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Women drivers in demand in Dubai

THE number of women drivers employed by the Dubai Transport Corporation (DTC) has risen to 22. This is a big increase considering that there were only five of them last year. The family taxi service was launched as there were demands for lady drivers from families, especially from the GCC countries.

The success of the family service since its launch is reflected in the increase in recruitment of lady drivers, Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, director general of the DTC, said. "We have noticed that families in Dubai prefer women taxi drivers to take them around. One of the objectives of the DTC is to provide exemplary service for residents, businessmen, visitors, families and children. Therefore we concentrated on employing well trained drivers with a good conduct to be the ambassadors of the DTC," he said.

He added that DTC's women drivers were highly trained and known for their good conduct. These qualities, he said, enabled them to deal with all sections of society, particularly families and children. "The role of women drivers is very significant and can be equated to any other role they play," he said.

The DTC's training centre trains women drivers in dealing with families and children, currencies of countries and tourist sites. They are also trained in the use of the English language. The family service is provided at Dubai International Airport to any place in the country. Bookings can be made through the the DTC on 04-2080808.

The family service was very popular during the recently concluded Dubai Shopping Festival. With the increase in women visitors, especially from the GCC countries, there was an increase in the operations from the airport. During March, the DTC also provided free service to participants in the Dubai International Holy Quran Award. Two busses were kept at the disposal of the contestants from March 17 to 31 for 12 hours a day.

"The DTC co-operates with local organisations, particularly those which enrich the society culturally, socially. It works to ensure transport for the participants," Mulla said .

He added that the operations department of the DTC was instructed to follow the activities of the award and to provide appropriate services to the participants in this distinguished contest which promotes affinity between human being and his religion.

The DTC has issued a comprehensive report on violations committed by the drivers of the DTC and its franchisee companies. The report provides data about various violations committed by the drivers. According to the report, the common violations committed by drivers was letting people jump the queues while using the busses. Some drivers pick up passengers at unspecified locations that causes traffic jams. Drivers also commit the offense of not wearing uniforms and not maintaining their general appearance as required by the DTC regulations.

Some others are found not maintaining speed limits while others stop in the middle of the road causing traffic hazard. Smoking and eating inside the car is also violation that the drivers were found indulging in. The report added that the DTC in co-operation with the Dubai Police traffic squads seized the violating cars that smuggle passengers in illegal operations particularly in Deira and Gubaiba.

The DTC is intensifying its measures to control such offenses along with the Dubai Police, said Mulla. Erring drivers are taken to task and sent for rehabilitation courses at the training centre. Mulla called for sterner measures against violators to deter them from repeating the violations in a drive to provide the best quality service.

Courtesy: Gulf Today

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