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Travel Insurance
GoDubai Travel Desk Tips

Submit your views & Win a GoDubai Tshirt!Raring to be amidst the Swiss Alps! Or is it the Niagara Falls! If you are worried about travel insurance - the GoDubai Travel Desk offers a quick run through of the ABCs of travel insurance.

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Is Travel Insurance Required?
A good precautionary measure - just in case a mishap occurs during your travel. Your travel insurance will cover your medical expenses (should you fall ill while traveling abroad - God forbid!), loss of baggage, cancellation expenses etc. For more details read on:
Travel Insurance covers:
Medical expenses - covers any emergency medical treatment you may need.
Personal liability -in case you are charged for damage or injury you cause to anyone else or their property while abroad.
Cancellation and curtailment.
Loss of baggage.
Theft. Some policies offer a range of value-added services, such as replacement vehicles, house-watching and so on.

GoDubai Travel Desk Tips:

It may be worthwhile choosing a policy which offers an international helpline, especially if you are going to a country where English is not readily spoken.
Check with your credit card issuer. A lot of major credit card companies offer insurance if you pay for the trip with their card.
If you are traveling to a remote location abroad and are not too confident about the quality of medical facilities available there - it might be a good idea to ask for medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Medical evacuation insurance pays for your transportation from one area of the world to another when injury or illness prevents you from using regular transportation services. Repatriation coverage pays to have your remains returned home should you experience a fatal injury while traveling(sorry for this rather morbid piece of advice!!).
Do not duplicate coverage. Travel Accident insurance is often included in your travel insurance package - so check if it is provided for before paying for an additional coverage.

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Next week! Look out for the small print! GoDubai Travel Desk alerts you about hidden clauses!


K.S.Bhisham Winner!!
How to combat jet lag
Jet lag depends very much on which direction you are travelling in, and whether you are an active flyer or a 'wake me up when we land' sort. Let's use the Hong Kong to London route as an example. A lot of airlines have 2 flights pyling daily on this route. If you leave in the evening you will arrive in London early next morning; however if you take the daytime service you will arrive late evening in London.
This means with the daytime service you have 13 hours or so to fill, but sleeping is not really advisable as you will need to do that when you arrive in London in the evening. As we all know, airline movies can be good but the chances are, if you travel frequently, or watch movies a lot then you may have already seen most of them. You can work of course, but does the airline you are flying with have laptop electric supplies? This is where the initial problem lies, because if you do fall asleep then chances are you will find it difficult to get to sleep that evening in London, this would then worsen the jet lag effect and possibly ruin the next day for you, due to fatigue. The opposite is of course true for the evening service, you can sleep as you are aided by the fact that your body clock is saying that you should. Then when you wake up you will hopefully be refreshed and ready to work after a nice hot shower.
Drink Avoid alcohol in flight. The pressurized air in the cabin dehydrates your body substantially, and alcohol adds to the dehydration besides affecting the body clock by not giving you a full and refreshing sleep. In fact, try to drink as much water as possible. Just ask the steward (ess) for a large bottle and keep it by your seat so you can take sips whenever you want. Drinking a lot of water will also help in other ways.
Movement It is highly recommended to move around when in-flight, walk up and down the plane, do some stretching exercises to keep the blood circulating and to stop the joints from stiffening. Whilst seated, twirl your ankles around from time to time.
Set your watch Again depending on which direction you are travelling in, whether east or west, and how much sleep you require, you should set your watch to the local time of your destination as you board, and sleep according to that. This helps your body to start the change in its body clock, which is so important when combating jet lag. Let's say for example that you are flying from Bangkok to Paris, then when you board the plane you should set your clock to Paris time and try not to sleep until it is close to sleeping time in Paris. When you do arrive at your destination, and it is day time, try not to go to sleep, no matter how tired you are. Instead try to go outdoors and into the sunshine if possible, this helps to alter your body clock, and will mean you will be back to normal a lot quicker.
Excellent guidelines and quite extensive! Thanks - on behalf of the GoDubai Travel Desk and other surfers!

Salma Baig
Our tickets got cancelled due to a labour strike but our insurance agent refused to pay up arguing that the strike had been 'forseeable' and hence not covered. He hadn't warned us about this clause earlier. As a result we lost a lot of money while cancelling our tickets. So, we've learnt the hard way that before buying travel insurance one must ask the insurer specific questions about how it defines 'foreseeable' labour strikes.
J. Walia, Dubai
My son had appendicitis during our holiday in Australia. I had to pay a huge amount by way of hospital bills. Travel insurance has made a lot of sense since then!

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