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ME culture to hog the limelight


More than 60 of the art world's leading personalities would gather in Dubai for the third edition of the Global Art Forum, alongside the Art Dubai 2009. To be held from March 18 to March 20, the Global Art Forum brings together artists, curators, museum directors, and art professionals to discuss pressing issues that affect art today and which will define its future.

"This year's Global Art Forum will have a strong emphasis on the ways in which the Middle East and the international art community interact. The Global Art Forum-3 will see a range of speakers, many of which are based in the cultural industries in the Middle East, who are all working to develop a viable and vibrant art scene in the region. This Global Art Forum will create conversations that are relevant to the current global art scene and essential for the success of the Middle East's arts industry as a whole," said John Martin, co-founder and Director of the Art Dubai.

The first day of the Global Art Forum on Monday will be hosted by the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha and is co-curated by the Arab Museum of Modern Art. With leading museum directors and curators participating, the day will examine the relationship between the public and the museum through topics such as, "Building the Museum, Future of the Museum and Creating Spaces: Cultural Development and Art Practices."

From March 18 March 20, the Global Art Forum returns to its home at Art Dubai for three days, dedicated to legendary artists, collectors, curators and filmmakers as well as some of the most exciting art projects from around the globe.

The day two, March 18, is supported by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, begins with Good Morning Russia and discusses the vibrant and unique art scene in Moscow.

More and more collectors are shying away from iconic collections and are working actively hand in hand with artists, curators, institutions and other collectors to help produce works of art, education programmes, and making art accessible to the public. DCAA will also present Press Announcement "Opening" by the UAE Pavilion for the 53rd Venice Art Biennale.

The day three, March 19, is hosted by Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH). The programme will focus on key issues that are driving the projects of the authority forward starting with Contemporary Culture and Living Tradition. The mission of ADACH is cultural diplomacy from the perspective of the Arab World as a constructive conversation with the West.

In the plans of ADACH, the role of the Heritage Museum in the Modern Age is key to the development of its programme. As collecting is a fundamental part of museum development, ADACH recently produced an Arabic translation of the book Owning Art: The Contemporary Art Collector's Handbook by London-based collector Judith Greer and journalist Louisa Buck. The evening will be dedicated to a panel on the Art City, Tehran, co-curated by Bidoun, which will feature Tehran-based artists, curators and critics.

The fourth day, March 20, begins with Brave New World: The New Deal in the Art World. In the current economic climate, artists, curators and collectors have to find a new deal in terms of getting significant artworks produced and exhibited.

The harmonious alignment of public and private initiatives will be of the essence, and the way they are initiated, managed and communicated will be key in rebuilding trust in the art world.

Experts will discuss possible scenarios for change and survival in the years to come.

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