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Confidence dressing


Whether it is a presentation at office, an office dinner or an important party, if you are dressed well, you will not only look good and exude confidence but also feel confident.

Clothes complement you. And in clothes colors speak volumes. Pink is girly, red is hot but there is nothing to beat beige and black when all you want to project is confidence.

Black is eternally chic and practical. A black trouser suit could be called the female equivalent of a man's grey lounge suit. This is suitable for office based occasions and high brow social events. A well cut jacket and matching trousers makes you smart, stylish and confident for daytime and evening. 

Every woman looks beautiful in white. A crisp white shirt should be a part of every wardrobe. If is comfortable and styled to your shape, then nothing like it. Match it with a sleek black trouser and set it off with pearls. Yes it has been done before and will never go out of fashion.

Coats look alluring and classic. It is timeless too. Be it jeans or even a cocktail dress slipping on an elegant coat gets you ready for anything. Invest in the best coats, as they never go out of date and will be with you for long, as long as you use it with care

A pair of jeans
There is nothing more comfortable than a pair of jeans. Put on your white shirt and a classic jacket with a pair of jeans and you are ready; smart and casual.

Are you asked to wear something warm? Reach for your polo neck black sweater. Let it be close fitting and lightweight. You could wear it under a suit jacket and you are sure to look chic.

Skirts are feminine. There is nothing like a skirt to turn heads. Show off those legs and wear which ever length skirt you are comfortable with. Leather skirts never go out of fashion.

Little black dress
Make sure to own that little back dress. It is amazingly versatile. You could wear it with a jacket and a scarf, or you could wear it with your coat. Experiment with your accessories, with small dressy earrings, stylish bag and gorgeous shoes. No doubt you will look stunning and sophisticated.

All women know that when they wear well fitting, comfortable and nice looking lingerie, they feel confident. Make sure to buy the right type of lingerie to go with your chosen attire.

Fabric is very important in clothes. We all get excited when we see “sale” and “price offs”. But clothes that you wear to important events, functions or gatherings should definitely be of good fabric. The very fact that you are wearing high maintenance clothes well and with aplomb is a confidence boost in itself. Machine washable, anti crease items are valuable to our wardrobe, but lets save some exclusive ensembles for our important day or crucial night

Don't forget the “you”
Whatever you decide to wear, is it really “you”?  Does the attire make you comfortable and at ease? Do you feel good? These are questions you need to ask yourself while selecting what to wear. Finding your own personal style is difficult, but imperative for a person who wants to dress confident. A starting point could be to read Judie Taggart and Jackie Walker's I Don't Have A Thing to Wear or Nancy Nix-Rice's Looking Good.

Don't worry
We all like to hear “That is a lovely dress” or “You look wonderful”. But don't bank on it.  The most important thing is that you wear something that you like, feel comfortable in and enjoy wearing. You could always look for the reactions of those around you. When you take note of remarks or looks from others that seem to be critical, think of how you might modify what you like to adjust to those criticisms you deem to be valid. BUT always stay with what you are comfortable with to begin with.

Don't be afraid to experiment when you make additions to your wardrobe. Some additions will really work to add precious variety to your wardrobe while others may be down right mistakes. The key here is to approach this process as fun.
You are important and unique. Define your style. Dare to experiment and dress confident.

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