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 Mexican cuisine
 Tete a tete. Your very own majlis!
 Travel Bulletin Board
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The travel desk is going great guns! So we thought of opening our very own GoDubai Travel Majlis, a cosy nook where you could chit chat on anything to do with the travel bug! We've been receiving quite a few enthusiastic responses from surfers who are as die-hard rovers as the rest of us in the GoDubai Travel Desk Team! So join the club, read on and send us your comments.

Go Dubai Safar Majlis

A tantalising blend of Spanish, French and Aztec influences! The story of scrumptous Mexican cuisine.

Bhisham K.S.
When are the winners for the travel desk announced and what are the prizes? I feel you should mention the prizes on your site to encourage more people to take part.
We normally announce winners at the end of every week, but only if an entry is worthy of a prize. Right now the winner gets a GoDubai T-shirt - which you'll find is mentioned on the travel desk page (as a mouse-over on the T-shirt). But we often have great promotions such as the recently conducted Mafraq Hotel weekend stay competition. So keep checking this section and you might find we've come up with some real tempting prizes!

Hi! It was great reading all the information! It really helps to know about all the dos and dont's of the places one is going to visit. Keep up the good work! Now we know, "If in doubt about your traveling plans,you know where to log on to! 'SAFAR MAJLIS'." So keep up the good work!
Thanks! That really makes us feel great! We hope to build an active travel community which can readily swap travel notes with one another, be of genuine help to travelers and become a place to "hang around" in, and have some fun! For starters,why don't you try posting a message on our travel bulletin board?

The travel desk is really informative!
Rishard from Sri Lanka
I am flying to Dubai end of this week. I had been to Dubai once, six years back and thought it was the best city in the world! I can't figuire out why I am so attracted to this place! To me it's like a pearl in the middle of the desert! I wanted very much to share my love for this city with all of you. Hope to see you all soon, in Dubai!
It is undoubtedly a great city! Quite takes your breath away doesn't it? Glad to have others share our admiration for the place! Just in case you would like to know more about the city, how it was 30 years back, you could take a look at our heritage section

Srinivas B.
I find the travel desk a great collection of tips and articles and some of the stuff is really useful! I would like to add a couple of tips to the ones already featured:
  • Find out the significance of colours in the particular country you are traveling to. For example white in the west is worn by brides, but is a sign of mourning in India (worn by Hindu widows)
  • When in doubt, err on the side of conservatism only.
  • Check out on gifts to be given(permissible and acceptable) A bottle of wine might be a great gift in Japan, but certainly not in the Middle East!

Did you all know the same gestures can mean quite the opposite thing in different countries! You could land yourself in quite an awkward spot if you are not careful. Here are just a few!
In Greece, "yes" is said by nodding your head up and down. But the same means a no in Sri Lanka!
In Mexico, you gesture "zero" by extending your thumb & pinky from a fist, palm-sideways (so that it looks like horns), & then twisting the wrist back & forth. This ubiquitous gesture for "O.K.!" in the United States has many different meanings - from insult to agreement - in cultures all over the world. Consider some of the following:
In Tunisia, this is a threat of murder.
In Japan & Korea, it can refer to the shape of a coin & mean "money."
In Lebanon & Germany it is used to describe something as "Great!" or "Perfect!"
In Argentina & Mexico it means "Good!"
In China, this can mean "zero" or the number three.
And in Argentina, Belgium, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, & Zimbabwe it means "zero" or "nothing."
So when you're in another country, be careful how you use your hands!
Livelyn Rodrigues
Hi all! Just wanted to emphasize on how important it is to have a travel insurance. I learnt it the hard way, so would like to urge others not to make the same mistake!
Well... it's travel time and here's wishing all GoDubai surfers "Happy Holidays"! Have a real great time! Enjoy yourselves and here's my useful travel tip! Forget all about work, leave behind all your worries and smile through your holidays!
Symond Watt
Hi! Your's is a great website! However, when I click on the link to "book a hotel" on your "DSS Hotel Rates from GoDubai" page it shows a page with an entire list of travel agents. I wanted to book the 5 star chalet room for $29/-. Which travel agent has this deal?
All our member travel agents can provide you with the deal. You can just log into their website and book that particular special. If you face problems doing so, please let us know.

Seema Jaico
It was really wonderful to see all my tensions about our US journey voiced in this site. And their solutions too! The tips were very useful! It would be nice if you could have tips on trips to Africa, Saudi Arabia etc. since these are some place tourists may not be familiar with. Anyway, thank you so much for the tips and information on travel insurance.
Thanks! We hope to cover all travel related issues and concerns through our Travel Desk! Having destination-specific travel tips is a good suggestion! Keep yourself updated on our Travel Desk and you'll find the tips you've requested for!

 Qamer Jehan's tips on packing
 Thomas John's essential check list

Be a part of Safar Majlis! Send us your comments!
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