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Career Planning

Need For Planning
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Success is the progressive realisation of a worthwhile goal
Success comes before work only in the Dictionary.Life without a goal is like a football field without goal-posts. Most people set their own goals in life. Others accept suggestions from parents, friends, teachers, counsellors etc.

Goals A Must for Life and Success. Goals are to be set on the basis of the following :

  • What is important to you in life?
  • What are your strong points? Aptitudes.
  • What kind of job you are interested in? Interests.
  • What kind of a human being are you? Personality.
  • Where would you like to work? Indoors/Outdoors etc.
  • Work with people? Things? Or Data?

Life is a journey and every journey must be planned to make the best of it. Would anyone go to an airline office and ask for a ticket to NOWHERE? Certainly NOT. Yet there are many people who just exist, without knowing where they are going. Some don't even know whether they are going or coming. Each one is different and has to find his/her own place in the world of careers.

Some are as unsure are Alice in Wonderland. Whereas some are as sure as the 15-year-old Bill Clinton. Those with clear goals in life are sure of themselves and are very confident in life. They do not panic easily. They do not waste time, energy or money in activities that do not take them to their goals. Those who can see the value and greatness of their contribution to the world through their career, enjoy it. For some a career is drudgery. Others an obligation. To yet others a career is a source of joy of doing something worthwhile.

The general areas Open For consideration in career choices are :-
  • Artistic Interests Area - Drama, Music, Dance, Acting, Crafts, Arts, etc.
  • Scientific Interests Area - Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Laboratory technology etc.
  • Plants and Animals Interest Area - Animal growing, caring, training, agriculture etc.
  • Protective Interests Area - Safety, Law Enforcement, Security etc.
  • Mechanical Interests Area - Engineering, Materials Management and technology in general.
  • Industrial Interests Area - Production, Quality control and general industrial activity etc.
  • Business Interest Area - Business deals, Oral communication, Record keeping, Business routines etc.
  • Selling Interest Area - General sales, vending, promotion etc.
  • Hospitality Interest Area - Accommodating, Customer services, hotels, Travels etc.
  • Humanitarian Interest Area - Patient care, Therapy, medicine etc.
  • Leading & Influencing Interests Area - Teaching, Leading, Library, groups community activity etc.
  • Sports/Games Interest Area - Athletics, Games, Sports etc.

There are actually 20,000 job titles listed in the US labour department. In other words, keep your vision broader and look at new possibilities instead of just rushing into traditional ones.

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