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Bake a perfect cake


Any happy occasion is never complete without a delectable cake. And there is nothing like a delicious cake that you yourself have made. It is possible to turn out perfect cakes by keeping in mind certain pointers.
Each basic ingredient contributes towards a perfect cake?
·                                 Flour forms the structure of the cake. You could use either Self-raising flour or plain flour. Self-raising flour is convenient as it has baking powder well mixed it in it.
·                                 Shortening tenderizes the gluten and starch particles, making the crumb tender. During the creaming of the butter air is entrapped and this contributes to leavening the batter
·                                 Sugar makes the cake tender and gives flavor. Caster sugar is best, while brown sugar, syrup, honey, treacle can be used to give different flavors
·                                 Eggs form the framework of the cake
·                                 Portion of baking powder to flour; 1 level teaspoon baking powder to every 120g (standard cup) flour.
What could have gone wrong?
·        Heavy cake:  maybe too little baking powder; too much flour; flour mixed in too vigorously; oven too slow
·        Dry cake: too much baking powder or flour; not enough fat or liquid; too long in the oven
·        Sunken cake: too much liquid, baking powder or sugar; too little flour
·        Peaked cake: oven temperature could be too high; insufficient fat or leavening
·        Cracked cake: cake tin could be small; oven too hot
Pointers to a perfect cake
·        All ingredients to be in room temperature
·        All ingredients should be measured accurately
·        Butter and sugar to be creamed well
·        After adding the flour, DO NOT BEAT. Just fold in the flour
·        When adding fruits to cake, dredge them in a bit of flour before adding to the batter
·        Fruits should always be added after the flour
·        Sift dry ingredients at least 3 times
·        Fill the cake tin only half to two thirds with batter
·        Place cake tin in the center of the oven
·        Always use a preheated oven to the right temperatures
·        After taking the cake out of the oven, let it stay for 10 -15 min
·        Icing should be done only after the cake is cooled well
Baking is fun. Happy baking.


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