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Deepanjali B Sarkar

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Travel Games
Share your games with us!
If you are driving down for your holidays or if you are flying with your family (read kids!), its a good time to unwind and let the child in you take over! Your kids will cherish this moment, since its so rarely that we get time to play with them. So dump those magazines you were intending to read on your flight and just have some plain, good hearted fun instead!
 "I spy with my little eye.." Look around and decide on any object within easy view. The others in your team have to guess the object you have selected. It could be a particular ornament worn by a person sitting near you, or it could be a food item in your food tray. It could even be some accessory in your car. You could give hints like "the object starts with the letter -", or use adjectives to describe it. Liven up the game by giving indications like "close" or "hot" if they mention an object close to the one you've selected.
 20 questions: This works with older kids. We used to play it right uptil college! You decide on a famous personality and your kid has to guess who the person is by asking 20 questions. You can answer only with a 'yes' or a 'no'. For example if you have thought of Charlie Chaplin - the questions could be like - "is it a man", "is he alive", "was he a filmstar", "was he a tragic star or a comedian" etc.
 Fibber: Tell your child/children 2 truths and one lie. You could make your truths pretty outrageous to mislead them. They have to guess where you have lied. It's real good fun - kids hugely enjoy seeing their parents lie shamelessly and being asked to fib instead of being reprimanded for it!

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Surfers' Feedback
Guessing someone's age has been a very popular game and can still amaze the person whose age has been guessed correctly. Here's how you do it:

Anna-Musical Quiz
This is a game which I usually play with my 7 year old daughter whenever we are in the car. With the local Hindi/English FM radiostation full blast most of the time, we begin by guessing the song, singer, film etc..The number of points increase as more details are provided regarding that particular song. It not only keeps one informed of the latest on the music scene but also makes the car journeys more interesting and fun-filled.
Ritu Sainani- Assorted Fun Goodies

Guess- Let your child think of a number between a stated range of numbers. You try to guess the number by asking questions. Here's how it is played:
Child: I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100.
You: Is it more than 50?
Child: No.
You: Is it an even number?
Child: No.
You: Can you divide this number into three equal parts? And so forth. After you have guessed the number, let your child guess a number that you are thinking of by asking similar questions.
License Plate-You call out the number on a license plate and see who can add up the numbers correctly. Another license plate game is to copy down the number on the plate. Ignore any letters and read the number out loud, for example: M663218 would be six hundred sixty-three thousand, two hundred eighteen. Yet another license plate game is to record the different names of states seen on plates. Figure out what state name was noticed the most, which one had the fewest sightings, then draw a chart or graph to display the findings.
Are we there yet?- Try grappling with the 'Are we there yet?' questions with a little diversionary questioning of your own. Ask your child questions about how far you're traveling. Yards? Miles? Kilometers maybe? How fast are you going? If it's 3.15 now, and it takes you two hours to get there, what time will you arrive? How far have you traveled etc.
Alphabet Towns- The game starts with one person mentioning a town that begins with the letter 'A' and the next person continues by naming a town that begins with 'B' etc. If you have little kids with limited geographical knowledge they can also use the names of states. Another twist is to then guess what state or country the town is in. Another way is to ask the second person to name a town, city, etc, with the last letter of the previous person's answer.
Alphabet Sentence - First person makes up a sentence with a word starting with the letter 'A'. For example, "the alligator went in the river". The next person has to use the same word starting with 'A' in a sentence with another word which starts with the letter 'B' word and has to try to continue the story. Thus, "the alligator tried to sneak up on a bird." The game progresses with each the successive alphabets.
Alphabet Name- Start with the letter 'A' or randomly pick a letter. Or you could use the letters that are the first letter of the names of everyone in the car. Everyone has to name one thing in a category that begins with that letter. Categories could include: Animal, Food, Plants, First names, cities/countries, objects.
Find a color- A Colour is selected and then everyone tries to find five things that are of that colour.
Reciting alphabets- Each person recites the alphabet forward (younger players) or backwards (older players) while being timed. Fastest person with no errors wins.

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