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To Jump From a Plane

If you never made a skydive and want to try it, make an introductory Tandem Jump.

The Tandem jump is the easiest and fun way to experience a thrill of skydive and highly recommended for those making their first jump. After arriving at the Drop Zone and passing a 20 minutes ground briefing, you board the aircraft. The jump altitude is 12,000 ft. Your harness is attached to an instructor and you skydive out of the aircraft and freefall up to 60 seconds. Excitement of the "Hard-Air-Touch" free fall will be followed by fun and joy of 3-4 minutes canopy flight, soft descending and general euphoric feeling on landing at the Drop Zone airfield.

Training Courses
You can do all this right here at the Umm-Al-Quwain Aeroclub, a flying club and skydive dropzone, providing opportunities to aviation enthusiasts from all over the world to fly and skydive throughout the year. Activities of the Club include skydive - jumps of the qualified skydivers and beginners. Students are trained here as well, offering an Accelerated Free Fall parachute course and international parachute license. For those willing to try skydiving the first time and experience what the jumps from a plane feels like the Tandem jump is recommended where you jump together with Instructor on one big parachute system. This is the safest way to experience the thrill of skydiving.

Scenic Flights
The club also offers sightseeing air tours for groups, families and individuals - flight over the picturesque archipelago of the Umm-Al-Quwain islands in a comfortable 4-seaters light aircraft Cessna. Other activities include aerobatics shows, paramotors, demonstration skydive shows, skydive boogies and training camps for the national parachute teams from different countries.

If interested, contact the Aeroclub at (tel) : 9716 - 7681447, (fax) : 9716 - 7681393 or send an Email. (Text and pic courtesy UAQ Aeroclub).

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