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Camping Out

Winter is the best of all times to have a break from the daily struggle and scramble of Dubai life. Give your mobile phones and laptops a long holiday. The idea of being unreachable by constantly chiming cellular and miles away from grinding wheels and honking horns is as exhilarating as a successful enterprise.
Getting prepared for a camping is not as easy as planning it out. You can forget end number of things while filling your bags at home. Imagine pitching a tent without a hammer! . By the time you discover it, you can only curse your poor memory.
Check out these tips to make your camping out a pleasant experience.

 Reach the place before it gets dark. It will help you check out the surroundings and shift the venue if necessary.
 Surveying the place the previous day of camping is recommended if possible.
 It is always advisable to go in a group. There is more safety in case of an unexpected turn of events.
 Never choose an unfamiliar, solitary spot somewhere out in the wilderness.
 Pitch your tent preferably under some natural shade.
 Never pitch your tent in dried up rivulets. Though the desert may look dry, rain in the hills may cause disastrous floods.
 Locate the nearest telephone booth to your campsite.
 "If in case the pegs are not fitted properly to the ground, keep stones on top of it to secure it tightly to the ground," says a trekking freak in Dubai.
 Carry a lantern and always keep it outside the tent while sleeping.
 Always carry a spare gas cartridge for your lantern.
 Coolers cut cost because you can buy food for less near home.
 Carry drinking water. Today's stream or lake water is so often unfit to drink.
 "Have a proper dustbin to throw the waste. Leave the place clean for the rest," pleads a regular camper.
 Though it is winter in Dubai, sun can be quite harsh during the day. So carry sunscreen lotions to protect your skin.
 Start collecting the firewood as soon as you reach the place. It will be a pain later in the night.
 Always build the campfire on a safe spot. Ensure a safe distance from trees, shrubs and dry grass.
 During windy conditions, instead of having an open fire, consider building a pit fire to prevent errant sparks.
 Make sure your fire is totally extinguished before breaking camp.
 When you go out camping, first aid items are not the things to forget.
 Carry the first aid kit designed for the type of trek and the number of people in your group.
 Inspect the contents before every trip and make sure the tools are clean and supplies in good condition.
 Completing a first aid course is a sensible investment for your family.
 Please don't carry your boisterous celebrations till late in the night. Let your fellow campers have a peaceful sleep.

The deserts and hilly terrains around Dubai offer plenty of suitable solitary spots to camp out. The Hajjar Mountains in Hatta, the hills and beaches of Korfakhan and the Wadis are ideal places. In addition, the professional service of tour operators will take you for a breath-taking safari across the deserts and mountains. For more information click here. If you want just a day out, check out for further information on day trips in Dubai.


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