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Nail 'n' arty

The evolution of nail enhancement technology has gone from very crude single link polymers to the most advanced cross-linked materials. Leading the way is Creative Nail Design, offering long-term wearability and extraordinary results in nail enhancements today. Here's revealing a few nail secrets.....

Nailing the celebs

Jennifer Lopez - SolarOil for her cuticles and Tutti Fruiti nail enamel for her fingers and toes. She also chose Retention Plus for her wedding day.

Madonna - Cucumber Heel Therapy for dry ankles.

Celine Dion - Wears Perfect Color nail enhancements in Forever French. Celine has regular enhancement touch ups at her favorite Montreal salon.

Lance Bass - Lost his "manicure virginity" to Creative Nail Design's SpaManicure at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

Pink - Dared to wear long pointy nails painted patent leather-black with Voodoo and decorated with clear and pink crystals near the cuticle. On the ring and pinky fingers she literally had them stitched - vertically with long pink ribbon that hung from the tips. Other nails were painted with Gotcha pink and smudged with black.

Leelee Sobieski - Had a total hand makeover in order to glimmer for the Golden Globes. She went from "biter" to brilliance with beautiful clear nail tips and Glimmer Powder

Lauren Bush - is a big fan of Lighten Up nail enamel, SolarManicure, Solar Speed Spray, Scentsations lotions and Cucumber Heel Therapy (as are her Secret Service agents).

Jeremy Bloom - Olympic free-style skier and MTV Guest Host of TRL Live "gave it all up" for a SpaManicure massage. His Olympian nails were buffed to a matte finish with the Girlfriend Buffer.

Julianna Margulies - Wears Sheer Contentment on her fingers and Hope on her toes to disguise kick-boxing bruises.

Jessica Biels - Had her nails manicured square cropped in Sheer Contentment.

Jessica Alba - Prefers her fingers and toes buffed to a high shine with the Girlfriend Buffer.

Donatella Versace - Her signature manicure/pedicure is a medium, square nail in a bright tropical pink. Her favorite shades from our nail tech's box included Glam Queen, Kitten Has Claws, XXX, Little Queen, Super Sexy, Prom Night, Hope, Gotcha, Royalty, Arrival, Cuppa Joe, and Glowing.

Charlize Theron - Wears Apple Cobbler, a beautiful beige, on her fingers.

Other models and celebrities manicured and pedicured by Creative Nail Design expert techs are: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Sarah Michelle Geller, Vivica Fox, Amanda Peet, Naomi Campbell, Michelle Hicks, Rose McGowen, Kerry Washington, Kylie Minogue, Kathleen Robertson.

Sonette Van Rensburg has over twelve years of experience in the nail industry and is a veritable authority on the subject of nail health. For further information about Creative Nail Design and for any queries on nail care, please phone Sonette Van Rensburg on tel: 3452248 or email:"
1. File nails back and forth with a medium-course file.
2. The length of your nails should never be more than two times the distance between your cuticle and the tip of your fingers.
3. For a well-designed, balanced look, the shape of your nail should "mirror" the shape of the nail bed.

4. Keep cuticles moisturised by applying a cuticle oil or cream. To further soften cuticles, soak fingers in warm, soapy water for five minutes.
5. Gently push back cuticles with an orangewood stick, never cut them.
6. Before applying enamel, clear the nail plate of excess oils, polish remover and lotions with soap and water to prevent your enamel from peeling or chipping.
7. For perfectly polished nails, apply a thin layer of base coat and two thin, even coats of color (letting dry 3-5 minutes between coats).
8. For dry nails in a hurry, apply a thin coat of liquid "polish dry" over the top coat and wait 3-5 minutes until dry.
9. Lock in color with a thin layer of top coat.
10. Nails are jewels, not tools -- don't use them to open cans or envelopes.

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