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Away with clutter


Clutter is a silent killer. It pounces on you suddenly; though it has been lurking and breeding just around us. The only way to beat clutter is to be aware of how the unorganized heaps actually forms and a foolproof way to keep clutter at bay.

This week lets look at ways to keep the kids rooms organized.

Kids bedrooms
One of the major tasks is keeping the kid's bedrooms neat and tidy. One-way of looking at it would be to divide and conquer. Dedicate corners for each activity, like arts and crafts in one corner, reading in another — so they always know where to go for certain activities and where to find things and put them back.

Storage systems which are not too bulky and space consuming is a must have for the perfect organizer. Open storage systems work best, as all the items are visible and it is easy for the kids to keep the toys back also. These storage units could be labeled interestingly with cut outs of photographs showing what is actually in that box.

It is cost effective to get in child friendly furniture; the beds with storage spaces underneath are a dream and as it is quite accessible to kids, you can give them the task of keeping their clothes and books back in their rightful places.   Hang hooks and shelves at children's eye level so they'll actually be able to use them.

Select sentimentality. All our kids drawings and artworks are special and dear, but it is true that they add a lot of clutter. So it is better to actually keep a select few and throw away the rest. Every month or so you could do the exercise of selecting representative pieces of your kids work and label it for future reminiscing. Don't forget to add the age at which he made those crafts.

Circulating toys is a great idea and goes far in having an organized kids room. You could have boxes of toys, which can be taken, out of the storeroom after a couple of months. By that time your child would have forgotten about that toy. You could add if it is feasible certain additions to the toys to increase his interest in these toys. This will keep him occupied for a long time. And parents know how difficult it is to keep little ones occupied for a while.

It makes sense to have a Favorites basket. There might be toys that your kid plays with everyday and books that has to be read at least once a day. These items could be kept in separate distinctly colored boxes so that it is easily accessible and convenient. 

Keeping away the toys, sorting the laundry, washing not so dirty toys, all these could be assigned to your little one. They could be his little tasks. Some kids take to this idea very easily, but some don't. Keeping at it will surely be fruitful in the long run.


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