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Recipes for 1 Sep 2015
Cuisine : French Cuisine
Cinnamon Fritters


400 gr [14 oz] plain flour
80 gr [3 oz] soft (unsalted) butter
75 gr [2.5 oz] caster sugar
4 eggs
1 tspoon baking powder
2-3 pinches cinnamon
1 pinch salt

For frying : 1 liter [2 pints] frying oil To top : 50 gr [2 oz] icing sugar
- Work the butter and sugar with a fork ; add the cinnamon, the salt, then the eggs one by one (beat well between each). Add the baking powder then the flour ; mix well.
- Leave the pastry for 1 hour before frying, the fritters will be lighter.
- Heat the oil at 180C / 350F ; with 2 spoons, form balls of pastry which you let slowly fall into the oil. Put 5 to 10 balls at a time (they should not touch each other) ; leave in the oil 3 minutes then turn them and leave 3 more minutes.
- Take them out with a skimmer and let them strain on kitchen paper ; fry as many batches as needed.
- Serve warm, spread with icing sugar.

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