New visa law restricting transfer is demoralising for expats
Will the US air-strikes result in overthrow of the Taliban regime?
Has the economic recession affected you?
Will the US wipe out the Taliban from Afghanistan?
Witchcraft craze amongst children is unhealthy.
Arab governments are silent about AIDS victims in the region.
Will Bin Laden be captured alive?
Should India attack alleged terrorist camps across the border?
Should January 1 remain an optional holiday in the UAE?
Will Indo-Pak talks defuse the war-like situation on the border?
Is enough action being taken to clamp down on prostitution in Dubai?
Do you think President Musharraf's speech will make any difference to extremism in Pakistan?
Should the Al Qaeda prisoners in the Cuba camp be treated well, as befitting prisoners of war?
Are you comfortable with the AC on in full blast in your office in winter?
Film-based song and dance shows are a waste of time and money.
Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
A majority of drivers violate traffic rules on roads.
Pearl's murder will discourage international journalists from investigating the terrorist nexus.
Great shopping deals attract you more to DSF than entertainment events.
Do you think tinting of car windows is safe?
Did you want it this year?
Do you prefer this year's Global Village venue to last year's?
Do you think President Bush is doing enough for the Palestinian cause?
Should children of expats, born in the UAE, be given UAE citizenship?
Ex-king Zahir Shah's return to Afghanistan would bring stability to the war-ravaged nation.
Jean-Marie Le Pen's success in the French Presidential elections
is proof of growing xenophobia in Europe.
Will you be sponsoring your parents for residence visa?
Schools in Dubai can now raise fees only if they fulfil certain criterion.
Do you support this Govt. decision?
Post Sept. 11th, students from the UAE are not keen about pursuing higher studies in the U.S.
Musharraf is introducing Maths, English and Science in the curriculum of religious education. Do you approve?
Will the Norwegian sponsored truce between the Sri Lankan Govt and Tamil Tiger Rebels work?
Can Hamid Karzai, the new President of Afghanistan, bring political stability to the war torn country?
Nuclear capability ironically helped avert an Indo-Pak war. Do you agree?
Are suicide bombings furthuring the ultimate goal of a Palestinian state?
Do you agree with DOHMS' plans to phase out the health card system in Dubai?
Do you agree with the new rule that requires companies to reapply for labour card for women on family sponsorship paying Dhs 1200 every year?
Are company owners taking adequate preventive measures to protect their workers, especially construction workers, from the summer sun and heat?
Are you satisfied with the number of bus services available in Dubai?
Is it right for America to conduct pre-emptive strikes against Iraq to dislodge Saddam Hussein for fear of Iraq developing chemical weapons of mass destruction and using it against the US?
Do you agree with the ban on heavy vehicles on Sheikh Zayed road which is to be enforced from August 15?
Do you prefer this year's DSS to last year?
Has the economic recession affected you?
Dubai to build railways next year. Will it lessen the traffic in dubai roads?
Qatar open to serving as base for US attack. Do you think it as a right decision?
Do you support a regime change in Iraq?
Should we keep our mouth shut to all the nonsense from our boss?
Should we allow our children to smoke?
Do you think the traffic in Dubai roads should be more controlled?
Do you think the crime rate in Dubai has increased in the past few years?
Do you think the sniper suspects in the US should be given death penalty?
Do you think the teachers should be banned from beating children?
Do you think the Real Estate Owners in Dubai should reduce the high rents?
'Dues must be claimed in
a year of stopping work'. Do you agree with it?
Absconder has legal right to claim dues. Do you agree with it?
Do you prefer this years DSF to last year?
"Dhs2,000 deposit for visit visa; Dhs1,000 fee to change status". Do you find the Govt. decision justifiable?
Will Saddams exile be able to avert the war?
Can US have a say in changing the regime in Iraq?
Do you think Saddams regime can come back?
Do you think Dravid should be made captain of the Indian Test team?
Do you think it is safe to use Credit Card on the Internet?
Is Sadr invention of Bush(US)?
Should the Shoppers taking trolleys out of supermarkets be charged?
Do you think Iraq will be stable after 30th June?
Is Jemima's inadaptability alone responsible for their (Imram and Jemima) separation?
Is it time for Tony Blair to resign?
Are George W. Bush and Tony Blair greater threats to the rest of the world than Al Qaeda?
Will the crisis in Sudan too be dealt like the way Iraq was?
Isn t it the time now for the US-led coalition forces to spare Iraq (Iraqis) and leave?
Should the Iraq elections be postponed?
Will normalcy prevail in Iraq after elections?
Is the speed limit increase on the Dubai Abu Dhabi road safe?
Are there sufficient entertainment opportunities for families in dubai?
Should Pets be allowed in Flats?
Are health care options availabel in UAE expensive?
Do authorities need to employ more discretion in informing the public about suspects of terrorist attacks?
Is it right time to invest in the properties in Dubai?
Is this the right time for the US to pull out of Iraq?
Did you buy anything on the Internet?
Do you think U.S. may face another terrorist attack this year?
Is there an end to the hostage crisis?
Will Beslan Carnage help Chechnya towards the road of independence?
Is the Arab world too ignorant about Palestine?
Are the available summer classes for kids in the UAE meeting the resident's need?
Will expanded camera surveillance on public places in high risk countries help foil terrorist attacks?
Environmentalists called the recent Bombay floods, a disaster waiting to happen.
Do you agree?
Will the hike in visit visa fees significantly reduce the number of job seekers coming to the UAE?
Was the US Administration very slow in response to Katrina aftermath ?
Was the US Administration very slow in response to Katrina aftermath ?
Will parliamentary elections in Afghanistan stabilise the country ?
Were the authorities very slow in providing relief operations to the quake victims in South Asia?
Does Public transport in UAE needs to upgrade its services ?
Will sky rocketing prices of real estate, force expats to leave dubai ?
Are high rise residential buildings in Dubai, are safe enough to withstand Earthquake ?
Is Driving in Dubai Safe ?
Do you feel, there should be censor on freedom of speech ?
Are the drainage system in Dubai good enough to handle floods?
Is crime rate increasing in Dubai ?
Will a seperate lane for cyclist & 2 wheel drive help in decreasing traffic bottleneck in dubai?
Is Iraq, slipping deeper and deeper into civil war.
Do you feel, confrontation between Iran & America will result in Global Economy Recession?
Do you feel, end of Zarqawi, will bring stability in Iraq?
Do you think the traffic in Dubai roads should be more controlled?
Is US adopting double standards in Middle East?
Is United Nations a puppet in the hands of US?
Have you ever faced racial discrimination in Dubai?
Do you feel Dubai Metro will ease traffic congestion ?
Is Lebanon heading towards Civil War?
Has SALIK (Road Tax) helped in reducing traffic Congestion in Dubai?
Do you feel expats will leave Dubai, because of High Cost of Living ?
"Do you think it's the government's responsibility to provide health insurance for those who can't afford it?"
Does it pay to rent or buy property?
Is the harsh weather dampening DSF celebrations?
Is the cost of living spiralling out of bounds in Dubai?
Is the RTA doing enough to prevent fatal accidents on Dubai's roads?
Are there enough buses on Dubai's roads?
Does the UAE government have to implement VAT (value added tax)?
Do you think installing new cameras will reduce the number of rash drivers in UAE?
Do you feel the health care system in Dubai is in par with the rest of the world?
Has recession hampered your festival shopping?
Q. Has Your Employer Addressed Swine Flu Concerns?
Has the Humanitarian initiatives taken by UAE Govt sufficient to help flood victims of Pakistan?
Film directors overstep the bounds of social etiquette as torch-bearers of freedom of expression.
Shopping takes a backseat this DSF!
Private sector holidays must equal that of the government sector
Asian expats in Dubai - overworked and underpaid!
Internet City is a warehousing facility - not Silicon Valley
Jerusalem can be the capital city for both Israel and Palestine.
MP3 will destroy the music industry.
Have you ever ordered food on the Internet?
Betting on cricket matches should be legalised
The UAE should have more than one ISP.
Public Transport between Dubai and Sharjah
Do you recycle newspaper in the UAE?
Booked your summer holiday on the Internet?
There's no fun place other than Dubai in the Gulf.
Hackers alone, trouble Dubai's ISP
Like nationals, expats also can have tinted glasses.
Is this years' DSS worth staying back and not going for vaccation?
Dubai beaches need a thorough cleaning operation
Should Kapil Dev continue as coach of the Indian cricket team?
Can peace be established in the Middle East?
Expats should be allowed to purchase property in the UAE to boost economy.
Medicines are too expensive in the UAE.
Universities for expat children in the UAE should be encouraged.
Movie tickets overpriced in Dubai
Overprotected children in Dubai unprepared for outside world.
Remove ban on working class and liberalise labour market in the UAE
Al Gore is a better bet than George W. Bush for the Middle East
Maternity leave is inadequate in the UAE (45 days)
Flights from Rift Valley stricken countries ought to be banned.
Do you use your government health card?
Is America helping the Palestine Cause?
Gulf states should provide more action & less summits. (The ME crises)
Will Dubai surive the eventual drying up of oil-wells?
Should Dubai ban nationality-based job advertisements by recruiting consultants?
At 200,000 US$ for a one b/r, Dubai Marina does not make economic sense.
Crime should not be censored. Tell Dubaiites like it really is!
Will ceasefire in Kashmir work?
Would you support your beautiful daughter's decision to enter a beauty pageant?
The spirit of Holy Month is threatened by commercialisation.
The Bush/Powell combine will spell more trouble for Iraq.
Can National women effectively replace expat women workers?
Technology in 2001 will isolate us further from each other.
Expatriate women with stipulated salary
should be allowed to sponsor family.
Iraq with Saddam still poses a threat to the region.
Show of strength on streets (People Power) spells danger for democracy.
Taliban should hand over Laden for trial.
Would just an 'I love you' do for Valentine's Day?
Is corruption widespread in Dubai?
UAE Labour Laws should allow for a minimum period of casual leave,
not just sick leave.
Traffic Police will manage the gargantuan traffic bottlenecks
during DSF 2001 successfully.
A World body (not national governments) should control World Heritage Sites to avert Bamiyan tragedy.
Dubai Supermarkets must end plastic bag menace.
Is it time to get medicine from cheaper sources?
Is the USA still a hot destination for IT Professionals?
Health care to cost, DEWA bill hike ... is Income Tax next?
Religious leaders (of any denomination) need to accept scientific realities, to appeal to the youth.
Is a space ride worth $20 million?
Should China return the US spy plane?
Bush's energy plan strikes a good balance between energy needs and environmental concerns.
Indo-Pak cricket series revival is a positive step towards peace.
English Captain, Nasir Hussain asks
UK Immigrants of Indo/Pak origin,
to support the English cricket team. Do you agree?
Would you pay a million Dirhams for a car number-plate?
Telephone raffles (Cityline/Emirates Call) condemned as a gamble.
Aren't Gulf-based airport duty-free raffles a gamble too?
Gulf residents are slaves to brands.
Computer Institutes in Dubai are a money-making racket.
The recently introduced Gulf-India ferry service will affect the airline industry.
You would go in for a paid email service.
G8's Globalisation efforts do not work for they are anti-poor.
Authorities and contractors turn a blind eye to construction workers' plight in summer.
Shoppers taking trolleys out of supermarkets should be charged.
Are the new taxi drivers sufficiently trained for Dubai roads?
Lower income ceiling should be fixed to enable labourers to sponsor their families.
Should poor nations be allowed to flout patent laws to produce cheap medicine?
'UAE totally anti-racist' says UAE official at conference. Do you agree?

Should the state enforce modesty in dress?
Has Osama Bin Laden been proven guilty?