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Making a Final Choice

  1. Look at your Aptitudes.
    Differential Aptitude Tests could help. This would include Verbal reasoning, Numerical Ability, Abstract Reasoning, Space Relations, Mechanical Reasoning, Clerical Speed and Accuracy, Aptitude Tests, Percentile Chart (In colour) and Language Usage. The important factor under this would be Spelling and Sentence completion.
  2. Look at your Interests.
    Strong Interest would include Occupational Interests ( Scan relevant areas), School subjects interests, Activities Interests, Leisure Activities Interests, Types of People you like to work with, Comparative Preference between careers and your own personal characteristics and personal interests.
  3. Look at your Personality Factors.
    You will have to ask your self the following question : Are you Factual or are you Sensitive? lively or calm, aggressive or passive, extrovert or introvert, tall or short, high I.Q., average I.Q or low I.Q, good looking, average or unattractive, healthy or unhealthy, motivated or laid-back, ambitious or lacking in drive, a leader or follower, confident or diffident, responsible or irresponsible.

After having reviewed these and getting a good understanding of the area you will best fit in, get more information about that job from every possible source. Also look at the level of training required to get that job, find advantages or disadvantages of taking up that job, financial aspects of getting there, financial rewards ones you are in it and future potential for growth.

Set High Goals in Careers
Tall structures requires deeper foundations. Without investing adequate commitment, time, energy and money one can never get to any worthwhile career goal. Focus all your energy and concentration now to take off and later you will find you are flying relatively easy. In this world of great competition, if you did not get what you loved, learn to fall in love with what you get. "If you can't be a pine on top of the hill, be a scrub in the valley, but be the best little scrub by the side of the hill".

It is not by the size that you win or fail Be the best whatever you are." Douglas Malloch. We wish you the very best in your career.

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