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Professionals turned housewives

 Surfers Respond

GoDubai surfer Elian Jabbor brought up a pertinent issue that concerns quite a few housewives here in the Gulf. Professionally qualified women are often compelled to give up successful careers to take care of their children and home. But it looks like this is increasingly becoming a problem peculiar to the Gulf. It could be because child care in the west is more reliable and accountable, or, perhaps women in the west are less willing to sacrifice their careers. Whatever the reason, the truth is qualified housewives feel frustration seeping in once their children grow up and they have more time on their hands. We invite our surfers to come up with constructive suggestions, innovative ideas on how one can maintain a fine balance between using one's professional expertise productively while staying at home.

Elian Jabbor

"I have been visiting your site for years now and have found it to be very informative. I was hoping you could address an issue that bother quite a few women here. Many of us housewives here in the UAE are very well educated but unfortunately had to give up our careers. But would still appreciate the opportunity to rejoin the workforce from home. We can put our skills to use from home and make productive use of our expertise. I myself may not be able to go back to the work force anytime soon, although I have a degree in Business Administration, Marketing Communication and Public Relations from the United States. I have worked in managerial positions in Kuwait, Jordan & the UAE in the past 10 years, but had to give up my career for my childern and home. Can your site tackle this issue and bring about the possiblities for us housewives to work from home in the UAE?"
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Arva Rangwala

I totally agree with Elian Jabbor. I myself was working since last 8 yrs in the UAE and had to leave my job recently since I got married and had to look after my house. I still work part time, but opportunities to work from home are a pleasant option and more convenient for housewives. There are many companies in USA and Canada who offer Home jobs for ladies with good incomes. In the UAE also, companies should come up with ideas where they could use the skills of 'professionals turned housewives' effectively.
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I totally agree with Mrs. Jabbour on this issue. Most women nowadays are very well educated, and have great deal of intelligence, skills and experience. Unfortunately most employers hesitate to employ married women with children, and prefer men or young and single woman.

This segment from our society has a lot to offer, but unfortunately can not enter the workforce for one reason or another. Housewives have tremendous responsibilities in this day and age. Many need to work but can not afford to hire a maid or put their children in daycare centers. Those women who can, are complaining that their children are facing problems being raised away from them.

In this day and age most families require and desperately need the effort and income of both working parents to survive. I suggest that the concerned authorities approach and tackle this issue with all work sectors. This will definitely aid housewives in generating extra income and will help her to put her knowledge, experience and skills to use, thus helping the country's economy from home.

Thank you for bringing this issue up. It is about time, we in the Arab world learn more about this issue, and try to solve it.
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Unfortunately it seems that in this day and age women's rights and needs do not provoke any interest here in the UAE. We have so many important unresolved issues and no one is willing to respond or take a single positive action.

We are not going to keep suffering in silence. We will keep trying to explore this issue further, using all kinds of different avenues and means, and hopefully some day women will have the opportunities they desire and so rightfully deserve.

GoDubai - thank you so much for your efforts.
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Raj Kaur

I totally agree with Elian Jabbor. In the U.A.E. there should be more opportunities developed / created for mothers to be able to work from home and create a more healthy balance between their work and home. This will allow them to devote time to their kids as well.
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I totally agree with Mrs.Jabbour. I surf on the net everyday and happen to find very exciting careers for people to work at their own convenience. I suppose this type of jobs are mostly available in the USA and Canada. I feel it is extremely important that women work from home so that they can spend maximum time with their kids. However, it is very difficult to survive in a Gulf country with only one bread earner. In spite of being highly qualified, women are forced to give up their career. It would be nice if the authorities could take necessary steps to sort out this issue.

Thanking u for giving us a chance to express our views regarding this issue.
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Angeline Chan

I fully support Elian Jabbor's idea of working from home. Perhaps someone who is aware of such opportunities could share the information with those who are interested. This is an available pool of talented resources which should not be ignored. One suggestion is for Go Dubai to set up a sub-category in the vacancies pages to link the two parties.

Besides even full-time employment opportunities are too attractive here in the UAE for those who do not fall under the "UK/US-educated" category. The disparity in salaries is too wide to make it a viable option. It is almost an insult for those who are graduates from universities around other parts of the world to be excluded from equal employment opportunities.
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Give home-makers the opportunity to use their talents!

I very much agree with Elian Jabbor that qualified professionals who have quit their careers for the sake of their children should be given another chance. When it comes to choosing a career job and handling a family, majority prefer to sacrifice their job to give quality time to their children. Thereby, sacrificing their careers. These professionals who were having a fulltime career, now prefer to be homemakers just to keep their children happy and to spend time with them. I am a Post graduate in Computers and I was working before. After my kids were born, I quit my job and now I am at home taking care of my kids and spending quality time with them. At the same time, I always think that all that I studied should be put to use and I should not forget the vast knowledge that I got through my education. It would be wonderful if companies started hiring qualified housewives for data entry jobs, or telemarketing jobs or even as online marketing executives. I am positive the response will be excellent! This way a family life and a career both can be handled together and children will not feel neglected.
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