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Caroline Clay
Pic courtesy Golden Sands

Steps To Consider While Planning Your Kitchen

Caroline clay offers these tips to the person who plays the role of chef at home. The kitchen must be planned to suit his/her convenience. The following steps should be taken into consideration when planning your kitchen.

  • Try and keep your work surfaces as close to your sink as possible so you can have easy clearance to the dishwasher and washing areas.

  • Put your refrigerator in the coolest part of the room on an internal wall, close to a plug socket. Never put any electrical appliances right against the wall. Always leave a gap at the back.

  • When choosing appliances such as a washing machines, bear in mind your lifestyle in the Gulf. It is not really necessary to have a machine with the highest spin speed and if you are planning your kitchen on a budget you don't really need a drier, if you have access to drying outside.

  • Dishwashers can be economical and very hygienic , they do save water, clean well and because of little or no contact with outside bacteria, are hygienic. A dishwasher is a god-send if you entertain a lot.

  • Also consider what you want to use your kitchen for. Do you want a warm and cosy family room with a table for breakfast and family dinners? Do you want a cool and light room that is purely functional to cook in? Or is it to be pristine and hospital like with all the latest stainless steel gizmos?

  • The colours you use will influence the total effect. The cool colours, blues, greens, yellows, true reds will give a cool bright effect, with a no-nonsense feel. Stay away from white if you have young children and animals. Sticky finger marks, muddy paws and chocolate will spoil the pristine appearance you thought would survive. The only good thing about white is it shows you when it is dirty.

  • Use a good quality work top, so that you can clean easily. Tiles with grouting on your work surfaces will store bacteria, and cause contamination of food. When you cut or prepare food on your work units always use a board.

  • Put your kettle, toaster etc. close to power points and make sure that the flexes are away from the heat and are not caught up in anything.

  • If children are around, buy a cooker with well-fitting saucepan guards, and don't use the front burners whilst cooking.

  • Keep your kitchen cupboards clean and turn out dry foodstuffs regularly. The UAE has a wealth of weevils and cockroaches that are very attracted to food. A good pest control contract with a reputable company is necessary. Make sure that you put your kitchen cupboards at a reasonable height for you so that you can reach into them without causing damage to your back. When your units are fitted, plan it carefully, so that all the draws and cupboards will open for you.

  • Always draw a small plan of what you want and where and consult your installer, as to what they think. These people are the experts not us!

  • The kitchen is an ideal place to show off your cookery books on some nice shelves and hang your utensils on the wall to make a feature and make you look like a professional chef. Just remember kitchens should be kept to a minimum amount of fuss and they should be hazard free areas where hygiene is paramount.

    Happy kitchen planning.

    Caroline Clay is the Operations Manager for "Helpers" which is a legal Housemaid service in Dubai.

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