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Recipes for 26 Nov 2015
Cuisine : Eid Special
Sheer Korma


2 litres whole milk. The milk should not be skimmed but the cream retained.
1/2 kg sugar
50 gms vermicelli -- roasted and broken into tiny pieces
200 gms kharak or dried dates sliced with the help of a nutcracker and soaked in water to soften.
50 gms almonds blanched and slivered fine
50 gms pistachios, shelled and slivered
50 gms charoli nuts blanched
100 gms raisins, preferably sweet, not sour, soaked in water, with stems removed
A dash of ground jawantri
The seeds of a few elaichi or cardamoms, ground
A dash of ground jaiphal or nutmeg A few threads of kesar or saffron threads soaked in a spoonful of warm water. Optional.

Bring the milk to a boil, keep stirring so cream does not form. While the milk is boiling roast vermicelli, to a light golden brown and break into small pieces, and keep aside.
Add the sugar to the milk and keep it boiling on a low flame, stirring from time to time till the milk thickens to almost half of the original quantity.
Add the vermicelli gently so that it does form lumps. Keep stirring till the vermicelli is cooked. Add the ground spices and kesar, stirring all the time. Take off the stove. Serves four or more. To serve -- Fill small individual bowls with the sheer khorma. Sprinkle chopped dried fruit and serve hot.
Note: All preparations for the sheer which do not entail soaking in water, can be made a day in advance, as cooking only begins after the Eid moon has been sighted.

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