 7)
The joke "Reason of death" was quite humorous, but who knows, it might hurt some people. like this site a lot and often visit your site for jokes and news in Dubai.
Yes, that particular joke has a gruesome angle to it. Feedback such as yours keeps us on our toes! Check out the joke for today.
Brian Wade (Aug 25 - 31)
Almost all the hotels on your webpage go up to the end of September and I arrive in October 2001. Can you please help me?
We are awaiting the rates for the rest of the year and needless to say, it will be as special as the current hotel rates are.
Jamie Robinson (Aug 18 - 24)
Please can you tell me how much the daily insurance is for taking a LWB Toyota Landcruiser into Oman for 1 week in October? I am coming to Dubai on vacation with my family and wish to drive into Oman for 1 week of our vacation.
GoDubai's full fledged travel section (with dedicated customer service support) offers competitive deals from worldwide travel suppliers to hotels, car rentals and tours. Some of our travel specials are highlighted here. With over 5,000 hotels in 60 destinations, book your hotel through GoDubai.
Colin Graham (Aug 11 - 17)
I am looking to travel to Dubai in August from the UK and am considering bringing my two daughters with me aged 11 and 13. Is Dubai suitable for two girls that age? i.e. will they find enough to do? Will it be too hot at this time of year for them? What innoculations would you recommend?
Dubai during this season is hot, no doubt, but practically every place is well airconditioned here, from the shopping malls to offices, hotels/apts and public transport like cabs and buses. You can definitely bring your daughters - what with the Dubai Summer Surprises in full swing. The festival aims to bring "Big Fun For Little Ones" . I don't think you need any special inoculations, but if in doubt, please consult your physician. Apply adequate sunscreen lotion if you are planning an outdoor trip.
Hitesh Mirchandani (Aug 4 - 10)
Till three months ago, I was a resident of Dubai. Now I am studying in Canada. I was just visiting godubai.com when I came across your poll. To the answers I just had to comment that the ones who checked "NO" were contractors and authorities themselves and the ones who checked "Don't Care " were people like I and you, who spend most of their lives in air conditioned rooms, not knowing what it feels like to work outdoors during summer in Dubai. To my surprise, the number of "YES" I came across were much fewer than I expected. But it din't take me long to figure out the reason. The reason is that most of the construction workers, who spend nearly 3/4 th of their days and life under the sun, do not even know what the Internet means and what difference polls like these can make. I hope you agree with me. I have added my 'yes' to the poll. I just hope that the results MIGHT just be an eye opener for the cruel contractors of Dubai who not only make these people toil throughout the day, but also neglect their living conditions. And they MIGHT just do something to improve their living standards.
Yes - we were troubled by the large number of surfers who polled "Don't Care" to the topic 'Authorities and contractors turn a blind eye to construction workers' plight in summer.' (GoDubai Weekly Poll) Thankfully, a more realistic opinion seems to be emerging.
M. Degia, NTL World(July 28-Aug 3)
I am thinking of holidaying in Dubai for a fortnight. My only concern is the food, is the food (meat) widely halal?
Yes, the food sold and served in supermarkets and restaurants is halal. Halal means lawful - Islam specifies what a lawful diet is (kind of fruits, meat that can be eaten, no alcohol etc). Halal meat means that the animal has to be slaughtered by putting the animal down on the ground and slitting its throat with a very sharp knife to cut its 3 main blood vessels, without severing its head. While doing so the person has to recite "Bismillah Allah - u- Akbar". It also includes keeping the animal healthy and well fed and treating it well.
Tareq Tamimi, Jordan (July 21-27,2001)
We want to participate in the Middle East & Africa cosmetics exhibitions this year and the next. Are there any to be held this year in Dubai?
A cosmetics exhibition is coming up from Sep 23-25. Please visit our DWTC Events Calendar for further information.
Lisa Matar, Human Resources Manager (July 14-20, 2001)
I am a registered Employer of your jobs site. Why am I receiving 3 copies of each CV for a job I posted?
A Job Seeker does not have access to employer's details. So he has no way of knowing that he is applying to the same employer. If he feels he matches all the 3 vacancies advertised by a particular employer, he will apply. That is why you received 3 copies of each CV. You have to just retain one and delete the others.

You will be pleased to know that our latest Build Story Contest invites all school kids to take part in the contest as a part of their summer assignment.
Symond Watt (Jun 30 - Jul 6 2001)
Great website! However you have a link to book a 5 star chalet at $ 29.00 per room. When I click on the "book it now" it sends me to a list of a lot of travel agents! Which travel agent has this deal as I would like to book it! can you help ?
All our member travel agents can provide you with the deal. You can just log into their website and book that particular special. If you face problems doing so, please let us know.
Joseph (Jun 23 - 29 2001)
Your site is well designed and informative. I have one question regarding your hotel booking form - at the bottom of the form, the 'cancellation policy' mentions that one night rent will be deducted in case cancellation is done one week before arrival. So, if I cancel more than a week before arrival, do I get all my money back? I'll appreciate your clarification.
Yes. If you cancel more than one week prior to the travel, the money will be returned. However you will bear all the bank charges that will be applicable. The bank will charge you directly. Please go ahead and make your hotel booking.
Finance and Admin. Manager - GoDubai

Seema Jaico (Jun 16 - 22 2001)
It was really wonderful to see all my tensions about our US journey voiced in this site. And their solutions too! The tips were very useful! It would be nice if you could have tips on trips to Africa, Saudi Arabia etc., since these are some place tourists may not be familiar with. Anyway, thank you so much for the tips and for all the information on travel insurance.
We've enjoyed bringing the weekly Travel Desk to you and going by the response, the travel bug is happily entrenched in our system! Other than travel tips, we plan to introduce a Travelogue contest and highlight popular destinations with some special travel deals.
Sharon Allison (Jun 9 - 15 2001)
We recently held the Topcat World Championships here at Jebel Ali Sailing Club. Before the Regatta we wanted to get as much information about Dubai to the competitors. We linked our website www.jebelalisailingclub.com to yours,it proved very successful and visitors were well prepared before they came.
Good to know that our information helped your visitors. Keep us updated with upcoming events and other relevant news.
Hanan (about GoDubai/Jobs)
Please note that we have advertised for the post of: office manager, but some of the CVs we receive are unrelated to our job vacancy. Kindly help!
Vishal Raithatha (about GoDubai/PC2Fax)
This is a really useful service.One question though. Your terms mention that the full address of recipient is required. Why is this so? I do not have the whole address, but I do have the fax number. Will my fax not reach?
Hanan - thank you for posting your job requirement at GoDubai/Jobs. To avoid/reduce the flow of unrelated CVs, we would suggest that potential Employers be more specific in their job requirements.
Vishal - Inorder to ensure that the PC2Fax service is being used by genuine surfers (and not being abused by spammers), we need the complete address.
We would like to reiterate that both GoDubai/Jobs and PC2Fax are free and will remain available so long as surfers cooperate and refrain from abusing the services.

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Andy Clint (May 26 - June 1 2001)
Just a few words to thank you for the wonderful stay at Mafraq Hotel, Abu Dhabi. We had a very relaxing weekend.
We have forwarded your feedback to the hotel. Over 36 couples had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed weekend for two courtesy Mafraq hotel (Abu Dhabi), as winners of the GoDubai Netizens Survey.
Rajeev Pande (May 19 - 25 2001)
Surfers should write their true names and also the place from where they are posting the question. This helps.
Rajeev Pande has been inundated with questions from you surfers. As stated before, our consultants are not obliged to answer every query and in Rajeev's case, it would be impossible. Please insert your full name in the 'Name Field' - and NOT as part of the question. That way, your identity will not be revealed. However do mention, the date, place and time of birth as well as the place from where you are posting the question.
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Anjali Bhatia (May 12 - 18 2001)
Your Caption Contest is great fun! But I wish you would declare the name of the winner and the winning caption as you used to before. We see our names in the shortlisted entries, and suddenly there is a new contest.
We would like to clarify that there is no winner/winning caption under the new caption contest introduced in February this year. Only the shortlisted entries are displayed every week. Apparently there is confusion in the minds of the surfers over the word 'shortlisted' - we will change it to suit the new format.
A 'Face of the Month' Contestant (May 5 - 11 2001)
I'm writing with regard to the face of the month contest, which I thought was a brilliant idea, but as everything else seems to be rigged in Dubai this contest seems to be as well. As for me I can fully understand losing but fairly! It would be greatly appreciated if you could please explain  to the entire lot of us why this bit of misfortune has occured.
Thank you for bringing the error to our notice. You must be referring to the contestant who is a currently participating and is mistakenly shown as a previous winner. The winner for the current contest will be declared only on the 10th of this month. Rest assured that the winner is declared based on the votes he or she gets. All the best to you. (The error has been corrected )
Dawn Maltais, USA (Apr 28 - May 3 2001)
Hi! I have been told that United States and Canadian citizens no longer need to apply for visas to visit Dubai. Could you please let me know if this is the case. I have been to Dubai 5 times and enjoyed it very much and plan on returning in the near future. That is why I need this information. I enjoy your website thouroughly Thanks for your help.
Yes that is true! We have the details at http://www.godubai.com/citylife/govtserv.asp Have fun in Dubai.
Back to top
Thorsten Bauer, Germant (Apr 21 - 27 2001)
Is it true, that tourists from Germany (or Western Europe) do not need a visa any more since some weeks?
You are right and to help you out with the latest in government rules, we have for you a ready reckoner. Your visa-related queries are answered here.
Sarah Jowett, Australia (Apr 15 - 20 2001)
I just placed an order at your giftshop. I tried twice to enter my email address and phone number, but it did not come up on the confirmation screen. I hope my order will go through ok.
The order is under process and will be delivered in the evening today. In future, please make sure you place your order one day in advance, so that we will have sufficient time to process the transaction to ensure delivery on time. Thank you for using The Gift Shop on GoDubai and we will be happy to serve you again. Letters to Y&T Editor (Apr 7 - 14 2001)
Theresa Aranha, Dubai
I logged onto www.godubai.com and thoroughly enjoyed your magazine content from news, prizes, promotions to light hearted jokes!
Ronald Francis, Dubai
The few nightlife pics I glimpsed at had me totally bowled over! Today, I no longer think of Dubai as a desert but as a club oasis!
Melissa, Dubai
Your website is good. Great freebies too.
Have a look at the online version of Young and Trendy - the object of the raving reviews above.
Pradeep (Mar 31 - Apr 6 2001)
When I clicked on the 'Baby of the Day' link I got an error - Provider error '8007000e' Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. /cute.asp, line 39 Storage with whom, I have more than enough disk space vacant in my disk. Please correct this error at the earliest.
Pradeep, the database error takes place when there is an overload (happens during the weekend). We are making moves to accommodate the larger volume of traffic to GoDubai. Please revisit the Baby of the Day .
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G.M. Luykx (Mar 24 - 30 2001)
Unfortunately I can't find out where one can schedule a sms reminder in the Calendar. Perhaps you could give me some help with that feature.
Calendar on GoDubai is an easy-to-use web-based organiser. We do not have the SMS feature as yet - however, we invite you to use the existing features and let us know what you think. .
Theresa Henry, Florida-USA (Mar 17 - 23 2001)
Very Helpful! Anything and everything that you could ever need. My Primary ticket to Dubai from America! Love escaping on a ten minute vacation to beautiful and exotic Dubai from everyday life in Florida!! Thank you...keep up the good work on this wonderful site!!
Couldn't resist featuring this 'feel good' email.
Sabri, Germany (Mar 10 - 17 2001)
We are a German-based recruiting company and are actively looking for software professionals. Germany has (since 2000) a new greencard program for informationa technology industries. There are about 65000 IT positions available especially for programmers. The basic requirement other than professional qualifications is a working knowledge of German.
You are welcome to post your jobs on GoDubai. Among the 5 top visited pages in our site, which (on the whole) received 9.5 million hits in February, you have access to software professionals from the region, South Asia and the world over. .
DSF 2001 Forum (Mar 3 - 9 2001)
Leonila C.Martinez, UAQ - It makes us expatriates in UAE popular among our people back home.
Cindy, Dubai - Though the dolphins were marvellous, I was pretty disappointed when the narrator of the show spoke only in Arabic and not in English.
Get your suggestions and comments on the DSF 2001 forum.
Surfer Queries (Feb 24 - Mar 2 2001)
Mark Ivanski - Are there any museums in Dubai?
Max E. Gildemeister - I want to do the mosque tour.
For answers to these questions and others - check out queries from our surfers.
Paul Peters (Feb 17 - 23 2001)
I am trying to register for your site - BUT what is my marital status and salary to do with it? Unless of course you are simply trying to harvest biodata to sell to marketeers.
From our Sales/Marketing Team :- GoDubai registration is not mandatory for surfers who visit the site, unless you want to take advantage of the community tools that we provide. For example if you wish to use the message board forum to post a message, you have to be a registered member on the website. Similarly as a registered member on GoDubai you will be enjoying the benefits like Free PC2Fax service , Online Organiser, Contests, Special offers etc. All the aforementioned benefits are for registered members only. We ask some basic questions about the profile of the user to know who our members are and what their interest range is. This is the information that we will be using internally to offer you better services online. Your information is safe with us. We respect your privacy at all times. NO, we do not sell the data of our registered users to market research companies or anyone else. GoDubai currently has over 1 million page views, 10.5 million hits and 52,000 registered members.
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Nael (Feb 10 - 16 2001)
I was wondering why you guys overlooked the section for movies showing in Sharjah. We are students here in the American University. The closest place for us is Ajman's Cinestar. We are foreigners here . So we really would appreciate it if you could make our lives eaiser . Your website is what everyone here needs.
The movie listings for Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi are up and running now, after a brief suspension.
Diane Osteen (Feb 3 - 9 2001)
Having won a competition to visit Dubai in March from a website here in England we have been reading everything we can about Dubai and cannot wait! I just found your website today and am eagerly devouring all the hints, tips, so we can prepare for our visit. It sounds like one of the most exciting destinations to visit and all my friends and colleagues are so jealous - see you soon Dubai.
Lucky you! Wish we could win a trip to England! March is the time to visit Dubai and our mega shopping carnival Dubai Shopping Festival 2001. Enjoy!
Teresa Baxter (Jan 27 - Feb 2 2001)
I took the photo tour and I'm so very amazed! Dubai is a beautiful place. There's a picture of a building that has 2 spires and 1 large dome and 2 smaller domes that just took my breath away. What's the name of the building? I'm very impressed with the website and I don't believe that it needs any improving. I would like to make a suggestion though, I couldn't find anything about the history of Dubai. That would've been nice to read.
One of the nicest comments we have received to date. The building you refer to is the Jumeriah Mosque ( check out the mosque tour). As for the history of Dubai, you will get some useful info at Emirates : Now and Then and Father of Dubai
Satish Pai (Jan 20 - 26 2001)
I would like to thank the team at Godubai/ Bonanza and all the sponsors for coming up with the idea of the internet sweepstakes. Its something really unique, and truly a first in this region. When I heard about the scheme first, through the Archies Library (of which I am a member), I checked out the site, which had some genuinely good offers in and around Dubai. I continued to enter more coupons as I earned them through the different outlets and also the Emirates Internet. However I didn't get any instant prizes while I was entering the numbers, and was a little let down iniitally. In all I think I entered 12 coupons. Winning the first prize really was a surprise, since the odds of winning were quite low. While I have won prizes in quizzing in India and in Dubai (Biz Quiz winner in '99, which also gave me a US trip), it feels good to also win a contest based on chance. A lot of my friends and colleagues simply ignored these coupons or didn't take the trouble to register themselves at the site. Well, after getting to know I had won the first prize, they've promised to take such contests much more seriously!!.
Congratulations Satish! Check out the other winners of GoDubai/Bonanza
Bassam (Jan 13 - 19 2001)
I checked for prayer timings today, Sunday 14. There were no timings shown on the page. Why?
Thank you for your valuable feedback - surfers like you help us keep our site updated! The timings will now show.

Darren McMoore (Jan 6 - 12 2001)
Could you please tell me what the local way of saying hello is.
Welcome to a language and a people that have elevated courtesy to a fine art. We've got some help for you right here!
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Mini Sebastian (Dec 30 2000 - Jan 7 2001)
This is a great way to provide exposure for your sponsors. Keep it up and keep the competitions rolling in. Looking forward to taking part in the next and keeping my fingers crossed to win this one!
The region's first Internet sweepstakes - GoDubai/Bonanza, has been a resounding success - our registered members have doubled to over 40,000!
Real Cool (letters to Y&T Editor) I heard about your web-site. I was delighted to realise that all a girl needs, to keep abreast of latest happenings are - in that one site!
Shireen Nofal
I just wanted to tell you that your site is really neat.
I live in Chicago but visit Dubai 4 months in a year. And must say that Y & T is one of my favourite magazines, both in print and online. Gauran, Chicago
We are happy you are enjoying the online versions of our magazines.
Sabina (Dec 16 - 22 2000)
I am an avid reader of Arabian Woman and am very pleased to see it taken online. Your decision increases the overall utility of the magazine multifold and also delivers a high degree of accessiblity to regular readers who may sometimes not be able to buy the hard copy due to our tight schedules. I believe that information which cannot be accommodated in the hard copy is now likely to find its way to the online magazine because space is not a consraint for virtual magazines. This will be very useful for readers who may sometimes not be able to buy the hard copy due to our tight schedules. I believe that information which cannot be accommodated in the hard copy, is now likely to find its way to the online magazine because space is not a constraint for virtual magazines. This will be very useful for readers looking for a greater variety of information on topics they are interested in.
We agree with you - online versions of popular magazines have great potential and with GoDubai as the host - they have a huge virtual audience as well.
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Hadi Al-Marri (Dec 9 - Dec 15 2000)
I will arrive in Dubai around the 17th of January 2001 for a stay of two weeks. I would like to have three rooms in a hotel, preferably located in the heart of the city (approx. 100$ per room)
Please check our hotels, tours and safaris

Salma (Dec 2 - Dec 8 2000)
Thank you GoDubai! I could not believe it when I won my first prize at GoDubai (Bond contest). I was thrilled to know that I had won again this time in JVC Digvision contest. It is true that people win on GoDubai.com!
Believe it Salma - we are a community website that delivers! Check out some of our winners! Seena (Nov 25 - Dec 1 2000)
Please advise as to how I should send the crossword puzzles after completion. I can see no send button at the bottom of the page.
On successfully completing the GoDubai Crossword, a window will pop-up asking for your Email address.
Bhamini Jashvir (Nov 18 - 24 2000)
Such variety of places in Dubai! We are baffled since we are pure vegetarians. We would like to go for a self-service accommodation. Please suggest.
Dubai has a wide variety of pure vegetarian restaurants. As for a place of stay, book your hotel on GoDubai. There are some unbeatable discounts to be had! More Bonanza Feedback
Sagar (Nov 11 - 17 2000)
I have registered 2 coupons. Upon logging in it says "please enter the correct coupon no." Could you please let me know whether my coupons have been logged in?
Thank you for your feedback - you will have to get a 'Thank you for entering the Bonanza sweepstakes' message. Please re-enter. More Bonanza Feedback
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Mashizan Singapore (Nov 4 - 10 2000)
I tried to make an online purchase of a bouquet of flowers from your site. But the server kept giving me problems. Your website does not have any contact (either phone or fax) numbers. This makes shopping very frustrating. Perhaps you should look into this matter.
We have a contact page with Email details. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours. We will include the telephone and fax details as well. Go ahead, and gift a bouquet or a cake to someone special in Dubai.
Skids (Oct 28 - Nov 3 2000)
I searched the Colleges section on your site. There are many colleges that are not listed on your site. I really need help because I am planning to join a new college.
Thank you for bringing this to our notice. Check out the updated list of colleges. For other lists, click here.
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Sylvia Hill, USA (Oct 21 - 27 2000)
We are thinking of coming to Dubai on 27th November but believe that Ramadan begins on 28th Nov. Would this affect our holiday with regard to obtaining meals and drinks and also would the shops and beaches be closed during the day? Would be grateful for your advice.
We have some do's and dont's for you during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
Aneesh (Oct 14 - 20 2000)
I love the GoDubai site, but I have lost hope. I surfed the site for more than a month for atleast 2 hours a day. I participated in the Sony promotion and what I get in return is an Internet bill of Dhs. 500/- .
We understand your disppointment and we hope you do win in future. The trick is to keep participating. In the meantime, let us congratulate the six lucky surfers who won the much-coveted Sony WAP Phone.
Corry (Oct 7 - 13 2000)
I have posted a question to one of your consultants more than one week ago. However, my question is neither showing on the GoDubai.com site nor has it been answered. How do I know if it has reached the Consultant. (I received the confirmation that the question has been posted. However, why does it not show on the site?) I do like your page. It is a great site for information, etc.
At GoDubai/Consultants you will receive an Email directly as soon as the consultant answers your query. At times we do have delays because the Consultant may not be in town. Also keep in mind that Consultants are not obliged to answer every query.
Supriya Arora (Sept 30 - 6 2000)
I absolutely luv this site. It is actually my favourite. I'd like to know how I can submit my restaurant review (a brief article on one of my dining out experiences), and if you think it is suitable, could you feature it? I have lived in Dubai for the past 17 years, and am a regular restaurant/cafe goer, and have also written a "Dining Out" column for my high school newspaper.
Supriya - we welcome reviews from surfers. Check out the reviews in our dining section. If you want to contribute articles on a regular basis, contact us.
Audrey (Sept 23 - 28 2000)
I see the pictures of contestants in the Model of the Month contest moving around everyday....is this an indicator of standing or is it only at random. Now a suggestion...nowhere is it mentioned that surfers can vote for the models or that there is a goodie for one voter. I only learnt we could vote after I clicked on my picture and that there was a draw for one voter after I voted (no prizes for guessing whom I voted for).
There was a technical problem that was making the images move - it has been corrected and yes - we will highlight the fact that you can vote for models. Thank you for your suggestions.
Jayprakash Asher, Oman (Sept 16 - 22 2000)
I have been competing on Godubai regularly. Is it true that only UAE registered surfers are declared winners? If true, I will stop participating and wasting my Internet time.
Our contests are open to anyone who can physically collect the prize in Dubai or nominate a person on his/her behalf to collect the same. Winners are selected by random and country of origin is not looked into. However if the winner does not collect the prize within 15 days of notification, he/she forfeits the same.
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Kelly Fitzgerald (Sept 9 - 15 2000)
I wanted to use your service, but am appalled by the members' form that you ask people to submit. It is unbelievable that you ask for such personal information from people (income, marital status, profession, etc) What do any of these things have to do with ordering lunch over the web?
We need to be jolted now and then and your Email certainly did that! You will be happy to know that your complaint has been - more than just 'looked into'. You will (very soon) not have to register online to order food through Bilhana - though we hope that you do register because that would allow you to participate in our online contests, (some of the prizes are truly worth going through the registration process for), web-based email service and other online services. The information we seek is for our internal records only - to help us understand better our surfer profile, and thereafter to serve you more effectively.
Priya (Sept 2 - 8 2000)
I'd like to notify you that I've changed my e-mail address and that the e-mail adresss I had given in the registration is inactivated right now. Where do I make the necessary changes?
Priya, click here to change your personal information. If you've forgotten your password/user Id, click here, and if you want to change your password, Click here
Masoomeh (Aug 26 - Sept 1 2000)
Thanks for a GOOD site. I'm one of your fans:) I see a contest for 1000 Dhs. today.But the site is in Arabic and I can't read the fonts.Is it just for Arabs?
Yes - the contest you are referring to is on our sister-website, www.halaemarat.com. You would need an Arabic enabled browser to read it. The contest is open to anyone who can read Arabic!
Kaizer Shaikh (Aug 19 - 25, 2000)
Let me start of by saying that I am the most unfortunate and disheartened winner of a free Bungee Jump. I received a mail at 11:30am asking me to claim my prize before 5:00pm the very day. As is obvious one cannot claim a prize this quick. So ultimately I lose out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to bungee jump. And what about my disappointment? They say a last winner is always lucky; I was most certainly unlucky.
Really sorry about that. What I can offer is that the free ticket will also work on the upcoming DSF 2001 ... ie; if we are back for some hilarious action down on the crazy side of the river. We will also give you an extra T-shirt on top of that, how does this sound! Regards,
Gerry [madMAX] Jump

Dear Kaizer, Hang on to your voucher. Sorry for the inconvenience - but DSF 2001 is not too far away. Bungee has been called off early this DSS due to extreme weather conditions.
Gia (Aug 12 - 18, 2000)
A friend of mine will be visiting Dubai and wanted to know what the dress code for visitors (women) was.She was told that some summer clothing (particularly spaghetti strap dresses and blouses and above-the-knee skirts) were prohibited andose. Otherwise you will find Dubai just like any other city in Europe and America - people do wear what they please.

Dabir-Siaghi, Iran(Aug 5 - 11, 2000)
Thank you for setting up a free PC to Fax service. In order to make this service better and faster, I suggest that you automatically load the sender's address, telephone and fax as soon as the user logs in. It would speed up the process even further.
Your suggestion has been implemented. Check it out at PC 2 Fax. Thank you.
Your suggestion has been implemented. Check it out at PC 2 Fax. Thank you.
GW NE Pacific Mall, Phillipines (July 29 - August 5, 2000)
I miss Dubai so much. I had the chance to work at the Wonderland Family Fun Park and I have learned to adapt well with the culture. With GoDubai, even if I am working as a manager at a local Pizza Chain here in Philippines, I still enjoy the warm sub tropical climate, and remember my trek at the souqs. Thank you Go Dubai, hope to be there again.
Dubai is a city that always gives its visitors fond memories. Happy to know that GoDubai is bringing Dubai closer to people like you. Do come back again to this beautiful city. Thanks.
Saravanan, Dubai (July 22 - July 28, 2000)
I'm just fresh to godubai and i'm sure, I can gain your love and prizes as well. As I have been visiting you only for the past two days, I don't really know how to start with, bringing my comments and suggestions to you. Anyway, I'm sure, godubai.com will leave no stone unturned, bringing people's knowledge into light.
Thank you for the compliments. Hope you will find GoDubai more and more interesting and informative. Do keep us posted about your suggestions and opinions. That is what makes us tick. Thank you.
Razia Malik, Dubai (July 15 - July 21, 2000)
I have lately been a very frequent visitor to your site and have been entering contests like crazy, just wanting to see whether I win or not. Believe me, when I say you guys really know how to keep up hopes and attract people like me who do not believe they can win. Thanks GoDubai.
All our surfers are winners, as far as we are concerned. Lady luck is sure to visit you soon. So keep participating.
Nick Roberts, England (July 8 - July 14, 2000)
I wonder whether you could help me find somebody I lost touch with a long time ago. Her name is Rachel Sykes and she is a school teacher somewhere in Dubai.
Dear surfers, Does anybody know one Rachel Sykes? If yes, please email the details to us.
Kavitha Devkumar (1 - 7 July 2000)
I am an avid surfer of your site and was a subscriber of the daily recipes, horoscopes and handy hints. I used to receive daily intimations until about 3 - 4 days back when I suddenly stopped receiving them. What happened? Have you discontinued such subscription. I hope not.
Don't worry Kavitha. We have not stopped our service completely. Just decided to make it weekly. We will be sending you the recipes and tips on Thursdays and Mondays respectively and the horoscope daily as usual.
Thaar Al Taiey (24 - 30 Jun 2000)
PC2Fax is a great facility. How can we ensure that the fax will reach the destination (no confirmation message)? Also, is there such service for the other Emirates?
Thank you for your suggestion. Our Webmaster has inserted an acknowledgement. We have plans to make your life simpler - so keep surfing.
Kudos from Surfers (17 - 23 Jun 2000)
I am writing to congratulate you on the standard of writing and features on your web-site.
Louise Gibbons, USA
Just to inform you that it is an excellent site. GoDubai go!.
Michelle Pinto
I think it is the best site available on Dubai that offers such a wide range of features, right from prayer timings to restaurants.
Mohammed Nazir Ahmed, India
I was one of the Go Dubai surfers way back in 1998. I really got to hand it to you guys and gals at Go Dubai! Congratulations! Your site has improved tremendously.
Jovie Del Carmen
Couldn't resist featuring these comments!
Michael (10 - 16 Jun 2000)
It was nice to see that schools are also featured on your site. Saw Modern High and their play coming up. Great job. Very encouraging for the kids.
We would like more schools to come aboard our Campus Buzz. Submit your event
Roopa Savant (3 - 9 Jun 2000)
This is best service I have found so far. I have browsed the net like a maniac for free fax services and was thinking emails are so easy to send but why can't faxes be free and easy like the email services? I hope this service soon applies throughout the UAE. Thanks a lot for this free and easy service.
Thanks Roopa. The enthusiasm that greeted
PC 2 Fax took us by surprise. To answer the query of another surfer - yes, the system is completely automated and your privacy is fully assured.
Shirin (27 May - 2 Jun 2000)
Your site deserves a much better site map, a map which has a list of all the articles on the site. I really enjoy the articles and a number of times I come across articles and wonder why I hadn't seen them earlier.
We are glad you enjoy the articles. There's a whole lot of them on wide-ranging topics on our magazine rack, (Telelife,Young and Trendy and Arabian Woman), as well our features on media watch our personality of the week and features on business management by Sam Swaminathan. The articles are regularly updated and duly highlighted on the homepage.
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Veena (20 - 26 May 2000)
I seem to be having a problem logging into my salaammail account, inspite of typing in the right username/password combination. Could you please look into the matter and/or send me a new password as soon as possible?
Thank you for your email. Since you are a registered member of GoDubai - you have to click on the 'Sign Up Here' icon. This will activate your SalaamMail account. Sorry for the confusion - we will now incorporate the option to register for SalaamMail along with the
general registration form. Welcome to the fastest web based email - www.salaammail.com!
Eshita Patel (13 - 19 May 2000)
I study in Bangalore (India), and I come very often to spend my vacation with my parents who reside in Dubai. I love your site and I did win a contest once - that was a dinner for two at Planet Hollywood. I am a regular viewer of your site and since I visit very often, I'd like to make a few suggestions. Since mp3s is really catching up with the young generation, why don't you start distributing mp3s. I would also like to tell you that your site is extremely helpful. Not only is it comprehensively Dubai, it also covers customer queries nicely. Please keep up this wonderful work. I miss Dubai a lot and GoDubai makes me feel right at home.
Your email brought a smile to our faces and that is something considering the soaring temperatures outside. By the way, the legal brand of music is definitely on our agenda.
Back to top

Miss Vora, India (6 - 12 May 2000)
I surfed your website recently as I was looking for
furnished apartments to stay in during our short stay in Dubai. Your website is a very useful and user-friendly and I have recommended it to friends who are also looking for accomodation in Dubai.It could be better if the other hotels were featured, but I suppose that this is not your fault but their own, and they are the ones losing out on valuable customers! Thanks again.
Thank you Ms. Vora. I do hope hotels and furnished apartments are reading your comments. The Internet has immense potential in this region and many have yet to use it to their advantage.
Wesam Lootah, Dubai (29 Apr-5 May 2000)
We placed our order with the Creekside Restaurant at around 7pm Thursday, April 27, 2000. We did not receive confirmation of our order. How do we know our order has been processed and is coming?
Thank you for your interest in placing an order through
Bilhana. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you while placing the order. We advise you to check the timings of the restaurant before you place an order online. The restaurant's homepage displays the kitchen timings. You have placed an order through Bilhana at 15.56 hrs on 27th April 2000, which is outside the working hours of the restaurant. We will ensure that the restaurants' timings are highlighted while placing the order, so that it doesn't cause any confusion in the future. Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention.
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Dawn Norma Maltais, Connecticut, St. Buffalo, USA (22- 28 Apr 2000)
I keep trying to subscribe to GoDubai, but can't get my application accepted. It keeps telling me that I haven't filled in gender and age when I go to submit. I visit your site often and have had the pleasure of visiting your city three times. Please help.
You should have no problems registering now. And please let us know if you do face any.
Mr Gary Day (15- 21 Apr 2000)
My colleague is visiting Dubai next week and during office discussions I suggested we find out about the correct way to present oneself when meeting people for the first time. Is it a custom to either bow or shake hands with people you meet? If handshaking is the norm, is it with the left or right hand? Any info would be appreciated, as this is a business trip.
We sometimes wish we had something exotic to tell you, but sadly, (or happily) Dubai is as conventional as the place you come from. A handshake with the right hand should suffice. Among the Arabs, you would see more elaborate forms of greeting with the first 5-10 mins spent on saying hello!
Back to top

Mrs. Mini Sudheer (8- 14 Apr 2000)
It was very disappointing to see my child featured in the 2nd page, which is hardly noticeable. We surfed through the website for more than an hour without any avail. If a person, like myself, who was looking for a particular baby, was not successful, it is highly unlikely that the majority of casual surfers will ever find the second page.
First of all, thank you for the overwhelming response to our
Cute Kids Contest - one reason for the two pages in the 0-4 category. We have now made the navigation a lot easier and surfers are not likely to miss viewing all the contestants.
Mrs. Anita Narayan (1- 7 Apr 2000)
Thank you for your reply. I am still plagued by nightmares about what happened that day at the safari. I haven't received any message from the people you forwarded my mail to. Nothing was in the papers there the next day either. Do you think this will be swept under the carpet? Or will the family be compensated to some extent? I was fortunate to have known the lady who passed away for exactly 2 and a half days before this happened to her. I do hope the authorities take some action. Please keep me informed if possible. Thank you
Anita Narayan's Email was forwarded to the Dubai Tourism authorites who replied immediately saying that an investigation is underway. We will keep you posted on developments, if any.
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Mrs. Iman Ayad (25- 31 Mar 2000)
The website is great. Very helpful. Well done. Well designed. I just wanted to let you know that searching on your website is virtually impossible. My suggestion is to update this system so that users can actually get to the pages they want to. Thanks
Thank you Iman. We have just updated our search - it is not completely foolproof, but you can still
test it.
Shikha (18- 24 Mar 2000)
When you make a dough of wheat flour for chapatti (Indian bread) and store it in the fridge, it becomes brownish after two or three days. To prevent this, put the kneaded wheat flour in a plastic bag and place it in the fridge. Whenever you want to make chappattis, just take the plastic bag out an hour before you start making chappattis.
Thank you for the tip, Shikha. Hopefully, it works. Have you had a look at our
tip for today.
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C.J. Smith (11- 17 Mar 2000)
Congratulations on a very informative site. I shall be visiting Dubai in April and I was wondering if I should have any innoculations. I will be coming from the U.K.
We have good news for you. You do not have to undergo any such torture before coming to Dubai! Check out other
queries from surfers.
Krishma (4- 10 Mar 2000)
The picture is really amazing. Hence,I thought it would be good to send it to you for the pick of the week in keeping up with the theme of this year's Dubai Shopping Festival, "To Mother With Love", What you see emerging from the mother's womb is a child's hand firmly grasing the doctor's finger. I felt like sharing this amazing moment with other surfers through GoDubai.com.
An amazing photograph indeed. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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A letter from Canada (26 Feb - 3 Mar 2000)
My Father is scheduled to travel to Dubai on business in May and is trying to convince my Mother to go along with him. They live in Toronto, Canada. My Mother is concerned that she will be in some sort of danger as a white, non-Muslim woman. (She has never travelled to the Middle East before. Her concerns are based on hearsay.)Can you please provide me with some information about proper etiquette for female tourists in Dubai? Are there appropriate dress codes or public actions that she should be aware of? (One of her "concerns" is that she will have to wear appropriate head covering and walk ten paces behind my Father in public. I'm trying to convince her that Dubai is a modern society and that, while some Muslim women may follow strict traditions, tourists are not required to do so.) I would appreciate any information you could provide for me.
Thank you for your email. We had a few laughs as well. You do know your Dubai - as you rightly said, Dubai is a modern city and there are no restrictions on tourists. Casual modest attire is the norm and your mother can choose to walk alongside, ahead or behind your father. Dubai is safe enough for her to walk alone as well!
Thank you SO much! Hopefully your website and your letter will finally convince my Mother to visit Dubai!! I'm glad you had a good laugh. My Father and I have been laughing for weeks! :-)
Jawaher Qayed, Dubai (19-25 Feb 2000)
Your site is really creative. I was quite impressed. I just thought of sending you this message in order to correct a certain telephone number that is on GoDubai. Please correct the same. Wish you all the best.
Thank you for bringing this to our notice. Telephone numbers throughout Dubai have changed and I suspect, a
whole lot of numbers on GoDubai need changing.
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Rahel Diers, Germany (12 - 18 Feb)
Dear Chief of Dubai-City,
I am Rahel Diers. I am 12 years old.I am from Germany, and I am a pupil of the 'Jürgen-Fuhlendorf' high-school in Bad-Bramstedt. In geography we have spoken about Dubai. Our teacher said Dubai is a wonderful great city and very hospitable with people. I asked our teacher: " Can we go to Dubai City?" He laughed:"It is much too expensive." So I ask you: Can you invite my class (5a)? And my brother (13 years old) and my twin sister, because they are in another class and I don't want them to be sad. I know it is a very unusual idea.
Rahel, we have forwarded your request. If not now, I am sure you will make a visit to Dubai sometime in the future.
Shirin, Sharjah (5-11 Feb)
Build a story contest is really a wonderful thing to have happened to Godubai.com. It is very exciting indeed to move through the unexpected twists and turns that the stories take. I read the book 'Mild views something that you think is not appropriate, you should spend some money and get a content filter for your house. If it is not available in the local market, there are umpteen number of web sites that sell such filters.

I don't think it is right to ask a site to filter out content to suit the needs of your children. There are adults here who have just as much right to information as anybody else. Feel free as a parent to exercise control over your child but don't let that control extend to include adults in the country who have the right to decide what they should or should not view. Such a comment would be acceptable only on a kid's site. The site in question is meant for all. I am a parent myself and I personally think a responsible parent must monitor what their children go through. The lazy way to the problem is to get the central control to deny access to everybody, irrespective of whether they are adults or children. This is what affects free speech and expression and I'm sure in your own country, your request would fall on deaf ears. So like I suggested-- get a filter for the house or sit by your child. The rest of us don't want to be policed, thank you.
On the same day, we received another Email from a surfer wanting to thank one of our consultants - "Thank you so much Dr. Shirin for your prompt response. You are providing a wonderful resource for women. Thanks again. C.Munson, Dubai

Comments on the Dubai Treasure Hunt (22 - 28 Jan 2000)
I was thrilled to receive an Instant prize the other day, while I was surfing the net. The Contest is just fantastic! Keep up the good work Go Dubai! My only suggestion is that GoDubai should keep us all posted on a daily basis regarding the 5 winners for the day -will adds up to the enthusiasm. Hema
Great site, great services and great contest. Mohd. Talha
It is one of the most interesting games I've come across on the net. Keep it up. Biren Patel
Thank you for the overwhelming response to our Treasure Hunt. We plan to come up with more! So keep your hunting boots on!
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Rayan Al-Karawi (15-22 Jan)
I had a bad experience with GoDubai. My wife and I checked the time for a movie (Never Been Kissed) on GoDubai and it said 11:30pm Al-Massa. So we went there but it was all wrong it did not start showing till 12:15am - so we had to go back home without having watched the movie. This is not what I would have expected from GoDubai.
Sincere apologies to you Rayan. This is not what we expect from ourselves either. While our
movie listings and timings are fairly accurate, double check with the cinema hall before leaving (movie timings change on a daily basis at times!!) We are justifiably proud of our Showtime/movies section, and welcome your suggestions to improve the same.
Sachin Patel (1-7 Jan 2000)
I am very impressed with the GoDubai website - keep the good work going. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you people, who two summers ago conduted the website building course for free( HTML COURSE). As a result of that course, I have my own webpage on the net at the moment. My friend who also attended the course has a website of his own. Our websites are built to help people solve their PC-related problems. This has been possible only because of you folks.
Couldn't resist featuring your letter Sachin. Gave us a real thrill to know that our Internet Jamboree of '98 helped you guys out there. Check out our
milestones for 1999.
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Hari Subramanyam (25-31 Dec)
It was wonderful knowing those few tips which add more gloss to the photos. I have often wondered and also heard people saying that the fate of a photo lies in the hands of a person who develops it and not in the person who takes the photograph. Is it true? Also I would like to get a good photo of myself and my girlfriend. I own a small Yashica camera without any zoom lens. You may probably call it a beginner's camera. Please provide me with a few tips as to how I could explore the best possible ways in getting a good photo.
Your question has been forwarded to Prakash, our expert in photography.
Here are some of the expert's tips.
Sian Hamza (18-24 Dec)
My name is Sian Hamza. During one of my visits to Dubai this year, I was so inspired by your beautiful country that while I was there I wrote a poetry book entitled 'Desert Sands'. It took me four hours to write 28 poems. I would like to
share one of the poems with you.
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Balendra (11-17 Dec)
We were a group non-indians present at the show. It was a fantastic one, with a great crowed. Daler and the DHOL foundation were just great. We have been to many concerts and found this to be one of our favourites. Though we did not understand the language in which the songs were sung, it did not matter as "Music is an International Language", and we had a great time at the concert.
An excellent comment by a surfer on the
GoDubai Messageboard.Keep 'em coming.
Domel Perez (4-10 Dec)
I have been working in the I.T. field for almost 5 years now in Dubai and been crazy browsing the Net. It is my first time with GoDubai.com and to tell you frankly I really enjoyed it. The site is very entertaining. My suggestion? I think it would be more interesting if you would include a contest on the most creative personal websites. Of course, contestants should be novices in the field.
Thank you. We invite surfers to create their personal pages on
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Neil Dias (27 Nov - 3 Dec)
You folks are doing a great job. Congratulations and keep it up. Regret to inform you that, I am undergoing an embarrassing situation here. To my complete dismay, I cannot recollect my password, even with the hint provided for. I would be obliged if you could provide me with the same, or allow me an opportunity to change it, as I would like to maintain my login name, instead of creating a new account. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause you.
Neil - you should get an award for courtesy. We could all do with a crash course in E-manners! You can register with us, or
change/modify your personal information or just SOS us. For those who wish to unsubscribe - there is a clear unsubscribe link below each mail-shot we send.
Piet Bekaert, Dubai (20-26 Nov)
I think it is unacceptable that my 14-year-old daughter discovers all the very intimate problems that people send to Dr Shirin and Dr. Murray. Although I fully understand the reasons for featuring such questions, I really think that these topics should not be made public to all on GoDubai; specially in a place like the UAE, where authorities wisely try to control what the kids can view on the WWW.
We share your concern regarding content on the Internet being appropriate for children and fully support the Internet policy in the UAE. The questions posed by surfers are serious medical problems and they have been tackled by consultants who are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields. Our purpose is to build awareness. We would welcome suggestions from you as to how we can make the site friendly to all concerned.
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Kumar Pithwani (13-19 Nov)
A man who is driving a car is stopped by a police officer. The following exchange takes place.... The man says, "What's the problem officer?" Officer: "You were going at least 75 in a 55 zone."
Man: "No sir, I was going 65."
Wife: "Oh, Harry. You were going 80." (The man gives his wife a dirty look.)
Officer: "I'm also going to give you a ticket for your broken tail light."
Man: "Broken tail light? I didn't know about a broken tail light!"
Wife: "Oh Harry, you've known about that tail light for weeks."
The man turns to his wife and yells, "SHUT YOUR MOUTH!"
The Officer turns to the woman and asks, "Ma'am, does your husband talk to you this way all the time?"
The wife says, "No, only when he's drunk."
Check out our joke for today. Bookmark this page for a daily chuckle.
Rumaisa Samdani (6-12 Nov 1999)
I am going to take a break from telling you how great your site is. Its excellent and people say it all the time.

I want to talk about road manners today. UAE is one country where driving etiquette doesn't seem to surprise me. From yelling motorists, lane cutters, hard shoulder drivers with tinted cars, tail-gaters, rude drivers, to the (take a deep breath) harassing taxi drivers. I have had a UAE license for almost 5 years now. I recently went on vacation for a month to the US and drove across 4 states. Upon my return I refused to drive for a week! I was shocked to realize that I had put up with such poor drivers around me.

Occasionally, I try to give way to drivers thinking they will do the same. They drive ahead, tail-gating the car in front lest anyone try to cut in!! I think your site should have a Road site, where you can occasionally spot the good drivers or have interesting quizzes in an effort to create awareness.

The seat belt & mobile ban regulations should have been slapped way before. UAE Traffic & Police depts. should put the fear of God in the drivers. A small offence (cutting in, changing lanes without indicators, etc) should be fined on the spot and given black spots on the license. Enough black spots and you go back to school for a certain number of hours.

Come on do something! Make the roads safer!
You said it Rumaisa. Surfers - do you agree or disagree with her?
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Uma (30 Oct - 5 Nov)
Just wanted to send a mail to remind you all that you also have vegetarians on your mailing list. For the past one week there have been only chicken/non-veg recipes on the daily recipes. Please keep in mind that we veggies also look forward to the daily Recipe.
Taken your suggestion seriously. Check out our
recipe for today.
Glenn Litwak (Oct 23 - 29)
Hello- I'm Glenn Litwak, an independent at Protravel in NY. The name Dubai always fascinated me- people say the streets are paved with gold dust. My wife and I are beach people, like exotic scenery and thrive on adventure but not the river-rafting type. Safari in Kenya was one of our favorites and Thailand was the most interesting country so far. Is Dubai for us? We're planning a 10 day trip at the end of January 2000. Your thoughts please? My wife and I like shopping big designers i.e. Chanel, Gucci, Prada. Love watches i.e. Chopard, Cartier, etc. Please give me some guidance.
Gold dust...we wish! Dubai has a good mix of adventure and local culture. Check out the
information we have. and the shopping malls in town. And if travel is your cup of tea, we can make it EAZY for you.
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Asad Raza (Oct 16 - 22)
A kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they drew. She would occasionally walk around to see each child's artwork. As she came to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was. The girl replied, "I'm drawing God." The teacher paused and said, "But no one knows what God looks like." Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing the girl replied, "They will in a minute."

Very sweet. We have some
heart-warming stories for you too.
Melanie Al-Daboos (Oct 9- 15)
Post Cards on GoDubai
I took this picture from my apartment building in Abu Dhabi. I thought it turned out rather nicely and wanted to share it with you and your godubai site.
Thank you Melanie. Take a Photo Tour or have a look at some of our postcards on Dubai.
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Moiz Poonawala (October 2 - 8)
I have been watching GoDubai grow right from its infancy when it was one day old to its present status - an independant fully grown website.Nice to see that day by day it is only getting better and interesting. Well there are a few suggestions which could make it more interesting. You could start with a question-answer programme in which people can send their problems and an expert could advise on the same. The experts could belong to different fields like health,pyschatary,finance etc. You could start a site where people can sell and buy second hand cars . you could also start a site where everyone can vote for a question of the day ,which you would feature and ask for an on line response.The question should be concerning the UAE. Hope to see some of these sites in the near future.
Whoa - hold on! Moiz - any more ideas and we will have you relocated in Siberia. Meet some of the
consultants on GoDubai. The question of the day suggestion is excellent. Would you like to start?
Hawa Nagaria (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
Hi guys, I love godubai.com. Recently, on my trip to Canada, I introduced your site to the Dubaians living there. They were all so happy to have a site they can visit and indulge in some good old nostalgia and, at the same time, keep abreast of all the goings on in Dubai. Believe me there is one girl over here (Canada) who just loves browsing your weather information on the GoDubai site, because it gives her a warm glow on a cold canadian morning! ha ha! Well keep it up guys. Your site is a lifeline to a lot of Dubaians living abroad. Well, ta ta.
Thank you Hawa. Glad to know mundane
daily weather reports can cheer people up!
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Ameet Bhojwani (Sept 18 - 24)
I would like to have a little feature on the Alumni club of Texas University, so we can reach out to other former students here in U.A.E. Please help us do this. The name of the university is Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA. I would like to be able to go online and post personal information for members(Alumni) and have an online directory for Texas A&M University Alumni in the UAE. Also, it would be nice if you could furnish or keep the president of the Texas A&M alumni club in the UAE updated on the new members registering on your website.....
Just in time, Ameet. We are setting up an alumni service that will allow former students of schools, colleges and universities to meet and interact.
Priya Rajan, Winner 'Pick of the Week (Sept 11-17)
I am a frequent visitor of GoDubai.com. It is indeed a great concept and the site has been well organised. I am happy surfing as it keeps me updated on the latest happenings - all a human being wishes to know in one site... Three Cheers to SIMA International and to GODUBAI.com. The segments I like best in this site are the contests and the health news. You could include some more items on the net like a whole map of Dubai / UAE which would help surfers abroad to know more about the place, its culture, its historic importance and so on. Looking forward to more exciting events on this site. Once again "Well Done SIMA International...Keep up the good work".

Thank you for your comments Priya. We do have a
map and some information about the heritage of the land. We are trying to improve the site all the time. Happy surfing!
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