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National identity campaign launched


IN order to preserve national identity, culture, heritage and Arabic as the first spoken language among the new generation of modern Emiratis, a campaign was launched recently by a group of students at Zayed university, Abu Dhabi campus.

'Be Emirati -- Act Emirati' organised by the students from the College of Communication and Media Sciences as their capstone project was to enhance awareness on the effects of media on National Identity, and the importance of National Identity among young Emiratis at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi.

The event titled 'National Identity and Media Conference' had speakers addressing issues as 'National Identity Under the Challenges of the 21st Century', 'The Effects of Media on National Identity' and 'A Glance at the Role of the Office of the Brand of Abu Dhabi'.

Minister Advisor, Ministry of Education, Ali Mehad Al Suwaidi addressing on the topic 'An Educational Approach to Protecting Our National Identity' said that in the past the Emirati women covered their faces behind the veil and walked a step behind their husbands.

"But now they have removed their veils and walking hand in hand with their husbands," he added.

The banner of the campaign designed by the students showed two sides of the younger Emirate man and woman, featuring a traditional woman covering her hair while the other kept it uncovered with an earphone on. There was also a male version of the banner depicting the same.

The main goal of the campaign was to make the younger generation revere their traditions and culture and to be less inclined towards western influences.

Importance of Emiratisation

A joint forum on 'The importance of Emiratisation according to international standards' was held recently between Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG) and Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently.

Adam Hopewell, the Vice President for Commercial Development for ADUKG, speaking on 'Emiratisation and the Development of Human Resources' said that the process of Emiratisation has gone through several phases in federal and domestic organisations as well as the private sector, and had faced numerous obstacles whether from the recruiting departments or job applicants particularly those who were not prepared properly to meet the requirements of the labour market.

He added that the correct process of Emiratisation must rely on a number of key factors such as preparing the job applicant properly in accordance with the needs of the labour market which witnesses several changes whether in terms of skills required by the job applicants, or the jobs which completely rely on modern technology.

The key speakers of the event also included David McHardy, the Director for Abu Dhabi University's Institute for Continuing Studies, Rory Hendrikz, the Director of Abu Dhabi University's Institute for Executive Development, and Richard Firth, the Director for Abu Dhabi University's Institute for Vocational Development and a number of executive managers, Human Resources managers, and Emiratisation managers.

McHardy spoke about the importance of education, which is considered to be the essence of the development process in every society.

He emphasised the importance of learning from past successes especially during this time in which the world is witnessing a financial crisis, which led to the fall of numerous international companies.

Meanwhile Hendrikz spoke on the significance of discovering new talents amongst the citizens of the UAE and the youth in specific, as well as launching training and scientific programmes to enhance their skills and to transform their creative ideas into small business enterprises, and offering logistic support which enables them to run their small business enterprises effectively.

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