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Computer Software Professionals

The IT industry is booming in Dubai like it is elsewhere. According to one IT
professional, "salaries are on par with that in the USA for the middle management level".

Currently, Internet programming is in and the demand will be on the rise with the setting up of the Internet City in Dubai.

Oil companies are on the lookout for ERP professionals. By and large, computer professionals better be armed with extensive working knowledge of database applications, VB, C++ and Java.

College graduates on their first job can expect around Dhs. 3,000/- to Dhs. 4,000/- (Anyone in Dubai would tell you that that would be a good enough salary for a bachelor, with ccommodation). Middle management (3-4 years of experience elsewhere) would command a salary of over Dhs. 7,000 with accommodation.

Tips from the IT guys
The Gulf and especially Dubai is a good place to work in terms of opportunities, the state of the art technology in use and the current impetus for Internet technologies.

For any refresher course, it would be better to head elsewhere - because the UAE and the Gulf at large do not have highly qualified computer trainers as yet.

Where to go
Dubai has its fair share of fly-by-night operators - the shysters as one insider puts it. If you don't particularly prefer walking up and down the streets, CV in hand, ignore this end of the market.

On the higher end, you have the Dubai Internet City. With the red carpet laid out for start-ups, software entrepreneurs wouldn't go too wrong knocking on their door. The bustling and perhaps, the most popular free trade zone in the region, Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone is home to major players in the field of computers, electronics, auto manufacture, textiles and so on. The demand for computer professionals has never been better.

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