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Points to be noted while travelling!

For those seeking to go on vacation, a few pointers are to be noted while travelling - specially in view of the discomfort faced recently by the relatives of a writer who were flying home via their national airline. Mother and daughter were looking forward to a blissful flight and safe journey home.

They did land safe and sound at the destination. But, imagine their plight when they found that their baggage had not accompanied them. Queries with the relevant authorities revealed that their luggage had not even left the airport where they took off from, because it had been off-loaded due to the aircraft been overloaded and the cautious pilot rightly refusing to take off the overloaded aircraft.

The two women had to go home with just their hand baggage and wonder how they would be coping with the change of clothing - all of which had been left behind in their off-loaded baggage.

Likewise in another incident, a journalist was stranded at Jeddah International Airport when the aircraft he was travelling in developed engine trouble before take-off. Thanking god for preventing the aircraft from taking off and preventing the trouble from occurring in the air, the scribe was only happy to be accommodated in a hotel.

However, the stay became uncomfortable when he found that all his clothes were in his baggage which was still with the airline authorities. Three grimy days later - despite washing his worn clothes daily - the scribe emerged from the hotel along with 470 other passengers all in the same frame of mind and sharing a moral. "Carry extra clothes in you hand baggage while travelling."

Courtesy: Gulf Today

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