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Travelspeak. This week's winner declared!
Clarify with your travel agent
Submit your views and win! The countdown has begun! It's time for the annual exodus and all the excitement that goes along with it! Its vacation time!! The GoDubai Travel Desk is your online Memo Board - check out our summer travel tips to equip yourself better for your vacation, or just see what others have to share about their holidays.

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Clarify with your travel agent
For all those traveling this summer - here are some of the 'must ask' information you need to get from your travel agent before you travel.
Check if the country you are visiting requires vaccination certificates. If you are carrying medicines, carry their prescriptions.
Ask your travel agent if there is a limit on the amount of foreign currency you are allowed to carry with you.
Ask your Travel Agent for the Consular Information Sheets (and Public Announcements or Travel Warnings, if applicable) for the countries you plan to visit.
Find out if your destination country insists on health insurance.
Check on luggage restriction and equally important - excess luggage charges.
Something we tend to overlook:
Check the expiry date of your passport.
Re-check the date on your airline ticket. If you had given alternative booking options, check the date on the ticket issued to you is the day you are actually flying!

We welcome your suggestions. Are they any other pre-travel 'must haves' or 'must knows' from your travel agent. Did an oversight land you in an awkward situation?
Submit your views/tips/suggestions and win a GoDubai Tshirt


Philip Mathew Winner!
When I travel, I make sure that I wear loose shoes since my feet will swell during the flight. I take a brief walk and stretch myself in the airport to increase circulation before a flight. Also avoid alcoholic drink during a flight, as alcoholic drinks leave you dehydrated. Drink plenty of juice and water. If you are feeling sick during a flight, avoid airplane food as it will make your illness worse.
Excellent suggestions! Fellow travel desk surfers are bound to benefit from your tips.

Ritu Sanaini
Take your vacation late in the season to avoid the rush of people taking theirs early. Plan ahead. Don't be like Columbus! Know where you are going and HOW you are going to go there! Take polaroid snaps of you turning off the cooker and locking the front door so that you don't worry yourself sick wondering 'did i finally lock the front door or did i forget?'. Take a set of clothes one size larger to wear while on your way back home!
Ingenious suggestion - taking snaps to convince yourself you actually HAVE switched off all lights, ACs, the gas oven etc. For people who like to be extra sure and constantly worry about having missed out on something ( and if they don't trust their memory)- this is the best solution.

Seema Jaico
It was really wonderful to see all my tensions about our US journey voiced in this site. And their solutions too! The tips were very useful! It would be nice if you could have tips on trips to Africa, Saudi Arabia etc. since these are some place tourists may not be familiar with. Anyway, thank you so much for the tips and information on travel insurance.
Thanks! We hope to cover all travel related issues and concerns through our Travel Desk! Having destination-specific travel tips is a good suggestion! Keep yourself updated on our Travel Desk and you'll find the tips you've requested for!

Vijaya George
Whenever I lock my suitcase -- which is always full when I go on vacation -- there's this lurking fear that if the guys who are handling the cargo throw it from one end to the other, it's going to split open. Some people tie coils of plastic rope. It would be simpler to use a suitcase belt.
Premnath Menon
People invariably carry similar looking baggage( specially in this part of the world) and it often leads to a muddle up when the baggage comes on the conveyor belt. Since reading name tags takes time, I always stick a large,bright, shiny sticker on both sides of my baggage so that i can spot them even from a distance !!!
Handy tip! Why didn't we think of it before!

M Khalid Nasim Khan
Wear loose clothes when you fly. The low air pressure makes your body swell. Wear an extra layer - so that you can remove or add clothes as the temperature changes.
Arlette Fonseca
Scale back on souvenirs. Don't let vacation travel saddle your household with more clutter!
Before leaving Dubai, write the address of the people you wish to send post cards to on sticky white labels. This saves you from carrying your address book while traveling. Also, you don't have to worry about losing your address book while you are traveling. Just peel off the label and stick it on the post card and mail it to your friend, thus saving on time and space.
Editor Congratulations! A very innovative tip! The Travel Desk is a place for travel enthusiasts to swap tips - some of them undoubtedly commonsensical and a few, 'gems' for others to lap up. Thanks for sharing your tip with other fellow surfers!
Masood A Baig
I have a suggestion for travellers. Carry the smallest possible hand baggage since heavy handbags are a nuisance once u get down the aircraft and have to move around for immigrations/customs related work.
Our travel agent did not inform us that we would be having a one hour stop over. Since we were traveling with kids, we found the stop over somewhat inconvenient. I've realised now, we need to clarify every detail from the travel agent.
Zeba Iftikhar
Always carry necessary medicines and a change of clothing in hand baggage as unforseen circumstances like flight delays or lost baggage might hit you.

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